What would happen if it turned out Rose's presence in the parallel world caused a misbalance?

(No Martha or Jones family in this one)

Chapter 1: Smith and ?

Dani grumbled and complained about many things:

The weak endurance of the human race.

Annoying questions.

Being hungry.

At that point in time, she was complaining that she was not in the mood to wander into hospitals for no apparent reason other than Carly Alice, Sovereign of the 21st Century, had told her to.


It didn't take her long to find him. The man that'd found Dani on a barren rock when she was just five years old, taken her in and raised her, against the laws of his own people.

Dani grinned. He was looking out the hospital window, to the city below. She couldn't resist.

'Why, hello, Doctor!' she suddenly chirped. 'How are you? Do sit down. Put your feet up. I'll get you a cuppa and we can catch up!'

His reaction was to jump, whip around and burst out laughing. It stopped as suddenly as it had started. Then Dani cocked her head and looked at him.

'What happened?' she asked.

'What?' the Doctor asked.

'It's your eyes,' Dani answered. 'It's like they spent a couple of years getting younger and then they started getting older again.' Her eyes widened in realisation. 'You found someone. Someone who saved you from yourself and then you lost them, didn't you?'

Rose Tyler sat in her Torchwood office, working. She was a workaholic these days.

She never went to the pub.

She never went to parties.

She barely even talked to anyone anymore.

She was Rose Tyler, defender of the Earth.

Nothing more, nothing less.

All anyone at Torchwood knew was she had lost someone. Someone who meant more than the world to her. That someone had been her world. So she buried herself in her work.

There was a gentle rapping at the door.

'Come in,' she called.

The door opened and her dad walked in. 'Rose, I've been looking through your latest stuff. What's this business with something called the Rift?'

'The Rift is a gap in time and space,' Rose said. 'A few weeks back I got a visitor who told me it'll be activated at the end of the year and then closed. The energy emitted will only be enough for one person to slip through and into the dimension I was born in. I need him, dad. I need to know if it's true. And if it is, I've got to go.'

Pete nodded. 'You do need him. And anyone with eyes can see he needs you just as much.'

Rose smiled sadly and waited for Pete to leave before she let herself break down and cry.

Dani realised the Doctor didn't want to talk about it, so she looked past him and out the window.

'That's an H2O scoop, isn't it?' she asked upon seeing the rain.

The Doctor twisted around. 'Hold on!'

Dani had been around the Doctor long enough to know he meant what he said. That, and he'd taught her about H2O scoops. She grabbed onto a railing as the Doctor braced himself against a doorframe and soon enough the entire hospital felt like it was in an earthquake.


Dani looked out at the surface. 'We're on the moon.' She reported. Then she looked over at the Doctor. She looked him up and down, taking in his jammies. She didn't doubt he could save the world like that, but it was a bit inconvenient. She raised her eyebrows. 'Do you wanna get dressed?'


Surrounded by a thousand panicky humans, Dani and the Doctor ran to the balcony and pushed the doors open together. They both inhaled Earth air.

'Force-field?' Dani asked.

'Most likely,' the Doctor agreed.

'Random question,' Dani said. 'But did you happen to have anything to do with the Battle of Canary Wharf?'

The Doctor grinned ruefully. 'Is it that obvious?'

'With you around, yeah.' Dani nodded. 'I wasn't sorry to see them go. Yvonne was a right bitch. Of course, you already knew that, didn't you?'

'Yeah.' The Doctor almost hissed through his teeth.

'Well, after that little Christmas incident I went and visited all four Torchwoods. Greg and Collin were right sadistic sods, so I ended up killing them and getting rid of their Torchwoods. The guy in charge of Torchwood 3's actually decent though. I think you know him. Captain Jack Harkness?'

The Doctor looked at her. 'Yeah, I know him.'

'So, why'd you leave him at the Gamestation?' There was no accusation in her tone, just simple, honest curiosity.

'He's wrong,' the Doctor answered. 'Every instinct I had was screaming to get away from him. Even the TARDIS was. If he went anywhere near her, she probably would have launched herself to the end of the Universe.'

Dani nodded. 'Okay.' She accepted that. 'Well, he thought the perfect place to find you would be the early 21st Century, so he used a Vortex Manipulator and ended up in 1869.'

The Doctor smirked.

'I laughed at him,' Dani told him. 'He wasn't too amused. The jump burnt out the Manipulator. So, when Torchwood surfaced ten years later he joined, hoping it'd make you easier to find. After they tortured him of course. I still haven't worked out the logic in that.'

