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Summary: Once a year, in the night where a red-ringed moon hang on a starless sky, demons experience strong desires to mate with anyone in their sight, and the son of Satan is no exception. Can he overcome his lust or will he submit to it? RinXYukio

Being this fic is M-rated, I think no warning is necessary for all of you who are looking for some smut Okumuracest. If you are against boyxboy please turn the page back and find some other fic. This fic will probably three-shots, hopefully. But now please read and enjoy yourself! :D

Chapter 1 : First Whisper




Konekomaru strutted along the wooden floor, while trying to balance the huge basket full with potatoes in his arms. On his right, the sound of a little fountain inside an enormous Zen Garden accompanied him, giving a sense of comfort to him, even when walking outside in a full moon night which was the time where most demons were active.

"Kireii", he complimented the moon that adorned the starless sky. It seemed to shine its full light without any disturbances of its light (the stars), although he was slightly worried with the obvious red glowing around the edges. A red-ridged moon was certainly not as good sign.

But the quietness of the night, minus the constant chirps of crickets, completely washed away the little doubt growing in his heart. The exquire sighed in bliss. He then quickened his pace, glancing at the rows of the Japanese traditional shouji doors, the cat-lover knew that his friends were waiting for the potatoes to arrive in order to start their preparation for dinner.

The bald teen was happily observing the little but well-treated trees in the garden when he bumped into someone, "Ah gomen!", he apologized quickly, peeking around the round edge of the basket. His eyes widened in a fraction when he saw the blue-eyed teen gazing down at him curiously, "Konekomaru? Ah, we're just wondering what's taking you so long to deliver the potatoes", he grinned, flashing his sharp fangs which glinted under the light of the moon.

Konekomaru quickly averted his eyes, "Ah um, that's because it's hard to find the potatoes in the store room among all the other things", he offered a nervous smile, hoping his reason didn't sound too lame. But to his astonishment, he found that the huge basket was lifted from him easily. He looked up to the smiling face of the teen, "Okay then, let's hurry up to the kitchen! I can't wait to start cookiing the oden!", he shouted chanting oden, oden, oden, while dashing off with the basket balanced on his right shoulder.

"Ah matte!', he hurried after the blue-haired teen which was already disappearing to one of the opened sliding door.

"The potatoes have arrived!", Rin shouted excitedly, hurrying himself towards Shiemi and Izumo. Shiemi looked up from her attempted work to cut the meat, "Ah Rin!"

Rin put the basket in the table beside the girls just as Konekomaru came in, slightly panting.

The half-demon gently nudged Shiemi to the side, "Leave this to me! You two should just prepare the dining table!", He said enthusiastically, already was tying the apron behind his back. His black tail flicked around the laces to avoid itself getting tangled.

"Okay thank you, Rin", The blond haired girl smiled, relieved from being spared by the task of cutting the vegetables. She was never good in the kitchen in the first place, the solid proof of that self-degrading statement was the obvious mess laying shamelessly on the kitchen table. Izumo just huffed and followed the girl while muttering about 'bossing us around'

Konekomaru looked up to the two girls heading towards him, "Um, where's Bon and Shima?", he asked, his eyes searching for the presence of the two boys who normally were always somewhere near Rin.

"They're gathering some logs in the woods for the fireplace", Izumo answered. She was clad in a red yukata with soft yellow jonquil daffodils patterns scattered across her right breast down to her thigh. The fiery colour greatly enhanced her own red eyes, and her black long hair was clipped with two white sticks in a messy but still elegant way.

"Would like to help us preparing the table?", Shiemi offered, a smile on her face. The green-eyed girl had a simpler yukata, the colour was pure white with simple sakura swirling patterns on her right shoulders and her left hip. But apparently this style suited her better than the brighter shade Izumo had, considering her own humble and kind personality. Konekomaru glanced to the blue-haired who was whistling, tail wagging behind happily, "Will Okumura be fine preparing the dish on his own?"

"Un! Don't worry, Rin loves cooking! It's better if we don't bother him!", Shiemi reassured the teen. After another glance towards Rin who was already immersed in his cooking, Konekomaru left the room with Izumo and Shiemi.

Alone in the kitchen, the teen whistled while chopping the ingredients with ease. His hands moved dilligently from one piece to piece and threw them into the stove.

He formerly had protested with all his might when Mephisto suggested for them to spend their summer in a hot spring, but now when he was here, he found himself enjoying it. The main reason why he opposed the idea was not only because he had his holiday planned (mainly lazing around and hunted for manga everyday) but also the hot spring was located far deep inside the woods.

