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"How is she?" Quinn asked and Sam shrugged.

"Still wakes up screaming," Sam said leaning up against the lockers, "Puck has basically moved in too, so it isn't just me and her Dads trying to calm her down anymore. He sings to her."

"That's sweet," Quinn said smiling and Sam nodded. Puck being around had taken a great weight off of his shoulders. Quinn then did the one thing she wanted too since that first day in the hallway, she hugged him. And like Quinn expected Sam hugged her so tightly she couldn't breathe.

"Kurt, Mercedes, and I are going to ask if she wants to go shopping," Quinn said when they pulled apart, "Try and get her out of the house."

"Thanks," Sam said gratefully, "So you moved back in with your parents?"

"My Mom," Quinn told him, "It turns out my Dad was having an affair and she kicked him out. I am proud that she was strong enough to do that."

"Are you okay?" Sam asked.

"This is the same man who forced us to break up, I am glad he is gone." Quinn said and Sam just looked at her.

"I miss you," Sam said to his feet.

"I miss you too." Quinn said and then the two hugged again.

"I don't want to fight anymore," Sam said into her neck.

"Me neither," Quinn said and then something caught her eye. She let go of him, "Sam, isn't that Rachel's Mom?" Sam's head snapped in the direction that Quinn was nodding to.

"Shit," Sam said, "Rachel isn't ready for this. She lost her baby and she can't deal with the person that gave her up, twice. I need you to find Rachel and get her out of the hall. I am going to find Puck."

"Okay." Quinn said and went to find Rachel. Sam wandered the hall and found Puck. Why was this happening? It was too much. Sam lost his girlfriend and he had to make sure his friend didn't lose her mind. Thankfully Sam had more alleys this time.

"Puck." Sam said walking up to him.

"Sup Evans," Puck said and then noticed the expression on his face, "What's wrong?"

"Rachel's Mom is here," Sam said and Puck leaned against the wall.

"Shit," Puck said, "She was getting better. We need to get her out of here."

"How?" Sam asked, "Rachel vowed she would never miss another day. Like went to temple vowed."

"Hit me." Puck said and Sam looked at him like he was the one who had gone nuts.

"What?" Sam said.

"Rachel will play nurse if I come up to her with a black eye," Puck said and Sam nodded, "I am going to have to hit you too."

"Why?" Sam only able to asked one word questions.

"I can't be some pussy who gets a black eye without getting some good licks in myself," Puck explained, "Come on Evans. Make it look real."

"I am going to get detention," Sam said put punched Puck in the eye. Sam winced in preparation for the fist about to slam into his jaw. Coach Beiste came into them and said,

"Break it up!" But Sam and Puck were already shaking their hands after the impact of their fists to face. The fight Besite was trying to stop was already over. Puck's eye was already bruising and so was Sam's jaw.

"Find Rachel," Sam told him, "I am going to talk to Mr. Schue." The students surrounding them groaned, guess they weren't going to get to see a fight after all.


"Mr. Schuester," Sam said finding him in the choir room. "Why is Ms. Corcoran here?"

"Well it turns out she is going to be directing a second Glee Club," Mr. Schuester said with a sigh. "Why is your jaw bruised?"

"She can't be here," Sam said ignoring the question even though his jaw hurt like hell. "Rachel can't handle it. She is just getting back to her old self. No one knows how much Ms. Corcoran turning her back on her hurt Rachel. She just lost her baby Mr. Schue, and Rachel was going to keep it." That was even the worst part. Last year when he and Lucy had the baby scare they had decided they were going to give it up for adoption. The way their lives were going at that time they knew they wouldn't be able to give their baby the life it deserved. But Rachel wanted to raise hers. It made the whole thing even more sad.

"I know Sam," Mr. Schue said, "But she is here what do you want me to do?"

"Convince her to leave," Sam insisted, "Tell her to go before Rachel sees her."

"Before Rachel see's who?" A voice from the doorway said. Sam turned around and say the person in question standing there.

"You," Sam said trying to stop himself from yelling at a teacher, "Before she sees you and all the progress that we have made goes away. It is a load of crap thinking Rachel didn't need you, everyone needs a mother. So my mother was there for her...when it should have been you." Sam stomped out of the classroom. Quinn caught up with him.

"Rachel and Puck are at the nurses office," Quinn told him, "Are you okay?"

"No," Sam said, "I need to get out of here before I do something stupid."

"Let's go," Quinn said automatically and Sam smiled at her, "But first we need to get you something for your jaw."

Sammy and Lu-Lu were back.


"My jaw hurts," Sam wined as Quinn put an icepack on his face. "Just like old times, right? Me getting in a fight and you putting ice on me." The two had ditched school and were sitting on a bench in the park that Stacy and Stevie used to play in.

