This is for our friend Kim Rathbone's Birthday. She has a heart of gold and she has gifted us with a part of her with each story she writes. We can say that it we will always treasure the moment she called us friends. Happy Birthday Kim we love you!

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Chapter 1: Southern Vampire Shake down Take down

I watched as the sky darkened to a midnight blue. Never in all my years would I have thought the inky, blue sky would seem almost eerie, but watching the fog roll across the valley below made it seem like a scene from a horror movie.

I looked over to my immortal sisters as they watched the flickering light from the campsite below. Purple smoke billowed in the air and I could feel the tense atmosphere around me.

I looked over to Mandy as she twirled her metal whip lazily around her waist. Her brown and red infused hair that always seemed to glow like it was lit with fire in the sunlight, whipped around her face. Her red eyes glowing with excitement as she leaned forward, ready to pounce on her unsuspecting victim.

Kim eyed the group of vampires below. She crouched lower to the ledge as she watched the alleged leader with her second and third in command walking around the feral newborns as they feasted on innocent humans. Three of the males circled a young human female, who, even from our point of view, was quaking in fear. We could hear her pleading and prayers as she sobbed.

"It's fucking disgusting how they dangle fresh blood in front of them. And just like the dogs they are they roll over on their fucking backs," Kim hissed.

I let out a low chuckle. "Calm down Kim, you'll get your chance to put them out of their misery."

We watched as the males threw themselves at the female, ripping her clothing from her body. They turned on themselves, snarling as they crouched before pouncing each other. The trio of leaders watched on, the woman laughed at the males before the screeching of a lost limb cut through the air.

The two males frowned and shook their heads in disgust. Before the male with the golden blond hair stepped forward and growled at the three males who immediately straightened from their crouches and cowered away from him.

We heard his commanding voice carry to us with the wind. "Incompetent fools, stop playing with the human and finish her off," he snarled before turning his back and walked away to the run down building that stood behind the fire pit. I saw, from the corner of my eye, Kim shivering from the sound of his voice. I smirked, maybe she'll loosen up a little if she got to keep him.

Mandy snickered as the woman yelled at the retreating male. She was upset that he had ruined her entertainment and demanded that he entertain her or suffer the consequences.

Kaori, or Warden as we liked to call her, and I scoffed at her words. Yeah this woman didn't really give him or the other male in charge any respect, but it didn't matter because after tonight she wouldn't matter.

After tonight, her rein over the southern states would cease. Perhaps we should keep her head to show her how a real takeover is done. I laughed lightly and the rest looked over at me as I shook my head and mouthed, "Later."

"So how should we do this? We weren't expecting the males to be with her. The golden blond guy, while he may be cute is deadly with his power. We don't know if he's actually in the building, he could have left," Kaori said as she stared at the building before quickly glancing at the newborns again.

"Well, Shay and I will be going after the Major, his Captain, and the bitch Maria. While you and Firelight over here will get rid of the newborns," Kim said with a air of boredom.

"Why the fuck do you two get to have all the fun?" Mandy growled out as she lightly snapped her whip against the ground causing sparks to fly up.

"We never said that you couldn't have a little fun, Firelight. Just make sure we are out of the building before you decide to torch the place," Kim said as she gave Mandy a small smile when she growled at the nickname Firelight.

"Yeah, we don't need another incident like last time."

"Damn it, Shay! I said I was sorry," Mandy said as she crossed her arms.

"Yeah, yeah, save your sorry, Firelight," Kim said.

"Yeah, Mandy, we could have been burned to a crisp. Unlike you, we can actually be hurt by the fires you start," Kaori growled out.

"Yeah, alright! I get it! You could have died, but, hey, look on the bright side, you're still alive-even if you will never let me hear the end of it for all eternity."

"Always seeing the positive side of things, huh Firelight?" Kim asked while taking a step back from the ledge.

"Yeah, well, someone has to be optimistic out of this little coven."

"Yeah, but Mandy sometimes you take it too far, it's like Carebears on crack with a glitter explosion," I noted as I moved back into the shadows.

"Well fuck you two very much. Just for that, I might not wait until you're out of the building before torching it."

"Damn it, Mandy stop taking them so seriously. For an optimist you sure think negatively," Kaori said as she moved toward the ledge and looked down.

"Fuck you, I'm not pessimistic. I'm the only one that keeps you bitches from walking into a burning inferno."

