Elfen Lied: After The End

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Elfen Lied belongs to Lynn Okamoto, and this is just a fanfiction.

This story takes place seven hours after Kouta shoots Kaede, but, to her own surprise, She survives and recovers.

A 'remake' inspired by the other Elfen Lied Fanfic, "Hymn of the Elves" fanfiction that was abandoned.

As the light from the sky began to fade, the fires from the city in ruins began glowing,

Lighting the sky in a sort of ironic way – the beauty of destruction.

Just barely off the coast of Kamakura, a rigid and torn lighthouse stood, it's skeleton slowly crumbling and falling to pieces.

And at the top, there was something, or rather someone, well, whatever had remained of what could be considered a person.

It was the body of the Diclonius Queen, Kaede, known by many as the entity "Lucy".

Her flesh and bones had melted, a pile of grotesque organic material in it's spot.

In the middle of it was a head.

Kaede, or rather Lucy, had spent her last thoughts about saving her love, that one boy, and eventually, all of humanity, to her, a wicked, vile, and pathetic race that was to be wiped off the Earth, until she took control.

But she didn't.

The side of her, the DNA of the killing side, although unrelenting and merciless, finally softened her heart when Kohta had shown that side love and mercy.

Her dark side finally caved in to the love, and mercy shed by Kohta, and she stopped the bloodshed.

It was then that she gave the human the gun, and regretted one last time, her actions and motives.

Then she was dead, as the bullet planted itself in her brain, killing her.

But something was wrong.

Kaede slowly gained her sense of sight, the feeling of touch, and sense of sound.

She slowly opened her eyes, the landscape burning and brimming with smoke and debris.

"Why?" she cursed her mind. "Why do I continue to live?" she cried out loud.

She noticed she was able to talk, and surprised, looked downwards.

Her head had begun to recover, the flesh slowly building, bones rematerializing, and her skin growing back, the capillaries and muscle wrapping itself slowly and gently around her destroyed flesh, rebuilding what had been lost.

"What the hell?" She remarked as she was able to move her neck, gazing at her body recreating itself, and reforming the organs, bones, and skin that was once melted on the ground.

As she pondered her thoughts, she noticed her vision clearing, and sharpening, farther than ever before. Tiny rocks and textures in the ground were visible, while the noises from the city began to get louder.

"What is happening to me?" she said to herself, marveling at her new body as she twitched her right arm. She slowly sat up, groaning as her back made a painful snapping noise, and she fell back with a scream of pain. "I can see Kohta again" she thought, and as she tried to get up, a hundred vectors shot out of her back, and the cement below her cracked, and she yelled as the tower crumbled, and she fell with the debris as the tower came apart, pieces cutting her new body as she fell into the ocean, swallowed by the waves.

The last thing she saw was the sun piercing the water, and her vision blacked.

Kaede washed upon the shoreline, slowly coming to as she regained her senses.

Ahhk!Kahh, AAAchhh!

Kaede spit and hacked water from her newly formed lungs. Her body was wounded, although most of the newly earned scratches began to miraculously heal.

"What the hell?" she thought through pain and sore bruises, "Is happening to me? Why will I not die?" She quickly regretted saying that, as she reminded herself of the chance to return to the Maple Inn and see her family again, and…Him.

"Kouta" she strained to move. "I'm coming home" she tried to stand up, instantly falling as the pain was too much to handle.


She groaned inwardly as she heard her alter utter her trademark words. "Oh" she sighed painfully. "It's just you" she groaned as she laid there.

"I..I feel a diclonius coming!" she felt Nyuu somewhat yelling. Kaede suddenly felt it too, a throbbing in her head.

Another Diclonius.

"Who could it be?" Kaede thought fearfully. Here was her second chance at life, and she would lose it before she could live it.

The bushes rustled, and a purple haired figure stepped out, making a surprised noise as she saw the body laying there on the beach.

Kaede shut her eyes, expecting the worse.

However, she was surprised when she heard the figure speak.


Lucy opened her eyes, and to her surprise, Nana stood before her, staring at her, dumbfounded.

"You..You;re alive" she said in a tone that sounded scared, and fearful.

Kaede groaned as she moved her head to face her. "Yes…" she uttered. "It's me"

"We saw you die…"

"I thought so myself." She said shamefully. Here, in front of her, was the innocent, young, and merciful girl who she had mercilessly dismembered, hurt, and left for dead. And to top that, she had mocked her, teased her, and hated her. If she struck her down now, she'd have a justified reason.

"I felt your presence a few hours ago, and I couldn't believe it, but I sensed that you were alive"

'No wonder she found me so fast' Lucy thought. She noticed Nana concentrating, and before long, two barely visible arms stretched out from her back.

Lucy felt Nana's vectors grab at her arms, legs, and torso, and her pulse quickened.

Lucy shut her eyes, in fear, and when she opened them, she saw Nana with a vicious grin.

"You took my arms and legs, you merciless monster" she spoke in a deep voice. Lucy, unable to do anything, felt a vector disable her pineal gland.

"Helpless now?" Nana growled, the words slicing her courage down. Lucy tried not to scream as a vector slowly cut into her left leg. "Hurts now, doesn't it?" Nana's voice began to distort, and Lucy finally let out a pained scream as her leg was sliced off at the knee. Nana laughed.

"Don't worry, it will be all over soon", and with that, Nana began to laugh as Lucy could only look at her with red eyes from pain, her stoic attitude wavering, as blood poured out from her bloodied stump.

Then Lucy really opened her eyes, shaking off from her hallucination as she noticeably twitched from Nana's vectors, earning a feeling of pain from her wounded body, to find her staring worriedly at her.

