Devil's Wings 1

By Trooper1023

This fan-fanfic is brought to you by the EMIYA CLAN scenario and its many contributors, from Gabriel Blessing's "Mechanics of In Flight" forum.

"[Look out!]" - dialogue in English (as opposed to Japanese)

"|Look out!|" - dialogue via telepathy

{word} - an instance of a word that is has more than one possible translation between Japanese and Mid-Childan Common, and is uncertain in meaning through a Mid-Standard translation spell.

"{Hello.}" - dialogue via telephone

Rin Tohsaka-Emiya looked up from her desk to see Musubi's son peering through the doorway to her study. "Something you need, Shinta-kun?"

A little short for his age but stockily-built, Shinta Emiya stuffed his hands in the pockets of his shorts and scuffed one foot on the floor in front of him. "I'm booooooored, Rin-kaa..."

Rin turned to face the boy a little more fully, and noted the lack of the usual grass stains and traces of dirt on his clothes and body. "No one to run around with? Or spar?"

Shinta shook his head, pouting.

"Bored of the city library, too?"

He nodded, looking even more sulky now.

Rin cocked an eyebrow. "You're kidding, right?"

"Age limited access," Shinta replied with a grumble. "Last time I tried to borrow a book, the library staff smiled that stupid 'kiddie' smile at me and told me to try again when I was older."

Rin's other eyebrow lifted as well, not even saying a word, but Shinta got it.

"Chemical compounds... You know, after Karin-nee and Keiko-nee—"

The magus wife of Shirou Emiya sighed at the mention of her daughter and Ashikabi to her own half-sister, returning to the spread of documents before her. "Right, well... Why not the family library?"

This caused Shinta to seemingly perk up. "Oh, oh! Does this mean I can get that book on third-stage Reinforcement?"

Rin stopped writing, put the pen down slowly, and turned to give the boy a flat stare.

Shinta's mock-eager expression immediately flattened out. "Of course I can," he continued in a dead-pan tone.

Rin scowled, pushed her chair back and stood up. "Don't be sarcastic with me, young man!"

To her mild surprise, Shinta actually flinched. "S-sorry, Rin-kaa-san... It's just..."

Taking in Shinta's honestly contrite and remorseful posture, Rin sighed again, recognizing the sarcasm for what it covered: frustration. "You really are bored, huh..." Turning, she raised a hand to her mouth in thought. "Well, how about a little trip up to the Uminari University Library?"


"Chiho and I are paying a visit to the University Hospital to look into an unusual case... I can drop you off at the campus library and pick you up later—just as long as you promise to stay out of trouble."

"Yeeeeesss!" Eager again, this time genuinely, Shinta bounced on his feet and threw a fist into the air.

Shinta's ears twitched, his head snapping up from the book he was reading. It wasn't an actual sound, but a phantom one... meaning magic.

'Where's all that prana coming from?'

Yuuno Scrya knew this would happen sooner or later. But no, he just had to take responsibility for that Lost Logia getting, well, lost...

The last of the magical binds gave way and the monstrous manifestation of the Jewel Seed lashed out at Yuuno with a spectral arm. Sealing spell only half-completed, he braced himself for the coming impact—

"Look out!"

...Only to be blindsided from a different direction. Yuuno felt his hair ruffle from the missed attack as another body collided with his, carrying both out of the way.

Curling his body, Shinta rolled both him and the skinny blonde boy upright, planted his feet and gripped the other tightly, and leaped. Just in time, too, as the furry-monster-blob-thing plowed into the ground beneath them.

Bouncing from tree branch to branch with the other boy flapping behind him, Shinta scowled mightily. "I've got to ask you: what kind of idiot magus just stands there and takes it if their spells doesn't work. Shinta Emiya, you?"

Twitch. "Yuuno Scrya, and I'm an archaeologist, confound-it, not a combat mage!"

"Oh. So, what is that thing, anyway? And why are you waving that gem around? Looks kinda girly..."



"Eeeh! It talks?"

Sigh. "Raging Heart..."

"...Did the Kaleidostick spawn when Rin-kaa-chan wasn't looking?" Shinta muttered, while the blonde boy blinked at the unfamiliar reference.

