A/N: So these are just some memorable quotes from characters. First is Alfie. Please review and tell me who should be next or any quotes I should add.


"World domination to Victor means six billion people in bed by ten."

"Falls off his chair in amazement"

"Welcome to We Love Mara Land! Population: Jerome!"

"Murdering, she'll be coming around the mountain!"

"It's an exploration into the cultural origins and influences of man's struggle against oppressive institutions."

"Yeah, it's like pendulum hip-hop man!"

"Oh, okay, you gotta let me know when you change nicknames. I mean, last week you were Captain Spaghetti."

"Hello space girl! Or... bloop-bleep-blap... as they say in your language..."

"Why would anyone want to be subtle? Jerome!"

"You! Me! Skateboarding! Knee pads! Injuries! Come on, it's going to be awesome!"

"Egg-aggerate. Nice one, Trudy."

"I'd love to see your face in that toilet bowl."

"And maybe the ladies will go for the whole half man, half animal thing. It seems to work for that Jacob Black dude, and Amber loves him."

"And then there was the time Jerome stole Mrs. Andrew's scarf because it smelled of her perfume and snuggled up in bed with it because he was missing his mum."

"Show yourself alien lady!"

"Actually, it's okay. I think this head quite suits me. I think I'll keep it."

"Change your name, go to witness protection program... Oh, I know! Get a different face!"

"Hey guess what I am? A party animal! Yeah!"

"That's like 5 times this term. You need to get a new punishment. Like make me watch 48 hours of TV or something. I hate TV!"