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Chapter 10: Signs of Mishap




The darkness had now ruled over the horizon as hours of lengthy night ticked out slowly. The prickling coldness had driven most people to seek shelter under the safe roof of their homes and the less unfortunate ones hurried their pace on the icy grounds to reach home as fast as possible.

The moon hung its bright illumination on the curtain of the dark, basking its light unto the serene land stretching below it, and also a lone man on the balcony.

He was seated comfortably on a simple wooden chair, perhaps taking comfort at the chance of muddling with only his inner thoughts. One of his fine limbs brought a cup of steaming green tea to his lips as a small stream of the shimmering liquid flowed inside. His makeshift jacket, a colorful blanket which wrapped around him adequately, fluttered its long ends slightly from the gentle tugs of the breeze.

Green eyes locked their wondering gaze to the moon before the teen's lips parted open. The melody came out steady, slow, and careful. His deep voice reverberated nicely to accentuate the lines of his song, as he closed his eyes.

This humble village serving the finest of vines
The ancient willow whispers under the reserved bright empress
Look to the hooks, dangling fish in the stock stall
Creatures and critters roam the land
As free entities among the tranquil dwelling of men
Speaking laetitio in the earnest of soul

There's more than meet the eye round here
Enigmatic legend of a dense wood no one dared to unveil
The melody of prosperity provides a sense of 'all is right'
And out sprouted a creature
A being posing as tender as a white dove
Yet lies darkest of intention
Swallowed in the blanket of the dark

He finished with a slight drop in the tempo at the end. Setting his cup down, he adjusted the blanket to cover more of his body from the coldness.

"As always, your voice impresses me Yukio. I wonder why you refused my suggestion to join the choir club? You can gain even more fans than you already have now, popular boy"

The younger twin opened his eyes and chuckled, "If I joined the choir", he turned his sitting position so that he faced his conversing companion, "I wouldn't have time to take care of you"

Rin scoffed. He was leaning against the frame of the door leading to the balcony with Kuro sleepily perched on his shoulder. Same as him, the half-demon had a similar blanket wrapped around his shoulders. The twin gifts from their mission.

"You make it sounds as if it's my fault. I don't need someone to take care of me like a baby" His lightly swishing tail swayed out of phase once in account to his defending gesture. His sapphire eyes were half-lidded in an attempt to fight off the cold breeze from lulling him to sleep.

"Hm you're somehow right", Yukio smiled slightly at his twin, "Perhaps I just didn't want to have an extra burden on my day. I am busy enough working as both a student and a teacher"

Rin just stared solemnly at his brother. Yukio loved singing from the bottom of his heart, it was a fact he had discovered from the time they still wore diapers. Since he was little, he had already taken the position of the lead singer in their church's hymn every Sunday. Even his childish high-pitched voice back then had always become the favorite for the people visiting the church. Yukio even won several singing competitions during his younger days and promptly decorated the living room with his numerous certificates and medals. His fondness of this particular line of talent was prominent, Rin could easily tell from the intensity of his emotion pouring out of every tune and how he seemed to glow so brightly when he sing. It's clear how much his brother adored singing, even little Rin was well aware of that. However, he suddenly didn't sing as much as he did before. Even the rate of which he sang on the competition floor decreased little by little. Until it stopped completely. And before little Rin knew it, his brother had quitted the choir club at his elementary school. Little Rin had demanded an explanation from his younger brother before but little Yukio just explained that he didn't have the passion anymore. And now he knew what a white lie his brother had been pushed to sprout.

At such a young age, Yukio had been forced to abandon his normal childhood life. To throw away his precious discovering-the-world time and even his utmost passion which brought so wide of a smile to his face. To wield lethal guns in his tiny fingers and face the dangerous darker world never known to other children his age. To become a hero yet still a killer. To become an exorcist.

A wave of guilt suddenly struck Rin. He lowered his gaze to the floor, 'Perhaps... It really because of me he did so'

Rin shook his mind off the depressing thought as he inhaled a deep breath. The pleasant aroma of the night air helped him to soothe the unpleasant churn he had in his stomach.

"Well", Rin dropped his forlorn face and smiled when Yukio acknowledged his voice, "We'd better go inside, it's chilling out here. And it'll be troublesome to take care of your ass if you catch a cold"

Yukio complied as he rose from his seat, bringing the half-empty cup of green tea, "But it certainly be more troublesome if you catch a cold from me. We all know what a whiny brat you are", he retorted. It's still too early for his nii-san to beat him in a fair debate. Any smart remark that his twin managed to pull off will certainly-

"No I won't. A demon wouldn't easily catch a cold"

Yukio halted in his steps, only for the briefest of a second.

"I'm a demon now so skipping a dinner once won't kill me!"

