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As Sookie finally opened her eyes and looked at me, I couldn't help but gasp in shock. She is blind! I could say faint traces of her sky blue eyes with my heightened vampire senses, but to any human there would have been nothing but a milky white clouding up her vision. In my shock, I must have been staring too long as Sookie began to get self-conscious. She was twisting her little fingers together in front of her and fidgeting and wouldn't look at me directly.

The silence continued on. I just couldn't find the words to break it. How did she get up here if she couldn't see? How does she know where she is going? Small tears began slipping out of Sookie's eyes and I immediately felt guilty for making this young child cry.

"A-Are you g-gonna l-leave me n-now too?" She whimpered at me through her sniffles. I pulled her back into the circle of my arms. I did wonder absently what she meant by her statement, but did not think now was the time to question her about it.

"Shh, little one, I'm right here. Don't cry. I'm not leaving, I promise." As soon as I said that, I realized how true it was. I didn't want to leave her alone. It had only been about an hour, and I was already attached to this young child. "Let's go inside." The sun should be coming up any minute and I didn't want to be caught unawares, so I picked up the young girl, cradling her to my chest, and turned around to return to my suite. Sookie had her arms wrapped tightly around my neck with her sweet face pressed into my shoulder; she had also wound her tiny legs around my middle. I did not mind. I only hugged her that much closer to me and rubbed tiny circles on her back.

As I was descending the stairs, the child still wrapped tightly around me, I leaned my face into her beautiful blonde hair and inhaled lightly. So sweet. Not as potent as a regular fairy, but still intoxicating. As delicious as she smelled, I had no draw to drink from her. It is like a human repeatedly smelling a bouquet of sweet smelling flowers, a pleasant sensation, but the human would not eat the flowers. Not any sane human would, anyway.

I finally reached my floor and pulled out the tiny keycard that would allow us entry and swiped it. I heard the locks release before a tiny green light on the handle bid me to enter. My suite was spacious, as most vampires are fond of big spaces and the modern comforts. It was made up of a small living area in the center of the room, adorned with white couches, a fireplace, and a plasma screen television bolted to the wall above the fireplace. The floors were a cushiony carpet in a cream color, matching the cream curtains that covered the wall of windows overlooking Dallas. This being a vampire suite, the windows had automatic sun blockers that would come into place 10 minutes before dawn and rise 10 minutes after sunset; they only looked to be window tints, but were the latest technology in sun-warding security.

In one corner of the room, to the left from the door, lay the kitchen area. A marble countertop that stretched along half the wall, complete with a microwave, sink, cabinets, and a mini fridge. There was even a coffeemaker on the counter; though, why it was necessary in a vampire room was beyond me. Maybe the hotel designers wanted it to feel like any other ordinary room. Turning to the right one would find a large closet and a smaller bathroom. Ideally, I suppose it would be for "guests" as each of the two rooms had its own en suite.

Next to the wall of windows, were two doors, one on each side of the room that led to the rooms. They were each done in the same cream color curtains and carpet as the front room. A large California king bed lay in the center of each room, with a deep rich blue comforter atop. And across from that lay a chest of drawers that stretched almost the expanse of the wall, but only came to the height of my mid-chest. The bed, the drawers, and the side tables were each done in a dark wood finish. In one corner of the room was a lounge chair wide enough for two people, and a small table beside it. The adjoining bathroom was decorated with white countertops, white tiled floors, and white walls. A Jacuzzi-sized bathtub was joined by a shower with four showerheads and a translucent glass door. There was also a tall wooden cabinet filled with large fluffy white towels, bathrobes, and extra toiletries and amenities.

Sookie had fallen asleep in my arms during the walk to the room, so I carefully laid her atop the plushy bed. I called down to the front desk for clothing for a young girl to be delivered to the room. She looked rather peaceful, but I decided to wake her up for a bath and to get ready for bed. I wiped some blonde strays from in front of her face and trailed my fingers lightly down her cheek while calling her name softly. I didn't want to startle her awake.

