Chapter 26


One way to describe the love of Tony and Ziva. Even though they had their ups and downs, it was mostly a relationship full of calm and serenity.

Even their passing out of this world was Zen. Their nurse, Janet, found them outside on their special bench in their garden, holding each other's hands and resting on each other's shoulders.

Natalie was informed in the morning and even though she was upset, she found it calming to think that her parents had passed together. It was a comfort to her as she broke the news to the rest of the family in the living room in their house on the suburbs.

The funeral was full of Zen. The attendees wore white (Tony and Ziva had requested that in their wills) and the air was quiet. Tears strode down their cheeks as the couple were buried side-by-side in the graveyard of the church. They were set down just in front of a blossom tree.

There were a lot of guests there. Obviously all of the DiNozzo-David descendants were there, as well as the last remaining member of Team Gibbs- Abby. All of her family came also. Family of other members of Team Gibbs came to pay their respects, as well as friends and neighbors of the couple.

There was cake and food afterwards as Natalie prepared a beautiful speech,


Natalie stood up and clinked the wine glass. The guests were instantly silent as they turned to her, looks of expectations on each of their faces.

"As you know, we are here to celebrate the life and mourn the death of Tony and Ziva, my parents. They were great people. Scratch that, are great people. They're watching I know it, I definitely know it. Dad maintains he hates the flowers, but he secretly likes them. Mom loves them. She loves flowers and is still probably kicking Dad's ass, even in Heaven. I know that it's sad that they have passed, but they are still holding hands. They were married for 54 years, which is a record for Dad. I miss them all so much and I am sure you all do. So let's raise our glasses for Anthony Dimitri and Ziva Aliyah DiNozzo- some of the most loved people on the Earth. For Tony and Ziva!

"For Tony and Ziva!" the guests chorused, a smile on each of their faces.

End of flashback.

They were watching from heaven.

I should know, I was watching with them.

Because my name is Caitlin Elizabeth Todd, guardian angel of Tiva.


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