Then the two were under assault once more. Yuuno took to the air, not noticing Shinta's double-take until the manifested Jewel Seed slammed the other boy off the tree branch he had paused atop. 'Oh no!' Seeing Shinta hit the trunk of another tree hard enough to send splinters of bark everywhere, Yuuno winced. The wince turned into an open-mouthed gape as Shinta shrugged off the impact with a grunt, which widened further as Yuuno realized something else. "Y-you're not using a Barrier Jacket?"

'Ignore the flying now, ask later...Thank Kaa-chan for Sekirei power, and thank Tou-san for second-stage self-Reinforcement; my body's bones and muscles, plus the fabric of my clothes and the stitching, are a lot tougher thanks to them,' thought Shinta as he levered himself up and kicked off the tree, evading another swipe from the spectral blob. Vaguely, he heard Yuuno ask something about a jacket, but Shinta was more intent on the 'sound' of the blob's prana.

'When it hit me, all that 'noise' resolved into words for an instant. Hate, betrayer, stop, die, knife... A vengeful yurei? How's it becoming solid so frequently? Though, having so much prana might explain that...' In between dodging more powerful but clumsy swipes, Shinta shouted out a question. "Know anything about vengeance spirits, Yuuno-san?"

"...Didn't the TSAB list this world as Gregorian? Low-magic, high industry? But he's magically hardening his body and then physically attacking... like a Saint Church monk without a weapon. Ancient Belka? Did a colony of mage-knights end up as refugees here? What is going on?" Yuuno murmured in confusion while hovering overhead. He forced his mouth shut and considered what he was seeing as the other boy moved with speed and power, though not with the degree of polished precision he'd seen at that Saint Church combat exhibition of the Belkan style of magic a while ago. 'Wait, he just asked me something.' "A vengeance spirit? You think—"

Shinta ducked one particularly wild swipe, stepped in, and punched into the thing's center of mass. His fist passed into it like a knife through molasses, seemingly doing nothing more than aggravating it. Shinta scowled mightily as he was forced to retreat from two flailing 'arms' with a high backflip. "That's what it feels like... way too much prana though."

"{Prana}? You mean {maryoku}?"


"Ah, thanks Raging Heart. Right, a Jewel Seed reacts to emotions by emitting raw prana, and the vengeance spirit must have absorbed this one. I have to seal the Jewel Seed itself, but..."

"Damned yurei won't hold still for ya, eh?" Shinta finished the statement, while darting in to throw another experimental punch. 'Great, where's a good miko when ya need one—Eh?'

Something more substantial than prana brushed across his fist. Backstep, dodge, shift, lunge. Striking with an open hand this time, Shinta felt the something in his palm and closed his hand around it, then withdrew as fast as he was able.

Yuuno saw the sudden change in tactics and reacted. "Ring Bind, Ring Bind, Ring Bind—Triple Binding!" Three rings formed at perpendicular angles around the Jewel Seed manifestation—yurei, as Shinta called it—and snapped tight. Gritting his teeth, Yuuno pushed his gift for multitasking to its limits, continuously updating the arrays of all three spells simultaneously instead of trying to overpower the yurei with a single spell. 'It's holding for now, but...'


"I realize that, Raging Heart. Shinta, what have you got there?"

Keeping an eye on the restrained yurei, Shinta opened his fist to reveal a crumpled scrap of traditionally-made paper. What intrigued him was the 'sound' of the bit of prana still contained in the scrap. Specifically, the 'words' he could just barely make out:


"A Shinto ward? Inside a yurei, but still with a bit of power? Then..."

"Your power is not constrained by chants or mantras. If you can imagine it, your power will take that shape or form. Usually."

"Thanks, Homura-kaa."

"Alteration is a spell that grants a property or concept to something that doesn't naturally have it."

"We get it, Lorelei-kaa."

"Sekirei ability seems to be an innate capability to convert prana into a specific concept. Using Alteration to temporarily modify the conversion process is a clever idea, Shinta-kun, but you aren't the first to think of it. Takeshi-kun has tried something similar but found it impractical and wasteful of prana. If you are thinking of experimenting with it yourself, why don't you ask him about it? Just be intelligent about what you attempt to alter, ok? No blowing yourself up the way, ahem, some of your older siblings do."

"Sure thing, Tou-san."

