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" Well Mr. Potter what do you have to say for your self." He said in his most bland calm angry voice he could muster. He felt Lucius freeze and look at him disbelievingly while the boy looked at him in surprise as he talked.

The boy seemed to struggle internally with something. He could feel in the bond him fighting the potion.

"Don't be so harsh Severus." Lucius hissed to him.

He scoffed and looked at his co dominate and apparently that was a bad move because the suppose to be calm teenager shoved him to the floor and stepped on his arm as he stumbled across the room. Blazing eyes of anger took place of the calm blankness that was there previously.

It would seem they now had to deal with a angry, drugged, and unpredictable submissive mate.

This wasn't going to be pretty. Life sucked he thought as he picked him up off the floor. The brat would pay for such a move he would make sure of it.


Chapter 24

With a angry induced adrenalin rush Harry felt himself push his angry vampire mate to the stone cold infirmary floor. As soon as he heard the sound of the man's impact with the floor he wasn't quite sure what to do. Panic, fear and his flight instinct rushed to the forefront of his mind and he immediately tried to jump and run away. He almost fell as he rushed to the other side of the room when he felt the mans appendage beneath his foot. He was eternally screwed.

He closed his eyes for a brief moment as he realized how fuzzy his mind was and how hard it was to think. Did potions effect him differently now because of his inheritance?

He knew the potion was doing something funny to his system because he was still so very tired and it felt like there was a heavy weight on his chest. The calming potion in his opinion was reacting to his high-strung emotions in a very unappealing way. He was confused, felt like he had no control over himself, and for some reason he was very, very angry.

He was about to scream and yell and rant to his heart content at his elder dominants. However the sight of the angry unyielding black eyes made him immediately stop and think and remind himself of the previous punishment the man had given him instead. He wanted to scream at his professors (And yes professor's because the men that were in the infirmary were not his mates in his human eyes due to their outrageous outstanding behavior) but his creature immediately told him that would be a very bad idea, especially when they were weakened and so confused. The deadly glare that the black eyes held was breath catching and the worried and angry glances of the silver eyes were gulp inspiring.

He watched weakly as the vampire arose from the stony floor with a piercing gaze. He was about to run to the nearest door to the left when the veela stepped in between them. He looked at him curiously. Did he want the first shot? He didn't want to stick around to find out.

Lucius walked a few steps towards him and he immediately twirled to turn towards the door to only find the door unfortunately locked. He twisted frantically and cried when he realized when he didn't have his wand on him and the blond veela was slowly approaching him and getting closer with each passing second.


Lucius saw his vampire partner begin to stride towards the frightened submissive when he pushed his body in between his mates to intersect the confrontation before it began. He knew things could get ugly very fast if he allowed one on one contact between the two. But that didn't mean he couldn't try. He gave a subtle deadly glare of ' come closer and I will make you a very sorry mate' to his black eyed partner who merely scowled at the look.

He looked forward to only meet the glazed emerald eyes that held a look of fright and anger. His inner veela whined at the thought of the beautiful creature being afraid and angry with them.

He walked forward slowly and quietly. He didn't want to startle the poor boy, especially when in such a delicate, and fragile condition. He supposed he was approaching his mate as he would a frightened creature. After a few steps however the boy dashed to the door.

When Harry ran for the door, he had expected that, which was why he had secretly locked the door when the school nurse left the ward. Harry frantically jiggled the door handle to only come to the conclusion he was locked in. He watched as Harry turned around huffing in exertion as tears gathered in his eyes as he watched him slowly approach him to do what he should have done in the very beginning. Now all he could do was make up for his mistake and make it right. He would do so with or with out his previous vampire mate. He had come to realize that yes he was lucky enough to find all of his partners but when it came down to the end of the rope, the most basic instinct, his submissive was the irreplaceable treasure he had to protect, not the other dominant. He only hoped that his submissive's heart was big enough and generous enough to forgive him and start over.


Harry watched the blond man that was his veela mate approach him slowly and cautiously with a most strange expression of calmness and collectiveness on his face. He knew he could do nothing to stop the confrontation when the man was in front of him and was kneeling in front of him. He blinked rapidly to see if he was seeing things. The sight never changed.

