Mistresses of Pain

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters created and owned by Stephenie Meyer. No money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.

Summary: Four sisters bonded not only through their harsh life, but forever linked by venom. Tired of how vampires are ruled they set out to change it one powerful leader at a time. Finding love along the way won't stop them from bringing pain to those who deserve it.

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Epilogue: The Last To Fall

They kicked ass and took names. Do you seriously need to know more? The girls got their mates. Kim and the Major are still tearing up trees. Peter still chases behind Jane. Kaori and Paul love the beaches after midnight. Shay laughs every time she sees a shiny silver Volvo while Embry gets a goofy grin. Mandy has calmed down now that she gets laid by Felix and Demetri on a daily basis. Esmeralda learns how to finally just live with her mate Alec. Caius loves to cause fuckery and is a flirt. The Cullens are no longer being held captive thanks to Kim's power, so they went on their merry little way. So, you see nothing exciting, they came, they saw, they conquered Volterra, end of fucking story!

A/N: Awww did you really think we would leave you with that fucked up epilogue? You did, didn't you. Well thanks for the vote confidence. I beg your pardon but we're not that fucking mean. Really we're not, well unless you take Firelight's Funshine Bear. *shudders * Yeah I wouldn't want to be the person who does that. Well, ladies and gentlemen if you really want to know what happens to our lovely Mistresses of Pain and their mates than keep reading.

Kaori's POV

4 years later...

It's funny how after you've been fighting all your life without wanting to do it, but doing it to survive-that once there is no need for fighting that's all you want to do.

"Kaori, Shay why the fuck are we sparring?" Kim asked as Shay was blocking Mandy's whip.

"Yeah, why the practice? I mean we fucking won," Mandy huffed out.

"Because you never know when you need to be prepared. You don't want to become complacent. That's what happened with Maria and Aro, they believed they were untouchable and look where they are now," I said as I blocked Kim's kick.

"Let's just put it in Harry Potter terminology, constant vigilance! Remember there is always someone out there lurking, ready for us to slack up and get cocky," Shay said just as the guys walked in with Jane and Esmeralda.

"I'm sorry, kitten, but I'm always cocky." Peter said with a waggle of his brows. "Ow, shit Jane, I'm sorry," Peter cried as his beloved little Jane gave him a small dose of pain.

"I swear, Peter, you are masochistic because you seem to like getting pain sent to you on more than one account a day," Kim said as she moved to spar with Shay and Esmeralda stood in front of me.

He shrugged his shoulders as he and Caius paired off. It was always fun to watch those two fight. It never fails, they always start off playful before it turns into a real competition to see who will fall first.

"So how was the trip down south?" Shay asked.

Peter and Caius stood from their crouches. While Paul in wolf form stopped circling Jasper. We all waited to see what smart ass remark Peter would say as he smirked.

"It was very tasty," Peter said with a wink and lick of his lips at Jane. Shay rolled her eyes and turned to Caius.

"Caius, I know you'll give me the answer I want instead of a peek into your sex deprived mind." Shay said as she glanced at Peter and flipped him off before looking back at Caius.

Caius smirked at Peter and started to walk toward Shay. He had a glint in his eye, shit I know that look. Fuck, he's been hanging with Paul, Peter and Jasper too much. I still think he harbors a crush on Shay and Kim.

"Well, ma bella, I've asked you numerous times to have a taste...Ow shit Shay!" he yelled as Shay hit him, Embry let out a low growl as he padded forward. "Alright, fuck, I'm sorry. Okay everything was fucking fine. ."

"Excuse me, what the fuck did you say?" I growled out. Caius moved behind Peter and Paul.

"Um...we almost lost Paul and Embry to some crazy chick who likes to collect. She was a wannabe Maria. Such a shame we had to kill her, I think Ana would have made a perfect guard member. Peter ripped her head off when she threatened Paul and Embry. Fucker went all crazy saying he wasn't having his ass handed to him by crazy female vampires with a knack for torturing and control issues," he said, while shoving Peter forward.

"Fucker, I don't have control issues. Felix! Demetri! Tell this asshole I don't have control issues!" Mandy snapped out as she cracked her whip against the stone floor.

"Right, I can see that you so don't have control issues," Peter muttered.

