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Previously on A Gift…

Please can we start over? I will do anything, be anything you want. I beg you on my knees to ask for something neither of us deserves. Could you ever find it in you heart to believe me and to forgive me?"

Chapter 25

Harry swallowed heavily as he stared blankly at the kneeling blonde in deep concentrated thought. Thousands of thoughts and feelings were spiraling in his mind in a never-ending funnel of fears and complicated misunderstood emotions. Could he forgive these men? Could they possibly make it up to him?

He knew at that moment he didn't want them in a romantic sense. Sure he wanted a loving partner to share a life with but when it comes down to it, he didn't trust them to treat him with dignity, to protect him with everything they had, to love and make love to him and most of all he didn't trust them not to hurt him physically or mentally.

He took a deep breath and sighed. That was the only sound in the so very quiet hospital wardroom. Not even the moody vampire sitting on the small ward bed dared to make a sound as they waited for the long awaited answer to a question that could make many happy or destroy just as many hearts.

"I don't know." Harry whispered honestly. The lone three words echoed not off the walls but off the minds of the creature occupants. Harry looked up to view the scowling man who as soon as he caught his eye turned away just as fast. He was now sitting with his back to him seemingly staring at the adjacent wall. He could only imagine the scowl or the sneer that was placed on his dour face. The image alone made him want to huff and scream 'no way Josè ' or 'no thank you' or a less polite answer of ' are you fucking crazy!' However he mentally shrugged off the urge to give such an unrefined answer when he thought about his previous punishment and his exhausted state. Plus it was Lucius asking for forgiveness, not Severus. Harry was pretty sure his answer would be straight up no if it were Severus asking for forgiveness instead of the veela.

Harry turned his attention back to the kneeling man and internally winced as he felt his creature whimper and whine at the kneeling Dominant. While Lucius was giving his long apology he had felt his creature become more hopeful with every word that the man had said. He could practically hear his inner devas squeal in happiness at the thought of them having a strong dominant, and he swore he could almost hear his inner creatures consciousness squeal about their future younglings perfection and impending existence.

Harry soundlessly groaned when he felt his creature press up against the main part of his consciousness, which was located at the surface of their mind. He knew he needed to keep it down and out of the way if he wanted to continue the distance he had between him and the other two males in the room. He briefly closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he tried to push his inner devas down. He breathed deeply again and again frantically trying to calm himself down. His inner devas however was strong a willed specimen, especially now that it knew it had a willing mate. It seemed that his creature was a creature of heart. Whether its heart be filled of despair or filled with love, the feelings it felt were absolute.

He tried to shove the memories of the few past previous days in its face but it had immediately denied them and shoved the mating memory and its sweet promises back. He tried with great effort to shove it to the 'back' and push it to the bottom of his mind. From what Lucius briefly described, it had sounded so easy.

It wasn't.

It would seem he and his inner devas were more complicated then he had thought. He had thought he would be the one to stay in charge, but it was more then likely, from what he could see, that that wouldn't happen. From what he could feel, it felt as if there were two people interlinked occupying his body.

Perhaps it was like the brain hemisphere deal he briefly wondered. Both in the brain and body but both two different parts holding different traits. Neither better not stronger then the other.

Though he would suppose his side would be stronger, it was the most exercised. That also could be why he wasn't good at sending the devas side of himself to the back of his mind. He hadn't practiced doing so.

There was nothing he could do now, the calming drought and his exhausted adrenaline crashed state must have weakened him more then he thought because before he knew it he was in the back and stuck in the passengers seat that he had believed was reserved for inner creature self.

With nothing else to do with horrified feelings he watched his creature self open their eyes.


Lucius watched the small male in front of him as he and his veela tore themselves apart internally with anxiety and desperation. He watched as the their young mate contemplated their words and when he finally spoke his heart almost stopped.

The words he had spoken, "I don't know" had torn him apart, not that he could blame him. In the last few days he had proved to be not only a horrible man but a horrible mate as well. If Harry choose at this moment to leave and never return to them again, he would respect that, but that didn't mean he would give up. No he would never give up.