LUCUIS MALFOY was kneeling to him.

He was now even more confused. He was about to make a questioning sound when he heard his other mate speak.

"Lucius what the hell are you doing!"

The man in question turned his head and spoke in a clear calm voice. "Apologizing. You should do so as well Severus." He turned back and bowed his head. This was really starting to freak him out. This man was clearly Bi Polar; he had changed his approach and attitude in the span of three days. First he acted as loving mate by kissing him, then he was shoving him and speaking to him in a threatening manner, then he seduced him to their bed with loving promises to only be pretty much yelled at after and told he was only needed because of what he could provide. Yes he knew most of it was Severus but from the previous experience he knew both were partners and worked as a team, even in the war they were always together. And not only had he changed so much constantly the man had punished him. That however wasn't the part he was peeved at. It was the fact that they had given him such a harsh punishment and that the man had allowed the vampire mate to punish him so severely when it was their faults to begin with. And if that wasn't the cherry on top it was the fact that the man had allowed the other mate to take him to the other room privately to be violated before being sent off with the threat of being punished if he didn't keep the mate ship a secret.

He watched the man take a deep breath before speaking in a shaky yet calm voice.

"Harry, There is nothing I can do or say to excuse our behavior towards you. You have done nothing to prove your self as a bad or unworthy mate. I see it now that it is we that are the unworthy mates. You from what I have scene and heard are a remarkable young man and we would be the luckiest creatures in the world to have you as our submissive."

Harry was about to open his mouth and say who knows what but was quickly interrupted.

"Please Harry let me finish."

He took a moment to breath calmly as he plainly ignored the huffy noises the other man was making. When Harry glanced over at the vampire as sat on the bed and crossed his legs to watch the events play out before him.

"When I first smelled you at the platform, before I even saw you I felt my veela rise up. I ask you to understand that my veela has been suppressed for much of its life. I didn't like how the creature side made me feel so out of control. So from a young age I had suppressed its nature the best I could.

Perhaps that is why it is so much stronger then I remember it ever being. I do not know if it's from the suppression of its nature, but from the very minuet it smelled you it declared undying love."

Lucius smiled whimsically as he remembered the feelings of love rush over his body on the platform before continuing.

" My veela side loves you Harry very much so. I guess in that way my creature is very wise. You see It wasn't my veela that messed up it was me. I let other people's opinions of you to sway my view on you. I had judged your worth even before meeting you. Before I saw you I hoped for anyone but you. But when I did see you I couldn't help but see and appreciate how beautiful you were. Even with being my other mates sworn enemy. However, with out actually meeting you and without saying anything to you I had decided you were an unworthy mate. I decided from there that I would live my life out with out you and would keep to Severus like I had done ever since I had discovered he was my mate as well.

I was content with that decision even with my veela screaming at me to find you and court you till you fell madly in love with me. So I began to use my strength to suppress the side of myself and I would have most likely succeeded if you hadn't left dinner early and run into me.

Harry your tears and sobs of anguish tore me apart, the sounds of your cries pulled my and my veela's heart. Your smell made me freeze and at that moment I wasn't sure what to do and through a moment of human weakness my veela took over and pulled you in to our arms. And at that moment I felt my affection bloom for you. I started to believe my veela that having you was much better then having Severus. That idea was reinforced when my veela kissed you. I was then fully ready to do what it took to mate you."

Lucius paused to regroup his thoughts before continuing.

"I am not going to blame Severus for the next series of events because it was my own foolishness that believed him. When he interrupted us, everything he had ever said came to mind and suddenly and quite honestly I was terrified that you were playing us. What if everything Severus and Draco ever said about you was true?

What if this was all a game to you?

When Severus mentioned that you could be using compulsion on us, the fact that my beliefs had all changed so quickly made so much more sense then me actually changing on my own. It was safer in my mind to believe that. That way I wouldn't get hurt.

So I mad the worst decision of my life. I pushed, no I dropped you and left you, I abandoned you. I left you even when my veela was screaming for you."