"Yeah that's only because you would fucking lose that sunny disposition on life if we died. Not to mention the fact that you tried to roast us yourself the last time," I said as my body shifted into one of the female spy vampires Maria had, who was believed to be on a mission. Such a shame she didn't make it, her final words were 'see you in hell bitches.'

"For the fucking last time I told you that I was sorry Chameleon."

"I know Firelight. We were just fucking with you. Now are you ready to unleash that anger you now have at the newborns or should we just keep pissing you off?" I questioned with a smirk.

"You bitches are cruel. I hate when you piss me off just to get your kicks. You all are sick and twisted."

"Yet you're still with us, so what does that say about you?" Kim smirked.

"Enough playing around, I'm ready for a good fight. I for one want the sick little fuckers who just played with the human female," Kaori said while growling.

"Relax, Warden, you'll get your fun."

"Yeah fun times with fifty newborns. What more can a girl ask for?" Mandy replied as the fire danced down her whip.

Kim smirked before looking at me. "Meet you at the bottom, Shay. First one there gets to go after Maria."

With that said, she jumped over the ledge. I could hear the whisper of her laughter. "That's fucking cheating," I murmured as I jumped after her. Our two sisters stood on the ledge and laughed before descending behind us.

We barely made a sound as we moved through the trees that surrounded the vacant building. The only sounds heard was the snarling and hisses that the newborns made.

"I can say this, I really don't miss being a newborn. You think we should have brought blood bags for distraction?" Kaori said as she frowned at a group of newborns surrounding one of the weaker females.

We saw and heard the ripping of her limbs as she let out a blood curdling scream that turned into an animalistic growl.

"Fucking sick." Mandy mumbled.

The stronger of the males threw himself on top of the body that was now missing her arms and legs. I looked over at Mandy and Kaori and saw evil glints in their eyes. Yep, that fucker was going to get painfully tortured before he was allowed to welcome the fiery embrace of death.

"Well, Reaper, it's time that you work your magic and pulled the puppet strings. You ready?" I asked as I gave her a side glance.

"Yes, and pray tell, what will you be doing, my little Chameleon?" Kim asked.

"Why I'm the main attraction. I'm about to give the world's best performance." I let a small smile grace my face.

"Always the one for dramatics," Kim said as she raised her perfectly arched brow.

"Nah, I leave the dramatics to you. I just like fucking with them," I smirked then took an unneeded breath before stepping out of the shadows of the trees.

I made my way forward to the fire. The males snapped and growled before deciding to try and test me. I let out a low warning growl before being rushed by the male who I recognized as the one who just finished playing with the unrecognizable female. He made his move only to be thrown away from me with just a quick move to the side and powerful kick to the abdomen.

I kept up my slow lazy stride as I moved toward the building. I watched out my peripheral as my sisters emerged from the tree line. Kim racing to my side as we quickened our pace to the building before the screams and growls erupted behind us. Then silence fell upon our ears and we knew Warden had frozen them, taking away their ability to make a sound.

Kim and I stopped just inside the door frame and sniffed the air. Her face gained a sinister grin as she caught the sweet yet tart smell of Maria. I shook my head and shooed her toward the path Maria had taken as I caught the whiff of the Major and the Captain. I watched as Kim skipped off, and laughed silently. I knew that Maria was most likely to get tortured first before Reaper got tired of playing her deadly game with her.

I made sure that Kim was out of sight before I shifted into a body I never wanted to become again. I looked down as my skin took on the same honey complexion that Maria had.

I could feel the wavy hair brushing along my back. I moved silently toward the door that had a dim glow coming from it. I opened the door with a bang announcing my presence to the two men inside the room. They looked at me and I could see brief displeasure that crossed their faces before returning to their previous stoic expressions.

"Yes, Maria, what do you want us to do for you now?" the guy who we knew was the Major's right hand man asked while running his hand through his short, wavy blond hair. I knew I was just supposed to give them a false mission that they would see right through but I decided to have a little fun first.

"Well, for starters, you can explain to me why the newborns are screeching like banshees. It's so fucking loud that I can't hear myself think," I growled out in my now slightly, husky tone.

"What the fuck do you want us to do about it Maria? Perhaps we should just let them have at each other and weed out the weak ones huh? I can't believe you would come at us with this shit when not even 15 minutes ago you were telling us to let them go at it and then clean up the mess later. Why the sudden change?"