If he had too, he would give him all the time he needed. He would try to slowly build feelings of like and love through long time interaction. If it took a hundred years to be with his submissive he would wait, heck even if it took a thousand years to even be considered a friend he would wait patiently till his submissive was ready. He was a veela he had the life span of his mates. He could wait as long as they could. He was prepared to wait forever if he had to. He would do anything now to hold the small body to his once more.

Lucius watched as Harry closed his eyes. He could swear he saw him flinch. He studied him a while longer as he took a few deep calming breaths. He took a small step forward and was about to ask him if he was all right when bright glow like green eyes focused on him. He and his veela both internally shuddered. Those eyes were beautiful. They looked like the ever-changing greens of the aura borealis. He gulped uncharacteristically when he felt his veela rise and murmur happily at the sight of his submissive's inner self.

He watched as Harry stared at him for a few moments before his eyes filled with sweet smelling tears. Before Lucius could do anything tears spilled over and onto the soft looking cheeks of the trembling submissive. With a small step to the side Harry collapsed to the floor crying and sobbing aloud for the world to hear.

Lucius immediately rushed forward and grabbed Harry and pulled him in to his arms. He felt a ball of anxiety rise to his throat as he gently held the crying boy to his body. He didn't realize it but he too was trembling. Not with emotional pain but with the rush of emotions and blood as they pumped rapidly through his system. The feelings he felt at this very moment were completely foreign. He wanted to cry in relief, scream, laugh, and jump up and down. He didn't know what to do and in being caught unaware in his feelings he was blindsided by his veela and pushed down to the bottom of his consciousness.


Severus was sitting on the bed listening to the long speech his mate had issued towards the hospitalized submissive. He could feel the desperation the blond was feeling not that he could blame him.

When he really thought about it, he was, not that he would admit it to anyone, he was confused. His vampire kept pushing him towards the submissive male. He could feel it even now trying to persuade him to kneel beside their blond mate and apologize. He knew he couldn't. How could he? He had accused the boy of a crime he hadn't committed, practically raped him, punished him harshly for something that was pretty much his fault then violated him. He couldn't apologize because what he had done was unforgivable.

He wouldn't apologize.

Not that wanted to…

Even if he did apologize he would never have been forgiven, no matter how kind the headmaster said the boy was. He knew he would never be forgiven.

When he really thought about his actions he wasn't entirely sure why he did what he did. He knew he had wanted to bond them together as quickly as possible but why?

He had spent this entire time trying to prove his point on hating the boy, to only to bond them together as quickly as possible. Yes the blood was a factor and so was the simple fact of having a submissive, but other then those few facts it didn't make sense to him. He should have left him alone and never have bothered with him in anyway.

He could have just had his blond mate or left him to bond with the submissive. Then he would be bonded to the veela and the veela would be bonded to the boy. That probably wouldn't have killed him. It probably would have been a situation he and his vampire could have learned to live with. They would have been close but not bonded. He could have learned to live with the annoying presence with practice he was sure.

He didn't even have to do that; he could have left the boy alone completely. Sure his vampire would have bugged him about it but he was sure he could have lived with it. Though there would have been the issue of having to watch the boy bond with another creature and such, it probably wouldn't have been as bad as it sounded. The boy in his opinion was a horrid little beast but did that mean he deserved to live out his days unloved and trapped in an unfulfilling mating? Not even he had deserved so and he had committed some frightening crimes.

He was confused. Why did he immediately bond them together?


There must have been some other hidden meaning. There must have been. It wasn't like him to rush into things before he scoped out the entire situation.

He thought about the boy more closely and the more he looked at the boy the less he saw the bully, James Potter. He didn't even see his best friend Lily Evens. The person he now saw was completely different to what he had saw the previous year. Last year he saw a Potter clone, an obnoxious Gryffindor who was a cheeky unrefined little shit.

However From what the headmaster explained, the boy was a rare creature called a nature devas. He still needed to research the creature thoroughly. Not only was the boy considered considerably sensitive he was described by the old man as a kind spirit who was extremely delicate and fragile. The description was not at all how he knew the boy as a teacher. Not that he had taken time to get to know him.

All in all he wasn't sure how to view the boy anymore. On one hand he was suppose to be a fragile submissive. That fact alone should alter his treatment of him. Then there was the fact that he was his submissive. That fact defiantly should have changed his view and feelings on the boy. Even if the creature status was unknown, should he have looked in to the boys behavior anyways and judged then? Even with him being the son of his enemy?