Although Rin wasn't a lazy kid (at least during physical activity), but the thought of venturing deep into a forest in the dead heat of summer days was not how he pictured his long-awaited holiday will be.

His thought was cut short when he felt a tap on his shoulder. The half-demon glanced behind over his shoulder, a little curious as to who had approached him without him noticing.

"Hm? What is it Yukio?", Rin asked, abandoning his cooking for a second to stare at the face of his younger brother.

"Do you need help with anything nii-san?", Yukio asked with a small smile in his lips. Rin shook his head and returned back to the stove to start preparing the seasoning, "Nah, I got this. You don't need to interfere, otherwise the taste of the food might turn out to be lower than my standard", he answered, with an obvious smug on his voice, "And one of my principal in life is to cook eveeerrrything, including oden, downright mouthwatering. And that, of course, means..", Rin glanced back to his twin with a smirk, "…edible." He focused back to the oden and threw some chopped daikon radish into the hot stove.

Yukio's eyebrow twitched, "Well, sorry for my rude offering for helping you nii-san and making your cooking less than adequate with my inexperienced hands…", Rin snickered at the slight sarcasm behind his brother's voice, ".. Because I thought that preparing dinner for a large group of people would be tough when you're working alone" Rin scoffed, thinking of how he could practically do any kind of challenge on cooking, "Well, you should probably consider the fact of how awesome the chef is, after all it's his specialty", Rin stated confidently, his tail swayed to the side and lightly slapped Yukio's thigh as if to emphasize his point.

"His only specialty", Yukio added, lips quirking into a smile when seeing his brother's tail jerked up abruptly cutting its leisure tempo of flicking left to right. "Jerk", he muttered, but still kept a gentle stir of the ladle. He couldn't deny that cooking was his only reproductive skill after all. Although he hated to admit it, he couldn't beat Yukio in an argument.

So he kinda ignored it when Yukio walked around the kitchen table while talking something about a cloudless night. He continued with his work promptly ignoring whatever Yukio was babbling about, and then he heard the sound of one of the shouji door being slided open.

"It seems that the view worth the long trek we endured during the whole day. Look, the moon is full tonight, nii-san. It's beautiful" At hearing his brother's rare cheerful voice, it definitely crumbled his resolve to do a silent treatment. Rin eventually gave up on his determination to ignore Yukio as a proof of his displeasure, looking up with the most unpleasant face he could muster in hope to tick Yukio off. Yukio was going to say his sorry to him no matter what.

But as he gazed up, cerulean blue orbs found themselves being presented with the view of an enormous entity. So bright, and the enchanting red ring circling the edges made him unable to look away. He was never a moon-gazing fan, but the moon, it's like beckoning at him, making him unable to rivert his gaze. The blue of his own eyes swirled slowly, reflecting the white glow of the moon as he gazed unblinkingly on the round brightness hanging in the black sky. Yukio's chatter went deaf on his ears as well as all the sounds around him.

It's time

And then something seemed to jerk inside of him, jolting him from the tip of his toes up to his head in a split second. It manifested itself to a terrible throbbing in his head. His vision gone white for a second and his little brother swore that he could see a brief flash of red in his twin's eyes.

Rin clutched his head in pain and his other arm struck the table, so hard that it toppled a bowl off clattering to the floor, to balance his body.

"Nii-san!", Yukio exclaimed in panick as he, in a flash, was beside his brother, putting his hand on his brother's arm in an attempt to support him, "Are you okay?"

Rin was silent for a moment, trying to clear the stars dancing in his vision, "Yeah, I'm okay", Rin pushed himself off the table, brushing off his twin's arm. He limped outside the Japanese-style room, out to the chill of the night in hope to cease the throbbing away.

He collapsed his weight to the railing facing the Zen Garden. His two hands grasped the scalp of his head to cease the pounding. He could hear the rythmic pulses on his ears, so loud like drums were playing an orchestra in his head.

"Nii-san", the soft voice of his brother sounded behind him before a warm arm wrapped around his chest, "Let's take you to the bed, and then I could do a thorough checking on you" Rin grunted, trying to weakly pry off his twin's hand from his body, "Hnnh, no need, it's nothing big", but the firm grip made him eventually gave up.

Yukio's gaze hardened, "It's not nothing! You suddenly just collapsed when doing your normal activity with no significant reason. Something must have gone wrong within your body!"

Rin once again stubbornly shook his head, "No, I'll just take a bath and it'll be okay. Yukio, you could help me prepare the oden right? It's nearly ready and you just need to add the meat, wait for it to be cooked completely and then put the fire off. You can do that much right?", Rin looked up to the angry, but laced with concern green orbs. "Really? Skipping dinner nii-san?", the spectacled teen gritted his teeth in irritation. His brother could be so adamant in times that sometimes made him want to explode with anger.