The Major was looking at me with suspicion. I could hear the warning bells going off in my head, but I acted as if everything was normal and I ignored them.

Before I could answer, we heard a scream and then it was silent once more. I smiled at the thought that Kim had finally gotten rid of Maria. That was until I heard hissing and loud swearing coming from the hall moving toward the room that I was standing in with two male vampires who were now pissed off.

"What the fuck is going on Maria?" the Major growled out as he took a step toward me.


"Who the fuck is impersonating me?" I made the mistake at turning my head toward the door. The sound of Maria's voice carried through the hallway.

Before I could move, the Major had me in a headlock and I cursed Kim for not making sure that bitch's vocal cords were disconnected.

"So little girl who are you, if you are not Maria?" he growled in my ear.

"Now, now Major, it isn't nice to ask a lady for her name, you are supposed to wait until I give it to you," I said with a little laugh.

"But you see, Kitten, the Major here has the upper hand so it would be wise to just tell him your name."

"Oh does he now," I quickly maneuvered out of his grasp. I shifted into the Warden and froze them leaving their heads free. I did it before they could even register what was happening.

"Now what was that? Oh, right, you believed that you had the upper hand but now the tables have turned. So what are your names? I hate to say it but I only know you as Major and Captain."

"Why should we tell you our names?" they both growled out.

"Now boys don't be rude. I asked a question and to think we rid you of Maria. We were going to offer you a choice to fight by our sides. Men with your abilities should be worshipped not treated as lackeys."

"You have a silver tongue there girl. I bet it gets you in a lot of trouble," the Captain said.

"Oh, it does. But just as much as it gets her into trouble it also miraculously gets her out of it."

"Shut it Reaper."

"So, boys, are you going to give us those names? I would hate to force it out of you."

"Well since you asked so nicely, my name is Peter and this rude fucker is Jasper."

"Now that you know our names, how about you unfreeze us?" Jasper asked sweetly.

"Nah, maybe I'll leave you like that until you cool down. Never thought I'd see a vampire that seemed stressed. Then again, you have been working for a bitch."

I heard giggling coming from the hall before Mandy came skipping into the room. "That was so much fun." She came to a stop as she took in the scene before her.

"Whoa, this is weird. So, are we adding the notorious God of War and his brother in arms to our group of misfits or were you in the middle of getting ready to dispatch them?" Kaori asked. She didn't even blink an eye at seeing me or rather herself standing in front of her.

"No, please tell me you are not getting rid of them. They are too sexy to burn," Mandy said.

"I don't know Firelight. Jasper here sure looks like he wants to rip my head off the first moment he is free."

"Nah, I really don't think he has a death wish," Mandy said.

"No we don't have a death wish. If we did we would have jumped into the fire years ago," Peter said.

"That's good to hear," Kim said before she turned to Mandy and Kaori. "So have all the newborns been destroyed?"

"Yes, we would have been in here sooner if someone didn't decide that she would bust out in song as she was setting the vampires on fire."

"Song?" Kim and I both asked.

"Yeah, it was some weird version of 'Ninety-nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall' or should I say a song to the tune to it," Kaori said as she gave Mandy a look of amusement.

"It went like this: 'Fifty newborns standing in my way, fifty newborns standing in my way, you take one down and toss it in the fire, forty-nine newborns standing in my way,'" Mandy sang out loud.

"Okay, Firelight, we get it. I swear it's like you have energy drinks and sugar running through your veins instead of venom," Kim said.

"Enough talking about newborns, we need to go so we can torch this place. Even with this being an abandoned building the authorities will notice the huge cloud of smoke coming from this way," Kaori said.

"Shit she's right. So, you boys care to join us on our journey?" I asked.

"I say let's join them Major. These beautiful ladies are a mystery that I would love to solve," Peter said.

Unfortunately for him, Jasper wasn't listening. No, he was staring at Kim, his eyes clouded over in lust as she stood there looking at him with darkened eyes and licking her lips.

"Aw shit tell me you two are not about to get lovey dovey right now. We have to move and I mean ASA-Fucking-P. I'm sure that the damn fire outside is bigger than it was, so save the eye lust fuck for later," I growled out.

Kim huffed, "Fine, Chameleon. Here Firelight, hold the bitch's head."

