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Chapter 1-The Hardest Part of Breaking is Leaving Pieces Behind You

Sherlock Holmes was already broken by the time John Watson met him. He would know, after all, he had been broken too. The difference was that he had put himself back together. Pieced together haphazardly the shards that were, the shards that had resulted from a war and a fragmented family, and come out stronger for it. He had filed the sharp edges that had once cut everything they touched inside, that had him eternally bleeding internally and located those broken pieces. And in that he had found himself, he had come out if not better then stronger from it.

That was how he knew that Sherlock Holmes was still broken. That he was waiting for someone to come around and prove that he was still human. John Watson decided right then that he would be that person. He watched the man he had come to love be continually insulted and bombarded by the very people he was helping, and could understand why Sherlock had turned to drugs- if your friends/colleagues treated you that way, the people closest to you, then you didn't need enemies. And Sherlock had enough enemies, dangerous ones, to be worrying about protecting himself from those he was supposed to be close to.

He watched the man he loved die. And then he watched him come back, just like nothing had ever happened, like he expected everything to carry on like it once was, like magic. It was then John decided that, as much as he loved Sherlock, he needed to be taken into hand. Certain things would just not be allowed to continue. That included the drugs that Sherlock thought he didn't notice, the lack of food and sleep, the chasing after dangerous criminals without proper back up, and hiding or refusing to treat the injuries he got. It started with a conversation.

"Sherlock." He was ignored.

"Sherlock." The man in question still didn't say anything; he was still pouting that John had thrown out the tongues in the refrigerator.

"Did you know that I love you?" John asked. That earned him a look, he smiled inside, mission accomplished: he now had Sherlock's full attention, even if he pretended otherwise.

"Yeah, you probably did know. You probably deduced it before I did, it's another thing I love about you."

Sherlock uncurled a little on the couch from the tight ball he had been in, his back was still facing him but John knew he was listening carefully.

"I love you, and it's because I love you that some things will have to change." He watched Sherlock stiffen, saw the tension in his back through that gorgeous navy blue dressing gown. He knew Sherlock was waiting for the other shoe to drop, had been since he moved in.

"I cannot watch you die again, Sherlock, nor am I going to watch you slowly destroy yourself. If things do not change, I will leave." Because leaving would be the kinder of the options. John wasn't about to stay and watch them both keep breaking. And he knew what he meant to Sherlock: more than any other person ever had. So he was going to make a gamble, it would be all or nothing. He'd walk away from tonight with everything he had ever wanted or nothing at all. But either way, he would know he had tried his best.

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