We begin the show on what appears to be the set of your run of the mill talk show. A typical desk with some chairs that look comfy, but in reality, they are about as comfortable as a bed of nails, were on the stage. A backdrop meant to simulate being in front of the L.A. skyline obviously laid in the background. The stands were filled with screaming fans of all ages and genders; typical for a talk show, of course.

The only thing atypical was the person standing in the middle of the stage. A man wearing a purple Willy Wonka-like suit and a plain white mask. He had brown hair that stuck out ever which way. He held out his arms in a way that made it seem like he was taking in the audiences cheering.

"Hello! I'm the Denizen of Madness. I'm running a brand new talk show where we play a game of truth and dare with the cast of Bones!"

"Anyway, I want you guys to call in the characters for each chapter. Also, I want everyone who'll review this to leave some questions and dares, if you please," He motioned to the fans.

"I won't do any dares that are overly gory or sexual, got it? And I mean anything you would find in a M-rated fic. I won't do anything like that, no sir!" He waggled his pointer finger as if his was scolding a child. "To start off with, I'm going to bring Tempe and Booth in, so if you want a character to be in it, leave a review."

"Denizen!" someone shouted off stage. The audience gasped and quieted down.

"Oh, crap," Denizen muttered under his breath.

A woman in her late teens stomped on stage. She had short blond hair, green eyes, and wore a Rainbow Dash T-shirt with plain blue jeans. The look on her face was that of pure rage.

"Everyone, this is my android Co-host, Eva, who I thought was locked in a dungeon. Eva, How did you get past the spider-whales?" The Denizen began to nervously.

"I killed them all with my bare hands," She grabbed him by the collar, and held her hand up to his face. A blade protruded from her arm, scrapping against the Denizen's mask. "I skinned them with this very dagger. I think I'll do the same thing to you. You'd make an excellent wallet. But before I do, I want to ask you something. Why did you lock me in a dungeon?"

"Because, you only started watching the show when the seventh season started up. In fact, that's the only season you've watched! I could let a newbie like you be my co-host! And I knew that if asked ypou" He shrieked.

Eva brought the blade down to Denizens' neck, and pressing against it, she drew a single drop of blood.

"Okay! Okay! Eva! I'll do anything you want! Just don't kill me!"

Eva threw him to the ground. "Anything?" She asked, stroking her chin.

"Yes! Just don't kill me! I beg you!" He began to stand up.

"Bring Finn in," She said in a wary voice.


"Finn Abernathy. Bring him in."

"But he's only been in one episode." Denizen wiped up the blood on his neck.

"Do you want me to turn you into a wallet?" Eva snapped.

"...No. But, please. Don't molest him."

"I can't make any promises."

Denizen sighed. "Fangirls..." He turned back to the audience. "Well, everyone, That's it for our introduction. Please stay tuned for the next chapter, where Booth and Brennan will come in."

"And Finn! Don't forget him, bitch!" Eva interjected.

"And Finn." Our poor host sighed.