'Didn't see him at Canary Wharf,' the Doctor commented. 'If he was there he would have definitely jumped in when they threatened…' He trailed off.

Dani remembered this sort of thing from after the Time War. 'Jack told me about her. Would've liked to meet her.' She twisted around. 'Anyway. There's about a thousand life-forces in this hospital.'

'The air in this…' The Doctor pitched a stone and it hit a force-field. '…force-field will eventually run out and all one thousand will suffocate.'

'Who do you suppose is doing it?' Dani asked.

There was suddenly a loud booming noise overhead.

'Heads up,' The Doctor stated, as they both looked. 'Ask him yourself.'

Three enormous ships flew overhead and landed a few yards away from the hospital. The Doctor and Dani watched as they opened and uniformed and armoured aliens started marching towards the hospital.

'Aren't they…?' Dani began.



'Oh,' the Doctor commented as he and Dani looked down at the Judoon below, from behind the glass barrier of the balcony. 'They got a little shop. I like a little shop.'

'I'll keep that in mind if I ever take you shopping,' Dani teased, before turning serious. 'Are they making a catalogue?'

'Yup,' the Doctor said. 'That means they're looking for something non-human.'

'Uh oh,' Dani muttered.

'Couldn't have put it better myself.' The Doctor nodded. 'Come on. Let's find this alien before they find us.'

'I think I just did,' Dani stated, feeling the fading life-force.


Dani kicked the door in. 'On the run? We have to pay for our sins, don't we? What do those rhinos even want you for anyway?'

The Doctor almost beamed. Playing dumb. Acting human. Something she'd picked up from his 7th form. The alien, a Plasmavore if he wasn't mistaken, looked up, red blood on her lips.

'Get her!' the Plasmavore yelled.

She hadn't seen him. Good. If he had to bluff, it'd come in handy. Dani's eyes widened as she feigned fear and she turned around. They both shot out of the room and ran through the corridors.

'X-ray?' Dani called, glancing back at the Slab following them.


They kept running until they got to the x-ray room. The Doctor locked the door, and then turned to Dani.

'When I say now, push the button!' he told her.

Dani didn't question him. As he ran over to the x-ray machine and rammed his Sonic Screwdriver in, she ran behind the shield and grabbed the Operator's Manual. It took her about three seconds to find what she was looking for. She looked up and watched as the Slab knocked the door in and came towards the Doctor.

'Now!' he yelled.

She hit the big yellow button and idly wondered if it could be any more obvious. She didn't have to look away as the x-ray machine activated and the entire room lit up. To her, it was fascinating to watch the skeleton-effect on the Doctor while the Slab just tightened up and dropped dead when the x-ray finished.

'What did you do?' Dani asked, putting the Operator's Manual aside and walking out, her body neutralising the radiation as it came into her.

'Increased the radiation by 5000%,' the Doctor said. 'Killed him dead.'

'So, where are you going to expel the radiation from?' she asked.

'I think…my left shoe.' The Doctor then started doing what Dani thought of as a "hoppy-dance". 'Out! Out! Out! Out! Ow! Itches! Itches! Itches! Itches! Itches!'

By this time, Dani was laughing so hard she was almost doubled over. The Doctor yanked his shoe off and tossed it in the bin.

'Ah! There!'

Dani managed to recover from her laughing fit and look down at his feet pointedly. He looked down too.

'You're right,' he agreed. 'I look daft with one shoe.' He yanked his other shoe off and threw it into the bin. 'Barefoot on the Moon!'

Dani chuckled and looked over at the Sonic in the x-ray machine. 'You burnt out the Sonic.'

'Eh?' he asked and looked. 'Oh.' He went and pulled the burnt, blackened and melted stick of metal out of the x-ray machine. 'My Sonic Screwdriver,' he almost whimpered. 'I love my Sonic Screwdriver.'

'Doctor.' Dani almost laughed again.

He threw it behind him. 'Sorry.'

Dani just shrugged and said, 'Never mind. Let's just go see if our Plasmavore's had her fill yet or not.'

Mickey watched as Rose worked on the alien that seemed to have surfaced in London. She finally looked up at him. She seemed to still have the TARDIS translation circuits working for her, even though he didn't. It was like she was a part of the TARDIS. She groaned and leaned her head back.