"He acts like whips and chains don't excite him. We all know that all Jane has to do is threaten him with no sex and the fucker relinquishes all control to her," Kim said.

"I don't have control issues and I don't torture, I give fucking options. You either agree with my terms or suffer the consequences," I told him.

"Oh that's not controlling at all," Jasper and Caius said sarcastically.

"Shut it, fuckers," Kim and Shay said at the same time. "It's either our way or no sex," they said.

"And we all know just how you guys love sex," I said with a smile.

"You bitches are cruel," Peter said as he dodged Jane's stare by throwing Caius in the line of fire.

"Don't act like you girls don't enjoy the sex too," Jasper said as he looked Kim up and down before she dropped to her knees with a gasp that turned into a moan.

"You're... fucking playing... dirty... Major," Kim gasped out.

"Oh Darlin', don't act like you don't enjoy when I play dirty. It seems you forget that someone enjoys biting," he said as his eyes darkened.

"Fuck Jasperrrrr," Kim purred out

"That's right, Darlin', say my name." .

"Okay, this is just too much. I need to find a room with my boys," Mandy said as her eyes darkened.

Jasper was fucking projecting again. I couldn't help but moan and look at Paul who had phased back into human form. Fuck sparring, I'd much rather...

"Fucking stop, Jasper," Shay growled out. She was trying to keep herself upright but the shivers that racked her body had her groaning as she shot glares at Jasper.

Everyone had evolved in their powers during this last four years. Mandy was able to just look at someone now and engulf them in flames. Kim was now doing more than just erasing memories and placing false ones. No, she could now shut down someone's system from inside their mind; call it complete mind and body control. I could freeze and now shatter someone as if they were made of glass. But Shay, she didn't even have to fully shift now. She just took on certain traits of the other person. Sorta like she is doing now.

I watched as Shay's hair turned honey blond, she gave a nod to Esmeralda who was looking at all of us with a smile.

"I think I'm glad that I can't get hit with what ever feel good mojo wonder dust the Major is sending out," Esmeralda said as she looked at Jasper and the lust evaporated but the damage was done.

We were all horny, but then Shay of course sent out some calm. Immediately everyone shook off the lust haze they were in and looked at Shay and Jasper. Shay had turned and glared at Jasper who just looked away with a smirk.

"Fucker, you could have easily just sent that lustfuck shit at Kim. Why the fuck did you project that shit onto the rest of us?" Shay asked him.

"I know I could have,but I thought I would share the love. I mean you and Kaori look like you could use some love in your life," he said while laughing.

"I don't need help with getting laid Jasper I have a mate who takes care of that daily," I said while looking at Paul's naked form up and down. My mate knew nothing about modesty and I loved that about him.

"Shit, Shay, you ruined all the fun. I was hoping to see another Mandy performance," Peter said as he dodged a hit from Jane.

"Fuck watching just Mandy, I was looking for an orgy. Shay, do you hate me so much you would ruin all the fun of seeing or even having some action?" Caius looked at Shay with a pained expression.

"Hey Mal-toy, if I were you, I wouldn't keep hinting that you want to see Shay naked. I mean Embry can only take so much and right now he looks ready to tear you apart. Must be the fact that Shay cock blocked her own mate," Mandy said with a smile on her face.

"I didn't fucking cock block, he knows he can have me anytime he wants me. Just not right now," Shay said.

"You know, I think I actually prefer Malfoy to Mal-toy. You know I've always wondered how the hell you came up with such a ridiculous twist of the Malfoy name. Why do you call me Mal-toy?" Caius asked Mandy with a raised brow.

"Well, I won't lie. I think you are way hotter than Malfoy. I just seem to think that if I wasn't mated you would be like a life sized, almost Malfoy look alike sex toy," Mandy said with a shrug.

"Sex toy! Maybe for Shay or Kim, hell even Kaori even with being slightly intimidated by her." There were growls erupting around us from Caius words. I swear our mates were jealous and possessive fools. "But you, Mandy, I'll admit, scare me. I couldn't be your sex toy. I'd be afraid that you'd get pissed off one day and burn my dick off and I'm quite fond of that part of my anatomy," Caius said as he looked at Mandy and shuddered.

