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Chapter 33:

It has been a month since Conner's kidnapping and Harry was starting to feel better about himself. His self confidence was rising again an he was slowly not feeling depressed every day. He was thankful for his talk with Severus and Lucius and was overjoyed with having them as his lovers and partners again.

Everyone that had hurt him and Conner were not rotting away in Azkaban, letting him have a little peace of mind. He felt bad for those who wanted to follow closely to what Dumbledore had said and was just glad that he could start to move on.

Conner quickly grew to love his other fathers and rarely wanted them to be out of his sight. It was like he knew he missed so much of their time and wanted to make up for it. Watching the men play with Conner was always the best part of his day.

That night when Harry put his son down to sleep he was ambushed by two sets of arms wrapping around him on his way out of the room. He relaxed against them as he felt himself being led towards the bedroom. Lucius let him go first, crawling backwards on the bed in absolutely nothing.

Harry felt himself grow hard instantly at just seeing Lucius in all of his glory and thinking of Severus' naked body still pressed up against his back. His clothes were vanished and he was lifted into Severus' arms and laid out, back against Lucius, on the bed.

He felt gentle nips and licks to his neck as he watched Severus crawl up the bed and suck his cock into his mouth, he had missed this so much. He closed his eyes and let himself be taken by the sensations the men were sending throughout his body.

Just when he felt like he was going to explode within Severus' mouth the man pulled away, slowly flipping Harry over as Lucius moved off the bed. Severus laid himself out underneath Harry and pulled his head down so he could swallow the mans own cock. As he was festing off the offered snack he felt the slippery wetness of Lucius tongue at his entrance.

The man was preparing him for his cock and Harry was shacking in anticipation. He wanted nothing more than to feel Lucius within him yet again and was granted his wish moments later when Lucius pulled his face away from his ass and lined his cock up behind him.

Harry removed his face from Severus' cock so he could speak for a moment. "Please, Hard and Fast. Been waiting to long for this." He heard Lucius laugh just before he plunged balls deep into him.

Their movements were frantic and with need, they all had gone on long enough without each other and didn't want to take anything slow. Once they all exploded in and on each other they collapsed in a heap of limps.

Harry stayed awake for minutes after the two men fell asleep so he could look upon the both of them. Happy that they were finally back together and vowing that he would never let anything come between them again. This is where him and his son belonged, with these two very different men.

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