"Whoa whoa, calm down, you don't need to be so damn uptight about this Yukio! I'm a demon now so skipping a dinner once won't kill me!", he forced a weak smile before pushing his body upright ,"I'll just take a hot bath and then go straight to bed, sounds good to you, Mr Worrywart?"

Yukio sighed, he knew he couldn't push this topic anymore. His brother was practically a grown-up already and so was fully-capable of taking care himself. Although his subconscious was screaming for him to take his brother to rest on a bed, even by dragging him if necessary. The spectacled exorcist then finally released his arm from encircling his brother's chest, "I'll bring you something to eat, and you must be already in your room by that time", he gave a stern glare to his stubborn brother, promising a hard punishment if by any chance he found his brother was nowhere to be seen when he came to serve him dinner.

Taking that as a chance to flee from his over-protective brother, the older twin quickly rose up, "Will do!", shouted him, heading straight to the hot spring inside the inn. His mind wasn't as clouded as before but his head was still throbbing dully, making him curious at the sudden disappearance of the pain. He vaguely thought about the mysterious thought that popped from his mind, or was it a voice? He laughed mentally at that. The headache was probably from him walking all day in the burning heat of the sun. There was nothing weird about it.




Shiemi poked out her head from the slightly ajar onsen door, glancing cautiously left to right. After confirming that there was no sign of any person in the long corridor, she breathed out in relief. She opened the door a little wider and then took a cautious step forward. Shiemi clutched the thin towel that barely covered her form and tugged nervously on the short end, trying to cover more of her exposed thighs.

The blond-haired girl mentally berated herself in her head. She should have brought her clothes but in her excitement of getting into an onsen for the first time, she had left it in her room. How stupid of her.

She started along the long hallway, fortunately her room was on the same floor of the onsen while the others' rooms were all below. Like that the chances of meeting anyone would be next to nil.

As she went passed the male onsen, the door suddenly slammed open and a figure emerged from the hot steam that hung thickly in the air.

As if on cue, Shiemi shrieked automatically, making the oblivious person who had just walked out from his refreshing bath nearly jumped out of his skin.

Wide blue eyes locked gazes with the pair of green orbs of which face's burned bright red.

"Shiemi?", Rin let out a breath he didn't know was holding at seeing the familiar face. He had seriously thought that a demon had somehow infiltrated the barrier-sealed inn, "What are-", his eyes then traveled downwards before his face flushed a deep shade of red.

The blond girl just stood there, didn't know what to say because her lips trembled like crazy and her legs suddenly felt powerless of all the mortification. She was absolutely self-conscious of what her situation was. A half naked girl standing in a dark empty hallway with a boy, and not just any boy, it was Rin! The last person on this whole earth she was willing to show her badside was! If only Izumo was here than she wouldn't have to face the humiliaty alone. But the girl had refused to bath in an onsen and chose to take a quick shower instead, indirectly leading to the situation she was now in. She had never felt of wanting to dissapear into the floor this much in her life.

A pale strip of light of the moon slowly seeped from an open window, illuminating the floor on the trembling girl's feet. The fine light spreaded to her toes, up to her barely covered thighs, to the smooth skin of her shoulders and finally illuminated her flushed face.

The half demon gulped, feeling thirsty all of a sudden. He had thought that Shiemi was beautiful and her boobs were beyond imagination. Yes he would admit that he was attracted to the blond-haired girl. But tonight, he was sure that what he felt towards the girl was beyond a mere crush. He let his eyes wandered over the scarcely-clad young girl, savoring the sight with hunger he had never felt before in his life. What a fine specimen of woman, she sure looked unconsciously licked his lips. Yes he was thirsty, and he was almost sure that what he wanted was more than mere water

"A Ano, Ri Rin.. I just.. clothes.. forget... m my room. S-so could you please stop staring at me like that!", Shiemi's timid voice stammered, her lips quivering. When she heard no answer being uttered by the boy in front of her, she forced her eyes up to stare at the teen.

At first, her breath hitched when she found that Rin was staring at her deeply, his normally clear blue eyes were dark and hard, intensely glued to her form. The blue orbs seemed hungry and were staring at her like she was a piece of meat.

A split second later, Shiemi found herself being tackled to the floor, her wrists were pinned over her head with brute force. Sharp claws digged into the soft skin, making the girl winced as thin trails of blood started to trickled down, staining the wooden floor with dark red beads.

Wide emerald eyes looked up fearfully, finding themselves locked gazes with the most terrifying orbs she had ever seen in her life. Piercing bloody red, glowing like a pair of demon's eyes.

It's time




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