"That's funny because Shay could do the same you know," Mandy said as she laughed.

"Um...yes this is true, but you see Mandy you're a bit unstable. I'm talking about Red Queen, Mad Hatter unstable and, well, the other girls are crazy, but they wouldn't burn someone just for looking at them at what they assumed was a funny look," he said as he rubbed the scar he had on the back of his left hand.

"I'm not unstable you bastard. At least I don't have a fucking death wish. You keep checking out Shay and Kim like you do and well let's just say it will be off with your head." Mandy let out a maniacal laughter.

I think she's been hanging with Peter too much as well. The girl has finally lost her cheerfulness and gone straight to looneyland. Hmmm...I wonder if they have a crazy Care Bear? Probably not, we could probably make one up though and call it Pyro-bear or maybe Schizo-bear. I looked up when I heard the sound of laughter. Shay was leaning over laughing while looking between me and Mandy. Fuck I hate when she peeks into my mind. 'Get the fuck out of my head Shay or I'll kick your ass for reading my thoughts.'

She stood up and wiped the smile off her face only to replace it with a smirk. 'I'd like to see you try Kaori,' her words rang out in my head. Huh, wonder where she picked up that little trick? I smiled at her before dropping down into a defensive stance. She mimicked my stance with a twisted little smile on her face.

"You underestimate me, dear sister," Shay drawled sweetly.

"I never underestimate you. You underestimate me, but after today you will never do it again," I said as we started to move toward each other.

Everyone had stepped out of our way. I could hear Peter and the rest of guys making bets on who would be the first to lose a limb. I smiled at Shay and she let out a low growl and sending me a wink on the sly.

The fuckers always expected us to really go head to head. I rushed forward as did Shay, but we both twisted at the last minute. I pounced on an unsuspecting Peter, as Shay pounced on Jasper pulling a surprised Kim right along with them.

"What the fuck Shay!" Kim shouted out as she looked at her ripped shirt.

"Oh stop your bitching; I'll get you a new shirt," Shay said as she laughed at Jasper's pout.

"Oh don't look so down Jasper you should always stay on guard. You know around us we take..."

There was a loud sharp knock coming from the main doors that sliced through the room. Shay, at once, closed her mouth and tilted her head toward the direction the knock came from.

I looked at Shay and tapped my head indicating that I wanted her to talk to me mentally. She gave me a quick nod before looking at Mandy and Kim who both were already on high alert as well as their mates.

'Who is it Shay?' I asked her as I silently moved over to Paul's side.

'I don't know Kaori but who ever the fuck it is, is not welcome here,'she answered as we all moved toward the new refurbished throne room.

We all fucking hated that room, if we didn't have to be in there to hold meetings we pretty much would have avoided the room. Shay and Kim, especially, both hated being leaders, while they had no problem being leaders of our little group.

Being leaders over every vampire was just too much. They were both intimidating bitches, but they hated the fucking spotlight. Shay literally shoves Caius or Jasper out in front. Hence the reason why everyone still believed that Caius was ruling even when he said he would rather be a guard than a ruler.

He, being the smart ass that he is, said that being a ruler everyone had these expectations of you. Plus it was fucking boring he didn't get to see enough action as he would have liked. But now he's back playing king because Shay asked him to play the part he's being playing for so long.

We walked into the throne room and took our places. Kim was standing beside Jasper who was sitting on one of the marble thrones. Shay and Mandy was on either side of Caius's new throne and I stood beside Peter who was sitting on the remaining throne.

Caius gave a nod to Esmeralda who rushed out of the throne room to answer the door. We waited; Shay and Mandy kept glancing around the room. While I knew Shay was trying to listen for intruders coming from elsewhere, Mandy was likely just looking around out of sheer boredom.

Mandy was snapping her fingers and letting little fire sparks ignite before Shay nudged her and shook her head. Mandy huffed and stopped before she started tapping her foot. Shay just rolled her eyes and leaned against the side of Caius's throne.

We were waiting for five minutes before we heard the telltale sound of footsteps approaching, Esmeralda's heels sounding out against the stone walls of the hallway. The low murmurs of masculine voices reached my ears.

