A little over three months passed and Renji still wasn't waking up. The medication was long since gone out os his body but somehow he was still nowhere near the waking up part.

Byakuya had really hoped it would've gone a little faster, so that he could at least be there when the man woke up. Something that was nearly impossible right ow seeing as how Unohana-taichou had started forcing him to go outside a little more often.

First only to train a few hours per day, then the hours he was away just raised as he was also forced to go to his work a little more often. It didn't matter that his division was doing perfectly fine on their own – he, of course, didn't expect any different- but it wasn't really that wonderfull for the morale if both the taichou and the fukutaichou weren't present. One in a coma, the other always next to him.

Well, at least the people who had spread some rumours that they'd married because they had to had been proven wrong.

But just to thank his division for their hard work, he'd given them a few days of allowed them to throw a party on the sixth division training ground with food and drinks sponsored by his clan. A thank you they had very much enjoyed.

And then Unohana-taichou started telling him he really had to start coming to the captain's meetings again because the soutaichou was getting kind of annoyed with his long term of absense right now.

Not that the old man really blamed him for wanting to be by his husbands side during his coma, but there was work to be done.

So gradually he had started to take up more of his own (and Renji's) work again, after a while deciding that the distraction it gave him from Renji's state was at least worth the time he spend away from his redhead's side.

Thought every night he went to his husbands room, read him a story from one of the many books from the kuchiki library, and slept in the bed next to him.

And just to be sure that he wouldn't miss the moment his lover woke up he had made Unohana promise that she'd send for him as soon as there was even the slightest sign that he'd wake up.

And finally, today, after over 4 months since the man originally fell into a coma, the promised black butterfly fluttered through his window, sitting at the corner of his desk waiting for him to sign the paper he was working on and listen to the message he had.

He could only hope it was indeed a good message thought. Because not only had Unohana-taichou promised to send him a message when things got better, she'd also promised to send him one if things got worse.

With a heart clenching his heart he let the butterfly sit on top of his finger, waiting for it to speak it's message.


And within seconds after the swallowtail had ended it's message he started flash stepping towards the fourth division. He needed to be there. He needed to be there right now and he couldn't get there fast enough.

He stormed inside, going straight to Renji's room, knowing that there was no way in hell they were keeping him outside right now. Not with this happening right now.

He couldn't believe this was really happening.


Once inside Renji's room he immediately went to the younger man's side, seeing that Unohana's news had indeed been right. A tear rolled down his cheek as he gazed at his lover.

His waking lover. Thank God. A smile sneaked on his lips and into his eyes as he looked his husband into his eyes. "Hey." He whispered. "Welcome back my love."

The other man smiled back at him gently, even thought he could see the bags under his husbands eyes, and the still tired look on his face. "This time I'm here to stay thought," Came out in a crooked, tired, barely used voice. "Zabimura gave me a big scolding about what happened last time."

The noble man scoffed. "Of course he did." He said, but he just couldn't really wipe that smile of his face.

"He said that it was a real cruel thing to do, give you hope that I was awake and fine before crushing that hope again by going into a seizure. I'm sorry."

"apology accepted."

Byakuya leaned forward, trying his best to stay out of the way of the healers working on his husband as he kissed the younger man fully on the lips. God, that had been such a long time.

They seperated and it stayed silent for a just that little while before Renji spoke again. "He also told me that you tried to visit me in our inner world for so many times, but that you couldn't come anywhere near the forest." He reached out his hand, grabbing that of his lover, "Thank you for that Byakuya. It really helped me in my healing, knowing that you hadn't given up on me."

"I would never do such a thing. I love you too much for that. And you know that a part of my soul and heart would've died along with you if it had happened. I would've probably followed you into death not long after that."

He brought the redhead's hand to his lips, kissing it like a knight would kiss the fair lady's hand.

He still could only barely believe that this was finally really happening. Renji was finally awake and he was to stay so as well.

"How long before he can come home with me?" He asked Unohana, who by now was already done checking up on the lieutenant.

"A week, maybe less. It will depend on how fast everything goes from now on. But if you'll excuse me now. I have other patients to take care of."

The clanleader nodded at her as she walked to the door, watched her turn around just before she left, telling him that she also wished to speak to him about some things.

And of course both males knew what it was she wanted to talk about. It didn't take a genius to figure that out. She wanted to talk about Renji's mental condition. He was now officially someone who had tried to kill himself. They were going to have to talk about how they were going to take care of the therapy and about what signs to look out for.

He dared cast a look at Renji, seeing the man nod and smile at him. "It's allright. I know what's going to happen and I don't fear therapy. I think it would really do us good thought if we both went and not just me. I'm not the only one that suffered from losing our son, from me trying to kill myself, only with me it seems like it has only happened not even a week ago, and with you it has been months."

Byakuya nodded. "I promise. I'll come with you."

He could so easily see that even thought he really didn't fear what was going to happen; it was still scaring the man at least a little. And to be completely honest; he was quite scared of that as well. He wasn't used to speaking about how he felt to anyone except Renji. And even with the man it hadn't been the easiest thing to do.

But they were going to get through all of this and live a happy life eventually. He just knew it. But first, they were going to have to go through this, and the rumours that would accompany it. He had already heard quite a few of them, most from his housestaff, yapping to each other about how they were right, about that Renji wasn't able to carry a noble child because he was too wild.

Of course he'd answered quite sternly to that, telling them to quit that nonsense and show some respect to his husband. But he knew that they weren't going to stop babbling that easy and Renji was going to hear all the rumours eventually. There was no way he could stop that from happening. And he knew he would have to let it happen, would have to let Renji deal with it –with his support- so the man could get stronger again.

They were going to get through this, and get out of it stronger.


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