Out of the corner of his eye, Yuuno saw Shinta's limbs begin to glow with a soft white light.

Then yurei let off a psychic shriek and Yuuno flinched, his concentration disturbed. The binding weakened momentarily, then snapped before he could compensate. "Shinta, look out!" He pushed his flight spell, diving toward the other boy, but he quickly realized he wouldn't make it in time—

Shinta, on the other hand, grinned and counter-struck. There was a fading flash as his foot arced through the yurei's spectral form, but Shinta felt substantially more resistance this time.

The yurei let off another soundless shriek, while Yuuno pulled out of his dive to watch in bewilderment as the other boy wound up and punched again, with a brighter flash than the last. This time, the yurei recoiled slightly.

"One more time!" Duck, dive-and-roll, hop-to-the-side, high-jump, twist, land, spin and kick!

With a hissing snap, Shinta's glowing foot connected solidly with the spectral surface of the yurei, causing both to recoil several meters. 'Wasn't easy to get my own light 'sounding' like the ward's fading magic, but now...'

"Hokay, ugly—Round Two! Muda muda mudamudamudamuda mudaah!"

Yuuno felt a bead of sweat roll down the side of his face, watching as the native boy-mage and Jewel Seed-empowered spirit began wailing on each other with spectral limbs and illuminated fists and feet... and knees... and elbows... 'What kind of fighting style is that?' The medic-in-training within Yuuno's mind cringed as it mapped the other boy's physical attacks onto a human opponent and how much damage they would inflict. Then he shook it off. 'Now is not the time, seal the Logia first!'

"Breath of creation, gather from the space between worlds! Artifact of antiquity, purge the echoes of mortal feeling and stand apart! Jewel Seed Seal!"

Ten minutes and three more failed sealing attempts later...

"This..." Yuuno began with a grimace, seeing the manifestation of the Jewel Seed buck off Shinta and then break out of his latest sealing spell, yet again, "Is not working..."

Shinta hit the ground on his back and bounced, flipping back up on to his feet with a growl as frustration mounted. "Ya think? One amateur magi and one fist fighter with some minor magecraft... No way this could go wrong, huh?" 'Maybe I should call Rin-kaa and just get it over with...'

Yuuno opened his mouth to reply, but Raging Heart preempted him.


The two boys exchanged looks, and reached the same conclusion simultaneously. Retreat was not an option.

"Ano, Nanoha-chan, Arisa-chan? I really don't think we should go this way, today..."

"Eh? Why not, Suzuka?"

"I heard a crashing sound a while ago… There's another—Nanoha-chan?"

"...I hear someone calling for help." Nanoha Takamachi considered for a moment, then decided. Leaping off the path, she darted into the forest, leaving her friends behind.


"New—? Argh, what now!"

"Um... What's going on?" The brawl before Nanoha's eyes stilled for a moment. She could see two boys, one hanging in mid-air, while the other, who was in the middle of grappling with a monstrous ball of... something, suddenly met her eyes. His face suddenly paled, before turning bright red.

Then the monster lunged for her, and the orange haired boy lunged at it, intercepting it with a flying tackle. "Go for it, Yunno! We got nothing to lose by trying!" Both blurred together in a tangle of spectral limbs, scraps of cloth, and a few flecks of blood.

"Right!" 'Yuuno' flew (literally!) toward Nanoha, touched down, and thrust a small red gem into her hands. He then whirled about, spreading both hands as a green circle with strange letters appeared underneath him. "Chain Bind!"

Glowing chains sprouted from beneath the monster, restraining it enough that the orange-haired boy was able to wrestle out from its grasp. His hands started to glow again, as he turned around and resumed grappling with the thing. His feet sank holes into the forest ground, yet amazingly he didn't buckle under what had to have been an immense amount of pressure.

'What is going on here...?' Nanoha thought to herself, looking down at the flawless gemstone. "It's warm..."

Then it spoke, and Nanoha almost dropped it. "[NEW USER DETECTED. MAGICAL POWER: HIGH. COMPATIBILITY: VERY HIGH.]" It was the same bell-like voice from before.

Yuuno smiled, but his eyes were sad. "So, you'll lend us your power?"

Nanoha was dumbfounded, flashing back to her conversation with Arisa-chan and Suzuka-chan earlier that day. "Power? I don't have any power... I'm just a normal girl... Right?"


