I jumped down the stairs and rolled behind a wall. I could clearly see everyone now. Patrick was about five feet away behind the car, and the remaining Messinas were shooting the shit out of it. It was smoking. And take it from someone who's blown up far too many cars - I know what smoke means.
I ran out to distract them and hid next to Patrick, now that I was closer, it was a lot easier to hit people. I stood up. Nine more bullets and the rest of the Messinas were dead. And two from Nicky, who must've still been upstairs.
"We saved your ass." I smirked and held out a hand. "Tayler."
"Packie. Thanks, I thought I was fucked. I thought this was a solid deal. Guess not."
"Guess?" I asked, a little annoyed.
He muttered something. I think it was 'Whattaya fucking want, a medal?' but I didn't care. I was getting paid. Everyone was alright, and I was still alive, too.

Nicky appeared at the door of the building.
"Fuck." he yelled. Sirens were approaching. Of course. The LCPD. Perhaps the laziest and most incompetant police force ever established. I ran over and hid behind a wall as the police started piling in front of the alleyway and shooting. We shot back. We shot back until even N.O.O.S.E. was coming out.
"Let's go!" I heard Packie yell. We sprinted to the nearest police car and I got in the back and ducked. Nicky got in the drivers seat and we were off.
"I feel like a criminal." I murmured, tapping at the wire separating the front seats from the back.
"You ARE a criminal." Packie said, head hung out the window trying to shoot out the tires of the cops behind us.
I was about to protest, but I guess I just shot over ten people. I guess I'm a murderer. But they were going to shoot someone else, so that's self defense, right? Kind of? Defense of someone else?
I turned around and peeked my head over the seat to see the car behind us spin out. I heard an explosion and thought it was a car blowing up, but then I realized that Nicky threw a grenade out the window. And another one. And another. It was like our car was shitting little explosions. He timed them pretty well, almost all of them went off underneath cop cars. When no one could see us anymore, we pulled into an alleyway. The shooting was in Algonquin, and now we were in Bohan. Home free.
"Nice fucking job, kids." Packie put his feet up on the dashboard and his hands behind his head. "And look what I got."
He held a briefcase and opened it to reveal bunches of hundred dollar bills. "And I didn't even have to give them the coke!" he laughed carelessly.
"We only got shot at about a hundred times, nearly died, and blew up half the city's cops." I sarcastically added.
"But it was fun, wasn't it?" he turned around and asked.
I had to admit, I had a fucked up idea of fun. And this fit the bill.
"I had nothing more entertaining to do." I smiled.
"You handled yourself good there," Nicky said. "How old did you say you are?"
"Twenty three last week." I lied. How would he ever know I'm lying? I could be 23.
"I'm Niko." I instantly felt like a dumbass for calling him Nicky all day, but that's what Brucie said his name was. Fabulous.
Niko hit the gas and we were off.

"You know if you turn on the siren, everyone just moves out your way?" I asked.
"You in a rush?"
"Nah, I just don't like being hit every ten seconds."
We were just starting to go over the bridge to Dukes and Broker. You know how it is, trying to either drive on the side of everyone or drive through the middle because you don't need to take a half hour to get over a little bridge - yeah.
"We're almost over the bridge anyways." he lied. Whatever, I was laying in the back of a police car and getting paid for it. Take all the time you need, Nicky boy.
Before I knew it, we were in Dukes, and Packie was getting out of the car.
"What's your number? I might be able to use someone like you around sometime."
"948-862-4317. Call me whenever." I looked up to see him finish putting the number in his phone.
"Seeya Niko. Tayler." he said, walking into his house.

I sat up as soon as Niko started driving.
"So, what's his situation?" I asked.
"Tell me about him."
"Good guy, robs banks for fun, addictive personality, cocaine, was extremely protective of Kate, suicidal when drunk, -"
"Was protective of Kate?"
"It's a touchy subject."
"Come on, just tell me. I pinky promise I won't tell anyone." I rolled my eyes.
"Ever heard of the Pegorino family?"
"Yeah, they used to be in Alderney, then Jimmy got shot. Right?"
"I shot him because he crashed my cousin's wedding and shot Kate. He was aiming for me. I promised, literally, two hours before we were there that I would protect her and I was going to get out of this... crime life, whatever you call it in America, and she got shot." Niko's expression hardened and I was real sorry I even asked.
"I had... no idea. I'm sorry."
"Yeah, don't mention it around him."
"I wouldn't."

The rest of the ride was quiet, until we got into Alderney.
"Just drop me back at Burger Shot, I'll find a ride home."
He pulled up to the curb and I stepped out. "Thanks bud," I said. "You be careful out there!" I faked the voice of an overprotective mother. He just laughed.
"I'll get your number off Packie and call you if I need help with more work. Bye Tayler."

He drove away and I pulled a helmet of a motorbike parked in front of the restaurant. I heard a "Hey, you bitch! That's my fucking bike! I'm part of the Lost! We..." and that's all I heard before he faded out and I just couldn't hear him anymore. Not that I cared, but anyways. Back to the apartment to catch up on some America's Next Top Hooker and go to sleep. I left early this morning, but it was already getting dark out.
Plus, I wanted to be perky in case Packie ever decided to call tomorrow.

I was just about to lay down in bed when my phone rang again.
"Yo, T.C.! Heard you did good today! I need you to come down!"
"Right now baby! We got shit to do!"
"Brucie, I was just about to go to sleep -"
"Are you kidding? We are GENETICALLY DIFFERENT, baby! We don't need sleep! Champs like us can't waste time! I need you down here in the next hour, WOO!"
"Bye Brucie."
"You're missing the oppertunity of a lifetime here, you -"
I hung up. Fucking Christ, does the man not understand what 'about to go to sleep' means? It means I'm going to sleep, not up for hanging out.
I tossed and turned in bed for a couple minutes, before curiosity got the best of me.
Fuck it. I mean, it can't take much time, right? He probably just wants me to go over and watch him work out, or tell him how amazing his abs are. You honestly wouldn't believe how many hours I've spent at Brucie's, just because he wants to hear how perfect he looks. It's weird because he's my dad. But it gives me something to do, and he usually pays me quite a bit of money just to sit there and watch TV and throw out a compliment every now and then.
I grabbed my phone and a magazine, jumped down my stairs and hailed a taxi.
"Oh, and hurry please."

"Taylaaa! Show some love, baby!" Brucie pulled me into a hug as soon as he opened the door.
"N.B. said you did real well in that little situation in Algonquin, real well. You didn't mention your cut and he forgot to give it to you. It's over at his friend's house, what's his name?"
"Packie." A little smile played on my mouth.
"Yeah, go see him whenever. I wanted to show you my new car!"
He was so excited, I had to play along. "New car? Let's see it! Better work better than the bitch." I joked. He led me into his garage where I saw a shiny, red Infernus.
"Dude." I just stared. "So worth driving from Alderney."
"She's beautiful, isn't she? Winners need to look like winners, this is how we fucking roll!"
"You should try it out and drop me off at Packie's house. It's over near that park in Dukes."
"Night ride, I love it! Get in, we're gonna cruise the streets and hunt for bitches! Yeah!"
I think sometimes he forgets I'm a girl, but he gets so funny that I can't stand interrupting him when he gets going.
We cruised and bitch hunted, alright. Too bad Packie's house was all of ten minutes away, I was actually having fun loudly singing KISS songs with Brucie and dodging cars.
"Seeya Tay, call me and we'll cruise!' I heard him yell out after I walked a few feet from the car. Guys will be guys I guess.