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Chapter 19

Harry was walking beside his mentor in a silence. He wasn't feeling particularly talkative. He wasn't sure what to do right now. There were so many things going on that he was hopelessly overwhelmed. He would process the day another time. Right now he was tired and still shocked about his punishment he received from his dominates. He wasn't ready to face the memories and trauma caused by the older men.

He looked up at the older man walking beside him and smiled as he heard the merry tune that was hummed as the man walked with a bounce in his step. He seemed happy almost excited.

As they were walking he began to notice that they were not going in a direction that he recognized. They weren't on their way to the headmaster's office, nor were they on their way to the Gryffindor common room. In fact they walked right past it and were traveling in another direction completely.

They walked past a painting of a laughing little girl running about on a beach to come up to the end of a corridor. At the end of the corridor was a portrait of several colorful fairies in a garden. He looked up at the older man curiously. Perhaps the man has gone senile.

"Sir?" he questioned quietly.

"This portrait leads to your new rooms. I shall explain more in a moment." The man said joyfully. He then greeted the painting and then looked at him expectantly. "You must make a password Harry."

"Oh… umm…." The sudden request stumped him. The only thing on his mind was the day's happenings. That's when the perfect name came to mind. A name no one knew besides him. "Enya. My password will be Enya."

The headmaster looked at him in puzzlement but with eyes filled with happiness and curiosity. "Little fire. What an odd password my boy."

Harry looked up at the older man "Little fire sir?" The headmaster looked at him and smiled. "The name 'Enya' means little fire." He explained. Harry wanted laugh at that. Ater had named a hideously ginormous dog little fire. She seemed more like a big fire to him. " I see." He then looked at the portrait and it opened as the headmaster spoke the password.

He walked inside and gasped. Inside was a small compressed forest in a decent sized room. At least it looked like a forest. The air was humid and there were plants and trees and soil on the ground. In one corner was a small meadow with wild flowers growing. There were actual trees. The trees went up to a magical ceiling and ended there. But that wasn't all. There was comfy looking furniture made out of wood and tree stumps and when one looked closely you could see bookshelves and shelves in the trunks of the trees. The ceiling was a magical sky identical to the one in the great hall. He could feel nature all around him and it made him want to purr. His inner self was very happy with his new dwellings.

"I see you like your common room my boy." The headmaster said with a smile. Harry looked up at him. "Common room? You mean there is more?" Harry looked up at the headmaster in wonder.

Inside the headmaster was laughing joyfully. He had made the young boy he loved happy and that made him very happy.

"Yes Harry. There is more. You have a whole dorm to your self. There is a bathroom and a bedroom as well. Come I shall show you."

Harry only nodded and fallowed the man in awe. The next stop was the bathroom. Inside was like a paradise. The bath was like an actual hot spring surrounded by palm like trees. Then there was a toilet off on the edge as well as a sink and a cabinet, which was filled with towels and toiletries. Before he could really take in the room he was taken up to a small set of stairs. When they came to the small landing they come face to face with a gate with intricate designs of vines on the warm metal.

When the gate was opened he came to a lovely small cozy room. There was a fireplace with chairs placed in front and the bed on the wall was dressed in soft velvet and silk. The room smelled sweet and reminded him of a small cabin. The room was warm and cozy. A truly relaxing room.

Harry looked up at the headmaster and was taken by emotion. He threw him self at the older man with tears in his eyes. "Thank you. Thank you sir. This place is amazing."

The old man smiled and wrapped his arms around the teen and sighed. " I will do everything I can to make you happy Harry. You need only say the word. You are in all but blood my family, my boy." Harry looked up and smiled. He could feel the man really meant that. His plans with Ater made him slightly guilty but they were necessary.

After a few moments in a hug both men sat in a chair opposite of the roaring fireplace. The headmaster ordered a house elf to bring tea and cookies.

"So how was your day Harry?" the old man questioned.

Harry looked up and knew he couldn't say the truth. The man would kill his mates. He was sure 'yay I was mated, rejected for a second time, and punished by the man you trusted' wouldn't go over well. "It was uneventful sir."

"Well uneventful is another word for peaceful. I hope you like your rooms. There are also other changes I would like to discuss with you as well."

"Other changes sir?" he hoped the old man hadn't done anything drastic.

"Yes other changes. You know I went to the ministry today, right?" Harry nodded as the headmaster continued. "Well you see Harry a devas such as your self hasn't been seen for century's. So special circumstances deserve special treatment of sorts. Now the rooms are not the only changes. You see Harry you are very special but also delicate. Your body needs constant contact with nature in order for your inner creature to be happy. Without constant contact you can become irritable and emotional for no reason. So now you are able to enter the forest whenever you want. That also means during classes. Though I do precaution you to use this privilege responsibly during classes."

