"Ah. Now this is the life," Denizen leaned back in a comfy leather chair at his desk. It was about an hour to showtime.

"Yo! Denizen!" Eva walked up on stage. "Shouldn't you go get the characters so we can debrief them on what's going on?"

"Crap! I forgot!" Denizen jumped from his seat. Raising his arms, he shouted "Avada Kedavra!" Green lightning shot out from his hands.

"Augh!" Someone shouted offstage.

"What just happened?" Denizen cocked his head.

"I think you just killed Ted the expendable intern with the Harry Potter killing spell," Eva looked at Teds' now dead body.

"Shit! Could you remind me to send a gift basket to his family later as an apology?"

"Yeah. sure." Eva said absentmindedly as she filed her nails.

"Let's try again," Denizen said, once again rasing his arms. "Alakazamwitch!" But instead of important characters poofing out of nowhere, a brick covered by a sheet of paper smacked him in the head.

"What's this?" Eva asked. She tore the paper off the brick. "Oh, lord. It's a note from the producer. It says that you can't bring in any characters unless people send us proper questions and dares."

"Dang," Denizen said, rubbing his head. "Okay, then. I know people are watching us right now, so listen up! If you want us to actually do the show, then send us questiona nd dares! I dn't care if you do it by review or otherwise, just give us what we need to work with."

"Yeah!" Evas' arm blade protruded from her arm. "And if you don't, I'll cut you! And him!" She grabbed Denizen by the arm.

"Please, just do it! Eva, please stop threatening people!"

"Make me!" She spat.

A/N: I seriously need questions and dares, guys. Please?