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The masses of people swayed together in the small dark club, grinding as the heavy beat pulsated through the walls.

The stench of cigarettes and alcohol filled the air as the people continued to dance, a slick sheen coating their bodies.

I watched from the side of the mahogany bar, slowly lifting my vodka glass to my lips, welcoming the familiar burn of the harsh alcohol as it made its way down my throat. A small smile tugged on my mouth as I observed the many people, seemingly ignorant to my constant gaze. My eyes trailed back to the Bartender, a large man who had asked me for my number numerous times this evening. I considered giving it to him but his deep red eyes convinced me otherwise.

I looked back to the crowd, getting ready to leave for the night when a group of five people walked in. They were gorgeous, the vampires always were. Vampires had come out around three years ago, claiming that they had lived long enough in the shadows; however ironic that sounded they demanded human submission.

Of course we fought back, but it was in vain. Our strength couldn't match any of theirs. No matter how many people we had, or the weapons we used. They were indestructible and we lost many people in the process. The war only lasted three months.

Last year, vampires started claiming "mates". Now, in classes all female students are taught the mating process. They claim that they can't help who they "Imprint" on or "mate" with. It's all bullshit. The girls just become some fuck buddy, no matter how much they say love is involved.

The five beautiful vampires strode effortlessly at a human pace further into the club, I immediately noticed their eyes, a rich warm butterscotch; they hunted animals. That made them slightly more tolerable. Slightly.

There were two women in the group and three men, seemingly there were two couples, and one left alone. A small female was the first I noticed, with jet black hair that stuck out in every direction, making it look like someone had cut it off with scissors.

The next one was a man with his arm wrapped possessively around the tiny woman's frame, almost shielding her from the rest of the population in the building, he was tall and lanky, but seemingly fit, covered in scars with honey coloured hair to his hefty shoulder blades.

The next was a woman who could have passed as a model, her figure was to die for and her hair looked like it was made of silk, she was perfect, the only thing that wrecked her was the foul expression contorting her features. Next to her, with a hand on her but, was a large burly guy, bigger than the bar tender. His hair was in tiny, dark curls and two dimples adorned his large cheeks.

Behind them all was a Greek Adonis. His hair was the colour of penny's and his eyes that inviting warm topaz. His features were symmetrical and his height was intimidating.

I scolded myself for thinking of him as a Greek Adonis. I had to leave. Now. Just being in the same room was uncomfortable not only for me, but for the majority of the humans that inhabited it.

I reached into my purse, grabbing a twenty dollar bill and throwing it onto the counter before rushing out. The bartender called out to me, but by the time he started I was nearly out the door. I looked around once more to try to find the vampires, only to find a room full of sweaty, horny humans.

I breathed out a sigh of relief and started out the door, searching for my phone in my purse at the same time. While my head was down, I smacked into something hard, letting out a small 'Oof' in the process.

"Watch it!" I gritted out before raising my head, only to find I had run into a person.

This thing was anything but a person. This was a vampire. The same Vampire that had the penny hair. My Adonis.

"So-Sorry" I stuttered out, knowing just how easily this vampire standing in front of me could kill me with a flick of his wrist. He brought his face up to look me in the eye.

"Look miss don't wo-"He ended his sentence mid-way through. I knew what was happening. What had happened. He snapped out of his absolute shock only to gasp and break out into a feral smile.

"Oh. I've found you" His cool, minty breath fanned my face as he started to learn into me, his rich eyes looking into my own, securing the irreversible bond that would forever bind me to him.

"No. Please no" I started to back away, slowly rising my hand to cover my mouth as I did so. His eyes narrowed, before emitting a slight growl.

He immediately rushed to my side, knowing that I was trying to get away from him.

"You're mine." His voice was void of any emotion, the way he said it, so simple, like I wasn't now forever going to belong to him.

I've mated with a vampire.

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