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Chapter 26

Poppy internally groaned when she heard the headmaster's question. Though it was asked in innocence she knew it would cause only chaos. She sighed before looking in to the questioning eyes of the elder man. This was not a place to have such a conversation. A ball of anxiety fell to her stomach as she imagined the ramifications of what she was about to tell the man. "Albus we need to talk."

The man beside her stiffened and his eyes immediately hardened into piercing depths of bright blue. She knew the man had cared a great deal about Harry and her not telling him of what had become of the said student would not go over well.

"What is it you need to say Poppy? Where is Harry?" he demanded as he looked around the hall desperately trying to spot him in the busy hall. She swallowed before staring deeply into the headmasters gaze. "This is not a place to discuss such a sensitive matter, we will exit the hall before I will tell you anything." She watched the man nod in agreement and immediately stood up. That chances of either of them eating dinner now was nonexistent.

She walked beside the old man as they exited quietly. As they walked along the staff table she ignored the questioning looks from the rest of the staff. She was sure the headmaster would call another meeting to inform the staff of the details of the meeting that was about to take place.

Once they had entered the empty corridor she and the headmaster stood close together for the information exchange. With a breath of slight reluctance she looked up at her employer. Wincing as she looked into hard twinkle free eyes she spoke with a hushed voice. "Albus, there was a incident this morning and I'm afraid I have neglected to inform you of it." She hung her head ashamed at her lack of actions before the old employer brought a wrinkled hand to her shoulder. With an old tired voice he spoke slowly "Poppy, tell me everything."


It seemed to be an average day in Albus Dumbledore's books. Sure there were the worries of the forbidden forests threats among the threat of the ministry with issue of young Harry's presence, but other then that it seemed to pretty average. After all what kind of day in his world was worry free?

As the hours past in the day Albus had been swamped with ministry paper work accompanied by his normal new school year work load. To put it lightly he was busy. By the time evening had come around he had finally completed his all his paperwork. Looking at the clock he cursed aloud. He had not realized how late it had become. Sighing guiltily he had remembered he had forgotten to get Poppy's report on how Harry was doing like he had planned. Seeing that it was now early evening he immediately he concluded he could get his information from the medi witch at dinner.

He had quickly made his way to the Great Hall for his meal and settled into his dinner routine as set his plate with his favored foods. He watched his employee enter the hall and sit beside him. He glanced at her worriedly when she softly muttered to herself. He patiently waited for her to settle down and start her meal, for it was only polite to do so. Watching closely he finally spotted a pause in her actions before he asked in a courteous tone, "Poppy dear, is there anything the matter?"

Albus watched, as she mechanically replied. "Oh Albus, yes I am fine just thinking is all." Nodding along with her automatic answer as she ate a piece of chicken he asked another question. Perhaps he needed to more specific. "How was Harry Poppy? I haven't scene him yet today. Did everything go well?" He spoke quietly so not to worry the staff or to inform the student body of any unnecessary information. Those questions seemed to snap Poppy right out of her trance because as soon as he finished asking, she had choked on the food she was currently chewing. His expression grew worried when he saw her look at him with a serious expression. He swallowed anxiously when she replied to his questions with a serious declaration. "Albus we need to talk."

With that simple sentence his entire body stiffened. Every worry that had plagued his mind seemed closer then they were before. If something happened to Harry and the Ministry or the creatures of the Forbidden Forest had found out, Harry would be incarcerated in a specially made facility made just for him and the school would cease to exist.

He knew it wrong hiding this, but he had never fully explained to Harry how serious the threat the ministry posed to him and his way of life. The officials from the ministry made it quite clear that if anything hurt or disturbed the newly inherited rare creature it would be removed immediately. They also made it obvious that the only reason that Harry was allowed to remain at Hogwarts was because it was immoral and slightly illegal to remove a creature from an area where it's most comfortable and familiar with. However if something did happen, it was plain to see the officials wouldn't hesitate to remove Harry from school grounds, no matter how minor the incident was. Even with the laws, they would do little to protect Harrys 'habitat' if he came to harm in them. If the ministry wasn't a big enough problem the Forbidden Forest was definitely one. He had foolishly made the deal with out the knowledge of how serious Harry's inheritance was. It was sworn by the creatures of the forest that if anything happened to their gentle nature spirit they would exact their revenge on the school. Not only would they take Harry away they would destroy the one thing he had dedicated his life to establish. A safe place for young witches and Wizards to grow and learn; no matter their background. His students were free to be who they are and learn how they wanted without the outside influences and pressures that magical Britain placed on its youth.

