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Id de Nomen—The Roots of The Name

a Magical Diary Fanfiction

by Mizumori Fumaira

Words have meaning and names have power


Part 1

Cesia walked slowly toward her house. It had been a while since spring break, but she couldn't help but miss her family. She would tell them about her life in Iris Academy—save the marriage.

On the other hand, she was really afraid. Since she had learned in Iris Academy, her parents were no longer too caring about her. They changed the topic every time she tried to chat about her live in academy. Did they didn't want her to be a witch? Well… it was a hard question and she bet that her parents wouldn't answer it easily.

She found herself in front of her medium-sized house. Cesia reached the spare key from her pocket, and entered her house.

"Mom, dad? I'm home!"

Nobody but silent answered her. She then found a small letter.

Dear Cesia

We know it would be hard to you to understand this, but we must leave you. We, of course, will pay every payment about your school, but we can't talk to you anymore.


Mom & Dad

Cesia's face became as white as the sheet. Tears started to run down.


And everything went black.


Cesia jolted from the bed. The room was…different. She was not in her bedroom in dormitory nor in the home. But she recognized the man in front of her easily.

"Where am I?" she squeaked.

"You're in infirmary." He replied shortly.

"Why… What was happened?"

"Miss Middleton found you shivering in your bed, and your face was pale—almost blue. So she called Petunia, then she called me."

Cesia let out a sigh of relief and —unconsciously, tears.

"Thanks God. It was anything but a nightmare," she mumbled.

Professor Grabiner handed her a cup of chamomile tea. They took a sip.

"So, what was that?"

"About my dream? It was not…"

"There was not such a 'nothing' which could make you shivered like that."

Cesia looked up a bit. Was he… trying to care? Those kind of thought mad her smiled.

"Really, it is just a weird dream. I dreamt that my family leaving me. They absolutely will not do that right?" she smiled softly, but there was a worry in her tone.


"But… I'm afraid that it will really happen…" she said honestly.

"Just forget it. It just a dream."

Professor Grabiner stood up from his chair. He then walked toward the door.

"Um… sir?"

"Yes?" he replied without turned his face.

"Thank you for taking care of me. And sorry for taking your precious time," she said with her best smile. Although he didn't see it, but she knew that he knew she was smiling for him.

And he left without a word.

Cesia walking towards her house. Somehow she felt dé ja vu because of the dream. She was walking slowly with a loud thumps in her heart. She gripped the amulet from academy in her chocker firmly, to calm herself.

"That just a dream… that just a dream..." she mumbled again and again to get out her nervous.

But once she arrived in front of her hours, her eyes widened.

~A few hours ago

Professor Grabiner just arrived at the staff room when he saw a large box. He approached it slowly. It was so strange that someone sent a packet in the holiday. Before he touched it, he detected the box first if there were a charm or whatsoever. Nothing, just a usual large box.

And it was addressed to his young wife—Cesia Touyama

Of course, it wasn't his business, and he was never curious about other's business. But somehow, he felt an urge to know what the inside of the box was.

So, he casted a spell to help him saw through the box.

And his eyes widened.

No, there was no serial killer in her house, or remnants of her house because it was fired. Her house had not changed at all except there was a sign which was written 'house for sale'

Did her parents forget to tell her? Or they didn't tell her on purpose? Many assumptions were flooded her mind, so she went to the nearest phone box to call her mom.

"Morning. May I know with who I speak?" her mother voice rang through the phone.

"Mom! It's me! I…"

"Oh no!"

And the call ended. She called again her mother and father, but all she heard was to leave a message.

It was worse than her dream. They even didn't leave a memo or anything. Moreover they didn't promise to pay the school payment.

Her heart felt sad, angry, agony. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She didn't realize that she flowed her magic power through her body. The rust of wind and a thick atmosphere surrounded her.

And the atmosphere became thicker… and thicker…

~A few minutes earlier

"Hieronymous, what's the matter?"

Professor Potsdam managed the tea set in the table for Professor Grabiner and her tea-time. Her voice somehow mad him startled.

"Petunia, please check this box."

Professor Potsdam—after detected the charm, used the same spell that Professor Grabiner had used to see through the box.

"Oh. My. Goodness." Professor Potsdam placed the box in its place.

"Is she… expelled?" Professor Grabiner told his hypothesis.

"I think so… wild seed's parents often feel ashamed when they knew that their children was being witch…"


They soon heard an explosion from Professor Postdam's room. They rushed to Professor Potsdam's room.

"What's that?" Professor Grabiner asked.

"Those… those jar…" Professor Potsdam analyzed the exploded jar. "It was contented an amulet which connected to Cesia's amulet. If something happened to Cesia's amulet, this amulet would suffer the same thing that happened to her amulet."

Without thinking for a second time, Professor Grabiner casted a spell to teleport to Cesia's current location.

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