Rin stared. The slight pause certainly didn't escape his notice. A tinge of hesitation clouded his sapphire eyes. His hand was inching towards Yukio's bigger one but it paused, and went back to his side.

"Come on", Yukio looked up at Rin when a tail tugged him from around his wrist. He promptly went faster to match the pace his big brother had taken, "It's not like the cold will wait any puny princess moment longer before it infects your immune system", Rin leered above his shoulder and his brother could see the side smirk which was pronounced with one sharp fang. It glowed pearly white from the moon behind them, shrouding his face in a mysterious shadow yet highlighting the particular lethal digit in his muzzle.

Yukio quirked a forced smile.

Demon... hm?


"Nii-san, like I've told you before, I can't ask Pheles-san to change it no matter how insistent you are. Besides, isn't this too late to change the roles?", Yukio said slowly in exasperation, hoping his brother would finally get it through his thick head.

"We still have two weeks! And you said you'll do it before~", Rin whined, his hand was clenched on the hem of Yukio's upper pajama.

The twins were sitting on Yukio's bed, one of them was trying all his might for his plea to be granted, while the other was struggling between getting angry or to keep up his cool demeanor.

Yukio just shrugged, he couldn't deny that one, "I reckon Pheles-san gave you the hardest one because you accidentally exposed the cram class in the first place"

Rin blushed, "Hey! You're supposed to wake me up that day! It's not my fault that I forgot to close the door!"

"Nonsense. I wasn't at home that particular day because of a mission. But most of all you don't need me to be there to wake you up all the time. You're practically an adult already"

The elder teen pouted. He still couldn't accept the idea that he got to do the silliest and most uncool part for the class drama, "I have to play the role of some monster dog while you get to be the captain of the pirates. It's so unfair", Rin mumbled.

Yukio laughed, "Well, I'd rather to not participate at all in the drama. And I'm sure you can pose as a wolf better than any of us"

'That's not the issue! Why does everyone keep feeding me with that bullshit!', Rin wanted to scream and pull out his hair but resolved to just let it out by an angry whip of his tail. No matter how well someone could perform the role, it will still humiliate the person! And Rin wasn't content on the idea of making fun of himself in front of all the students. The thought of the first page in True Cross news composed by the nosy newspaper club picturing him growling like a dog promptly triggered his puking system.

Rin lightly growled and decided to change tactic. He wasn't that thick to accept the fact that he had never won a verbal argument with Yukio before anyway. Then a smile started to creep at the corner part of his lips. A mischievous one.

"Oooh~ then I think I ought to start practicing the essence of being a wolf eh?"

Yukio frowned, his twin had given up? That was too fast for comfort, "Um yeah, I suppose... By embodying a canine way of thinking, I'm sure you'll manage to grasp the feeling of it quite easi- oomph!"

The remaining words were cut short as the brunette found his back collided with the bed quite roughly. Yukio stared up quizzically to his brother. Then felt the hair on the back of his neck raised up when he saw the look his brother had as he hovered over him in the manner of an animal-like grace. Yukio gulped.

Yep, definitely too fast for comfort.

The smirking teen had pinned the larger male down as he straddled his twin's hips.

"I can pretend to be a wolf", Rin purred sultrily as he smirked down to his frozen brother. His sapphire orbs adopted a predatory glint on both of the blue twinkling depths, "Might as well start now~", he breathed near Yukio's sensitive ear. The younger one involuntarily shuddered from the husky and painfully lewd tone.

Before Yukio could comprehend what's happening, Rin had effortlessly flipped his little brother so that his back was facing him. He swiftly drew up Yukio's shirt, observing the smooth skin momentarily before leaning down. He sniffed the skin in a dog-like manner then opened his jaws... and chomped down.

Yukio yelped at the unexpected contact as his back arched in pain. Rin soothed the sting by lapping his tongue over the light red mark.

"Nii-san!", Yukio reprimanded before he yelped again when a second bite invaded his pain sensory. Finally getting a hold of the situation he was in, the brunette tried to struggle free and succeeded in rolling to his side. But Rin didn't miss a beat as he leaned down and attacked the area below his ribcage that was newly exposed.

"Ouch! Stop that! Get off of me this instant! Agh!", Yukio yelled, as well trying to fend off the barrage of bites Rin was continuously marking his body with. His glasses were slipping off the bridge of his nose from all the furious defensive movements he made.

"What's wrong Yukio? I am merely practicing wolves' way of playing~", Rin finished his sentence with a light growl before dipping his tongue into Yukio's belly button.

Yukio jerked, as a blush crept to his face. That particular action, which he was sure his idiotic brother unintentionally did, had brought a rather interesting feeling around his south area. Rin had gone too far in his silly revenge game.

