Rukia looked at Renji, who was packing up for his mission to Hueco Mundo tonight. He and Kuchiki-taichou would investigate the area around las noches because after Aizen's capture the ruins tended to house some pretty weird, new kind of PINK hollows and arrancar.

For example: only a month ago there was this hollow who could make himself look like the person your heart desired most en then it would seduce you and try to… do things. The moment you gave in and went further with it, you were doomed. Because the moment it released inside of you, poison would spread until 2 minutes later, when you were dead.

They'd only found out about the hollow because Hitsugaya-taichou had walked in on himself trying to seduce Ichigo.

They had captured the hollow and Kurotsuchi had 'investigated' it, eventually being able to explain everyone about what Hitsugaya had somehow, all of it had ended in him and Ichigo getting together

Renji shivered and blushes at the memory of walking in on the two while Hitsugaya was getting what seemed to be the best blowjob of his LIFE.

"so…. Renji… Looking forward to spending some time alone with my nii-sama before the 12th division arrives, or why is it that you're blushing?" Rukia asked grinning.

"Rukia…." Renji's blush brightened at the indication. "It's just a mission! Get your head out of the friggin gutter! And I am NOT, I repeat NOT in any other way involved with Taichou than just as his fukutaichou! You really have to STOP reading those freaky-ass fanfics the SWA keeps writing."

"so I can keep writing them myself then?"

"What? NO!" He sighed deeply and closed his bag before lifting it, all ready to head out. He could almost hear the new storyline Rukia was plotting to write.

"stop writing them okay. Or at least stop showing them to me… they creep me out. I can't even imagine what you can see in them. Not only would the relationship you describe be forbidden because our differences in status and rank. I am also a male who is not able to create an heir, which I know he is entitled to do. So just get it out of your mind!"

He noticed that her smirk hadn't disappeared even the slightest bit. In fact, it seems to only have grown wider and more evil.


"you didn't deny having feelings for him, like is always the case in the fanfics I let you read. You only said you could never be together."

Renji groaned and dropped his bag as they now stood waiting near the senkaimon. But he knew that Rukia was right. He didn't deny having feelings for his taichou, because honestly, he didn't know what or how he felt about his taichou anymore. He'd always known his taichou was an attractive man. Adored by both male and female. And he had always sort of looked up to the man, first in trying to surpass him, later on because of the respect they had for each other and each other's power.

But lately he noticed that his body would start reacting differently when the taichou was near. He'd get trouble breathing, speaking, his stomach would tie in this knot, leaving him with this nervous feeling…

Before his thoughts could go further about what his body would do, he heard that soft, calm voice speak his name and his body did all the things it always did: his stomach fluttered and tied into a knot, his heart beat faster leaving him nervous and his breathing started getting faster. He even found himself breathing manually.

'shit.. one of these days, I'm seriously gonna faint.' He thought to himself as Rukia looked at him knowingly before smirking.

"Have fun Renji. And good luck."

She winked and left as Renji turned around and faced his captain who was now looking at him with this curious gaze.

"you ready Abarai?"

"yes taichou."


Renji was staring at his taichou, today the 12th division had arrived and they were now trying to catch one of the pink arrancars that kept appearing out of the ruins of Las Noches.

But the redhead was distracted. These last days alone with his taichou had held quite a few revelations for him.

First of all, his taichou looked really sexy while undressing, and even better naked, and he looked really beautiful sleeping. Second of all; he couldn't keep his eyes and mind off of his Taichou anymore without his mind wandering to those fanfics from Rukia, which mostly resulted in him getting aroused. And last but not least; he fucking fell in love with his taichou.

He groaned. Like something was ever even going to happen between them. It was hopeless and he should give up now, before it was too late and he was in too deep.

"Abarai-fukutaichou! Kuchiki-taichou! LOOK OUT!"

Renji looked up just in time to see the hollow smiling and firing a bright pink attack at him and his taichou, even though they weren't even standing close to each other.

He closed his eyes and expected pain from the attack, since it was way too late to even try and dodge it. But all he felt was an electric shock going through him, sending him and apparently his taichou on their knees. Then a wave of warmth hit him and he could feel himself losing control of his reiatsu as it reached out. He could feel it starting to connect with his taichou's, creating a beautiful pink color in between them.

He stared at the hollow who was now being surrounded with a look of pure shock on his face.

"What the FUCK did you DO?" he asked, glaring daggers at the arrancar.

"You'll find out soon enough and thank me later." The pink figure said smirking before suddenly disappearing.

Renji gazed at his taichou again and couldn't help but think about how beautiful he looked being surrounded by all that pink.

Suddenly his taichou looked at him with a shocked expression clearly on his face.


"yes Taichou?"

"did you just say something?"

He shook his head. "No Taichou, I said nothing… why?"

"hmmm… nothing. It doesn't matter." His taichou was standing up, so Renji followed his example. "But let's head back to seiretei and to the 4th division to get ourselves checked out since we have no idea what this arrancar did to us.

The redhead nodded and told the 12th division to take care of things before walking through the senkaimon with his taichou.


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