Harry looked up at the man confusedly. " Are you saying I can skip classes Professor?"

The headmaster smiled. "Yes but I do ask you to not skip every day after all I don't want you to fail. But I know you will be responsible with this privilege. Now Devas also have special nature magic it wouldn't be logical to cage in such a wild power in one location. On weekends you may choose a location and a professor and they will accompany you there."

Harry looked awed. "So your saying I can skip and go on vacation when ever I want?"

The old man chuckled. "Yes in a way. You see Harry nature is such a big part of magic. So it is natural that your creature is respected. You're lucky you're going to school my boy. As soon as I let the ministry know of your status they wanted to take you away to a special facility immediately to keep you hidden away from the evils of the world. They wanted to treasure you and take care of you by truly honoring your status. It took some convincing but I managed to convince them that you remaining a student was for the best."

Harry looked up at the old man horrified. He didn't want to be locked away and waited upon by strangers. The old man laughed at the teen's expression. "Do not worry Harry. I will not let that happen. The rooms were specialized just for you by a team of creature specialists."

Harry smiled and again looked up at the man amazed. He had no idea his creature was so respected. "Thank you sir."

The man smiled and continued. "There is also your diet. Devas apparently don't like tarnished foods so the kitchens have been notified and you shall only be receiving pure foods."

Harry looked up at the man puzzled. "Pure foods sir?"

The old man eyes twinkled "Imagine your self eating a big burger and fries." As soon as he did so he felt nauseous and sick. The headmaster chuckled as his face turned green. "No imagine a green salad a simple grilled piece of chicken." With that thought his stomach settled. He looked up at the headmaster surprised. "But sir I ate some candy on the bus? Why could I eat that?"

"You ate chocolate and flavored beans yes?" the man asked and Harry nodded. "Well chocolate comes from coco beans which is a natural product. And the natural tasting beans such as salt and pepper and brussel sprouts are naturally flavored flavors. I am also guessing there were some you were unwilling to eat as well. Such as caldron cake or a liquorish wands. Some of the candies are man made and unnatural there fore wouldn't appeal to you."

Harry looked at the man in thought. He thought back and to think of it he actually didn't eat anything but the chocolate and a few beans.

"So you're saying I can only eat healthy?"

"You don't have to my boy but anything but will just be unappealing."

Harry nodded understandingly. He yawned. He had had a tiring day. The headmaster smiled. "Harry perhaps going to bed would be a good idea. No?" Harry nodded and looked at the bed longingly. The headmaster stood and gave the younger room occupant a brief hug and kiss on the forehead. "Good night my boy, your schedule shall be on your table in the morning and feel free to be absent from your morning class's sweet dreams. Oh and feel free to ask Madam Pomfrey or Professor Snape for a dreamless potion if you find your self troubled. Do not worry for all the staff will be notified of your status so it would be unethical to be angry for a late night visit. Nature can be quite restless in the evenings. Particularly before a storm. The floo works. Good night my boy." With the last sentence the old man left Harry alone by exiting through the floo.

Harry walked to his window and opened it. The breeze felt nice. He then walked his wardrobe and found some of his old cloths and some new. The headmaster spoiled him. He grabbed some new pajamas and dressed and immediately went to bed leaving the window open and fell into a deep sleep not knowing he would have a several visitors that night.


Lucius Malfoy watched as the headmaster took his submissive mate away. He and his veela felt that it was wrong but he allowed it because Severus did. He didn't like it but he trusted his other partner's faith in the headmaster. Plus there were some things he needed to straighten out with the other dominate. He needed to talk about the recent developments.

He turned and looked as Severus but paused when the light scent of blood filled his senses. He hoped he was wrong when he thought about it being Harry's blood. He wished they would get to know each other, however neither seemed willing. He watched as the dark eyed man stalked over to him to bring him to his arms.

"Severus?" he questioned, as he was held close.

The vampire looked at him and tightened his hold on him. Both stood still for a brief moment. The room's tension slowly grew until neither could take it anymore. It was Lucius who ended the silence. He had some questions that needed to be answered.

"Why did you take Harry away to the other room? And why the hell did you stun me earlier?" he asked bluntly.

"I needed to show Potter his place. He needed to know what was ok and what wasn't. Do not worry my mate, no one shall find out about the mating. And I stunned you because you rampaging around the school as a full-fledged veela would be a danger to the other students. "

Lucius froze at the first statement and completely ignored the second one. He didn't care if people knew of his mating. His veela felt nothing but pride at the very thought of his little sub. He shoved the vampire away and glared at him fiercely. "I don't care if anyone knows. What did you do?!" he asked angrily.