Harry watched the man in front of him spill his soul. He wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to do but the Hospital Wards atmosphere was heavy and tense. He supposed all he could do was listen to what the man had to say. After all he did step in between him and his other angry mate. However that didn't mean he would forgive them, fall into their arms and ride into the sunset on a noble stead. His inner devas might want to but he had standards, as low as they were.

Lucius cleared his throat and spoke in a lightly louder voice. " My next mistake was letting you run off into the forbidden forest into danger. You had run because of our rejection. We had probably hurt you more then I will ever know. The fact that you could have been killed or taken by another mate seeking creature made my veela very angry. Not at you but at myself and at Severus. It was then I decided to really give this a shot. Harry after that I decided to really try for your heart.

In the morning when you were sitting by the Headmaster with an empty seat beside you I knew it was meant to be. I had immediately stolen the seat so I could sit beside you. I wanted to talk to you but it didn't seem like the place. So I had planned to talk to you after the meal but you immediately walked off with the headmaster afterwards.

This is the part where I blame Severus Harry, this is the part where neither of us are at fault."

Harry looked at the man on the bed and studied him carefully. He was shifting almost as if he was nervous. He turned his head further from view as he saw him looking at him. He looked back down at the blonde as he took another deep breath.

"Harry at breakfast Severus had slipped some type of bonding potion into our morning drink."

Harry gasped and looked at the man who refused to look at them. "What do you mean potion!" He demanded. Did that mean they weren't really bonded? Could they unbond? Could he run off and find some real happiness? Was there hope?


Lucius took another deep breath as anxiety filled his chest. His Veela was nervous of what Harry would do when he heard the rest of the story. Would he leave him forever? Lucius wondered if he would be bound to be unhappy and unfulfilled for the rest of his days as his fully deserved punishment.

"Severus decided; for reasons you will have to ask him, that we needed help bonding. He decided to drug us, and force our creatures to mate. Harry I ask you to please believe me that I had nothing to do with it. The potion forced our Human minds into a paralysis state; we had no choice but to mate. I do not regret our mating Harry. I only wish it was more willing with all state of minds consent and knowledge."

Harry stared at the veela calmly. He was keeping his emotions masked because quite honestly this was a lot to take, especially with what happened that morning.

" The next events afterwards Harry is also a deep regret of mine. After the mating, at the time when you would need the most support I failed you. I had let you doubt my intentions towards you. Before I could correct them you had once again run off to the forbidden forest. I was going to chase after you but I was then stunned and incapable. Severus decided that having a rampaging veela running around school around young tired children was dangerous and took matters into his own hands. As soon as I woke up I had panicked when I didn't see you in the rooms. And when I felt fear and hurt come from you I couldn't help it I had to run to you and protect you. But when I got there you were fine. You were slightly injured with minor afflictions but alive and breathing. It was what I smelled then at that moment that set me off.

Harry you smelled like another male, and just not any kind of male but of a demon male. A male creature that was notorious for stealing away intended mates. So we then took you back to the castle to punish you for it. Quite honestly I was a little angry with you for running off in to danger but the smell made me much angrier then I would like to admit.

It was we who were in the wrong Harry. You would have never run off if we didn't hurt you, if we didn't make you doubt our affection for you. If you never ran you would have never met the demon. We had no right to punish you especially when we had basically stated we didn't wish to be your mates in the first place."

Lucius looked at Harrys face. It was skillfully blanked and masked. He could tell the boy was still tired but it was important he got this all out in the open.

"So not only did we fail to be fair and kind mates we lacked understanding. So after we punished you I had wanted to care for you. I had wanted to show you how much I cared for you but we didn't have the time. The headmaster was about to come back and you needed to be cleaned up. So that's what we did. I kept telling my self I could do more for you I could reassure you more or love you more the next time we met. I wanted to cuddle you to the last moment but then Severus requested to talk to you privately I immediately let him with out a second thought. I foolishly believed he would try and care for you, that he would try to love you. I was obviously wrong. I am sorry I let him feed off of you. I have messed up more times in three days then I have in my life. I am truly sorry for everything that has happened Harry. Please can we start over? I will do anything, be anything you want. I beg you on my knees to ask for something neither of us deserves. Could you ever find it in you heart to believe me and to forgive me?"

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