From what he read about mating and creature habits, when a creature encounters a mate they immediately feel a connection of affection and care for the said mate. The feelings would be even stronger towards a submissive mate. The question was why didn't he? Sure he could feel his vampire feel for the boy but he couldn't. Usually the feelings of the host and the inner creature were connected in some ways. They liked and disliked the same things because internally they were the same person.

How could he and his creature's feelings be so drastically different?

Why didn't his feelings change with his creatures?

Was he broken?

He closed his eyes and sighed. He wasn't sure what to think anymore.

Now that he was sitting down and thinking deeply about it there were too many thoughts and issues that confused him about the boy. All he really knew was that he had damned himself and could do nothing about it. There was no point. His vampire urged him to go over and beg on his knees as well. It wanted them to beg for another chance.

He wouldn't, he couldn't.

He would live with his choices, just as he always had. He would never have the submissive male. Never. He was adamant in his decision. He would continue on his path for there was nothing else to do. He couldn't miss what he never had.

He looked over at his kneeling mate as he begged. His heart lurched when he heard his proud standing veela ask the male for forgiveness. He felt his breath hitch when he heard the soft, I don't know come form the boy. His poor veela, though if the boy denied him he didn't deserve him. His veela deserved the best of the best. He loved the veela with all of his heart and would do what he could now to make him happy.

He stayed still and looked up to only fall into the green depths that stared back at him. He immediately looked away and stared at the wall opposite him. He kept his face blank as he calmed himself. Those green eyes had a mysterious effect on him.

He stiffened, as he smelt the salty sweetness of tears. He huffed quietly when he heard the cry that followed. He knew they belonged to the boy. Why was he crying now? Should it not be his veela crying?

He turned his head to reprimand or perhaps snap at the boy when he saw a truly shocking sight. He would have never expected to see such a sight from what he had heard. With widened eyes he watched as the boy was embraced in his beautiful veelas arms to only have his embrace answered with one of it's own.


The submissive borrowed deeper and thrilled happily as he felt the embrace tighten. He looked up with tear stained cheeks as he smiled sweetly at the other male. His veela mate was here and in control, he could tell by how the gleaming cat like eyes that held the appearance of an ever flowing river of molten silver. This moment couldn't be more perfect. He didn't know how long he stared into the bright silver eyes but it seemed to be moments when it was in deed minuets. He took his hand to the blonds face and gently traced the high regal looking cheekbone with a soft caress.

"Mate wants me?" He whispered the question out as if a loud tone would ruin the so perfect moment. He mewed happily when his veela mate cradled him to his chest and whispered back in the same hushed tone, "I couldn't want you more then I want you now little one." The veela gently nuzzled his small hand after placing a hesitant kiss upon it.

He looked up excitedly at his mate, "Mate wants me! He wants my younglings?"

He cocked his head to the side cutely. His mate smiled indulgingly "there is no ones younglings I would want more." The submissive eyes brightened immediately as he threw his arms around the larger male. He brought his nose to the crook of his neck to only inhale he ever so enticing scent. He could feel the need of the scent become less needed as he received the ever so important vitamins from the aura embedded scent. He rubbed his nose against the pale skin and gave a content murmur that was muffled by the body.


The Veela happily held his little one to his chest. The only thing that could make this moment better would be the vampire's presence in the embrace. Not that the vampire deserved to be at the moment. They stared into one another's eyes for a good while before his young mate brought his small hand to gently trace his cheek. He contently sighed as he leaned into the soft touch. He would accept any touch whether it be in affection or strife with open arms. He knew he certainly didn't deserve the affection at the moment but he would work to make himself worthy.

"Mate wants me?" he whispered with a cute questioning look. How could his little one ever think different? If his little mate he didn't trust, realize, or know anything of his desires and intentions then he would prove them to him, even if it took an eternity to do so.

"I couldn't want you more then I want you now little one." He whispered breathlessly. He gently kissed the palm of the small hand that still lay upon his cheek. He knew he was pushing it but the young submissive in his arms was clouding his judgment.

He kept himself still with a breath stuck in his throat as he waited to see what the submissive would do. He knew he would deserve being slapped or yelled at for touching him in such a familiar way soon.