"What I had to do." Snape growled back.

"And what did you need to do Sev! You smell of blood. You're not hurt and we healed his wounds. You took his blood didn't you!" the veela was furious with the other man.

"Yes I fed off him, is that a problem Lucius?" Severus questioned as he gave him his famous disapproving scowl.

"Yes it is! You feed off me because you love me! You told me yourself when we first mated that blood sharing among mates was sacred and a sexual act. The boy isn't nearly ready enough for something like that. Its no wonder he's afraid of us when we jump him then hurt him."

Severus Snape looked at the blond man in question. The old feelings that were connected to the Potter brat no longer existed in Lucius's eyes.

"Yes feeding when you are concerned is a special thing. It matters then because I love you my mate. The only reason I fed was because the boy's blood is addictive. Plus if it weren't for me Lucius we would have been bonded. You should thank me. We would be running around in agony from an uncompleted bond."

Lucius froze. He looked at Severus and gave him a deadly look. "What did you do?!"

Severus looked at Lucius's expression carefully. He didn't mean to let that much slip. He however was a talker when he was angry. When his temper was set off he usually said anything in order to get his way. This situation though was not idea for such a trait.

" I hurried along our mating."

"By doing what Sev!" Lucius roared. "WHAT DID YOU DO?!"

Severus flinched as he felt the wild magic surround him. "I used a potion." He stated calmly.



Lucius screamed till there was tears were brimming his eyes. Everything had just fallen into place. He had hoped that the hurried mating was just because they had gone so long with out a mate that their creatures just couldn't help themselves.

Snape just observed his quietly. He knew better then to say anything.


Snape looked at him and remained deep in thought. He admitted he could have done things differently not to mention he had neglected to use a memory charm. It was to late now though. Too much had happened since then. It would only cause more damage. He supposed he shouldn't have been so harsh on the boy but still. He couldn't help it. When ever he looked at him the face of Potter entered his mind. He could hear the taunts and feel the pain as his best friend was ripped away and turned against him. The boy's eyes made it even worse.

"He may be our submissive Luc, but he would never have been willing. He would never had bonded with us if I didn't do as I did." He couldn't help but state in a helpless tone.

Lucius stared at him and took a calming breath. "How do you know? When we rejected him, he ran away. Our bond wasn't completed then and I could feel the loss and the hopelessness. Someone who doesn't want to bond doesn't feel that way Sev. If we were kinder and took our time like we were suppose to then this would not have happened."

"That doesn't matter anymore Lucius. What is done is done. We cannot change what has happened.

"No but we can fix it. We have to Sev. I am no longer willing to live a half-life. You can be a part of it, it's your choice!" Lucius said with sharpness to his voice. Lucius turned around and walked out of the room for some alone time. He needed to think. He walked out the entrance and slammed the door behind him.


Severus was sitting in front of his fire when the floo signal for a staff meeting was called. He growled as his alone time was interrupted. He got up from his seat and flooed to the staff room, which was located by the gargoyles beneath the headmaster's office.

He entered the room and immediately took his place on the left of the already seated headmaster. The professors didn't have assigned seating but they all sat in the same place every meeting. It was odd to have a meeting on the second night of term though he couldn't help but thinking. The first term meetings were usually scheduled at the end of every week so that no one got overwhelmed.

Minerva McGonagall sat on the right of the headmaster and beside her was Flitwick and opposite of him and beside him was Sprout. The other professors were randomly places around the table.

He waited patiently for the last teacher to arrive, which was predictably was Hagrid since he couldn't fit in the fireplace and floo over. Once he was seated the headmaster cleared his voice to begin the meeting and to silence the room.

"Thank you all for coming on such short notice. I know that we usually save the first staff meeting for the end of the first week but there are special circumstances."

"Special circumstances Albus?" he heard McGonagall question.

"Yes Minerva. It seems that we have a very special student this year. You see this year we have a young unmated Devas joining us."

He heard the load and odd sounding squeals come from the half giant Hagrid but everyone including himself looked puzzled. That when it hit him, the headmaster was talking about Potter.

"Devas?" again McGonagall questioned. The feline woman was filled with so much curiosity it repulsed him. Curiosity always leads to trouble especially in a Gryffindor's sake.

Dumbledore looked proud and then glanced at Hagrid who was wriggling in his chair excitedly. Why was he so excited over Potter?

"Perhaps Rubeus would like to explain."