If that wasn't a worse problem, imagine what would happen if the Forest caught wind of something occurring, and they took possession of Harry. He knew the ministry would fight tooth and nail to keep the young man in their possession. Even if it meant they had to launch a full out war. If that had occurred it would be the extinction of many creatures and the deaths of many innocents. All in all Harry's situation had to handled with great care.

With out any hesitance he demanded answers. "What is it you need to say Poppy? Where is Harry?" He looked around the hall internally pleading to the fates that he would to spot him. When that didn't work he hoped she just needed to speak about another matter and had worded it wrong. Knowing that was unlikely, He felt his heart sink to the pit of his stomach as he returned his attention back to the woman.

From her nervous body language to her uneasy glance he knew what ever she had to say to him wouldn't be good. She composed herself with some trouble he noticed but she spoke with a clear quiet voice. "This is not a place to discuss such a sensitive matter, we will exit the hall before I will tell you anything." He immediately agreed nodding; it wouldn't due to inform anyone unnecessary of any situation that may have occurred. Standing up, abandoning his dinner he quickly and quietly made his way out of the hall into a small area were their discussion would remain absolutely private. With both of them standing facing one another he watched her, waiting for a response to his earlier questions.

Staring at her blankly he watched her. He noticed her flinch as she looked up to study him before speaking in a quiet rushed voice. "Albus, there was a incident this morning and I'm afraid I have neglected to inform you of it." Breathing out shakily he watched the proud women hang her head in shame. Sighing silently he placed a hand on her shoulder to ease the tension, he didn't like seeing the fiery spirited nurse look so trounced. Speaking in a slow calm voice he immediately ordered her. "Poppy, tell me everything."


Looking up with anxious eyes and taking a deep breath she began her tale with light traces of distress in her tone. " This morning when you had asked me to look in on Harry, I immediately left and when I went to his rooms I couldn't find him." Albus had grasped her shoulder tighter before he demanded her to continue. "I checked in his dorms and such before knocking on his bathroom door. I didn't hear anything so I tried again but I remembered what you said about his mental stability and knocked the door down." Pausing trying to calm down she studied Albus's anxious look. She could tell he was trying not to panic. She continued her explanation with a slightly calmer disposition. "When I walked in I had noticed Harry floating in the bath. I immediately grabbed him and administered CPR. Once he was breathing again I had taken him to the Hospital ward and continued treatment. He is currently there under Severus's watch resting peacefully."

As soon as she had finished her sentence Albus had already left for what she assumed her ward to check on his much-favored student. Taking a single moment, she composed herself and fallowed the panicked headmaster. She understood he was worried but his state of panic was a tad irrational. She continued on her journey to the ward with every intention of giving her boss a calming potion before dealing with her current ward.


Albus waited as patient as possible as Poppy had spun her tale. He immediately stiffened when he had heard her distressed tone. It took a lot to panic the strong spirited women that was before him. Looking as calm as he possible could he listened to her story.

"This morning when you had asked me to look in on Harry, I immediately left and when I went to his rooms I couldn't find him."

Inwardly the warning bells were already ringing. He could tell from the beginning that something had happened. Tightening his hand with his anxiety he fought to keep a calm disposition.

She continued. "I checked in his dorms and such before knocking on his bathroom door. I didn't hear anything so I tried again but I remembered what you said about his mental stability and knocked the door down." He listened with growing anxiety. The pauses in her speech were killing him. He had to fight not to shake the poor women till she answered in a quickly manor.

She continued after what seemed an eternity to him. "When I walked in I had noticed Harry floating in the bath. I immediately grabbed him and administered CPR. Once he was breathing again I had taken him to the Hospital ward and continued treatment. He is currently there under Severus's watch resting peacefully."

Each word of what she had said next had frozen his insides in ball of fiery anxiety. With out a second of hesitation he had ran down the halls as quickly as possible leaving the aged nurse behind as his thoughts seemed to rushing everywhere.

What is someone found out about what had happened…

How could I not have noticed how serious his mental health was…

What would have happened if he were successful? If Poppy hadn't arrived when she did…

The forest, was there anyway that they could find out about this…

Was there anyway the ministry could find out…

She said Severus was there, was he treating him as delicately as the situation demanded…

What if he was permanently damaged…

These thoughts and questions all ran through his mind. One after the other as he ran down the cold desolate halls. The fact that he had been so close to losing him had hit him hard. He had thought Harry would have wanted lots privacy, especially with the whole mating issue. He would have never of dreamed Harry taking such actions. Did Harry truly want to die or was this something to do with his creature. He turned the corner and came up to the hospital wards tall dark doors. He burst through the doors with a loud bang before running up to his grandsons usual bed.

