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Katherine sat in the isolated corner of the Mystic Grill, watching from afar. A thin crowd, but a crowd nonetheless made her casual drink a perfect watchnest. Her eyes flickered across the room, careful not to linger too long on Stefan who played a lonely game of pool on the opposite side of the restaurant. She couldn't help but gaze in passing, taking in every aspect of him she could. Muscles, long and lean. Those gorgeously shaped planes of his face. And though she wanted to so much see the forest green irises, she refrained, knowing that it would chance him seeing her and making a bee-line in the other direction. Katherine knew Stefan still hated her. There was no doubt in her mind that he'd maybe even stake her, given the chance. But she was back to fulfill her promise to him, to be with him forever. She'd never stopped loving him. She never would. She prayed that he understood, that he forgave. But she didn't fully rely on it.

While Stefan continued pocketing the colorful balls off the green table, she quietly continued to observe, playing instances in her head, none of them playing out in her favor. Despite her well-known confidence, she was not exactly sure he wouldn't automatically shove a pool cue into her abdomen. All she wanted was him. Like from so long ago, as perfect as it was before she had to leave. Her relationship with him was so strong and how it'd incinerated so quickly, it made her sick to think about it.

Kat's eyes shot to the door as a curious creature entered the Grill, swapping her train of thought. A beauty, no doubt. Human, even curiouser. Solid chocolate hair ironed flat rested over her dainty shoulders. A long, olive column of a neck. Katherine couldn't believe it. From the fleshy, lovely lips to the curve of her waist, she was a spitting image. Her doppleganger.

Katherine could only stare, slack-jawed as her copy pulled the bag from her shoulder, dropping it on the table. And it wasn't to question that Stefan hadn't noticed her; he was smiling, widely, as she climbed the short flight of stairs and kissed him promptly on the lips. Her lips. It was immediate; Katherine seethed. Like any jealous woman, she instantly wanted to crush her. Flat, like a bug. But simply killing her, she reasoned, wouldn't be fun at all. No. This girl had to see that Stefan belongs to me, she thought angrily. Kat was a thrill-seeker. She was going to make this worthwhile. And even while Stefan hated her on the surface, she felt that he still had some feelings towards her of some sort. And dating a match to your ex wasn't exactly a way to move on, was it? The wheels slowly began to turn in Katherine's mind as she continued to glare from across the room.

"She's cute, Stefan," she spoke quietly, loud enough she knew only his sensitive ears could hear, but low enough to know he had to really listen to hear. Then she stood, letting her voice hiss his name once more as she paused in the doorway. Her eyes darted back across the room to the raised platform, taking a last criticizing look at Stefan's friend as she shot. That wouldn't be a face she would soon forget.

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