Another odd sounding squeal came from the half giant. However he seemed to wound up explaining efficiently. So the headmaster quickly took over.

" A Devas Minerva is a very special and rare humanoid creature. A devas is literally the bridge between the wild world and humanity. There are three types of Devas' and all three are connected to the earth some way or another. A water devas can control bodies of water. It has been reordered that a water devas when angered could cause floods and some times tsunami's. Then there are storm Devas these creatures are said to be able to control the weather. And when angered could cause the worse disasters for example a tornado or a hurricane. The last type of Devas is a nature devas. These are really special in my opinion. These marvelous creatures are connected to nature itself. They can connect with any type of creature and plant alike. It has been observed that any creature cannot help but feel protective of a nature devas and will do anything to protect it. It is very wise not to endanger or hurt this type of devas. Nature would do anything within its power to protect this individual."

The headmaster took a breath and looked at his fellow professors expressions of wonder.

Snape was surprised that Potter was such an important creature. He was surprised how powerful he was. His vampire purred and felt nothing but pride at the thought of his submissive. He couldn't help but feel pride as well. It would seem that Potter wasn't a creature of deviance like he had previous thought. That's when a stone of guilt fell to his stomach. He had accused Potter alluring them. Maybe just maybe the boy hadn't been at fault for his and Lucius quickly growing affection. His vampire gave a huff like it agreed with his revelation.

Flitwicks squeaky voice sprung him out of his thoughts. "So you're saying professor that one of these amazing creatures are here at Hogwarts. Are you sure we can support such an amazing creature."

The headmaster smiled. "Yes Filius we can support him. I went to the Ministry today and accessed some vital support systems. I had some rooms designed by professionals as well as a portkey license. This will allow the devas to have a sanctuary as well as a place to go other then the forbidden forest. I also have the Ministry sending over specialized foods for him as well."

"Special food?" Poppy asked. In her opinion Hogwarts had a healthy diet.

"Yes Poppy. A nature Devas can only eat pure foods. Food untouched by chemicals and such." The headmaster explained.

Everyone nodded in understanding while absorbing the information. Severus Snape sighed. This was new information. He didn't realize how special Potter was. Not that his feelings have completely changed. Sure he felt guilty a bit and was surprised how different the boy was but that didn't change what he knew of the boy. He was still a spoiled boy with no sense of rules.

The headmaster continued. "Now what need from you is your cooperation. This young Devas is a Submissive and unmated as well. His mates rejected him." Snape heard the horrified gasp from Hagrid and a few select professors'. His vampire also flinched. "This situation is dire. It is very important that we remain supportive and keep the devas as happy as possible. It is common knowledge that rejected mates, especially submissive often commit suicide."

His vampire froze and let out a horrified gasp. Even that fact escaped him. His vampire began demanding him immediately to check up on his sub. He would do so after the meeting. He to was curious of his submissive's condition.

"It is important that we remain fair as teachers but remain sympathetic as well. This person will sometimes and maybe often be absent from your class. I ask you to not discriminate him for this and ask you to please help him catch up. Please give him no reason to become upset. This is very important. If we cannot prove that we can take care of this individual the ministry will take him away and this would upset him even more.

Severus, Poppy I ask you to be on call for him. If he needs anything medical or potion wise I expect you two to remain civil. No matter what. Especially you Severus. He has a floo, his address is hopeful heart. You must be available if he calls and if you suspect anything such as he might harm himself go to him immediately."

Snape scowled but nodded nether less.

"And lastly I shall be letting a professor off on paid vacation when ever the young man chooses to leave on the weekends. The ministry has allowed the devas to travel wherever during the weekends as well as allowing weekend leave to whatever professor he chooses."

That fact got the professors talking excitedly. Great a reason for the others to be kind. Though the potential suicide was a problem that Snape would have to deal with. He should probably check up on the brat. Not to mention he was thirsty again. The blood was bloody addictive.

The headmaster then remained quiet so that the other professors could process this new information.

"Albus" Minerva started. "Who is this student?" Everyone quieted due to the pressing curiosity of the identity of this new super creature.

Albus smiled and looked on happily at the anxious faces. "It is none other than our Harry Potter." That's when all hell broke loose. Conversations starting from everywhere.

Albus waited for them to quiet down till he ended the meeting with the request to keep everything he had said in mind.


Severus Snape flooed to his rooms after the staff meeting and sat down in the leather chair across from the fireplace. His vampire was demanding him to go and check up on the boy. The headmaster had given him the boy's floo address. He sighed and went to his cabinet across the room and took a quick swig of whisky before he returned to the floo and muttered the address under his breath.

