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Chapter 21

Harry sat on the windowsill for several minutes until he grew bored and restless. He stood up and walked to his wardrobe and gazed curiously at its contents. He saw his uniform and gently ran his finger along his cloaks sleeve. He was surprised to feel a softer, and lighter material in place of his common cotton Hogwarts uniform.

He smiled; the Headmaster truly did spoil him. He then inspected the rest of the contents and he realized that all of his previous articles of clothing was pushed to the very back of the wardrobe. It was obvious that the headmaster hoped that he wouldn't notice them. His gaze then left the rags as he continued his inspection of the rest of his clothing.

His wardrobe now consisted of many earthy toned outfits. He saw pants and shirts and jumpers as well as several soft looking robes. He grabbed a pair of dark grey trousers, a pair of silky boxers, a soft creamy white button up shirt as well as a soft, fluffy sweater. He couldn't wait to get dressed.

He walked across the plush rug that lay on the floor till he came to his gate like door. He opened the vine-clad gate that blocked off his room from the world to only walk down the staircase till he came to the door to his personal hot spring. He opened the door and smiled when he saw the insides of his bathroom. He walked across the room and placed his chosen outfit onto the counter and then went to the cabinet and opened it up. On the top shelf were towels stacked up in an orderly fashion. The second shelf was filled with different varieties of soaps, shampoos and conditioners. The bottom shelf held different textured washcloths.

He grabbed a soft looking blue towel as well as a lavender shampoo; a mixed berry conditioner as well as a musty smelling bottle of clove body wash. He then made his way to the small indoor hot spring. He placed his items on the edge and then undressed. He was still a little sore from yesterday so he moved carefully.

He sighed and let his inner creature take over as he entered the warm sulfur like water.


The submissive moved around the hot spring, basking in the wonderful heat of the water. He floated on his back and smiled when the sounds of the world became muffled as he lowered his head under water. The little sub was still extremely upset about the previous day, and no matter how much his core personality, Harry, tried to convince him that there was hope but he couldn't see it nor could he feel it. He was nothing with out his mates. If he couldn't have them then he would end everything. He didn't want to have to endure the vampire's deal as well as the pain that came with witnessing the loving attitude that the veela and the vampire exchanged frequently.

The submissive held Harry down as he turned him self in the water. He lay back up and stayed and floated.

Harry fought against the hold of his creature. He mentally screamed that his inner devas was risking their young; their little child. He could feel his lungs begin to beg for fresh air.

He floated and fought against his inner creature. As he fought unconsciousness, he didn't notice the splash of water that sent waves throughout the hot spring. Not seconds later a pair of clothed arms grabbed him and dragged him to the ledge. As soon as he reached the surface however he blacked out. He knew no more.


Albus Dumbledore was sitting in his desk going through the newest paper work that required his immediate attention. He continued to read with only half of his attention span as thoughts of his young grandson filled his mind. As he sat in his own little world his phoenix thrilled a light melody.

As the headmaster continued to think he realized that Harry was quite smaller then his other year mates. He needed to change that.

An ache filled his heart when he thought about it being because of the Dursleys atrocious care. He had known that the boy wouldn't have had the picture perfect childhood when he had placed him there, but he never imagined that Petunia would treat Harry as their house elf.

It wasn't until this year, when he went through his grandsons file that he noticed the address of his first Hogwarts letter. When he saw it his heart cracked. He didn't tell anyone but as soon as he saw the letter he had paid Harrys relatives a little visit. While the students were on the train to the school he walked up the stone path to the door of number 4 private drive.


An old man by the name of Albus Dumbledore walked up the familiar walkway that sent the headmaster into flashbacks of a dreadful October evening. He remembered placing his small sudo grandson on the doorstep with a heavy heart. He fully believed that the family would accept the child as theirs. However after seeing the letters address, that hope came crashing down. He hoped sincerely that he was wrong.

He knocked on a plain looking door and waited patiently for the door to open. It was not a few seconds later when a middle aged woman with a long neck opened the door with an angry glint in her eyes. He smiled but as soon as the woman saw him she scowled.

