My eyes flash gold as I let my canine instincts take over. The pain it brings with it makes me double over, but it quickly dissipates. My 20/20 vision comes out, letting me see the other virals struggling. As I watch, Hi's eyes blaze bright yellow, and he looks at me and grins. Soon after, Shelton looks up with golden eyes. We all turn to look at Ben.

Ben was having much less luck. He was swearing under his breath, and they only grew worse as time went on. He looked up to six golden eyes waiting semi-patiently.

"I can't do it!" he growls, glaring at us all.

"Try harder," Hi says, bored. Shelton rolls his eyes. He looks up and catches my eye.

"Wanna race, Tory?" he suggests, glancing at Ben and Hi. I agree, knowing it was going to be a while, and not really wanting to deal with a pissed off Ben Blue. It sucks, by the way.

"Can I join? Actually, I don't work that hard, forget I asked." Hi says dismissively. Both me and Shelton roll our eyes at him and stand up. I bolt down the beach immediately.

"No fair! I wasn't ready!" Shelton yells after me, but I ignore him, lost in the pleasure of pure speed and adrenaline. My feet kick up sprays of sand behind me, which were getting in Shelton's face. He was really not happy about it. The sun beat down on us, making it incredibly hot out here at Dead Cat beach. I veer left until I hit the water. The water was pleasantly warm and cools my legs. I risk a glance over my shoulder, Shelton was losing ground, and Hi and Ben were way down at the end of the beach. Of course, with my vision, I could still see them perfectly fine. I was congratulating myself for winning (What? Winning is very important!) when I crashed into something hard. Not surprisingly, it hurt. A whole freaking lot. I topple backwards, my back hitting the hot sand.

"Oh god, that was freaking hilarious!" Shelton wheezes, trying to get air while laughing and panting. "You…you…just crashed…into a tree. I wished I had recorded that." He doubles over, laughing, while I turned to glare at the offending tree, then him. I whap him upside the head. "Ow!"

"You deserved that." I inform him. My vision narrows, and I saw Ben and Hi arguing. "Let's go break that up." Shelton nods and walks with me back to the other two.

"Hurry up! Try to flare." Hi says impatiently, pacing in front of Ben.

"What do you think I've been doing?" he replies angrily. Hi turns slightly and saw us. He gestures to Ben with an expression that said you help him and walks over to Shelton. I walk silently behind Ben and bent down. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Shelton and Hi watching us. The thought weirdly made me blush. I looked down quickly, but I still saw Hi's smirk. I ignore him and scents began to flood my nostrils now that I was paying attention. Anger comes from Ben, amusement from Hi, and curiosity from Shelton. You're probably wondering how those are smells. One second please.

"BOO!" I scream in Ben's ear and he whirls around, surprised. His dark eyes flood with gold and, after his surprise came, well, annoyance, than anger. I don't know why, but Ben seems to have the most trouble with his emotions when he flares. Oh yeah, I guess I need to tell you about that. Well, a few months ago, Dr. Karsten began playing around with parvoviruses to try to find a cure. He began testing on Loggerhead's, the island where he worked, resident wolf pup, Cooper. You see, when I found out about this, I naturally had to break him out. I mean, we had already broken into the top secret lab; we might as well help the poor puppy. Well, it turns out the parvovirus actually was infectious to humans, and because it had canine DNA in it, we became part wolf. There are side effects though. Those would be the flares. Golden eyes, heightened senses, and an ability to talk in each other's minds. I had the best sense of smell, and since dogs can smell emotion, I can too. Hi has the best sight, Shelton has the best hearing, and Ben was freakishly strong and fast. There you go; I'm going to run now.

"Run Tory! Run for your life!" Oh Hi, always the drama queen, although right now, I'm thinking he's right. I risk a glance at Ben, and he has this evil look on his face. The three of us look at each other nervously, then turn and bolts. My feet pound down the beach again, my red hair slipping out of its ponytail and flying free.

"What is he going to do to us?" Hi pant besides me, trying to keep up. I shrug and put on a burst of speed. "Oh thanks, leave me behind!" he yells behind me. I hit the end of the beach and hide behind the tree I had crashed into earlier. I peek around it and watch the three boys.

Ben had successfully caught up to Hi, and had thrown him into the water, leaving him dripping wet and sputtering. Shelton had doubled back and was hiding on the other side of the beach. Ben looks my way and I whip my head behind the tree. I wait anxiously for him to find me, but instead hear Shelton shriek like a five year old girl. Not stopping to look, I bolt into the trees until I found myself in a clearing. I recognize it as Y-7's clearing, the clearing where we found Katherine Heaton's dead body. I'll tell you that later.

Looking around quickly, I sprint to the other side of the clearing and hide behind another tree, waiting for the others to find me. My patience was, well, not really rewarded, because I was kinda scared about what was going to happen to me.

"Where could that girl be?" Shelton says, walking into the clearing with the others. He and Hi were soaked, and Ben was in a much happier mood.

"How am I supposed to know?" Hi protests, wringing out his bright orange shirt. I slip around to hide behind the tree next to me. If I could get to the other side of the clearing, I could escape…

"Are we sure she's here?" Shelton questions the others.

"Where else would she be?" Ben answers. Hi snorts.

"This is Tory we're talking about; I wouldn't be surprised if she was on the other side of Loggerhead by now." Loggerhead is the island we're on now. I sneak around to another tree, letting them debate where I could be as I quietly snake my way around the edge of the clearing. I slowly back up, and then, when I was out of earshot, run to the beach and haul myself into Sewee, Ben's boat and our main mode of transportation. I glance at my watch, it was 11:30, and I was starving. I walk to the front of the boat and grab one of the waters we had stashed there and chug it down, then explore what was there for food. I found a nice looking brownie, so I grabbed it and a can of Coke and went over to the side to watch for them.


My flare disappears and I feel my normal green color seep into my irises and my jacked up senses settle. I begin to dig into my brownie, and was just finishing it off when the boys emerg onto the beach. I waved at them and they all look surprised to see me there. They start off toward the boat and climb in. Hi and Shelton had lost their flares by now, and Ben's faded too.

"How long have you been here?" Ben exclaims.

"Seriously, how did you get here?" Shelton asks confused.

"Hey that was my brownie!" Hi yells at me. We all turn to face him, and he saw our questioning looks. "My grandmothers in town, and she makes the best brownies. That was MY brownie! Give it back!"

"Fine, where do you want me to puke?" I ask Hi with my eyebrows raised.

"On second thought keep it, I don't want it anymore." Hi stalks away and plunks himself down far away from me, shooting me death glares every once in a while.

"I was-" I begin, but the loud, harsh noise of my cell phone cut me off. "One minute," I say, grabbing my iPhone and seeing its Kit, my dad. "Yes?" I ask.

"Where are you?" he asks immediately.

"I'm out on Loggerhead with the gang." I reply, looking out over the water.

"You need to come home, a new family is coming and you need to help welcome them. Bring the others, they need to help too." He says simply. I nod and hang up.

"We need to go back to Morris"-Morris Island is where all of our families live-"and help welcome the new family." The boys groan but Ben obediently goes and starts Sewee, and a minute later we are skimming the waves and heading back to Morris Island.