Bonus Story Cesia : Hanabi

Story : Cesia : Hanabi Mizumori Fumaira

Characters : Magical Diary Hanako Games & Spiky Caterpillar

June 27th

The weekend had come after a busy weekdays. It was in the middle of summer. The hot temperature made the students of summer school and I wore our casual summer clothes, not the robes. But just one people who seemed didn't bother to change his robe.

He was Professor Grabiner a.k.a. Hieronymous, my hus… *blushed* husband.

And it seemed that something was bothering his mind. I, was being curious, of course asked him.

"Umm, sir? I see that something has bothered you lately. What's wrong?"

He sipped his iced tea I recently made when he suddenly appeared in reception room. I was happened to be there to check any new mails that should be accepted by the summer school's attendance.

"Is that so?"

"Let's see… yesterday you brought the wrong file of lessons. Two days before you forgot to bring the class's homework papers, three days before you got angry easily with no sufficient reason, and don't forget in the beginning of this week that you…"

"Fine, don't continue it again." He seemed more unpleasant with the fact that I said before.

Again, he lost of his mind again. I knew that he wouldn't be pleased if I pried into his past, but I felt an urge to tell him my hypothesis from my woman's instinct.

"I wonder if it related to Violet."

He shot a glare to me. I clenched my fist, even I was really scared, I tried to look back at him sharply.

"Being curious and courage, I see." He mocked me with his sarcastic tone and he frowned. But I insisted to know the matter.

"I think I've hit the bull's eye. It really is about Violet," I smirked. "Please, just tell me, maybe I can help…"

"How if you can't help me?" he replied sharply.

"At least you will feel lighter because you've had divided your burden to someone else," I replied calmly.

"Fine, you thick headed curious girl," he sighed in defeat. He then took a deep breath when I was smiling for my victory.

"It almost had been eight years since she and I go to the Otherworld. We were in our last year in here, being confidence that we will be able to face everything because we were the best students in our last year. I remember clearly that it was in the middle of summer, in the 5th day of July." He stared at the summer night sky.

"We made ourselves to attend summer school, to perfect our plan to go to the Otherworld. It was all her ambition to go there to meet her parents. I knew that she wasn't a wildseed. Her parents were researcher and left her under her far relative care—the normal people, because they would do some research about the Otherworld. But they never come back. And she accidentally lost on there too."

I gave him sympathy, but not too much due to his pride. Someone like him didn't like to be pitied, because he has a pride. So, I quickly appeared a reassuring smile.

"She really is lucky. Beside her unluckiness to stay there, she always has someone who loves her dearly and think about her."

He chuckled, a bitter chuckle one. He took a sip again of his iced tea.

"Well, but I have had the worst part. It feels that the time stopped suddenly after she has gone. Unconsciously I tried to bury the memory with the knowledge I've learnt; I make myself busy—too busy with all study and work, and everything that could make me forget the unpleasant memory. But every 5th July I couldn't help but reminisce it."

Suddenly a knock from the door broke the temporary silent. Raven—who decided to do some research in summer break at the school, entered the room after he gave her permission.

"Um, sorry. May I borrow Cesia?" She smiled softly.

"Sure you may." Professor replied before I declined her request. I want to know more, but Professor seemed want to alone again.

"Yea." I stood. "Good Night, sir. Have a nice dream," I said and followed Raven to out of the room.

"Are you sure to do this?" Raven asked me suddenly. I gave her reassuring smile.

"I've teleported myself to China two days before and teleported again to here," I said with a smirk. "But I need your help to share your magic power to help me. You can teleport yourself, right?"

I know the worst thing when you couldn't teleport properly—parts of your body was teleported but other parts remained to the original place. But I have confidence of my control and my mana, also I really had practiced Teleport Group with a mannequin and it ended up nicely.

"Sure I can. But to the mall is the furthest destination I've experienced."

"Oh! That would be easy then. Just trust me and concentrated, 'kay?"

I held her hands tightly with mine, I casted a spell, and…

I felt my body smashed into pieces, and arranged again. I opened my eyes, and relieved that Raven was teleported perfectly, too.

"Raven, open your eyes!"

In front of us was a Japanese summer festival. It was the same shrine that I had visited when my family and I still in Japan.

"Whoaa…" she astonished. I smiled proudly.

"Let's see if there were money changers for shopping!"