'Slitheen,' she complained. 'Why does it have to be Slitheen?'

'What are Slitheen?' asked Pete.

'They're aliens made out of living calcium,' Mickey explained. 'Mine valuable things from planets and sell them, usually destroying the planet's race in the meantime.'

'What planet are they from?' Pete asked.

'I can't pronounce it,' Mickey answered. 'But Rose can.'

'Raxacoricofallapatorius,' Rose said. 'You spray them with vinegar and they explode. They disguise themselves as overweight humans because they've got a compression field. You can tell because there's a zip around the head that's invisible if you're not looking for it.'

'They'll probably "crash" a ship,' Mickey explained. 'That's what they did in our world. Made it hit Big Ben and crash into the Thames. The ship had a carefully mutated pig inside.'

'Then they said the "aliens" had massive weapons of destruction,' Rose added. 'Said the belly of the mother ship was directly above the United Kingdom and "begged" that the United Nations release the access codes. Which they decided to do.'

'But right before they could, with the Doctor's help, because he and Rose were trapped in Downing Street and couldn't do anything, I launched a missile at Downing Street,' Mickey explained.

'But at one point, a Slitheen attacked mum and Mickey,' Rose explained. 'That was when the Doctor figured it out: acetic acid.'

'And another thing,' Mickey added. 'When the Slitheen are in the skin suit they fart a lot.'

'It's the calcium decay,' Rose explained. 'So it smells more like bad breath.'


Torchwood, led by Rose and Mickey, marched right into 10 Downing Street. Rose had told them about the electrified ID tags. So, she waited until the Slitheen disguised as the General shed his skin suit before bursting through the doors.

'Sorry, mate,' She said. 'This planet's well defended.'

With that she fired the super-soaker and all the vinegar she fired went right onto the exposed Slitheen. He, naturally, exploded and a few minutes later all hell broke loose.

'Drained him dry,' the Doctor stated. 'She's definitely a Plasmavore.'

'Yup.' Dani leaned over the Doctor's shoulder and, following an Earth custom, closed the dead man's eyes. 'Let's go.'

The Doctor got up and led her out, rubbing the back of his head as he muttered, 'Okay. Think, think, think, think. If I was a wanted Plasmavore surrounded by police, what would I do?'

They both spotted the sign to the MRI room at the same time.

'Oh,' the Doctor muttered. 'She's as clever as me. Well, almost.'

'Doctor,' Dani said. 'Anyone you meet who's clever is almost as clever as you.'

Then the doors burst open and the Judoon came through. 'Find the non-Human! Execute!'

'Dani, think you can slowly lead them to the MRI?' the Doctor asked.

'No problem.'


The Doctor walked into the MRI room where the Plasmavore was doing something to the computer. Better now than never.

'Have you seen?' he yelped hysterically. 'There are these great, big, rhino things from space! I mean, rhinos from space! And we're on the Moon! I only came in for my bunions!' He jumped and grabbed his foot. 'Perfectly fine now. Nurses were lovely. I said to my wife. I said I'd recommend this place to anyone.' He let his foot drop. 'And now we're on the Moon! And…did I mention the rhinos?'

'Slab, hold him!' the Plasmavore ordered.


Judoon were, as the Doctor had said, logical and just a bit thick. So a trail of obstructions was perfect. Dani made one and they came to it like a moth to fire and it took them a few minutes to move it and continue beyond it.

As soon as the obstruction was moved, Dani went to make another one.

Rose poured some more vinegar into the super-soaker.

'Here's the deal,' she told the experts, as she did so. 'You can either fight or leave. If you fight, then you go out the door, turn left and Mickey will give you a super-soaker full of vinegar. If you want to leave, go straight and Jake will get you out the back.'

'How does the vinegar work?' one expert asked.

'The Slitheen are made of living calcium,' Rose explained. 'What they've got around their necks is a compression field so they can fit into the human skin suits. But there's a gas exchange: calcium decay. Because of the gas exchange and the compression field the living calcium is weakened and acetic acid causes a chemical reaction that causes the Slitheen to explode.'


'Only three people left,' Jake reported. 'Everyone else wants to fight.'

'Good,' Rose said. 'The Slitheen would've felt when their brothers died. It's something in their biology. They'll be on their way. They can smell fear and adrenalin. And don't shoot at them until they've taken the skin suits off. I don't know, but I think the skin suits will protect them.'