"AHH! What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" Nana was getting nervous now, thinking she had accidentally harmed Lucy and her new chance at life. Nyuu, inside Lucy's thoughts woke from the daydream she was sharing with Lucy.

Realizing she had temporarily blacked out from fear, Lucy spoke with a shaky voice.

"N.N..o, no, it's nothing." She lied, and she looked uneasily at her, the vision still fresh in her mind.

"Okay. We'd better get you home. Kouta disappeared from the house a few hours ago, probably to mourn, and the girls went to the grave to put down a few flowers." she said. Lucy's eyes shot open.


Nana picked her up with her vectors. "I'll get you home" she said softly.

Kaede felt herself drifting to sleep as Nana carried her with her vectors, softly rocking her back and forth.

As she fell asleep, she noticed that her stoic emotions had noticeably faded, and she had softened up to the world.

Half an hour later, Lucy woke to find herself being set down by Nana, who looked at her with a slight smile.

'We must be home' Nyuu thought, upon seeing the Inn walls through Kaede's eyes.

"Wow. You blacked out there, you must be tired" she draped a blanket over Kaede, who was marveling at Nana's kindness.

"Just stay here, I'll be back with a bowl of cold water" Nana rushed off. As she did, she slipped and fell, and her left leg flew off. "Ahh!" she went face first into the wood, emitting a low groan of pain as she laid there.

Lucy was watching when Nana fell, and she immediately felt a tidal wave of guilt take her as she fought back regret from her blood drenched memories with Nana.

"Does it hurt now?"

"Please, n..no more"

"It hurts so much!"

"Don't worry. I'll make it all stop"

"Hmm. All you have left is your head"

"Pathetic. Nothing but a head."

Never in her life had Lucy felt remorse for her actions on anyone except for Kouta until she had torn poor Nana apart. Although she hid it, she felt guilty for hurting Nana, who was so innocent, and had suffered in the institution like her, and she had only added to her pain when she crippled her for life.

Especially now with the softening of her heart, the feeling for apologizing to everyone was unfathomable.

"Nana!" Lucy tried to stand up, and groaned in pain as she fell back to the ground, the pain from her joints weakening her to collapse on the blanket. Nana turned her head, looking back at Lucy. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Are you fine?" she couldn't find the courage to mention her leg.

"Don't worry" she half sighed. "It happens a lot"

Lucy swore the regret and guilt would kill her right there.

"I'll be right back. Just stay still" she walked into the hallway, reattaching her leg as she stumbled past the door.

Lucy closed her eyes, squeezing out a few tears that she had been refusing to let go as she laid back on the mat, thinking about the younger diclonius.

"Nana, why are you treating me like this? Don't you hate me for what I did? Don't you want revenge?"

Lucy didn't care about others much besides Kouta, but Nana was an exception. It was only a few days after she had dismembered the poor girl that she had followed Mayu to the Maple Inn to execute her, and take revenge.

The only thing that surprised Lucy was that she seemed to have forgotten about it.

Lucy felt her eyes moisten at the regret from her actions.

"Nana" she sobbed. "I'm so sorry"

She continued to allow herself to let out her emotions, when Nyuu made her presence known.

"Why are you crying? Nyuu!"

"You wouldn't know"

"No! Just say it!"

"Fine. Well, *sob. Well, you remember Nana?"

"Of course! That girl is a sister to me! Strange thing though, her arms and legs can come off. I always noticed she would look at me with anger though" That statement made Lucy begin to weep again.

Nyuu focused herself again upon feeling Lucy crying. "Hey!" she yelled. "Is something wrong?"

"Nyuu, I know why Nana gives you that look, and it's why I'm remorseful. You see…"

Forty five seconds later, Nyuu was starting to sound angry and shocked too. Except Lucy couldn't tell.

"You did that to her? She's the nicest person I ever knew! And she hasn't hurt us yet?" Nyuu thundered.

"Yes" was all Lucy could say. Although Nyuu was in her mind, and she was really just arguing with herself, Lucy burrowed her head into the pillow as if she were right in front of her, and was hiding her face out of shame.

"Well, it's justified if she hurts us, but, why hasn't she?"

"I don't know. And I want to apologize, but I'm too scared."

"Well, you apologized to Kouta, right?"

"Yes, but…" Lucy broke her thoughts as she remembered Kouta.


Lucy's pity worsened as she remembered the one boy she loved, her only friend, and the one whose life she had ruined.

"He must be at the grave!"

"Grave? What grave?"

"Well, Nyuu, when I first met him I…" Lucy's mind was offset by the sound of a door opening, and she heard Nana talk.

"Oh! You're home..." Her enhanced hearing picked up the distant Nana talking to someone.

"Are you alright?" Nana asked as a pair of footsteps made their presence known as a familiar voice made itself known.

"Yeah, I'm...*sob* alright"


She had no idea how Yuka would react if she saw her alive.

Especially after what everyone had seen her do on the tower...Including trying to kill them all.

She closed her eyes and hoped Nana would lead her away from her room.

"Nyuu" She heard Yuka say. "Nana, did you know she was a monster?"

That word made Kaede cringe inside.

Except she knew she deserved that name.

"Never mind, please, I just need to rest..." Yuka's voice and footsteps became louder, nearing the entrance of the room Kaede lay inside.

"Wait!" Nana ran right past her. "Don't go inside there!"

"Why? Is something wro-" she came into the doorway, and her eyes met Kaede's pink ones, and time seemed to slow for the brunette.

That was the last thing she saw as she fainted, falling to the ground. "N..Nyuu?" she whispered, and her world went black.

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