She made cooing noises and began rubbing her eyes, showing that she was awake. She sat up and looked up at me shyly, which I found adorable. I hid my shock at her being able to look directly at me.

"I have called the front desk for clothing for you. Would you like to shower, change, and get ready for bed?" She nodded at me. "Umm, do you…require help?" I wasn't sure if she was at the age where she could fend for herself, but she was also blind, even if she continued to look exactly where I was standing.

"No, thank you, sir." She replied softly. I watched amazed as she hopped down from the bed, and padded quietly over to the bathroom. As she was closing the door, she popped her tiny blonde head out at me and asked "umm, what is your name, sir?"

"My name is Godric, little one." I chuckled quietly. She graced me with an angelic smile before retreating into the bathroom and closing the door. Shortly after she entered the bathroom, there was a knock at the main door. I went and retrieved the clothes for her and laid them on the bed to pick from. After, I returned to the main room and heated up a True Blood, wondering what my child would think of the young girl. As I was drinking the metallic substance, I thought of my child and his adoring fangbangers at Fangtasia. I would have to pay him a visit once I found out what to do about my little treasure. I dug my cell phone out of my pocket. I had a call to make.

The phone rang twice before a deep smooth voice answered, "Hello"

"Fintan Brigant, this is Godric. I have a matter I wish to discuss with you."

"Godric, I hope you are well. What is this matter concerning?" Cautious as always, fairy. I expect nothing less.

"I came across a young one who says she is of your relation. She has nowhere to go, and I am wondering if you wish for her return?" I say to him. The sun is close to rising, and I don't want to be caught here when it does. There is a small gasp from Fintan before he whispers out "sookie."

"What have you done to her, vampire. I thought you an honorable creature, if you harm her, my family will not rest in its vengeance." He threatens me. I hate being threatened, but seeing as it is his granddaughter, I will oblige him this time.

"I have not harmed her, fairy. I was heading out to the roof to enjoy the stars and I happened upon her standing over the edge. She is here in my suite, bathing, and will soon be getting ready for bed. Perhaps you would meet me here tomorrow at first dark?"

"Yes, Godric, I will meet you tomorrow at first dark. Thank you for your hospitality with my kin. I shall inform you of the circumstances at our meeting." He hesitates before asking "Tell me, is she okay? Unharmed?"

"Yes, Fintan, she is perfectly okay, if not a little sad. She did seem exhausted. I look forward to your meeting and will see that she remains healthy for your visit tomorrow. Good day." I say to him, easing his anxiousness before ending the call.

Hmm. I wonder why she would be unharmed? And why she is in this realm instead of in Faery with her family? What is going on with those fairies? I think of the situation for a few more minutes before I head back into the room to check on the sweet little girl.

I immediately see her curled up in the blue comforter on the bed. She looks peaceful when she sleeps. Her wet hair laying in disarray on her pillows. I notice that her scent is cleaner and even sweeter than it was before her shower. I reach down and wipe a few stray blonde wisps from her face and softly run the back of my fingers across her smooth cheek. She is beautiful for a young child, and her skin is so warm and soft. I watch her sleep for a few minutes more. Something tugs at my dead heart watching this little girl sleeping. I feel something for her that I cannot explain. But, I will think on it tomorrow.

I leave her room and call up one of my trusted were guards. I explain the situation and ask him to come tomorrow morning to watch over her while I am dead for the day. Because of my age, I will awaken a couple of hours before sunset and I can prepare her for the meeting with Fintan. With everything taken care of, I lock the door to my room before laying down on the soft bed and surrendering myself to the day.

Don't worry, this won't be a Toph situation like from Avatar: The Last Airbender. As much as I love that show (and that character) I don't think I could do it justice without appearing foolish. So I have created my own silly conclusion as to her condition and what is going on. Any guesses?

Next chapter will be Sookie's day and the meeting with Fintan. Let me know what you think! Also, a little hint, that Sookie will not stay blind for long! But we will learn what interesting surprises she has up her sleeves!