'How intelligent are they?' one expert asked. 'When you killed the first one, the second one got out of his skin suit as fast as he could.'

'Smart enough that they almost fooled everyone,' Rose answered. 'All species, no matter how smart they are, do stupid things when they get angry.'

Rose's mind flashed back to the first time she met a Dalek. The Doctor was the smartest person she knew, but when that Dalek surfaced in Van Statten's museum all his good common sense had flown out the window and he'd acted like an idiot. That reminded her. But she'd get on that later.

'Anyway,' she went on. 'Turn on the TV. They'll show when a bunch of apparently "unimportant" people show up. They'll be the Slitheen.'

'What's that thing do?' the Doctor asked.

'You wouldn't understand,' the Plasmavore told him.

'Hold on, I did Magnetics GCSE,' he said. 'Well…I failed. But all the same. Isn't that an electro-magnetic…uh…thing?'

'With it's power amped up to 50, 000 tesla,' the Plasmavore stated. 'That'll fry the brain cells of every living thing within 250, 000 miles. Except for me. Safe in this room.'

'I did Geometry GCSE, I passed that one,' the Doctor said. 'Doesn't that distance include the Earth?'

'Only the side facing the Moon,' the Plasmavore answered. 'The other half will survive. Call it my little gift.'

'You'll excuse me,' the Doctor told her. 'I seem a little out of depth. I spent the last 15 years working as a postman, hence the bunion, but why would you do that?'

'With everyone dead the Judoon ships will be mine to make my escape,' she answered.

'No, that's weird,' the Doctor said. 'You're talking like you're some sort of alien.'

'Quite so,' the Plasmavore agreed.

'No!' He feigned disbelief. 'You're joshing me?'

'I am not.'

'I'm talking to an alien? In a hospital.' His eyes shifted. 'Has this place got an ET department?'

'It's the perfect hiding place,' she said. 'Blood banks downstairs for a midnight feast and all this equipment ready to arm myself…should the police come looking.'

'So, those rhinos…they're looking for you?' the Doctor asked.

'Yes,' she whispered. 'But I'm hidden.' She held her hand up to show she'd already been catalogued.

'Oh,' the Doctor murmured. 'Maybe that's why they're increasing their scans.'

'They're doing what?' the Plasmavore turned around and looked at him.

'Hm.' The Doctor nodded. 'Big chief rhino boy said 'no sign of a non human. We must increase our scans up to setting two'.'

'Then I must assimilate again.' The Plasmavore went for the purse.

Perfect. Thought the Doctor, but out loud he said, 'What does that mean?'

'I must appear human,' she answered.

'Well, you're welcome to come home and meet the wife,' the Doctor chirped. 'We can have cake!'

Wife. He wished Rose was his wife. But he was too stupid. He waited too long. When he went to tell her he loved her, it was too late. He lost her.

'Why should I have cake?' the Plasmavore asked, pulling out a straw. 'I've got my little straw.'

'Oh, that's nice,' he told her. 'Milkshake? I like banana?'

'You're quite the funny man,' the Plasmavore responded. 'But, yet, I think, laughing at the darkness. I think it's time you got some peace.' She looked back at the Slab. 'Steady him.'

The Doctor cried out in pain as the Slab twisted him so he was doubled over and his head pushed to the side. The Plasmavore came over and rubbed the skin on his neck.

'Um…what are you doing?' he asked.

'I'm afraid this is going to hurt,' the Plasmavore told him. 'But, if it's any consolation, the dead don't tend to remember.'

Then the straw went in his neck and it did hurt. It was agony to feel the blood pulled out of his body. He let his thoughts drift to Rose as he felt himself dying. My love…


Dani dropped down on the ground of the MRI room. She watched the Doctor's body hit the ground as the Judoon came in a second later.

'Now look what you've done!' the Plasmavore accused. 'This poor man just died of fright.'

'Is that blood on your lips?' Dani asked. 'Looks too wet and fresh to be lipstick.' She stood up. 'Here.' She yanked a scanner from a Judoon and pointed it at the Plasmavore.

'Non-human.' The head Judoon stated.

'What?' the Plasmavore asked, shocked.

'Confirm analysis,' the head Judoon stated as Dani gave the other Judoon his scanner back.

She sat on the floor as they all pointed their scanners at the Plasmavore.

'But it's a mistake surely,' the Plasmavore insisted. 'I'm human! I'm as human as they come!'