The doors were flung open and Esmeralda walked in with a look of pure loathing set across her face. Walking behind her were two short fuckers. I mean they had to be 5'3" or 5'4" because they weren't taller than Shay, Mandy, or me. Behind them were two burly ape like guys that looked like the transformation didn't help them with looks at all. There was no way they would be able to dazzle anyone into following them, scare them-yes, but making them lust after them-no fucking way.

I heard Caius growl and I looked over to see him baring his teeth at these new arrivals.

"Master, we have visitors," Esmeralda said with a smirk on her face as she bowed before us.

Caius dismissed her with a slight wave of his hand as he straightened back up in his throne. Shay had put a calming hand on his shoulder as she looked at our visitors with a hard glare. I suspected that she was sending some tranquility to Caius because he seemed too calm.

"Ah, so I see the rumors are true. Aro and Marcus are no longer amongst us. But I was misinformed because I was told all of the kings were destroyed," the male with the ashy blond hair said.

"Well, I'm sorry you have been misinformed. As you can see I'm still very much alive," Caius said with just a hint of a growl.

Shay had moved slightly forward and tilted her head as she looked at the four males standing before us.

'I can't read them Kaori. They've got a shield with them. It has to be one of the gorilla fuckers they have because there is just no way they have them for their looks,' Shay's words entered my mind with the feel of agitation while her outside appearance remained stoic.

"I can see that you've acquired some new guards. Such beautiful ladies. But I must ask you, what happened to the lovely little beauty Athenodora? She was your mate wasn't she?" the dark haired man questioned as he twisted up his lips into a slight smile.

"Does it matter? She is no more," Caius said.

"Such a shame, but I can see why you would get rid of her. You have such beautiful women surrounding you. May I ask how did you came across such beauties?"

"No, you may not. I didn't collect them they are not prisoners here."

"Well, can we have their names?" the dark haired man asked.

"Ask them yourselves," Caius repliedd with a dark glint in his eyes.

The blond looked at Mandy and licked his lips. "Who might you be little, beautiful one?"

"Deadly, taken, and too hot for you," Mandy said in a bored tone.

Shay covered her laugh as she and Mandy exchanged low-fives behind Caius's throne.

"And you are?" Shay asked. The cold look she gave this man made me shudder. I could tell even he was affected by the look from the way he took a step back. He looked at Caius, who just shrugged.

"Well answer the lady," he said.

"My name is Vladimir and this is my brother Stefan." He nodded to the shorter guy behind him with dark brown hair.

"Ah, and what business do you have here amongst kings, Vladimir?" Shay asked him.

"Ah, Caius,you should tell this young one that she should learn how to speak to an elder. She needs to learn how to show some respect, I could teach her if you like?" Stefan said with a dangerous dark smile gracing his face.

"Who the hell do you think you are to say I need to learn how to be respectful? I give respect to those who deserve it. You come in here with the expectation that we should automatically give you respect. If that's the case than your expectations are too fucking high!" Shay snarled out as Mandy placed a hand on her shoulder and whispered in her ear. Shay visibly relaxed, but she shot a glare at Stefan.

"Oh my, Caius, she's a fiery one. I can see why you keep her around," Stefan said.

Caius let a low warning growl out. "For the last time, she is not a prisoner here. She comes and goes as she pleases. Just like the rest of the ladies. To be quite honest, she's not the one you have to worry about being fiery, it's the girl next to her.

I looked over to see Mandy give them a playful smile before she bared her teeth and growled. Shay had tilted her head back slightly and her face went from a mask of indifference to fury before lapsing back into indifference once again.

She leaned forward and whispered in Caius's ear, and while his face remained a cold indifference his hands tightened upon the marble armrests causing small marble particles to fall upon the floor. Shay moved from his side and walked toward Jasper's chair, she squatted beside him and whispered what I assumed was the same of what she told Caius.

She walked past me and whispered softly, "They didn't come alone, there are more intruders." I nodded my head, wondering just how many more were there. She gave me a small smile. "Fifteen more, Warden."

I growled softly. "Stay out of my head,Chameleon."

She laughed softly and shook her head. "Then perhaps you shouldn't think so loudly my dear sister."