She tossed Mandy the head of Maria who was still growling, before looking at me. "Are you going to release them?"

"Yeah, yeah, now boys, no funny business or I'll have Warden freeze you again and leave you here to burn with the building."

"Well that depends on the kind of funny business you're talking about." I shot Peter a glare. "Okay, alright, no funny business. Damn, Kitten, you need to loosen up, you're kind of uptight."

I released them before I shifted back into my natural body.

"So this is what you really look like?" Jasper asked me.

"Yeah, this is who I am," I said with a nod and a wave of my hand down my body.

"Well, shit, there goes my fantasy of doing twins. Ow, shit, what the hell was that for?" Peter asked Jasper as he rubbed his head.

"Show some damn respect or at least keep your damn fantasies inside your head," he growled out.

"But if I do that then how would I get them to become reality?" Peter asked.

"I don't know..."

Jasper was cut off by the husky tone of Maria, "I can't believe you two would stand there and agree to go with these woman. What about me? What about loyalty? Remember, I gave you life Jasper. Remember all the times that we would lay in bed together after we took down another army?"

Her ranting was cut off by Mandy shoving a dirty cloth that was on the floor into her mouth. We all looked at Jasper and Peter. Jasper looked away from us. "She was all I knew when I was turned and well eternity is a long time without getting laid."

We heard a muffled growl before a thud followed by another low growl. The sizzle and smell of smoke had us turning our head back to Mandy who stood there with an innocent look while holding Maria's burning head.

"What? The bitch growled at me," she said with a shrug.

"Whatever, Firelight, toss that shit to the side and lets go," Kim said.

We raced out of the building. Mandy was behind all of us as she lit it on fire. We could hear her humming Johnny Cash's song 'Ring of Fire.' I wonder if I didn't pump enough venom in her when I changed her.

We emerged back inside the forest just as we heard the first siren sound through the night. I turned at the sound of purring and looked over to see Kim leaning into Jasper. Fuck we didn't have time for this but I for one was not foolish enough to interrupt them from their instinct. Warden, on the other hand, didn't have the same restraint as me.

"Take that shit deeper into the forest unless you want to get caught in the act by nosy officers who will be searching the treeline. In fact, we all need to move and then these two fuckers can fuck like bunnies for all I care."

We moved further into the forest until we reached the outskirts of Oklahoma. We heard a loud growl before the sound of bodies colliding reached our ears.

"I'm surprised they lasted this long," Mandy whispered.

"I'm going for a hunt," Warden said as the growls and the purrs got louder.

"Yeah, me too." The rest of us stated before racing away from the couple.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Mandy yelled over her shoulder.

"We'll be back before morning light. That gives you four hours make it count!" Kaori yelled out.

Kim's POV *Lemon*

I wasn't sure how long we ran for, but after far too long Jasper launched at me. He kissed me hard and fast shoving his tongue in my mouth. We heard the others saying they were leaving but I paid them no attention.

"Damn, Darlin'! You are the sexiest thing I have ever seen," Jasper drawled as he pulled my shirt over my head. I helped him out of his shirt too, only breaking our kiss to get them over our heads.

"Jasper, please." I needed this man and I needed him now.

"Please what, Darlin'?" he smirked at me.

"I need you, Jasper. Now!" With that, he shoved my jeans down my legs. I pulled off my boots then pulled my jeans off completely. Jasper followed my lead taking his black cowboy boots off and his jeans landed on top of mine. As soon as we were both naked he attacked me again. He lifted me up by my ass and slammed me against the closest tree. I heard it splinter behind my back but didn't really give two flying fucks. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he wasted no time slamming into me. I screamed out in pleasure as he started to pound into me over and over again.

"Darlin', so wet, so tight. Holy fuck!" he screamed out. I heard the birds take off out from the trees, surrounding us. He was snarling now and it just turned me on even more. I wrapped my hands in his hair and pulled him to me. I guess I pulled him too hard because we went crashing through the tree behind us. I leaned on my back with him still fucking me hard. I could feel myself getting close and I'm sure he could too with his power and shit. He just growled at me then he bit into my neck. Holy Fuck! That was all it took and I went flying over the edge into the most intense orgasm I've ever had.