I was exhausted by the last night activity. But I think I was still strong enough to help Professor Grabiner to prepare the summer class this day.

But it was wrong. I suddenly felt dizzy. The world was spinning so fast.


I still regained my consciousness, but I didn't have much energy even for standing properly. When my body started to be pulled by the gravitation, Professor Grabiner caught me.

"Oh God. You've caught a fever!" he touched my forehead.

"I didn't realize that I'm stupid enough to catch a fever in summer*," I giggled, tried to reassure him that I was fine. I tried again to stand up, and success, I didn't want him to know what I'd done the night before. This dizziness must relate with the teleport. How much energy had I spent with that Teleport Group?

"Fine, you must rest all day." He wore me his cape over my sleeveless blue shirt. Then he escorted me to my room, placed a wet napkin on my forehead, do some green magic.

"I don't know you mastered green magic," I said to broke the silent. He smirked.

"For your info, I have mastered all the type of magic," he said proudly.

"I hope I can do that too…"

He then casted a sleep spell. Vaguely I heard him say something.

"I'm sure you can, Cesia."

And I drifted to my dream. At least, I'd completed my plan. Just had to wait for the next Saturday.

I tied my blue obi around my waist against my orange yukata with cherry blossoms petal pattern. Then I did my neck length orange colored hair into a simple bun.

I walked toward schools backyard. The summer class student had already assembled there. The barbecue grill, raw barbecue and other food and beverages had already there and prepared nicely.

"As a treasurer, I had spent the extra money for this. Don't thinking about the money; I've increased them than last year. So enjoy the party!"

They seemed happy. After two month nerve-wrecking summer study they should deserve this.

"Cesia! You have a nice outfit. It suits you well!" the girls praised me. I just smiled shyly.

"Yeah! You see, the boys steal a sight to you several times!"

"A… it's just your feeling…" I blushed shyly.

Raven touched my shoulder.

"Let me do the rest. You had to go to attic, and I'll fire it. Just speak to me with farspeak. I know your true motive till you pushed yourself to teleport to Japan. It's all for him, right?"

"Thank you, Raven!" I hugged her gratefully.

I knocked his door.


"Just go, please," he replied without opened the door.

"But, professor…"

"I said GO AWAY!"

I frowned and clenched my fist. I didn't want my hard work be wasted away. Became as stubborn as ever, I used open spell to open the door.

"YOU!" he seemed angry, no, he seemed REALLY angry.

"I don't care if you will give demerits or detentions or whatever! Just let me do this!"

I grabbed his hand, and teleported us to the attic. Once we arrived in there, I called Raven through the farspeak.

'Raven, now!'

A bunch of fireworks exploded in the sky. They colored the summer night sky beautifully.

"I just want you to happy. I know your time had stopped since she has gone. I couldn't round the time to the reverse side, but I hope I can round again your time that has been stopped." I talked right to his eyes.

The fireworks were still blasting here and there. We looked at each other in silent.

"Fifty demerits."


"Fifty demerits for open my room, spend the extra money for unimportant party, have no respect to drag your professor persistently, do dangerous experiment—teleported to other country, and because you always act before thinking!"

"Wha…?" how he knew all of them? About the teleport?

Occupied by my fear that he would hate me and expelled me, I didn't aware that he touched my cheek and raised my chain. But I felt that his lips touched mine for a second.

"And one hundred merits for this day, to round the time inside my heart, to make me move forwards, and to make me smile again. Thank you for all the things you've done, Cesia…" He smiled to me. I didn't know how red my face was, but it felt hot.

His real and rare smile… was really beautiful.

"Why are you starring at me like that?" he frowned suddenly

"Um it is because… because…" I stuttered, than continue my words, even it made my face went redder than before.

"Your smile is really beautiful…" even I said with all my courage, I still couldn't face him directly. But I took a glance to him…

I didn't know if my eyes need glasses, or it just an illusion, or it really happened, but there was a blush in his cheek for a mere millisecond.

"Just promise me something."

"Huh?" I looked at him.

"Don't ever do something dangerous again and…" he smirked,"…don't be so stunningly beautiful like this night in front of any guy beside me."

Then he teleported himself to his room, leave me alone with a face like a burned crab.

Well, I noted to myself that yukata, summer, and fireworks were able to work cooperatively.

(Bonus chapter :end)