The blonde boy continued speaking. "Miss, I came here to search for something dangerous from another world. It escaped from the seals I placed on it, and fell through dimensions to this one. Reapplying those seals, however, proved to be too much for me to do alone. I've found one native ally, but even with the two of us... I understand it'd be a problem for you, but—"

There was a crash, followed by a shouted exclamation. "Damnit, Yuuno! Quit it with the exposition and either recruit her, or get her out of here! Just don't let... hurt..." The rest of the sentence was lost in the monster's shrieking howl, and one of the chains snapped, throwing the grappling boy away. He quickly bounced back, however, and jumped impossibly high, his bright orange hair rippling in the wind, to snag the loose end of the chain as light flared around his hands. Rather than continuing to fade away, that section of chain remained partially wrapped around the monster. He landed and pulled, hard, and the glowing chain went taut once again. Both boys grunted with the strain of holding the monster in place.

Yuuno spoke again. "P-please. I promise I'll repay you... for you to use your {mahou} to aid me—us!"

"Magic...? Ah, T-this isn't the time to be talking about that, is it? What am I supposed to do?"

"That red gem I gave you: hold that in your hands, close your eyes, and focus your mind and spirit. And then, repeat after me. Understand?"

Nanoha closed her hand around the gem and its faint pinkish glow. "Eeeh? Um, ah, y-yes!"

"Here we go!"

I, the one who accepted this mission, by the ancient contract, order you to release your power.

As Nanoha repeated each line, the glow brightened and pulsed. "[STANDBY.]"

The wind is in the sky, the stars are in the heavens, and a resolute heart beats within my chest!

Something within her began to resonate with the pulse of the gem, like a second heartbeat. "[READY.]"

This magic in my hand... Raging Heart, Set Up!


Yuuno felt his jaw slacken again as pinkish light washed all the other colors of the world away. 'What is up with this world? First, a boy as strong and fast as a monk from the Saint Church who fights with no weapon but his body; and now, a girl with more magical power than I've ever seen...' "Focus, and picture it in your mind: the staff that is Raging Heart, and armor or robes that will protect your body!"

"Ano... Asking me to do that all of a sudden... Um, um..." Several ideas flickered through Nanoha's mind, and she quickly settled on one that matched with the staff she saw in her mind. "I-I'll go with that for now!" The pink glow of her magic faded away, and Nanoha found herself garbed in a brilliant white seifuku with blue trim and a red ribbon at her breast, and a skirt just past knee-length in equally brilliant white and the same style and color trim. On her feet were white boots with blue trim and a gold plate across the upper instep. In her hand was a staff of white and grey, with a circular head in shining gold around a flawless red gem bigger than her fist. "Aah... W-what's with this outfit?" It was vaguely reminiscent of her school uniform, but more ornate and with all the little flourishes she had day-dreamed up for her own amusement.


"O-oh... Um, right, so, how can I help?"

There was a moment of utter silence in the clearing. It was broken when the orange-haired boy gave a groan that sounded half way between humorous and horrified. "Yuuno... A {mahou shoujo}? Really!-?"

Nanoha blushed brightly, clutching at the staff and shifting from foot to foot in an extremely cute manner.

"Shinta... What in the Dimensional Sea is a—"


"So, it an accurate description then...?" Taking in Shinta's expression, Yuuno frowned. "...It must be a culture thing."

Shinta's flat stare abruptly morphed into a smirk. "De Culture!"

Then the monster shrieked again, the chains shattered, and it turned and fled, nearly running over Shinta in the process.

"Ah, it's getting away!"

"Confounded Jewel Seed...!" Yuuno ran over to check on Shinta, who waved him off and kip-upped onto his feet. "We have to—"

"—Introduce ourselves to the poor girl before she gets any more confused, Yuuno-san," Shinta said with a slap on the other boy's back.


"Shinta Emiya. Mr. Eager over here is Yuuno Scrya. Nice to meet you." Shinta said, giving a simple bow while awkwardly dragging the other boy into a similar posture and ignoring his surprised squawk.

"Ah!" Nanoha smiled at the display of manners, and bowed in return. "Nanoha Takamachi. It's nice to meet you too."