"We don't need any of your kind here Freak. The boy is your problem." The woman who he guessed was none other then Petunia Dursley nee Evans, Lily Potters elder sister. He cleared his throat and frowned at her tone and expression.

"I require a word with you. I promise it will only take minute of your time." He stated. He watched curiously as Petunia looked around past him nervously. "Perhaps we should talk inside, no? We wouldn't want your neighbors to talk now would we."

He watched the woman sneer but nod in affirmation. She simply left the door open as she turned around to walk further inside the home. He walked in and briefly turned around to close the door. He walked forward cautiously, walking further inside as he slowly looked around.

He studied the floral patterned walls, which were covered with pictures of an obese blond child. As he looked at them he quickly realized that Harry wasn't in any of them. He continued till he came to the entrance of the sitting room. When he entered he immediately spotted Petunia. She was standing awkwardly waiting for him.

"I shall cut to the chase Petunia. I have come across young Harrys first Hogwarts letter and it has come to my attention that the address was addressed to the cupboard under the stairs. Would you like to shed any light onto the reason why it would be addressed as so. The letters are spelled to be addressed to the place where the child would have been sleeping at the time of the writing of the letter." He glared at the woman coldly.

He watched the woman scoff. "You honestly think we would provide for a freak. He's lucky to even get what we gave him. All he did was take from my precious Dudders. The only thing that freak was good for was for labor. We made sure he stayed in his rightful place which is under us normal people."

He felt his magic sizzle under his skin as his anger heightened. He immediately stunned the women not caring that she fell to the floor harshly. He walked around the home and was astonished at how clean it was. It was clear some one had obsessively cleaned for long periods of time. His heart ached when he thought about Harry cleaning for hours on end. It was clear that Petunia believed Harry was only there to be their servant.

He walked in a complete circle until he came to the stairs. He peered at the cupboard with sad eyes. With a flick of his wrist the cubby opened with an ominous creek. He spotted cleaning supplies as well as dust balls and spider webs. It took him a minute to really discover the truth of the cubby. In the far back was a small cot. As he looked more deeply he spotted small broken toys as well as a small sign that spelled "Harrys Room."

It was in that moment that he, Albus Dumbledore the leader of the light wanted to kill a muggle. Rage and sorrow filled his very being. He left the cubby and journeyed up the stairs. He first came to a clean luxurious master bedroom. It was obvious this was Petunias room. He then opened the door across from that and came to a clean bathroom. He walked till ha came to another bedroom. The room was stuffed with junk and smelled like sweat and rotting food. It was certainly messy but it was clear that the room was filled with expensive items. The room across from that was a room filled with the smell of heavy perfume. A picture on the wall was of a large woman and a small hideous dog. The room held some dust so it was obvious that no one had stayed in the room for some quite time.

There was one door left and he felt his heart beat rapidly when he came to the end of the hallway. The last door screamed loneliness and hopelessness. There were at least five heavy locks on the door. It was clear that the locks were for locking someone in rather then locking someone out. He used wandless magic to open the locks to only face a completely dark room. He cast a lumos, and what he saw stunned him. Compared to the other luxurious rooms this room was that of a beggar. It was like the difference between high and low society standings. One would never think to see such a sad room if they looked at the other rooms first.

He walked into the room and smiled when he saw a drawing of a regal looking owl. It was obviously Harry's loyal owl Hedwig. This was Harry's room. He looked at the furniture and he was again filled with guilt. The room was filled with muggle junk as well as old rickety looking furniture.

He immediately left the room and stormed down stairs. He fully intended to give Petunia her just desserts. He entered the room and was happy to see the woman was just where he left her. He ended his spell and watched as the woman struggled to stand.

"How dare you use your freakishness on me" the woman snarled.

He growled at her tone. "How dare I! How dare you Petunia. I gave you Harry because I hoped you would care for him as your own. If the situation was reversed, Lily wouldn't hesitate for a minute to take in your sorry excuse of a son. It is simply atrocious that you would treat someone of your blood they way you have. Your parents would be appalled at what you have done to their grandson. Harry is a beautiful innocent child. A child that you exploited. Well Petunia what happens now is completely your doing."