Jasper kept fucking me threw my orgasm and as soon as I started to come down from my high, he just picked me up and walked us to another tree. This time, he leaned back against it as he fucked me good and proper. I could feel him pumping me full of lust and desire. I think I even felt a little bit of love in there too. I know what him marking me means and I can't find it in to me to give a shit though.

"Jasper, fuck. I'm close again. Cum with me this time please." I was pleading with him. I needed him to cum this time. I also needed to mark him as mine. I was like a power over me. I need to mark my mate!

"Darlin' do it! Mark me, baby! Make me yours too!" he screamed out at me. With that, I kissed him hard. Then I trailed kisses to where his neck and shoulder met. He kept slamming into me and as I sank my teeth into him he released inside me setting off my own release.

I looked around us then and noticed that we didn't only knock down those few trees but more like 7 or eight. We had made a small clearing. Oops. Oh well.

Jasper settled us down on the ground with me lying on his chest. He was purring and I started to purr in return. He was nuzzling his mark too. His hands ran all over my body but he stopped when he got to my lower back. I knew what he found. He growled out at me.

"What the fuck happened to your back? I know what the scars on your arms and shoulders are from since I'm covered in them myself, but, baby, what did this too you?" He was still growling lowly.

I sat up a bit and pulled away from him. He wouldn't have it and pulled me into his lap. He continued to purr and nuzzle my neck. Most likely feeling my distress. I didn't want to tell him what happened. I had been stupid and he would most likely take it out on her.

"Baby, you need to tell me before I start to flip out."

"Ok, but you need to promise me that you won't freak out. It was really my fault."

"I'll try but I won't promise nothin' Darlin'."

"Fine, I guess that's good enough." He smiled at me.

"See, Shay, my sister who can change her appearance and I have this thing, we like to piss Mandy, the one who can set fires, off. Well I took it too far one day. She was already in a bad mood, which is really rare; but, anyway, Shay and I were fuckin' around with her, saying shit about how she had no control over her whip or powers. It was right after she had set fire to a building we were all in. She had thought we had made it out but we got stopped by some newborns and she didn't notice that we weren't behind her. Well I kept going on and on, but Shay had stopped when she noticed just how pissed Mandy was. I didn't really care. She warned me a few times to shut the fuck up or she would show me just how in control she was. I really should have listened because as I saw her whip come to life I tried to run but it was to late. She snapped that fucker against my back. Warden couldn't even freeze her before she had it across my back and it was gone." Jasper growled as I finished with my story.

"Jasper, really, you can't be mad at her. We all know she truly is ruled by her emotions. Shay and I have to piss her off before we go into battle all the time. Otherwise, she hates using her power. She knows just how bad it is and I swear she is popping happy pills behind our backs." I smiled at him and he kissed me lightly.

"Fine, but I'm not happy and if she ever does it again I will hurt her."

"You still don't get it Jasper. I knew what would happen. She needed to get her emotions out. She's a walking time bomb if she doesn't. I just went too far with her."

"Okay, baby, but if she gets like that again, I will help her." I just smiled at him. I turned myself around so I was straddling his waist as he slid into me.

"Jasper... I... Love... You.." I moaned out as I rocked back and forth on him. He pulled me to his chest and kissed me hard pumping me full of love and desire.

" Darlin', love you, too." I started to move fast on him. Coming closer and closer to our release, we kissed hard and he was purring into my mouth. I was so close.

"Jasper... Close.." I whimpered between kisses.

"Cum for me baby..." And I did. Just like that. He sank his teeth into me again. When he removed his teeth he licked his mark and I moaned out as I sank mine into him. He came then with a loud scream.

We sat there just holding each other and, when we heard the girls getting closer, we quickly stood to get redressed.

End of Kim's POV *Lemon*

We walked into the small clearing that Kim and Jasper made. We took one look at the pair and started laughing. They both looked like shit there were twigs and dirt matted in their hair. Yet, they both had that 'I just had the best fuck in my life'

smile across their faces.

"Well, I can say that you two had a good time. This area reeks of sex," Kaori said.

"Oh don't ruin their moment. Call it a celebratory fuck for the end of Maria's reign," Mandy said.

"Yeah, it's been a..." I stopped in mid-sentence as I heard a twig snap and saw a blur move from the trees to the right.

We all froze as we took in the scent. None of us girls recognized the scent but Jasper and Peter both sniffed before letting the name slip from their lips.