Well this is a story I thought of in the middle of the night and I couldn't help myself but bring it to life :) I hope you enjoy this Super Corny/Cheezy story lol.

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Chapter 1

"Sky,where the hell do you think you're going?

"Bloom just let this go"

"No I can't"

"Well I can because I've apologized far too many times. I tried to make it up to you and our son,but still you can't let it go!"

"Do you honestly think its easy,Sky? My heart is broken for crying in a bucket!"

"I seriously can't take this any longer, I'm outta here and don't bother waiting up for me"

Bang!(Sky slammed the door)

"Sky!...Sky come back here I'm talking to you!"

It was already too late, Sky had already taken his car keys with him and left the realm of Domino.

Bloom broke down in a floodgate of tears "How could Sky do this to me…doesn't he care about me anymore?" Bloom asked herself

"Man I feel so pathetic.C'mon Princess! Snap out of it already!" Bloom said to herself

Bloom stopped crying and she stood up and went to the bath room, took a warm cloth and wiped her tears away and then she went to the closet and she took off her her casual pink dress and she wore a hot pink polo neck,black skinny jeans and white sneakers, brushed her hair,took her hand bag,left the room and told the nanny to take take care of Cameron for her and that she'll be out for the night.

It was 22:18 and Bloom had been been driving her car for more than two hours,entering every realm until she saw herself in the Harmonic Nebula and figured 'why not visit Musa?'

Musa's Apartment

Musa and Riven having a phone conversation

Musa:Riven…I'm literally loosing my mind without you

Riven:Me too, I'll be back as soon as I'm done taking care of this business deal

Musa:Kumi and Mushra are asking a lot about you,its seriously annoying

Riven:Babe,chill, send my love to the kids and tell them that I'll be bringing them gifts when I get back

Musa:Aren't you forgetting someones gift?



Riven:Me who?

Musa:Ncaaw c'mon don't play dumb!

Riven:Ha ha ha!You actually thought I fogot you?

Musa:That's one question I wont be answering

Riven:Chill Muse,ofcourse I'll be getting you a gift,but it's a surprise

Musa:Ooooh I can't wait

Riven:well Muse I actually have to get going,we'll chat later,Ok?

Musa:Ok I love you

Riven:I love you too,bye

End of Phone Conversation

Musa hung up the phone and went into her children's bedroom to check if they were asleep,luckily they were and after that,she went into the TV room to go and watch some Mtv Top 10 music videos,just when she was about to get cozy with a bowl of popcorn,the door bell rang

'Ding Dong….Di Di Di Di Ding Dong'

"Ok,Ok!I'm coming I'm coming!" Musa shouted

'Geez…is it their first time ringing the door bell or something?' Musa thought irritated

She opened the door,seeing Bloom crying like never before

"Bloom,honey whats wrong? Come in,come in" Musa said escorting Bloom to the TV room. Musa took the TV remote and she turned off the TV,her friend Bloom was crying and she came to her of all people instead of Flora or Stella. Yep! Something was up big time

"I'm sorry for just barging in like this…you were the first person who crossed my mind" Bloom sobbed

"Its ok you don't have to explain" Musa said giving Bloom a box of tissues "Whats the problem? She asked

"Sky and I aren't doing so well!" Bloom cried

"Shhh,come now,don't cry,are you and Sky going through some fight?

"Its not just fighting Musa,its a lot of things,Sky sure did surprise me in a way I've never imagined" Bloom cried cupping her face

"Bloom I really hate seeing you like this,what happened with you and Sky" Musa asked

"Like I said Musa… its a lot of things" Bloom cried

"Look Bloom, you don't have to tell me whats wrong but I really do hate seeing you like this" Musa said

"Sky is a total jerk!" Bloom screamed

"What did Sky do?"

"Oh he…he…he cheated on me with Diaspro!" Bloom spat

"NO WAY!" Musa's jaw dropped

Bloom's Flashback-Beginning

Bloom and Diaspro were having a heated argument about everything

"Don't touch me peasant!" Diaspro shouted

"Who the hell do you think you are to call me that?" Bloom shouted back

"The Princess of Isis" Diaspro said holding her head up high

"Well listen up you 34 year old Princess,I'm the Queen of Domino and Erakliyon,I have a son who happens to be a prince and I have a loving husband" Bloom said

Diaspro just smiled with both her hands on her hips

"Listen Bloom,I wasn't born yesterday ok? I know about your so called fabulous royal Life,there are tons of magazines everywhere" Diaspro scoffed

"Then I suggest you stop coming here as you please,because as far as we both remember,you were banned from Erakliyon" Bloom said

Diaspro's smirk turned into a serious glare

"Listen here Bloom, I will never ever forgive you for taking my place…all this was meant to be mine,Sky,the kingdom and the baby were all meant to be mine and you took them from me! And all those years of training to be sky's wife just went down the drain" Diaspro said in anger as all the memories began flashing

"Oh come on!Wasn't that more than a decade ago?You've got to get over this Diaspro,you're 34 years old,a princess,single and you're still bitter about Sky choosing me instead of you?You're so pathetic!Grow up!" Bloom shouted

Diaspro felt so outsmarted,she didn't even know where to begin

"There are still single,middle aged kings you can marry,like king Radious of Solaria,he's single and he just turned 51,that's not so bad" Bloom suggested

"Argh-I don't need your charity suggestions!" Diaspro gritted her teeth

"Bloom?Sky is mine.I want him,nothing and no-one else will take his place in my heart.I will get Sky back and trust me,I always get what I want" Diaspro said and then she disappeared into thin air

"Typical" Bloom scoffed

End Of Flashback

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