"Enough! Let go! Ugh! Rin!", Yukio grimaced when Rin pinned his wrists sideways with his hand. The other hand lifted up the glasses off his brother's eyes and then worked on lifting his pajama to reveal more of the porcelain-white skin. A peculiar excitement suddenly surged through his entire body the moment his brother blinked up repetitively to him with those wide beautiful green eyes. Without his spectacles and in this vulnerable position, unlike the authoritive aura he always radiated on normal occasions, he really looked like a helpless deer staring up fearfully with its doe-watery eyes to the menacing big bad wolf that was about to devour it...

Rin continued his little attacks with a mischievous smile plastered on his face. He practically rained down light bites and licks to every area of which he could reach, never on the same place twice though.

"Alright I get it nii-san! *bite*ugh! yes your part is a bit dif- *bite*ouch! -ficult to be played but- *bite*agh! -ok ok I admit that it's extremely difficult to- *bite* stop it! What exactly do you want me to say nii-san?!"

"Woof woof *growl* woof wooooooof~"

"Don't answer me with bar- *bite* -dammit!"

Rin was enjoying this very much, the evidence was clear from how his eyes lit up every time he left a bite. He certainly loved the feeling that his intelligent younger brother was practically defenseless against him when it came to physical strength. Yukio still couldn't escape his pinning trap even though he didn't even use his full strength.

Yukio's struggle had gone weaker and weaker as no matter how hard he pushed, Rin still wouldn't budge. At last he remained limp, huffing heavily while his cheeks flushed red with both embarrassment and mild pain. He, as he tried hard to calm his hormones down, couldn't deny that he was highly stimulated from the ministrations and was dangerously bordering to the brink of aroused state.

Having marked the lower area, Rin moved on to the upper part. Yukio was leaning his head to the left with his arm covering his eyes and his body shuddering with vulnerable submissive little tremors. With the way Yukio tilted his head, he got a nice view of his brother's porcelain-white neck. A deep red shade flushed over the pale milky skin... and beads of glistening sweat soaked the creases of the heavenly length. So smooth... he subconsciously wondered how it tasted like as he leaned closer.

You know Yukio... when you turn your head sideways and your neck... and its prominent creases are visible for me to see...

Sometimes... Just slightly...

I feel like... no I want to just... sink my fangs into the soft flesh... until the skin tears and draws blood...

... to claim you as MI-


Rin swiftly withdrew his head and got off his brother with urgency. He backed away in hurried steps until his back banged on the wall, his body was huffing in horror and his eyes wide and disbelieving. Just where the hell did those thoughts come from?

"So-sorry Yukio! I-I do-don't mean to u-uh-uuh", Rin attempted to reason but gave up when his mind failed to provide him any logical excuses. He then busied himself in his closet rummaging through its content then pulled out a wrinkled checkered shirt. His tail wrapped around his torso as he momentuously swung the blue clothing around his shoulders.

Yukio, still a little dazed, could faintly see the blurry image of his panicked-stricken brother. He cursed his current insubstantial visual ability and squinted his eyes, "Whe-where are you going?"

"I will go cool my mind off and repent my sins! You go sleep first, it's late!", he said hurriedly while practically flying to all over the room to retrieve another pieces of clothing.

"At this hour?!"

"Be a good boy alright?", he said before turning off all the lights and disappeared as the door closed.

Leaving a half-naked Yukio blinking stupidly to try to process whatever was going on. Then his gaze hardened in barely-suppressed fury, "Riiiiiin! Get the hell back here!"


With all the curtains drawn cancelling any light from outside, the ceiling was flashed with reflections of bright light which alternated colors every now and then. There was no conversing sound, only the classic game tune ringing from the giant metallic pink screen in the spacious lounging room.

A figure topped with white tall head was busy in his own world, his fingers, dancing on the various buttons, were wrapped around a remote controller.

A quiet knock announced the arrival of an unknown person.

Mephisto, without even turning his head, replied a 'come in'.

The door opened, letting a couple ray of light in to penetrate the near darkness. The extra occupant pressed the door shut and greeted the old demon gruffly, "Hey you clown, there's something I want to discuss with you"

Mephisto clicked the pause button as he turned his head towards the woman that intruded his late game session. He smirked subtly, "Oooh what a pleasant surprise~ How kind of you to pay me a visit at such a late hour. So…", he pointed his purple eyes at the pink-haired figure who was staring at him grimly, "what could be this important that you want to discuss with me, Shura-sensei?"


Their shared bedroom's door was pushed open soundlessly and a blue eye peeked in. He stayed still for a few ticking seconds, an eye on full-radar to detect the slightest movements. Even in the darkness, he could recognize the motionless lump on the bed to be his sleeping little brother. As silent as a mouse, he slipped inside and closed the door.

His breath hitched when the door made quite a loud noise and blue eyes widened in trepidation.

But other than a grunt coming from the slightly moving pile of body, there wasn't any sign of his brother's waking up.

