A/N: Been over a week since I have written anything. Was sitting around today and had ideas flowing into my head and decided to write and see where it would take me. I hope everyone likes this.

Summary: Everything is changing in Harry's life. He won the war, killed Voldemort and had his friends turn their backs on him. He finds himself returning to take his last year of school with no one to talk to. A new teacher in defense has his mind thinking things he should not. Will he finally find someone or will he be alone forever.

Warnings: This is rated M for a reason and is Slash. If you do not like please do not read. AU after war. Severus is still alive. Everyone else is dead.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in the Harry Potter world, If I did I would be rich and wouldn't be writing this fiction.


The sound of the Hogwarts express drowned out most of the low murmur's of the people awaiting to board. Students were standing apart from each other, talking lowly to their parents, or friends were huddled together discussing what they were going to do this year.

The tension in the air from the previous year was long gone. The dark lord had been killed and the Death Eaters all captured. There were a few that got away with many of the things they did, but were under strict guidelines from the ministry.

Harry Potter found himself sitting on a bench, the farthest away from everyone, just watching what they all were doing. He was happy that he finally ended the war, that he now had a chance to live a life with out looking over his shoulder every five seconds.

He did think that everything would be different after everything was said and done, he thought he would have his friends by his side, laughing and joking and ready to live their lives. He had received a shock when his friends looked at him with fear and distrust after the battle. He had no idea what they were thinking until none of them would talk to him.

He sat around all summer in his home and tried to talk to them, stay in contact, but no one wanted anything to do with him. He was alone. His parents long dead, Sirius gone too, Remus died during the battle. His friends turned away from him. Andromeda was even using every excuse for him not to see his God-son Teddy.

He was thankful when the day came that he could head back to school. The one place that felt like home to him all these years. He wasn't sure what to expect, who was still talking to him and who would turn out like all the others and stay away.

As he looked around the platform he noticed everyone would glance over to him and turn away when he made eye contact. He knew this was going to be the hardest year yet. He was strong, he could get to the end of the year, hopefully.

When the whistle finally blew for everyone to begin boarding, Harry quickly grabbed his bag and made to find himself a nice quiet compartment. Hoping no one would decide to bother him until they reached the school.