Yuuno straightened himself up, a bright blush of his own decorating his face. "Ah... I'm sorry if I've been kind of rude," that last bit was said with a mild glare at Shinta, "but the Jewel Seeds were originally found and excavated by myself, and I can't help but feel responsible for any damage or injuries they cause..."

Seeing the glare, Shinta realized with a guilty start that he had been a bit rude himself to Yuuno as well... 'Note to self, apologize for that later. Though, right now...' "So, sealing strategy. First, we run the yurei down. I'll hit it as hard as I can, try to keep it reeling. Yuuno-san, that triple binding seemed to work better than your other spells, so use that. Takamachi-san—"

"Ano, it's ok if you call me name."

Shinta felt his blush from earlier come back with a vengeance plus heavy interest. "—Nanoha-san will hang back... Actually, hold up." The gaping hole in the plan chased the blush from Shinta's face in an instant. "How exactly is she going to seal the Jewel Seed, anyway?"

Yuuno, however, responded calmly. "I've already loaded the Jewel Seed Seal spell I created into Raging Heart's memory. The Device will handle the casting, so Nanoha only has to provide enough... prana... for it to work. Fortunately, she has a huge amount of it, more than I do."

Shinta's left eye twitched, seeing Nanoha blush at Yuuno's familiar form of address. His mind backtracked to earlier in the battle. 'Updating translation? So that talking mystic code that he says can cast spells on its own has been running a translation spell for him this whole time? No, that's not right either; he handed it off to Nanoha-san and kept right on talking... Well, whatever it is, it's probably not his fault he doesn't know how to use honorifics properly. Getting mad about it won't help, so stop it!' Finished berating himself, Shinta continued. "Ok then, last question: how is Nanoha-san going to keep up with you and me?"


"W-waaah! I-I'm flying?"

Shinta felt envy bubble inside him for a moment, before turning to gauge Yuuno's reaction. The other boy was gaping open-mouthed.

"So," Shinta asked in an aside to Yuuno, after applying an elbow to other boy's ribs, "flying really isn't that easy?"

Yuuno shook his head. "No, it's not. But, she..."


Shinta paced Yuuno and Nanoha from below, his Reinforced limbs and inherited strength letting him bound through the forest canopy at a good clip. He kept an eye on Nanoha, though, as the girl had a tendency to forget their current task and just enjoy flying through the air. At first she had been hesitant and more than a bit wobbly, but that had passed.

"I see it!" shouted Yuuno, changing his course.

Nanoha matched it. "Ah! The old shrine on the hill!"

Shinta's eyes narrowed with concern as he followed the other two. "Careful!" He saw Yuuno nod in acknowledgement, then...


"|Careful of the shrine, or the yurei, Shinta?|"


Shinta almost missed his landing on the next branch in his path, surprised by the three-way mental contact. He recovered quickly, however, though a vein visibly throbbed on his forehead. "|A bit of warning before tapping my headspace would have been nice. You and me, miss gem stone, have got to work on our communication.|"

Raging Heart seemingly ignored the quip, so Shinta returned to his previous thought. "|Land just outside the gate at the top of the steps to avoid startling the shrine priestess. I figure she's the one who made the paper ward I grabbed earlier, so...|"

Yuuno picked up on Shinta's line of thinking. "|That would explain the barrier surrounding the... shrine, through which the yurei just punched a hole. It's regrettable, but I won't be able to raise my own once we enter... That hole is already closing, and anything I try of the same sort would just interfere. That could get very messy, very quickly...|"

"|Wait, so miko really do have psychic powers?|" Nanoha asked.

"|Nanoha-san... after this is over, we need to have a long talk about the secrecy of magic, and why. But right now...|" Shinta grit his teeth and focused. His magic circuits warmed, then grew hot, as Shinta pushed prana and light out into the space around his limbs, shaping it in the way he knew best. "|...We've got a yurei to smack down, and a Jewel Seed to seal. Let's do this!|"



The three children ran through the gate and stopped for a moment to take in the scene. In front of them, they saw the back of a slender woman in the traditional garb of the miko. Her robes were dusty and somewhat askew, and her shoulders were tense. Beyond her, the yurei screamed, shredding part of the circle of paper wards around it, and lunged toward the miko. She raised her hands, each holding a fan of fresh wards, but Shinta could see her flinching back as well, knowing she wasn't going to get them charged quickly enough.