He waited for this young mate to speak to words of dismissal, rejection or anger and was only greeted with the excited babbling of his little nature sprite.

"Mate wants me! He wants my younglings?" The quickly spoken question made his heart stop and jump all at the same time. He wanted to cry in relief and scream in some odd type of victorious dominating screech. He internally cooed in a very un-stereotypical way as the young man cocked his head to the side as he questioned him.

"There is no ones younglings I would want more." He smiled at the look as he answered his question with out hesitation. It wouldn't do any good to put a single ounce of doubt in his young ones mind. His heart fluttered as he watched the smile bloom on his little mates face. His heart practically exploded when his mate threw himself at him so that he could wrap himself around his upper body.

Lucius couldn't believe he actually had a chance. His mate was here with him, holding him. He only hoped that the Harry side felt the same as his submissive side did. What were the odds of he and his submissive side have different feelings when it came to instincts. Typically creatures had the same feelings and instincts on important topics such as young and mates. He could only hope this was typical behavior for both parts involved.

The veela dominant shivered as he felt his small mate inhale his scent. Should he stop him? He didn't want his little mate to go too far and regret anything. He adjusted his hold on him as the smaller male continued to inhale his scent. He wasn't doing anything else but smelling him…

He heard a small content sound emit from the smaller body and he immediately stilled. It was a content sound, a sound that made his inner libido stir interestingly. He gently murmured to him to show him how happy he was having him with him as he brushed his fingers through the silky strands of his raven locks.

They both stayed in that position for sometime until he had heard a throat clear.

He immediately looked up and shielded his young mate in his arms by pushing him behind him. He looked at the perpetrator who surprised them. It was his vampire mate. He gave a questioning look as he looked at the dour looking man. What did he want the veela thought fiercely, the vampire wasn't welcome at this time.

It was his reconciliation.

He watched the man sigh, "It is time to leave Lucius. The nurse will be back any moment and the boy looks like he is about to drop."

The veela was then pushed down to the bottom of the mind until Lucius emerged. The startling sound had given Lucius the right distraction he needed to get back in control.

"Thank you Severus." He nodded briskly as he turned and looked at the frightened looking submissive. He watched him for a second till he realized the poor thing had forgotten that the vampire was still present. He probably was remembering his previous brief encounter with him. He after all pushed him down. He probably was expecting punishment.

"Hush Harry." He said gently " Severus wont do anything to you." He then picked him up and brought him back to his bed. He gently tucked him in and brushed his hand across his forehead to straighten his hair on his brow.

It seemed Harry was too exhausted to take control because the next sound to come form his small mouth was a keening whine. He smiled before turning to the waiting potions professor.

"You wouldn't happen to have a dreamless sleep on you." He watched the man nod briskly before producing the said potion form his pocket. He grabbed it and turned back to the nervous looking submissive.

"Harry I need you to drink this please. It will help you sleep and recover. We need you well again before we can talk about things we need to discuss." He then held the thin bottle to the plump lips before dumping its contents into the waiting mouth. He smiled gently as Harry turned to lay his head on the exact spot where not moments Snape had sat. He watched as the eyes grew heavy and he watched quietly until the breaths evened out

He looked at the other man awkwardly before nodding at him when the man had quirked his eyebrows at him.

"Thank you for helping."

"No problem."

And with that there was nothing else to say. It seemed that Harry's submissive acceptance of his dominant veela had produced a crack in their relationship. He and his veela didn't want to disappoint or accidently over step a boundary by being with Severus. He wasn't sure if his submissive would permit he and Severus coupling together.

He and Severus had been together since Severus had turned sixteen and that was many years ago. He knew however if he didn't try his best with Harry he would regret it forever. He would do whatever it took to be Harrys mate now. Even if it meant having at some point, having to give up his vampire mate. He had had a taste of his submissive and there was no turning back now, not when he now knew what life could be like having Harry as his.

Though he thought absently, it wasn't like He, Severus or Harry could couple with anyone else. They had already settled their mating bonds to each other. There was no way they could mate or even briefly couple with another with out causing themselves excruciating pain while doing so.

That was the sad part about mates. A dominant could mate with anyone they wanted if they didn't meet their soul mate. They could even take a submissive that wasn't theirs. That was the sad part. That submissive who belonged to another could never bond with another whether it be for a brief mating or the act of taking a new life mate.