Rushing forwards to the bed he spotted Severus standing with a stoic expression with a worried looking Lucius Malfoy sitting beside the sleeping teen. He wanted to demand an oath of silence from the men, but before he could, both had stalked out of the room silently. He decided he could demand the oaths later as he watched them leave. Hopefully neither had contacted anyone. He had to treat the current situation delicately.

Sitting beside the child he deemed his, he gently brushed his fingers through his hair watching his chest rise and fall worriedly. He calmed himself down as he watched, the only thing drawing his attention away was when the nurse he had left behind entered the ward with a bang.


Running past Severus and Lucius she immediately knew the headmaster had entered her ward. Quickly entering she stalked up throwing the curtain open to see a calmed old man gently tending to his unconscious grandson. The image was somewhat sweet. Perhaps she had worried over his panic for nothing.

Sighing in relief she watched for a moment. "Albus, its best to let him sleep it off." Watching him nod absently as he stared at Harry she continued to remained silent. She had almost felt intrusive watching them. From what she had observed she knew at this moment and on, the old man would guard Harry fiercely. Inwardly she knew Harry wouldn't welcome such restrictions, but for now it was for the best. The free periods he had would have to be supervised by someone and if he went anywhere the attending staff member had keep his or her eyes on him at all times. Such restriction on anyone let alone a teenager was going to be hard. She just hoped Harry saw this as something for his benefit and not as a punishment on something he could hardly help. He was going to have it rough for a while and she hoped her ward could be a haven of sorts. Even if he never used it she would be content with him knowing she was here for him and would help him anyway she could.

Watching the man take a seat beside him after what seemed hours she had concluded that nothing would get him away from the sleeping adolescents bedside. Sighing she walked away knowing Harry would wake when he was ready.


Walking side-by-side Severus and Lucius both entered their courters quietly. Neither talking about what had occurred in the hospital wing moments earlier. The entire situation was completely complicated.

From what Severus had observed his vampire was utterly smitten by the young nature sprite. That however was the complete opposite of what he the human host was feeling. His long time partner Lucius now fully accepted Harry as his submissive and was now completely prepared to fight for him, even if it meant leaving him behind. He didn't express it but that fact alone was tearing him apart. It seemed that James Potter would never leave him in peace. He couldn't destroy his one happiness in person, so he sent his son to do it instead. James Potter had taken his one and only friend and turned her against him. That incident alone had temporally destroyed him. If it hadn't been for Lucius he wouldn't be standing here today. He knew if he hadn't immediately found his mate he had planned to end everything. He had deemed his existence too troublesome from an early age.

His savior, his beautiful light was now going to leave him as well. He was absolutely positive that it wouldn't be long for Harry to ask Lucius to leave him. All he could do was mentally prepare for the coming anguish.

Sighing he changed his thoughts as he entered his study leaving Lucius behind. Sitting in his chair he reluctantly acknowledged that Harry had done nothing to him when it came to his accusations. It was easier to blame him.

Harry from what he recently observed, was in a similar situation as he. He was split between creature and man, both sides having different opinions on the current situation. He knew from watching that it was his creature that forgave Lucius. Harry was going to be much harder to convince.

He however had full confidence that his veela could convince him to love him.

Sighing he laid his head against the back of his chair. It seemed to him that he was screwed no matter what he did now. Lucius would most likely break it off with him to satisfy his new submissive. He would loose the one light he had in his life all because he acted impulsively.

Watching the light form his hearth flicker he decided to address a whole different issue. The fate of he and his Vampire.

His vampire to him was a whole different story. Simply because he believed he was now probably to be cursed with an annoying voice in his head. It would most likely beg and plead for its mate, mates that would never accept him.

The next thing he had to face was that he would never get that picture at the end of the tunnel. He would never be able to embrace that hope. Many would be surprised at what he hoped for. He had once dreamed about living in a nice blue house with a white picket fence. He would live with his two perfect mates with a few snot nosed brats running around. It was obvious to him that would never happen. When Lucius left him he wouldn't have a mate. It was well known that Vampires heavily rely on their partners for substance and companionship. He would not be able to survive on the blood of strangers like when he was younger. He was now technically a fully mated vampire. Fully mated vampires could only survive on their mates.

Sighing depressed he leaned back pushing the footrest up. It wouldn't be long now he knew it.

All he had to do now was wait for his fate to be delivered.

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