His body burning from earlier exertions and still hot from prana use, Shinta nevertheless forced himself back into motion; even as a poor copy of the miko's wards, his Altered light had proved to be enough for him to touch the empowered vengeance spirit. And since Shinta could touch it...

The miko gasped in surprise as a small but stocky boy darted past her and plowed a too-bright knee strike into the charging yurei, checking its forward momentum. She held on to her own warding, though, and spared a glance behind her. She bit her lip before she could object. Really, saved by children? What was she coming to...?

The yurei recoiled, bucked, and swung, flinging Shinta over its 'head' and to one side. The boy tumbled as he hit the ground, but sprung upright quickly.

Yuuno saw this and acted. Recalling his experience binding the yurei earlier, two separate circular arrays appeared, one in each of his hands. "Dual... Chain... Bind!" Above and below the yurei, identical arrays appeared but much larger, about the diameter of the yurei's spectral form. A single loop of glowing chain sprang out from each array, much brighter than those Shinta had seen used previously.

Even as she finished charging and deploying the last of her prepared wards, the miko felt her lips quirk at the absurdity of it all. At one side she had a blonde boy in a tan cape throwing glowing chains around, and on the other, a cute little girl in a brilliant white dress holding a wand of red, gold and white.

"Now, Nanoha! Seal it now!" Yuuno shouted.

And then the wand spoke, and absurdity plunged into surrealism. "[SEALING MODE, STANDBY.]" There was a hissing clank, as the head of the white and gold staff extended and deployed three wing-like planes of pink light. The red gem at the head's center deployed a brilliant pink glow of its own. "[READY.]"

"Breath of creation, gather from the space between worlds! Artifact of antiquity, purge the echoes of mortal feeling and stand apart! Jewel Seed Seal!" Nanoha felt her body grow warm, then warmer, then uncomfortably hot, but pressed on.


The wave of pink light pushed at spectral mass of the yurei, violently scattering it outward to the far side of the perimeter created by the miko's wards. A tiny diamond-shaped crystal was revealed. Shinta saw the miko blink in surprise, then understanding.

"Strike it to finish the sealing! Quickly!" Yuuno shouted again.

"R-right!" Nanoha lunged, closing the distance as fast as her little legs could carry her. Shifting her grip on Raging Heart, which had also warmed noticeably, Nanoha called on the little bit of kenjutsu she had learned and swung. "Eeeeyaah!"

Silence. Then the tiny crystal finished sinking into the surface of the red gem that was the core of Raging Heart.

"[SEALING COMPLETE. RECIEPT NUMBER XXI, AQUIRED.]" Behind the gold ring at the staff's head, two cylinders of golden metal extended outward, revealing cylindrical steel venting. From these vents came a rush of steaming hot air. Nanoha felt the uncomfortable hotness of body drain away as this happened, and she took a deep breath of fresh air.

There was a moment's pause.

"Look out!" the miko cried.



The yurei, though deprived of its source of excessive prana, still retained some of the overcharge. And Nanoha was inside the miko's warding... Even as it began to fade into in-corporality, the yurei gathered itself together and lunged for the girl.

"Nano—" "[FLASH MO—]"

A blur hit Nanoha just as the girl began to blur herself, and the yurei howled in a fading 'voice' as it missed its last attack.

Yuuno had just enough time to blink before the dual blur plowed into him and added him to the tumble. A cloud of dirt and dust was kicked up several meters outside the ring of wards.

The miko blinked, but then shrugged. "Well then, with nothing left in the way... Akuryou Taisan!"

Her ring of wards flared with prana, the yurei howled one last time... and was gone.

The wind picked up and blew the dust away, revealing the messy tangle of limbs that was Shinta and Nanoha. On the bottom of the pileup, Yuuno groaned.


"You ok, N-Nanoha-san? I didn't h-hurt you too bad, did I?"

"No, Shinta-san... Mm, no, Shinta-kun."

"!" Shinta's already red face brightened with an even deeper blush.

"After experiencing something like this together, I think we should be able to call each other friends. Ok, Shinta-kun, Yuuno-kun?"