I watched her walk down the steps and pass by Vladimir and Stefan with their two apes. She growled softly and snapped her teeth at them. They both flinched and she smirked. She nodded to Jane who smiled at her and moved away from her brother's side. They both exited the throne room with sinister grins plastered across their faces. For a moment I actually felt sorry for whomever would encounter them.

Shay was in a strangely foul mood today. Secretly, I agreed with Jasper, she needed some love in her life. I giggled quietly to myself at the thought. I knew that something was troubling her and when she heard the knock she didn't really seem surprised. It was as if she knew some shit would go down today.

She had been pushing us to train all morning to the point that even I was ready to snap at her. In fact, she wasn't the only one off, Peter was not his usual self and he and Shay would talk in hushed tones for what seemed like hours. Hell, if I didn't know that they were deeply in love with their mates, I would have thought that they were having an affair.

I snapped out of that train of thought when another entered my mind. We usually stood by our mates, but she literally pushed us away from them when we entered the throne room. That little bitch knew something was going down and she didn't tell us. I swear when this is over, we are going to have a long talk about being honest with family.

"So, Caius, do tell me how you charmed such exotic women to stand by your side? After all, we know how cruel you can be with such jewels," Vladimir said.

What the fuck? That's my brother they are bad mouthing, and he speaks of us as if we are common whores. "Listen here, Vladdy, no one and I mean no one talks to my brother like that. And another thing, do we look like fucking diamond encrusted arm pieces? No, I don't think we do. I'd advise you to calm that tongue of yours before I remove it," Kim growled.

"Yeah, that wicked silver tongue of yours will go up in flames just as quickly as the rest of you if you don't watch it," Mandy said in a sickly sweet tone.

"How dare you speak to me like that you little b..."

He didn't have a chance to finish his sentence as a fireball went soaring past his shoulder. "That was just a warning, next time I won't miss," Mandy said as she inspected her nails, not even bothering to look at him.

Just then the doors to the throne room slammed open and Shay strolled back in with a smile. She was carrying two severed heads and her clothes were covered in venom. I could hear Embry groan lightly, while Mandy growled.

"What the fuck bitch, you couldn't have invited me to the fucking awesome tea party you just had?"

Jane came walking in behind her twirling a lighter and what looked like a fucking hand. Upon seeing this Mandy went off, "Oh, I see, you didn't invite me but Jane got to go. Well, that's fucked up. You are so off my friend list Chameleon, expect nothing for Christmas this year. I've been fucking replaced! Warden, Reaper do you see this shit? Fucking no love whatsoever. I didn't even get the damn memo that I was replaced," Mandy was rambling on and on, her hands were ignited and Caius moved forward with a look of sheer horror.

"Firelight, calm yourself and shut the fuck up! Take care of this last fucker, we saved him just for you," Shay snapped her fingers and Jane stepped outside the door and pulled a guy who was missing a hand into the room.

His eyes were completely vacant looking before Shay looked at him and his eyes seemed to show life once again. He automatically started snarling and thrashing about. Mandy looked on with a look of a kid who got the best Christmas present ever.

"Ah ah fucker we don't want you to lose that other hand before my sister has time to play." Shay turned to look at Mandy. "Still want to unfriend me?"

"Fuck no, he looks pissed which will make killing him all the sweeter," Mandy said as she moved from Caius's side. He let out a sigh of relief to have her deadly hands away from his person.

"It wasn't very nice to bring others to try and attack us," Shay said to Vladimir.

She was walking back up to Caius's side when Vladimir growled at her and completely blindsided her with a kick. I watched as my sister went soaring across the room. She landed with a thud, causing the floor beneath her to crack.

The room suddenly got eerily quiet as I watched Mandy turn the guy into ash before she turned and cocked her head at Vladimir. Suddenly, there was a loud growl that pierced through the room. My head snapped to the left to see Kim glaring at Vladimir. I looked back at Vladimir to see him lean back slightly back from Kim's imposing figure. Mandy giggled from behind him. "Ooooh, someone's going to get it," she said before giggling again.

I saw Shay get up from her fallen position on the floor ,completely stunned and pissed off. She took a step forward but Kim raised her hand and Shay stopped still and gave her a slight nod.