A submissive could only take as many mates that they were originally destined for. If a Sub was destined for one mate then they could only ever mate one mate, same going for multiple mates. However, If the submissive was suppose to have two mates but was taken by one dominant mate at the bonding time and his other true soul mate came along afterwards he or she would be doomed to never mate with them simply because they weren't present for the original sealing of their bond.

Creature mate ships were notorious to give birth to tragedies. Submissive's taken without the other mate present, Dominants taking a submissive only to come across their true soul mates later on, either two committing suicide when there mated together or the submissive or dominant dying simply because the other mate didn't have the necessary requirements the other creature needed to survive. Creature mate ships were delicate and fragile. However when accomplished successfully both submissive and dominant live out their days happy and healthy.

Lucius sat quietly at the end of his submissive's bed in deep thought as he slept. The silence rang in the ward as neither said anything. That's how both of them stayed. They sat in silence until the Headmaster came charging through the infirmary doors to check on the sleeping student.

And with that before he could ask them any questions they left in silence.


Poppy was enjoying her dinner as she listened to her collogues chat about nonsense from their classes. She knew she couldn't talk to them about her infirmary life because of patient confidentiality but that fact usually didn't stop her from engaging in conversation. Tonight however she remained quiet because her mind was buzzing with worry about her most recent patient, Harry James Potter.

She frowned as she relived the moment where she had found him in his bathtub drowning. She was terrified when she discovered that he wasn't breathing. She knew she wasn't suppose to get close to her patients beyond care and treatment but she couldn't help but feel love touch her heart when she thought about the boy in question.

'That child' she thought fondly, had been in her infirmary countless times for some reason or another. The boy had been in her infirmary so often he had come to know her somewhat. At one point he had even taken to coming once in a while for tea and biscuits.

During some of their visits he had briefly talked about his future ambitions. She almost laughed when she thought about them.

When he was eleven he had come to her ward for a headache potion due to a raging headache he had had. He had come often that year due to the headaches the turban-wearing professor had given him. One afternoon Harry had asked her what she had wanted to be while she was growing up and she foolishly told him she had wanted to be a teashop owner. When she was younger she was enchanted by magical tea sets and their properties. Harry simple smiled at her with glittering gem like eyes. He grinned and said he was a Gryffindor and since he was so he had to brave he had to find a brave job. It was then he exclaimed he wanted to be a lion tamer so that his professors liked lions more. He was probably thinking of the Slythern's and the defense and potions professors. He was so cute then.

A soft smile grew on her face as she recalled the few talks about healing they had had. Harry had a general interest in helping people. He however told her seriously that he didn't want become an auror because he didn't want to live dangerously, he wanted peacefully with a family of his own.

She sighed as she picked a carrot absently off her plate before she put in her mouth and chewed slowly.

She sighed once more as she thought more about her patient. The thoughts of his mysterious injuries come to mind. She hoped Harry trusted her enough to tell her if something was hurting him. She knew however that chance was pretty slim. It had taken a long while for the boy to admit he was in any kind or pain or discomfort. It took even longer for him to come to her willingly. She didn't know it before this semester start but she now knew that was because of his atrocious relatives. Typically any another child in her care would whine and live out their illness as long as possible in order to skip school.

Her Harry was always so different.

Her poor, poor Harry she thought. He had attempted suicide that morning. She could only imagine what he was thinking and what he would be like when he awoke. It wasn't enough he had a rough childhood he had to have crappy mates as well. She would do what she could to keep him happy she silently vowed.

Her expression grew more grim as she continued her thoughts, it wasn't till the headmaster cleared his throat did she snap back to reality.

"Poppy dear is there anything the matter?"

"Oh Albus, yes I am fine I am just thinking that is all." She muttered distractingly as she place a piece of chicken in her mouth while watching the students in front of the great table stuff their faces with food.

"How was Harry Poppy, I haven't scene him yet today. Did everything go well." He asked quietly.

Poppy almost choked on her piece of chicken when she heard the question. She had been in such a frenzy treating her patient she had totally forgot to tell the headmaster about Harry and his incident that morning. She looked up at him with a grim expression.

"Albus we need to talk."


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