"Maybe I should be a nurse," Quinn said.

"Lu you have to be nice to be a nurse," Sam said grinning and Quinn lightly smacked his chest.

"Hey I have gotten nicer!" Quinn protested, "I am friends with Rachel. Only a really nice person would be." Sam laughed.

"Come here," Sam said Quinn moved so she was sitting on his lap. "Can we just stay like this for a minute?" Quinn nodded and Sam put his arm around her holding her to him.


Sam was falling asleep on Quinn's shoulder and when she shook him he woke up. He was tired from Booty Camp, and Rachel was trying out for the part of Maria for the school musical and was rehearsing using Sam and Quinn as her audience. Puck was lucky and had to babysit his little sister.

"This is important for my education Samuel," Rachel said putting her hands on her hips. "Landing this role will be good for my resume for getting into NYADA."

"I know," Sam said holding in a yawn.

"Speaking of college," Rachel said, "Have you given any idea to where you would like to go Sam?"

"I'll just go wherever Lucy goes, well the state school of wherever she goes," Sam said half asleep. Quinn's eyes widened. They hadn't really talked about the future since the break-up. Sure they always joked that they were getting marred someday, but the subject hadn't come up in a long time. "Okay my ears are officially bleeding. I'll see you later." Sam got up and Quinn sat there stunned.

"Quinn?" Rachel said breaking her out of her trance.

"Yeah," Quinn said looking at her.

"You okay?" Rachel asked.

"We haven't discussed the future in a long time," Quinn replied.

"So are you back together?" Rachel asked.

"We are friends again," Quinn told her, "I think that is where we need to be for a while...if that makes sense." Rachel nodded, "We didn't fight for such a long time that everything got blown out of proportion. Our relationship was great because we were friends first. So we need to build that friendship again before we become more."

"That is very wise," Rachel commented.

"I have been talking to his Mom," Quinn said blushing slightly, "She's great."

"I know," Rachel said sitting next to her. "Did Sam tell you..."

"That you went with him to Tennessee this summer?" Quinn finished and Rachel nodded. "Yeah he did."

"His Mom was just so wonderful," Rachel said, "She made me feel better. I have been talking to her on the phone too, especially with this whole Shelby thing."

"Sharon could mother the whole world," Quinn said smiling.

"So you don't mind that I am talking to Mrs. Evans?" Rachel asked, "I don't want to overstep with you, ever again." Rachel had apologized for what she had done to her and Sam, and Quinn had forgiven her. Quinn was glad too, Rachel had been through so much already, so forgiving her was easy.

"I don't mind, Sharon is like the best Mom ever," Quinn assured her, "Just remember, those lady lips still belong to me." Rachel laughed.

"I like Mohawks, not abnormally large mouths," Rachel said and the girls broke into giggles.


"What do you want?" Santana said seeing Quinn standing next to her.

"Just wanted to say hi," Quinn said with a shrug.

"Hi?" Santana said shutting her locker, "Seriously? You move out without a word, then go nuts when you and Trouty Mouth break-up, and now all you have to say is hi?"

"I was messed up," Quinn said in her defense.

"Do you have any idea what kind of stuff I had to deal with over the summer?" Santana said sharply. "I am so scared of coming out to my parents and I needed my best friend."

"San..." Quinn started not realizing she had hurt Santana too.

"Whatever," Santana said cutting her off, "Sam's right, you can be selfish." Santana walked away leaving Quinn standing there.


"What are you doing?" Kurt said coming up to Mercedes and following her line of sight. She was watching Sam talking with Rachel and Puck, "Sam Evans? Really? I know you have had a crush on him forever, but he is taken."

"They broke up," Mercedes said sharper then she meant too, "And if they were going to get back together wouldn't it have happened by now?"

"I don't want you to get hurt," Kurt said gently. Sam started to walk towards them and he smiled and waved.

"They're broken up," Mercedes said again as if she was almost trying to prove it to herself. Kurt sighed. He gave Mercedes a quick hug and went to find Blaine. He was really glad his boyfriend went here now. Kurt hoped eventually Mercedes will get over her crush because Sam had, and always will be, Quinn's.


"Call me back Santana, please?" Quinn said into the phone. "I'm sorry, okay? Just call me back." Quinn hung up the phone and looked at it. Santana hadn't answered any of her texts or calls. Quinn got up and walked over to her dresser. On top of it were various pictures. A lot of her and Sam, some of her and the Evans family, and pictures of New Directions. Quinn picked a picture up and looked at it. It was of her and Santana earlier in the summer before everything went to hell. They were smiling for the camera and you could see how close they were. Quinn had been the first person Santana had confided in about her feelings for Brittney, and Santana wasn't the type to open up easily. Quinn set the picture down and called someone else.

"Hey Sammy."


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