'Confirmed Plasmavore,' the head Judoon stated. 'Charged with the crime of murdering the child princess of Patrivore Regency 9.'

'Well, she deserved it!' the Plasmavore snapped. 'Those pink cheeks, and those blonde curls and that simpering voice! She was begging for the bite of a Plasmavore!'

Dani, who was quite comfortable on the floor, scoffed.

'Then you confess?' the head Judoon asked.

'Confess?' she snapped. 'I'm proud of it!'

'Verdict: Guilty,' the head Judoon stated. 'Sentence: Execution.'

'Slab, stop them!' she ordered the Slab.

The Slab stepped forward as she ran and connected the red cable. The Judoon killed the Slab and then aimed at her.

'Enjoy your victory, Judoon!' she screamed shrilly. 'Because you're going to burn with me! Burn in hell!'

She barely finished her sentence before they killed her.

'You are aware that scanner's unstable, right?' Dani pointed to the MRI scanner.

The head Judoon went over and scanned it. 'Balance: unstable. Electro-magnetic pulse.'

'I take it that means you're leaving?' Dani asked.

'Confirmed,' answered the Judoon.

Then they all marched out and Dani sighed. All the humans would be suffocating about now.

And she had a Doctor to revive.

Rose looked around at the mess of green flesh that blanketed Downing Street.

'Move out!' She called.

She turned sharply on her heel and led every human out the back of 10 Downing Street.


Mickey sighed as he walked with everyone else, following Rose out of the building. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked over to see one of the experts.

'Does she always behave like that?' he asked curiously.

'Every single day,' Mickey answered.

'How old is she?' the expert asked.

'About 21,' Mickey said. 'Why?'

'Her eyes are much older,' the expert stated. 'She lost someone, didn't she? Someone she still loves deeply and she can't ever see them again.'

Mickey looked at him, shocked. 'How do you know?'

'People are easy to read,' the expert answered. 'But only if you know how.'

Dani crawled over to the Doctor. She could feel the air growing thin, but, as a…whatever her race was called, she could breathe in even the most dense or airless atmospheres. She could survive on an asteroid, for pity's sake.

She knelt over the Doctor and sighed. Then she put a hand over each heart and summoned life energy from her core. She forced it down her arms, into her hands and out of her palms, into his body.

His body jumped and he gasped in air. He opened his eyes and looked at her, still gasping for breath. Dani looked at the scanner and he followed her gaze. Then he rolled over and stumbled over to the main control computer.

'Which one?' he wheezed. He was asking which cable the Plasmavore had connected.

'The red one,' Dani answered.

The Doctor grabbed the red cable and disconnected it. All the electrical activity ceased. Dani ran over and helped the Doctor to his feet. He was recovering, slowly but surely. He just needed a little more time. Dani was just glad he had respiratory bypass that was turning all the carbon dioxide into oxygen for him. Of course, they still had to worry about all the humans. Out of all races, humans were one of the most dependant on technology of all the races in the universe. They'd have to be moved back down to Earth.


The Doctor and Dani stood at the large window.

'Come on, Judoon,' the Doctor muttered. 'Come on, come on. Reverse it.'

Then the rain started to fall. The Doctor and Dani grinned and looked at each other.

'It's raining,' Dani stated.

'It's raining on the Moon,' the Doctor added

Rose sat in her office with the Interdimensional Communication Book open in front of her. The only problem with it was she could only communicate with the person who had the other one. That person was Carly Alice, the girl who'd told her the Rift was going to open in the first place. She picked up a pen and wrote:

Carly, are you there?

Then some words appeared on the page:

Yup. How are you doing?

Coming along. I miss him.

I know. He misses you too. That's why I had Dani meet up with him.

Who's Dani?

An alien that's living on Earth. Her race never really lived to give themselves or their planet a name so it was just Vector-24-Alpha-18 to most. The Doctor found her when she was five on a barren planet, orphaned, starving, crying and dying. Her planet had been blown up. He took her in and brought her up. Against the laws of his people, I might add. So, she can read him almost as well as you can.


She has a weak telepathic link with the TARDIS formed out of necessity when she was growing up. That's always been how she finds things out. But sometimes she can tell what he needs just by looking at him. And this is one of those times.

So, she's going to travel with him?

Until you get back. Make sure he doesn't go crazy with grief, sappy as it sounds, but he will if he doesn't have a companion between now and when you go back. Dani will realise that.

Thank you.