It was just after ten in the evening when he arrived into the cabin like room. He had to admit that the room was comfortable. He walked in and stopped when he spotted the boy asleep in his bed. He waked to the bed and watched quietly as he slept. He took this time to study the boy up close. When he got past the Potter looks he could see his mother in him. He had her soft complexion and her pouty lips. The famous Potter hair also seemed more tame and softer looking. He had to admit that he was good looking. As he continued to gaze on he realized the boy was looking less like the bane of his existence James Potter.

His vampire was cooing in adoration and was begging to touch. His vampire was begging him to love the smaller man that lay asleep in the velvet-covered bed. As he stared at the boy he couldn't help the small amount of affection grow in his chest. He knew once the bond was sealed that there would be some fondness there but he didn't realize how much. He knew though with everything he had put the boy through nothing was going to change. He had caused too much trouble so there was no point on trying for the happily ever after now. It was probably best to just continue what was going to happen. Take the blood that was part of the deal and hoped that his vampire didn't press for more. Nothing could change. Perhaps Lucius could become what the boy needed. After all from almost the beginning he had wanted the boy as his. Perhaps he should just allow it. After all he needed nothing but the blood. Right?

He watched as the boy no as Harry snuffled in his sleep and murmured quietly. He was about to turn around when he heard an unhappy whine. He looked back and saw him moving about in discomfort. Perhaps unconsciously he had gained comfort from his presence. He walked back over and gently moved his hair out of his face. It was soft and silky. He gently let his fingers cascade through his silky locks until he became quiet and still. He left the room not noticing the shadow outside the open window. He walked down the stairs and came to a indoor forest. It was nice but held little interest to him. He left through the portrait and returned to the dungeons for the evening.


Lucius Malfoy was currently sitting outside in the courtyard enjoying the small breeze in the autumn evening. There was a lot to think about. His mate for over a decade had been responsible for so much. He wasn't sure whether to be angry or scared at what his other mate was capable of. He was so mad at him for giving them a potion to make them mate. What was that man thinking to do something so drastic?

He wanted to scream at his torn heart. Severus was familiar and he wanted nothing but to make up with him. But he couldn't ignore his transgressions. He wanted the love of his other Dom but he also desired his submissive. Everything was going great until he received his other mate. Not that he was blaming him for being their mate. His submissive deserved someone so much better then they.

He walked back inside the castle. His veela asking him to go to his sub and to make up with his other dom so that they could protect and care for their younger mate properly. He decided that seeing his co-dom would be best considering the fact that he didn't know where his sub was. His veela growled at that. It wanted to have its sub near by. It didn't like the fact that he couldn't protect what was his.

When he entered his mate's rooms he entered into darkness. It would seem that he was alone. He sat across from the fire and waited silently. It had been a long eventful day. Though the mating was forced he couldn't help but relish in the fact that he was a fully mated man. He closed his eyes and thought back to the happy moment when they were joined. The new memory was going to be what drove his patronus.

He sat in deep thought until the portrait opened and in stepped his other dominant. Once he was noticed both men stared at one another in silence. Neither knew what to do or where to start.

He supposed that he would have to be the one to take the first step. Severus was a very stubborn man.

"I apologize." The simple phrase surprised and startled him all at the same time. Not once had Severus apologized to him. He remained silent and continued to watch the other man.

"I should not have acted so quickly nor should have I judged the boy so easily. I know now what I accused the boy of yesterday was not true. I caused you unnecessary pain and I am sorry. Lucius I need you more than anybody. I do not love the Potter boy but I do not think I hate him now. Forgive me."

Lucius studied the man in front of him. His eyes vulnerable. His veela telling him to make up so that he could protect his submissive properly. He merely nodded and accepted the embrace that was offered afterwards. He sighed and the fatigue of the day started to settle in his body. He needed to rest he looked at his partner and the other man immediately knew his problem. He was lead to the bedroom and they both got ready for bed. Neither dared to speak for the temporary peace could be easily shattered. They went to bed in silence. They would deal with everything tomorrow. It wasn't long before both men closed their eyes and fell into a uneasy sleep. Their creatures constantly searching for the warmth of a smaller body that would most likely in their opinions be there.

Tomorrow was a new day.


Harry was tossing and turning in his sleep when he felt a calming hand gently brush his worries away. He didn't have the energy to wake. He didn't want to either, just in case the touch was a dream. As soon as the touch was administered he was feeling less restless and calmer. He began to fall into a deeper slumber, so much so that he didn't even notice when the calming t ouch ended. He gently smiled in his sleep, as the deep smells of smoky wood filled his senses. He was finally at peace. He wouldn't wake till an unplanned visitor awakened him.

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