I watched as Stefan crouched slowly with his brother along with Twiddle-Dee and Twiddle-Dum. Well, we can't have any of that, I stepped down from my spot next to Peter, just as Kim was moving slowly toward Vladimir with a maniacal grin.

"Now boys, you seriously aren't going to try and attack us are you?" Kim asked.

I looked over at Mandy who had a smile on her face with her arms crossed. She nodded towards Stefan and Vladimir and gave me a pointed look. It was her way of saying that she was not interfering. Of course, she pointed to the two supposed guards before pointing to herself. I smiled, she could have a go at those two, I wanted that fucking bastard Stefan.

"Beaux, Alano, take care of these foolish women," Vladimir ordered as he stood from his crouch and stepped aside.

Were those seriously their names? Well, fuck, their parents had high hopes. Seriously handsome those two were not, and it seemed their personalities weren't that great either. I crouched to prepare for the attack and saw Kim do the same.

It was unnecessary though, before they could even take a step, one dropped to the floor, writhing in pain before freezing in what seemed to be a state of frozen pain. His whole body shattered into tiny pieces.

I looked slightly to my right to see Shay smirking and Jane standing beside her now with a gleeful smile. Just then, idiot number two burst into flames causing the little piece of the other fucker around him to ignite as well.

Mandy giggled. "Well now the playing field is even. You boys ought to be ashamed of yourselves, trying to gang up on my sisters." She gave them a smile and skipped to her mates.

I looked at Kim and we both turned and grinned at the two supposed infamous Romanian leaders who were exiled. "You know, you two clearly didn't think this plan to overthrow us through. Not only did you not bring enough man power, but you really didn't factor in our skills. You really should have stopped when you had the chance to walk out of here alive," I said.

Just as the words left my mouth, Stefan launched at me. I twirled to the side to avoid him. I saw out of my peripheral vision, Kim and Vladimir engaged in combat.

She looked absolutely feral as she blocked and counterattacked his every move. Stefan had shook off his confusion and rushed me again. This time, I stood my ground and flipped him over me before sending a roundhouse kick to his side. He hopped back to his feet and rushed me again. We exchanged a few punches when he grabbed my wrist and bit me. I let out a shriek of anger and I could hear my mate growling to the side of the room. I looked at a now smirking Stefan as he wiped venom from the side of his mouth.

"Now, you will forever carry my mark you little bitch," he said.

I laughed at him. "You are going to regret biting me," I growled at him. I was tired of playing around with this asshole, if he wanted to fight dirty, then two can play that way. I beckoned him with my fingers to come forth. He growled and rushed me again, this fucker fought like a damn newborn instead of a centuries old vampire. I dropped to the floor as he sailed over me. I kicked him and he landed against the far side wall, cracking it from the floor to the ceiling. I hopped up and turned to face him. His face was contorted with rage and venom was running down his chin as he snarled and snapped at me. I was getting tired of this and he was no real competition. It was no fun if there was no real challenge. I took in his crouched form as he prepared to launch himself at me again.

"Well, as fun as this has been Stefan, I'm afraid I've grown tired of this fight or should I say lack of fight. Any last words?" I looked him in the eye and could see the fear and determination.

"Yeah, see you in hell bitch!" he roared at me as venom flew out of his mouth."

I tsked at him and his eyes widened when he realized he couldn't move. The fight between Kim and Vladimir continued on behind us.

"Wrong answer. Well, Stefan, seeing as hell is where you're going, when you get there, give my best to Maria, Aro, and Marcus. Tell them that the Warden sent you," I said.

With a quick glance at him, his body shattered. Chunks of dead flesh showered over me, landing in my hair. I scrunched up my nose at the smell of his rancid venom.

I turned back around and watched my sister fight. She was deadly with her blows and struck at Vladimir like a cobra. I could see venom leaking from different places of his body. He was missing a hand and there were pieces of his marble-like flesh gone from his face. I could tell that his shoulder was missing a large portion.

I knew that Kim was fast and that she was deadly accurate when it came to fighting, but I had never watched her fight. I finally got to see why Shay called her Reaper. There was no way out of her deadly game, and once she started it, she finished it. There was no pleading your way out of death with her. I guess that's why Shay and her always teamed up when we went against others. They balanced one another just as I balanced Mandy, or perhaps kept her level-headed.