You can thank Dani when you meet her. Ugh! Sorry, I've got to go. Some stupid witch just cast a bloody spell that'll wipe out my Universe if I don't step in. Catch you later.

Okay. Bye.

Rose closed the book and sat back in her chair. Carly had explained she was the Sovereign of the 21st Century and that meant she had to preserve all of reality and anything that came under it counted. Sometimes that required her to play matchmaker or reunite people.

She was an American with a lot of English expressions in her vocabulary. That came from the fact that her best friend was British and she had to support him a lot because, for the first few years, no one else would. They treated him like dirt.

There was something in Carly's job description that really ticked Rose off. She had to do everything the way some great higher powers wanted it done or all dimensions involved would collapse and crumble or something equally as bad. That was why she was being reunited with the Doctor like this.

Dani followed the Doctor into the TARDIS.

'Whoa.' She looked around at the decorating. 'Haven't been in here since you left that last time after the Time War. What happened after that?'

'I went into the Time Vortex,' the Doctor answered, as he moved the TARDIS off the London street. 'Patched her up then picked up the Nestine Consciousness here in London. That's how I met…' He trailed off.

'I'll just get the rest from the TARDIS,' Dani told him and he smiled gratefully.

He wanted her to know, he just didn't think he could tell her himself, she knew. So, Dani put her hand to the console and opened her mind to the ship. The Doctor could get images to and from the ship and talk telepathically to her, but Dani could only do the former. The Doctor could also sense when something was wrong with her and what. Everything flashed before Dani's onyx eyes.

The Autons

The one word that had started it all: "run".

The blonde 19-year-old London shop girl with hazel eyes and as much love for the unknown as the Doctor and Dani herself had.

The Nestine Consciousness.

The End of the World.

The Gelth.

The Rift.

The Slitheen.

The Dalek.

The Jagrafess.

The day Rose Tyler almost destroyed the world and her father saved it by dying.

Dani had always wondered what had caused the incidents of that day. Now she knew.

The Gas-Mask Humans caused by one young and stupid Captain Jack Harkness.

The Nanogenes.

The return of Blon Fel Fetch Pasameer-Day-Slitheen.

The Gamestation.

Rose's apparent death and the Doctor's pain-to-the-point-of-an-empty-shell-but-first-to-avenge-her grief.

The Controller

The immeasurable joy the Doctor had at the revelation that Rose was alive.

The Dalek Stratagem and the Doctor's daring and part-suicidal rescue.

The Dalek Emperor and the Delta-Wave.

Sending Rose home to keep her safe.

Jack's first death.

Rose's improbable return as the Bad Wolf.

The Regeneration and the Post-Regenerative Trauma.

The Sycorax.

New Earth.

Queen Victoria and the Empire of the Wolf. Exactly what had founded Torchwood.

Meeting Sarah Jane Smith again.

K-9 Mark III.

The Krillitanes.

Madame De Pompadour and the Doctor's immeasurable stupidity.

The Parallel World, Pete Tyler and the Cybermen.

Mickey deciding to stay in the Parallel World.

The Wire.

Krop-Tor, the planet defying every law of physics by orbiting a Black Hole.

The Ood.

The TARDIS vanishing.

The terror at the thought of settling down.

The Beast or the devil or whatever you wanted to call him.

The Wire.

Almost loosing Rose again.

The weird and pathetic alien from Clom, the twin planet of Raxicorricophalapaturius.

The Isolus child.

The Ghosts. She knew all about that. She thought there was something wrong there.


The Battle of Canary Wharf.

Pete Tyler's world.

Mickey and Jake and Jackie.

Sending Rose off.

Her coming back almost instantly. Dani could see that her loyalty to him was nothing short of remarkable.

Loosing Rose.

Saying goodbye and being cut off before he could tell her 'I love you' in response to her saying just that.

His tears.


Torchwood again. Did that damned organisation never end?

The Huon particles.

The Racnoss.

Drowning the children Racnoss.

The snow.

'Her name was Rose.'

Dani looked over at the Doctor and grinned. 'Let's go,' she said.

'Go?' the Doctor asked.

'I'm reading you like a book,' she told him. 'You don't want a companion right now. But you do need one. Besides, I heard in 1599, Shakespeare wrote a play called "Loves Labour Won".'

'There's no such play,' the Doctor stated.

'Exactly,' Dani said. 'Now let's see why not.'

The Doctor grinned and he and Dani ran around the console, setting the coordinates.