He then pointed his wand at the woman and muttered a few chosen phrases in Latin and watched happily as they took effect. Afterwards before the woman could complain he turned and pointed at the door. The next muggle whose characteristics matched Vernon Dursley would be cursed as well. So as soon as Vernon walked through the door he was doomed. The spell he used was an ancient justice spell. Border on dark.

What ever both adults had done to Harry, they would get back. They now would suffer for fifteen years till the curse ended. The same amount of time poor Harry had to deal with them.

He heard Petunia behind him. "What the hell did you do Freak." He smiled as watched her move her legs uncomfortably.

Hate coursed through him. "By any chance did you not change Harry often as an infant?' he questioned even though he already knew the answer deep in his heart.

He saw Petunia sneer, but he saw her guilt as she avoided his gaze. "You and your husband shall feel every crime you have committed against the boy for as long as you have had him. So I say in fifteen years your punishment will be over. You are lucky I am merciful on you. It is a miracle that Harry grew up to as kind and innocent as he has."

With that last sentence he walked out the front door and apperated back to his school. The students would be arriving soon. He vowed in his heart that Harry would never return and that he would get every thing he was entitled to. He would make sure the boy would want for nothing.

End flashback

Albus sighed and put down the papers. It was obvious that he wouldn't get anything done. He continued his previous thought on Harry's size. The boy was the smallest male in his year. Both James and Lily were average sized so it was obvious that Harry hadn't grown to his full potential. He was certain that was because Harry grew up malnourished. He knew it was a little late to be just thinking about this but so much had occurred is such a small span of time that it was almost impossible to process vital information right away.

He stood up determined to change the health of his grandson. He entered his fireplace and flooed to the hospital wing to ask Poppy to check over the young Devas. He was confidant that Poppy could help him.

As soon as he arrived he had Poppy's attention. The woman was reading a text in a comfortable chair in front of the fire. Since it was so early in the term the chance of having bed-ridden students was low.

Poppy smiled. "Albus what can I do for you? Your not ill are you?" The healer smiled and studied the man closely for any indication that he was ill.

He chuckled "No Poppy it is not I that requires your services."

Poppy looked up at him questioningly, "Oh if not you then who requires healing?"

He smiled at the woman. Though she was fierce when it came to her patient's well being, the women in front of him had a soft heart. "I have made a horrible mistake Poppy. I placed Harry with his muggle aunt because I thought that he would be accepted warmly into her family. I was so very wrong. Poppy I believe you have noticed that Harry's size is much smaller then his year mates, no?"

Poppy looked shocked as he proclaimed his mistake and that expression grew to anger when he indicated to the abuse and neglect of the young nature spirit. "Yes Albus Harry is short, I however believed that to be genetics." She said tightly.

He shook his head sadly. "No Poppy. James and Lilly were both average sized adults. Harry I believe is malnourished. I am here to ask you to go and check up on him. If I am right in my assumption I was hoping you could help him."

He watched the women sigh as she got up from her chair. She grabbed her healers bag and looked ready to go. "Very well Albus, if what you say is true its imperative that I attend to him as soon as possible. A malnourished body can only function so long and with the new diet it could put his body into shock. His body wouldn't be use to all the vitamins he most likely would be consuming."

He looked relieved and smiled. "Thank you Poppy. You have put an old mind at rest. If you need me I shall be in my office." He than flooed back to his office where his paper work was waiting.


Poppy smiled as the headmaster left. She knew that he cared deeply for the boy. But he wasn't the only one who held fondness for the gentle nature devas. As soon as she saw him as a small first year on his first day in the castle she immediately vowed to keep him as healthy as possible. She hoped dearly that what the headmaster said wasn't true.

She thought back absently to the previous evening. She was surprised when the headmaster revealed the creature identity of the boy who lived. She was also surprised at the news of his dominates rejecting him. Who in their right minds reject such a kind and gently boy.

She clutched her bag to her chest as she stepped into the fireplace. "Hopeful Heart." She immediately was whisked away to a small cabin like room. The room was very comforting. The rooms were very well designed.

She stepped into the room and noticed it to be empty. She exited the room and walked to the bottom of the staircase. She entered a forest. She walked around and saw that no one was there. She had skipped a landing on the staircases simply because she knew it was the bathroom. She walked back up and knocked on the door and called the nature spirits name.