'Huh?', Rin raised an eyebrow, 'He is usually a light sleeper, must be my lucky day'


His heart nearly leaped out of his ribcage at the thought of being busted, but then he realized that it's only Kuro. The black cat which nearly killed his own owner with shock stared at him from the floor with his wide curious eyes. Rin hastily put a forefinger in front of his lips in panicked urgency.

The catsith merely tilted his head in wonder when his master tiptoed in a very uncool manner towards his slumbering twin.

"You're being silly Rin. I think Yukio doesn't want to play because he is sleeping", Kuro smartly pointed out.

Rin quickly 'sssh'ed the cat, adding a growl in an attempt to intimidate Kuro to quit making any noise, "I don't want to play!", he hissed out.

Kuro blinked his abnormally wide eyes then yawned widely. If his master wasn't going to play, then there's no need to remain here any longer, he's sleepy anyway. With a single graceful leap, he was out of the room.

Now there were only Rin and Yukio in the room. Rin approached the bed silently. His baby brother was sleeping in a very relaxed manner, his normally tight and stern face was replaced with a loose expression, hell even his mouth hung open a little. A strip of moonlight that entered from the glass windown illuminated his face in a beautiful glow.

Rin smiled, but his smile was tight. Then he sat at the side of Yukio's bed, his eyes never strayed from admiring the tranquil-looking face. It's like his brother could only completely rest when he's asleep like this. He just relished on the sight of the slow rise-and-fall of his twin's chest, watching his sleeping twin with half-lidded eyes.


"I think ya know why I bother coming to yer place", Shura stated in a very low tone, her face was devoid of any emotion.

Mephisto continued his game as he nonchalantly answered in a sing-song voice, "Hm? Pray tell..."

Shura narrowed her eyes eventhough she knew Mephisto couldn't see her from here. She then continued, "I've stumbled upon a very intriguing piece of information from a magazine about the lunar event of the year. A certain red moon to be precise"

Mephisto answered without missing a beat, "Why yes! You do know that Loveless night occurs annually on the very first day of summer, don't you?"

The woman's face hardened as she slammed a couple of print-outs at the table, causing the poor vase on it to fall off. The sound of shattering glass rang in the air before the woman spoke out, "Don't play dumb! Ya might be able to hide last year's event of the kid practically tried to jump any walking person for him to fuck to death from the Vatican but the moon this year isn't the freaking usual one! It's the Grand one, pink-butt freak, which I happened to find out occuring only once every a hundred years and heightens demons' libido multiple times than freaking normal!", she hissed out in barely-contained patience, her hands were clenching and unclenching in fury, "Ya know that old cow!"

Mephisto finally stopped his game and turned his body to face his underling. His slanted eyes remained blank as he paid Shura his undivided attention. Normal people ought to flinch at being stared at with those kind of void-like expression but Shura stood her ground. At last the demon smirked and answered confidently, "Yes I do know that. Are you perhaps worried about Rin?"

"Hell yeah I do!", she screamed out without hesitation, "If only a red-ringed moon could affect him that far, can ya imagine what he might pull off in a freaking full-red one? He probably will wipe out the whole Eve's populations in the fucking country!"

Mephisto shook his head, "You know, as his teacher you should believe in him more" He eyed the woman with his trademark fearless and condescending look.

Rin reached out a hand, his fingers unfolding, but hesitated as he retracted the fine limb back. But then he ignored his screaming conscience and settled a palm on his sleeping's brother head. Yukio only whined low before becoming still once more.

Rin allowed a smile to flutter on his lips, but it didn't reach his eyes, "You know Yukio", he whispered, "You used to be that girly four-eyes who always ran crying to me with snots running down your nose. I would protect you as usual as your big brother. Now you have outshined me, your grades, your looks, your fans, your everything. I really admire you like that, and I'm proud to be called a brother to you. But lately...

Shura sighed grimly as she closed her eyes, "I don't know if I can believe him anymore. He is a great kid, but he often lets his emotions control him... His reputation as the son of Satan clearly won't suit that side of him. He might get into a trouble in the near future because of it"

Mephisto smirked, his eyes shone like he withheld a lot more than he actually showed and that piece of information really irked the pink-haired woman. He shrugged in a mock nonchalant manner, "Who knows? Only time will tell..."

"But lately...", his bangs covered the upper part of his face and his hand which cradled his brother's head shook, "I've got this thought, this thought that always haunt me whenever I see you or thinking about you" He had tried to erase it away, but the more he tried to be away from his brother, the more he felt thirsty to his brother's presence and touch. Without him being able to stop it, he continuously seeked every chance to get closer to his twin, to feel his warmth more... "Don't give me that smile... don't give me that kind of expression... don't give me hope..."

A lone droplet of warm water dropped down on the pale cheek of Yukio.

"Why did we have to be born... as brothers?"





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