I watched Kim rip Vladimir's head off in one smooth move. I guess she was getting tired of playing with him. She placed his head on the floor and faced it to his body. His headless body was still standing and thrashing about. I didn't understand why it didn't fall. When I looked towards Shay who was looking at the body with concentration and a sly grin on her face. Well, fuck, now I know why they did the torturing together. Shay and Kim might as well rename themselves the deadliest, gruesome twosome.

"Such a shame that your last moments will be of seeing yourself being ripped apart," Kim said to him as she moved toward his body.

I watched in sick fascination as she ripped his body apart. She started by taking off his other hand. She then moved up to his elbows, then his shoulders. She did the same with his legs. Feet came off first, then she ripped at his knees and finally at his hips. He was just a torso now. Mandy came over and lit the pile of body parts on fire with a sick smile on her face. She patted Kim on the back and went back to her mates. Kim threw his torso on the pile. All that was left was his head and he was forced to watch himself burn.

"Hey, Reaper, I've got a question. You think his brain receptors carry the pain of his body, now that his head is disconnected?" Mandy asked her.

Kim donned a thoughtful look before shrugging. "Don't know, ask him."

Mandy looked at Vladimir's head and laughed before shaking her head. "Hey, shish-kabob, do you feel the pain of your body being burned?"

He remained silent, his face twisted in horror. Mandy turned and poked her lip out at Kim. "He's not answering me. Why isn't he answering? I asked nicely," she said with a pout. Her mates wrapped their arms around her as she glared at the head of Vladimir.

"It's probably the fact that Kim disconnected his vocal cords," Shay said as she came walking up to where Kim was standing, looking at the small fire with a look of satisfaction. Shay stooped down and looked at Vladimir. "You know, my sister really didn't improve your looks. Oh well, listen I know you can understand me so just answer Firelight's question. Do. You. Feel. The. Pain?" Shay asked him slowly and with a thump to his head with each word. "Blink once for no and twice for yes," Shay instructed.

"It looks like he's not willing to be cooperative," I said while crossing my arms.

I watched as red strikes formed throughout Shay's hair. "Perhaps he needs a little help with answering," she growled out as she picked up his head by the hair. She lit her fingers on the hand that wasn't holding his hair on fire. Holding underneath his head where the venom was dripping and causing the flame to flare slightly, she smiled a wicked smile. "Let's try this again. Did you feel the pain?"

His eyes began to blink rapidly as he looked at her. She let the flame go out and started tossing his head back and forth between her hands.

"Damn it, Shay, get rid of that. You don't know where it's been," Kim said as she walked back up to Jasper whose eyes were black as coal. He grabbed her and started looking her over. Seeing that she didn't have any injuries, he settled her down onto his lap. Shay had tossed Vladimir's head in the air and she and Mandy both shot a fireball at it, turning it into ash in mere seconds.

"Well that was fun," Shay said with a smile.

"Yep, just like old times," Mandy said.

"Holy shit, y-you fucking girls are insane. I mean I take back saying that Mandy is unstable. It's you three that I have to worry about. And Kim? Remind me to just stay on your good side," Caius said as he moved from his throne that was now sporting scorch marks and venom splatters. He continued to mutter to himself as he walked away from the throne room. "To think I was harboring a crush on those two, they are just as insane as Mandy; no worse-they are truly like the crazy firebending chick from Avatar: The Last Airbender; no-they're fucking Bellatrix crazy. Shit, how come I couldn't think that normal, harmless chicks were hot? No, I'm attracted to fucking loony women. Fuck my eternity!"

Well, now that this was finally over with, we could relax. I, for one, was looking for a nice run and a dip in the hidden waterfall. I looked up when I sensed my mate standing next to me. One look into his eyes told me that I was in for a long night. I looked around to tell my sisters that I wouldn't be seeing them until morning, but all I saw was Kim leading Jasper out of the door. I heard him growling out in the hall.

"You're mine, Reaper."

"I'm not sure you can handle me, Major," Kim purred back at him.

I turned to my smirking mate and gave him a smile, before turning and running out the door.

"Come find me, wolf boy," I yelled over my shoulder.

And find me he did.

The End

So that's the end, did you enjoy?