Shinta coughed into a fist. "Sha-sure, Nanoha-san." At her look, he tried again. "N-Nanoha-chan?" Shinta sighed in relief when she nodded brightly. Yuuno just looked puzzled.

Nanoha continued speaking. "I'm kind of embarrassed, actually, that I just stood there like that after sealing the Jewel Seed. You might think that watching my nii-san and nee-san practice kenjutsu would teach me at least that much, but no. At least I have you two looking out for me, Shinta-kun, Raging Heart."

Shinta nodded, but didn't reply immediately. Instead, he turned his attention to the red gem hanging from a necklace around Nanoha's neck.

The absence of speech stretched for a long moment. Then Raging Heart said "[YOU AND I NEED TO WORK ON OUR COMMUNICATION,]" in its odd, slightly musical but flatly intoned voice.

There was an equally long moment before Shinta gave a stiff nod in acknowledgement, all mock solemnity. Then he grinned. It took a few moments more before Nanoha caught on, but then she burst into giggles.

Yuuno, however, did not. Rather bruised himself, he appeared rather put out at the lack of attention.

"Doesn't the old folklore say that a yurei is strongest at the place where it, as a person, died? Is that why this shrine was built here in the first place?"

"Indeed it was."

After filling in Nanoha on the basics of the Moonlit World (First rule: don't talk about magic to/around normal people without taking steps to disguise it as a game or fiction. Second rule: don't talk about magic... and so forth), then leaving the girl in a historical discussion with the miko, Shinta pulled Yuuno aside.

"Hey, first off... I was kinda rude to you at a few points earlier today, and I'm sorry about that."

"Oh, well, it's ok... It was a bad situation, frustrating too... Anyway, apology accepted."

"Thanks. Now, moving on: that translation spell you're using is missing some important stuff about Nippon."


"You don't even realize how presumptuous you're being when you address Nanoha-san, er, Nanoha-chan as 'Nanoha', do you?"

"Um, what? But, she said, friends, and calling her {Miss Nanoha} seems awfully formal, but then she said to call her {Little Nanoha}... I'm very confused right now."

Shinta felt a bead of sweat run down the side of his face. "I... see that. Well, it's like this..." and filled the other boy magus in on the use of honorific suffixes in the Japanese language.

"...I think I get it. Mostly. But what should I say to Nanoha...chan?"

"The truth: that you're using a translation spell, and you were missing a few rules about the local language. But you can do that after I go—Oh crap."


"Rin-kaa is going to ground me for life for this..." Shinta winced, his mind seemingly elsewhere. "It's been hours, and—"

An American rock song began playing cheerily from a small case on Shinta's belt. If anything, Shinta looked even more afraid now than a moment ago. Meanwhile the noise had attracted the notice of the miko as well as Nanoha...

Shinta pulled his cell phone out, but hesitated before flipping it open. He turned to the others, and solemnly remarked, "You might want to cover your ears." Then he opened his phone, twisted his grip on it so the ear piece was as far from his ears as possible while keeping his mouth reasonably close to the microphone, and said in a quiet, moderately terrified tone, "Rin-kaa?"


It was like a bomb going off, the roaring voice that came through the phone. Shinta couldn't help the squeak in his voice as he tentatively replied, "Not too?"

"{And what did you do, today, after I did you the favor of bringing you with me from Shin Tokyo all the way up to Uminari!}"

"I... left you a text message before I left the campus library?"


"It said that I was going to the park outside the university campus... On your cell phone, Rin-kaa. You did remember to check for new messages, right?"

"{...}" The sudden silence from across the phone was frightening.

"...You forgot to check, didn't you."

Much quieter than the first, as if from the background, another woman's voice could be heard saying, "{He's got you there, Rin.}"

"{Chiho... You're not helping. And you, Shinta. Where are you, right now? We already missed the train I planned on taking back, and I don't want any more delays.}"

Shinta told her.

"{You stay right there—}"

"Wouldn't it be better if I met you on the street at the foot of the stairs up to the shrine? So you don't have to walk up them?"

"{...Yes, it would. Thirty, no, twenty minutes, Shinta. You better be there when Chiho and I arrive, or there will be consequences.}"

"I will, Rin-kaa-san."

"{Hmph.}" Click.

Nanoha looked horrified. "S-Shinta-kun... Your kaa-san s-sounds really, r-really mad..."

