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Ioli Ophelia Potter

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Chapter 22

Draco Malfoy the prince of Slytherin was walking up from the dark, cold dungeons early in the morning. He was a prefect so he had early morning patrol duties. He didn't see the point of early morning duties, what teenage student in their right mind would willingly get up early in the morning. That however wasn't the only reason for him getting up so early; he wanted to have breakfast early so that he could quickly double check some last minuet facts in his summer essays that his professors assigned as holiday homework. People often took him as a hard, cold, evil Slytherin. Yes he was a Slytherin but he was only cold to those who in his opinion deserved it.

Potter for example, he refused his hand in friendship. That simple action was a great insult to his family. Though his parents never really interacted with Potter's parents in a personal means, they were still part of the same social group that socialized over politics and other important matters to the Wizarding world.

Weasley however was a totally different story. The feud between the two families had gone on for centuries. A long time ago a Weasley had killed the mate of the head of the Malfoy family. After that a blood feud was declared. He understood though. He like his father was a veela. A mate was everything.

Just before term ended he had come into his inheritance. He had turned into a dominant veela. He was now waiting for his inheritance. Now all he had to do was wait for his submissive to come along. He couldn't wait till he was mated. He felt bad for his father. He was still incomplete. It terrified him that he could be alone for that long. He knew his father had his other co-dominate but that didn't change the fact that he didn't have his submissive. To a veela a submissive is everything.

He growled ever so lightly when the bright piercing rays of the morning sun came into view. It was way brighter on the first floor corridor. He continued to walk until the most delicious smell gently passed his nose. He inhaled deeply and his veela purred and growled in anticipation all at once. The smell was of his mate. The smell was of his Submissive mate. He couldn't believe it he had found his mate.


Hermione Granger slowly opened her eyes as the morning sun permeated her velvet curtains. She stretched and twisted her body till it cracked pleasantly. She sat up and cast a quick tempus. It was early she had a few hours till class started. Her mind wandered to her best friend, Harry Potter. She hadn't seen him for two days. The last time she had seen him was he running from the great hall. She had tried asking her head of house if he was ok and the only thing she was told was that there were special circumstances and that Harry needed time to adjust to the new school year. She being the intelligent witch she is immediately knew that it had to do with Harrys summer inheritance.

She also knew that Harry would come to her when he was ready. She opened her warm cozy covers and got out of bed. She shivered as the cool air gently brushed against her exposed skin. She walked up to a vanity she shared with her dorm mates. Well it wasn't really shared, the other girls in her dorm didn't really let her use it since all they seemed to do was look at them selves. She never understood why those other girls were so obsessed with their looks.

From what she understood from her male friends, was that they didn't like self-absorbed females. Oh well she thought, they would just have to figure that out the hard way.

She quickly brushed her wild curls back into an attempted neat ponytail. She then walked to her trunk and pulled out the standard Hogwarts uniform. She them proudly pinned her prefect badge above her breast. She didn't go to the prefect meeting, simply because she was too worried about her beloved friend. She knew McGonagall would understand.

She then walked down the stairs from the girl's dormitory to the common room to find Neville. He smiled immediately from a comfy looking chair when he spotted her walking down the stone steps of her dormitory. She smiled back in earnest. Yes Ron and Harry were her first friends but only Harry stuck around, and in second year and Neville had become a close friend when Ron began to leave the trio of friends.

She truly admired the shy boys perseverance. "Good morning." She greeted politely.

He grinned back, "Morning Hermione. I see you're up early."

She smiled and sighed as she sat across from him. "Yep. I couldn't help but waking up early. I suppose I am just anxious about Harry. I'm sure I will see him soon."

"Who cares." A snooty voice came from the shadows of the common room. Hermione really had to squint to see who it was. It was obviously Ron Weasley. The boy was a jealous character and had taken attitude against Harry after third year." It was odd for the red head to be awake so early. He was lazy so it was truly puzzling. He was probably only up to get to the Great Hall to stuff his face. It wouldn't surprise her if that were the reason.

"You keep quiet, I can easily take points away." She snapped at him. She saw Neville smile from the corner of her eye. She smiled in satisfaction when the red head kept quiet. She and Neville talked quietly until her friend told her that Luna was going to be waiting on the second floor corridor.

She and Neville left the common room together. She briefly noticed the red head following them quietly. As they walked in a comfortable silence they came upon Luna and to their greatest surprise they saw the petite blond up against a wall being passionately snogged but none other then the Slytherin Prince, Draco Malfoy.


Ron Weasley sat silently in the shadows of the common room. Other then Dean and Seamus, he had no friends. Everyone was on perfect potters side. He couldn't understand why everyone loved the four eyes geek so much. He hated how he would get so much attention. Even his own parents and siblings gushed over the stupid boy wonder. He was beginning to hate his scarred classmate.

When the bossy know it all left with Neville the coward he silently followed them. He may as well as go too. He would get to breakfast early and as a bonus if they did anything wrong he had front row seats.

He walked silently until he came up to Luna Lovegood, girlfriend to Neville Longbottem being pushed against a wall, being snogged by the Slytherin ferret. He felt anger fill him as he watched a death eater spawn with a child of the light together. He didn't stop and think, he quickly drew his wand and shouted BOMBARDA at the kissing couple.


Luna Lovegood was walking till she came to her and her boyfriends meeting place. She and Neville had begun dating at the end of last term. She really did like the quite boy. As she waited she hummed a quiet tune until a breathless Draco Malfoy ran till he stopped in front of her. Perhaps he was running from Sniggle-crack Jaws. They were often found in cold palaces and like to cling to warmth. They didn't hurt but they itched something awful.

He watched him inhale and walk up to her slowly. He growled and immediately grabbed her and held her close. He whispered mate in to her ear repeatedly. She then immediately understood.

Oh her poor Neville. She had hoped to make a life with that gentle, plant-loving boy. It would seem though that they were only meant to be friends.

She felt him pull away so she looked up, only to stair up into loving grey eyes. His arms felt so right around her. She sighed in contentment. She knew this was right. He held her tighter and brought a had to gently trace her jaw. She couldn't help but smile. Not even the Dropper-Knaws, which were known to steal peoples happiness away could make her frown in this moment. She could feel her magic intertwining with the taller blonds. She shivered in delight as a muscular arm was held on her waist and as an opposite hand brought her waiting lips to a chaste kiss. She felt her magic snap and she immediately brought her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. Her normal dreamy attitude in this moment was absent and was replaced with a love smitten adolescent female.

She felt herself being pushed up against the corridor wall, but she couldn't bring herself to care. She felt him purr and smiled into the kiss. It wasn't a moment after that she heard "BOMBARDA" being loudly spelled. She immediately stilled and the blond she was snogging had white wings wrapped around her as they both crashed hard into the wall. The last thing she heard was a ferocious roar in anger.

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