Cold dread filled her when she remembered the headmaster telling them the other evening that Harry could commit suicide because of his mate's rejection. Her imagination began to run wild as she whipped out her want and burst through the door. The blood drained from her face when she saw her most favored patient floating in the water. She didn't even think when she jumped in to the hot spring. She rushed forward and grabbed the boy and pulled him to the ledge.

She immediately put him on his back and completely ignored his nudity. Her blood ran cold when she realized he wasn't breathing. She quickly began to administer CPR. She was trained in both magical and muggle first aid. She believed it was important to be as prepared as possible.

As she breathed for him she realized how small the boy actually was. She also noted the small cuts and bruises that littered the skinny body. She was sad that she didn't notice the boys poor health earlier.

She continued administrating CPR by breathing for him and then pausing to stimulate a heartbeat by pushing on his chest rhythmically. It was after a repeat of this action that the boy showed signs of life. He coughed and moaned gently. Other then that he stayed unconscious. She didn't mind that he was unconscious, the only thing that mattered was that he was breathing.

She stood and immediately levitated the boy to his fireplace and flooed to the hospital wing. She was in healer mode and nothing could stop her from healing her patient. She rushed to the bed and placed him in "his" bed. She had placed him in the same bed ever since he started school. The bed she assigned just for him was the bed closest to her office.

With a wave of her wand the spirit was clothed in a hospital gown. Another wave had him tucked in bed with warming charms surrounding him. She watched him silently until his breathing came easier. When he had first started to breathe again his breath was shaky and raspy. Now however it was soft and continuous. She placed a monitoring charm on him before placing a diagnostic charm on him.

She waited patiently for the charmed parchment to stop writing. When she read the parchment it defiantly proved the headmasters hunch correct. Harry was indeed malnourished, but not as badly as she had feared. She would put him on nutrient potions. The nutrient potions would have to be brewed by Severus.

The malnourishment stood out on the diagnostic parchment and just as she was about to put it away some other injuries came to her attention. She couldn't see some of the injury's so she quickly case an anti glamour charm to only discover the injury's her diagnostic charm had discovered. Her patient's neck had teeth made puncture wounds and his back had claw made wounds. There were also cuts and bruises, the most prominent on his behind.

She spent the next while healing his wounds. The bite marks on his neck didn't fade but everything else did. She would keep quite till she could talk to Harry himself about it. If someone had hurt him intentionally she would personally skin him or her alive.

With one last look at Harry she walked to her office where her fireplace was. She needed Severus to get the potions as soon as possible. She stuck her head into the fire and called out 'Severus Snape'.

She waited patiently for a few moments until a loose clothed Severus Snape graced her with his presence. The Professors had one free period once a week. It was obvious that Severus's free period was this period. She had disturbed his sleep and she could tell by the scowl on his face.


Severus Snape was sleeping peacefully in his silk clad bed when he heard an annoying ringing. He was currently wrapped around an awaking veela when the ringing became more persistent. It was obvious that who ever was at the floo needed his presence. He was annoyance grew as he woke up more. He growled, today was supposed to be his free period morning. It was the one week day when he could sleep in with his mate.

He threw on a loose shirt and pants before he looked back and let Lucius know where he was going. Lucius nodded, got up and followed him.

Both dominant mates walked to the sitting room and came to the face of an impatient healer. He quickly motioned Lucius to remain hidden as he walked forward to address the impatient healer in the fireplace with a scowl on his face.

"And what do I owe the pleasure of this morning visit Poppy." He held back an angry snarl.

He was thirsty, so that alone put him in a bad mood. That wasn't the only thing that was bugging him though. As soon as he opened his eyes his inner vampire began to demand his submissive's presence. And not only that, he didn't get to properly wake up with his veela mate. It wasn't uncommon for both mates to couple in the mornings before they started their day. Even though they had a tough day he refused to think that Lucius, his beautiful veela lover would deny him the pleasure of his body.

He watched the women huff in impatience. "I do not need attitude from you Severus Snape. I have had a terrible morning. I require as many nutrient potions u can supply. Harry need them he's malnourished."