Shinta shivered for a moment, but then seemed to shrug it off. "Yea, she is. But it will pass, so it's okay."

The miko, however, looked most displeased. "That is no way to talk to a child! How could she—"

Shinta interrupted. "It's not me Rin-kaa is mad at. She's mad because I didn't think before taking the risk I did. We're a family of magi, after all." That last revelation caused the miko to recoil slightly.

"You... all three of you children are magi?"

"No, just me. I've never even heard of Yuuno-san's style of magecraft, and I read a lot. Nanoha-chan, though, is a newly discovered talent." Shinta shook his head. "I don't know what you've heard about magi, miko-san, but my family isn't like most of them. My parents are extremely protective of me and my siblings, especially from unknowns. And that brings us to you two," he turned to Yuuno and Nanoha. "Yuuno Scrya, I want you to promise me this: look after Nanoha-chan, for the next week at the very least. Stuff you've said today, even if you aren't an Earth native," This elicited a gasp of surprise from the miko, "You've obviously got some kind of record on our world, and know about keeping knowledge of magic away from the general populous."

Shinta paused to gather breath. "Nanoha-chan... It's better this way. Right now, Rin-kaa is on a tear – she's likely to throw you and Yuuno into stasis along with the Jewel Seed just to keep you out of the way... But then, tomorrow once she's calmed down, she'll feel horrible about doing that to a pair of kids. Horrible, guilty, upset, furious at herself for losing her temper..." He smiled softly. "I don't want you two going through that, and nobody in the family would be happy if Rin-kaa got stuck in that place again, you know? This wouldn't have been a problem if I'd called and told her, before running off to find out what was spewing all that prana... So this part of the big mess is actually my fault."



"Here's my cell number, Nanoha-chan. Yuuno-san, I doubt Raging Heart's mind-speech trick will reach me through the wards at home. And Nanoha-chan..." Shinta blushed again, but took a deep breath and took Nanoha's hand in his own. "Don't leave Yuuno-san alone either. Even if you have to wack him on the head with Raging Heart—"


"—Don't let him go off about being responsible for the Jewel Seeds and having to take them on alone. You agree with me, right? Just because it started with him, doesn't mean he's alone. I'll help him, and my family too."

Nanoha's mouth had dropped open when Shinta took her hand, her face slightly flushed. Then her mind caught up, and she clasped Shinta's hand in return and bounced once on her feet. "Yes, me too! If I can help, that I'm going to, because I want to!"

Shinta's blush deepened a bit, but his smile widened. "Great."

"...Thank you, Matsu," Rin replied through gritted teeth. "...Now please let go before I have to do something drastic."

Matsu giggled and patted Rin's hip one final time, then unwrapped herself from the magi's side. Before leaving, however, she glomped onto Shirou with an audible purr, groped his butt and giggled again as he stiffened, before releasing him and flouncing over to the room's AV control console.

Both magi twitched as they watched the hacker go, before turning to each other, and then finally to Shinta.

"So..." Shirou began.

Rin continued. "The detection grid picked up an unusual spike of prana in Uminari City. While detection isn't fine enough outside Shin Tokyo to pinpoint where exactly it happened..."

Matsu spoke up. "But Matsu-tan noticed the goings on and brought a hi-res satellite camera to bear on the general area. And she found this—!"

Up on the projector came an overhead image of a classic Shinto shrine. Zooming in on the shrine courtyard showed a distortion of some sort, while a woman in in traditional miko garb stood opposed to it. Behind her, just inside the gate were two people, small in stature and oddly dressed. Between the two groups, leaning deeply into a running stance toward the distortion, was a third small person, hands and feet slightly aglow.

Shinta shrunk down in the chair he was perched upon, looking very, very small.

Rin smiled that special smile that promises pain and suffering if one does not answer honestly and completely - the Tohsaka Scary Smile. "Something you want to tell me, Shinta-kun?"


This will not make much sense unless you have browsed the Mechanics of In Flight forum, specifically the Omake threads. For details on all the OC children of the Emiya clan check our TvTropes page at: tvtropes Fanfic/TheEmiyaClan , or search the "In Flight OMAKES" community for the "Emiya Clan Reference Data Sheet" by kittybear right here on FF-net.

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