Chapter 1-America


The land of freedom. The land of opportunity.

That's when she first met him, her future husband.

She'd first smelt America when she waltzed out of that elevator into the main floor of the NCIS building.

It smelt odd, really.

The stench of coffee mixed in with the waft of computers. Ziva knew that sounded stupid, but it did. There was also lots of perfume and deodorant. She'd guessed they liked to smell overly-good, but she knew over later years that that was not true.

She's first tasted America when one of the security members had offered her a Hershey bar. She'd hated the first mouth full, but craved the rest. Israel didn't offer much chocolate. America did.

She'd first touched America when she'd pressed the up button on the elevator. Thousands of Americans, young and old, black and white, security and non-security had touched it with a tip of their fingertip.

She'd first heard America when she'd heard some children visiting NCIS talking. Their high-pitched voices admired the guns of the brave agents and the grandeur of the offices. They laughed and gasped, awed and screamed.

She'd first seen America when she saw him. True, he always told her that he was the 'American Dream,' but in truth, she was his dream. When she saw him, she knew he was devishly handsome, but her mind and body rejected it.

He was talking. To himself, she saw. Well, it seemed that way. Ziva didn't find out the truth until years later. It was Tony's memories, and she respected that he had loved Kate. She was his first love, even though he always thought she was.

She'd watched him for a while and had kept in silence. His mouth was moving at the speed of light, but it looked as though his mind was going at a much lower state.

She hadn't realised at that point who he would be to her. Friend, partner. Boyfriend, fiancé. Husband and father to her daughter. In Israel, she supposed that she would just marry some Jewish man her father picked.

America and Tony had changed that.

He had then suddenly seen her, and faltered something.

Then she had uttered her first words outside of the American airport:

"Having phone sex?"

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