As soon as she stated that he briefly blocked out the women due to his vampire whining in distress at the news of its submissive's poor health. He was about growl when he heard a heart-shattering sentence.

"Harry almost died."

His vampire now so close to the edge, it took everything he had to keep it down. He listened briefly behind him and was relieved to hear that his veela mate had remained hidden.

"What do you mean Potter almost died." He snapped.

The women's face crackled in the fireplace as its expression turned to annoyance. "Weren't you listening? I said Harry tried to commit suicide this morning. He almost died. If I hadn't entered his rooms when I did, he wouldn't have survived."

His vampire let out a wail full of grief. He also felt a twinge of guilt but he kept his emotions passive. "And how is Mr. Potter fairing at the moment?"

Poppy looked at his questioningly. "He's alive and resting. I don't think he will be waking for some time."

He sighed and pretended to be uninterested. "Very well I shall have your potions for tonight. I suggest you keep Mr. Potter asleep till then. I know for a fact that you are low on calming potions so I shall brew some as well. You shall have them by dinner. Plus I'm sure you would rather a calm creature then a emotional one."

Poppy nodded in understanding. "Very well. I'll induce him into a light sleep till tonight. Thank you Severus."

He scowled. "I'm only doing my duty as the schools potions master. Now leave I have potions to brew."

Poppy huffed but left without saying another word. He then turned around to see a pale veela with a grief stricken expression.

"Lucius?" he questioned.

"He tried to kill himself Sev. Our little submissive almost died."

The lanky man merely straightened his poster. "I am aware of that. We should brew those potions. The nutrient potions aren't that hard to brew to you can help me on ingredient prep."

The veela looked at him as if he were the stupidest snail in the bucket. "How can you act so calm? Out submissive is laying in the hospital alone." He asked disbelievingly.

He merely raised an eyebrow at the question. "I was under the impression that Potter will be sleeping till this evening. I was also under the impression the he is in need of potions that only we can supply for him."

The veela immediately saw reason and practically dragged him to the lab. Both mates remained busy and quiet. Both knew talking would only lead to argument.

Both mates had all day to brew. He had canceled the potion classed he had for the day. As they brew the potions time went by quickly. It didn't take long till it was dinnertime. The potions were finished and both mates prepared themselves to enter the public eye.

He wore his normal black robes and his veela mate wore soft navy blue ones. He then held a box filled with potion vials before stepping into the fireplace and flooing directly to the hospital wing. As soon as he stepped forward his mate made his entrance. He too was carrying a box filled with potion vials. Each box could approximately hold fifty potions. So Potter would be set for a while.

He walked into the hospital treatment area with his veela following close behind to only come to the sight of his submissive sleeping. Poppy was sitting by closely and as soon as she spotted them a look of relief replaced her worried one.

"Here" he stated. "The potions are finished. I made enough to last a while." He walked forward and placed the box on a table at the end of the bed. He waited for Lucius to do the same.

He then looked at he healer and worked his Slytherin charm. "You have been watching him all day Poppy. Leave, rest, have dinner but take a break. I shall take over."

Poppy looked surprised. "Why, I can do perfectly fine Severus Snape. He is after all my patient."

He sighed in agitation. "Of course he is your patient. However I doubt you have eaten. Plus I also have healer skills. I am perfectly capable in taking care of Potter while you dine in the Great Hall. Don't insult my skills."

Poppy looked at him closely "Why? I thought you hated Harry."

He held back the feeling of wanting rip the women apart. "If you remember Poppy, Albus appointed both of us to look after Mr. Potters health. I am only doing my duty."

Poppy then nodded and left with out further question. She was hungry and tired; she could do with a break. Plus she would only be gone for an hour or so.

After Severus was sure she was gone he motioned for Lucius to take the other side of the bed. Both mates quietly basked in the presence of the submissive. His vampire crooned in adoration as he watched his smaller mate breathe quietly. After a few moments of peace he pointed his wand at the sleeping figure and pronounced the counter charm to the sleeping charm Poppy had used.

It took a few moments but it wasn't long before bright emerald eyes opened tiredly.

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