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I'm sorry that I love you

...There he was, holding the person that he truely loved dying in his hands.

It was almost the end of school year for the Dalton Academy and Crawford Country Day students, which only meant one thing, Prom. Finding the perfect dress, getting the perfect shoes and just basically looking great for that one night was pretty much the priority for them.

Since it was in the winter seasons the weather conditions had it's toll. It was very irritating because the freezing, cold, rainy days made just about everything harder to do. For one, it was harder to get to places, because the roads were more slippery and something dangerous would happen, but they didn't want to be late for anything because it was Prom. Who would wanna miss that? Another was it was just to damn cold to do anything outdoors. So being cooped up in a house was where you would usually be at. Which was where Nick and Jeff were at before Prom started, getting ready and just acting like maniacs.

The history of how these 2 boys met was a simple one. Just being interested in the same things and having the same classes since freshman year was a major key to them becoming what they were, which was bestfriends of course. Some of the stuff like singing and dressing well was what they had in common. But they also had their slight differences such as their taste in music, favourite sports and other stuff like their sexuality. Being straight was what these 2 boys were, but the more time they spent together, the more Jeff saw Nick differently. He only just found out that Senior year that he loved Nick, but he couldn't tell him. It would've ruined everything they were and he didn't want that to happen because he loved the boy. For Nick and Jeff, getting ready wasn't their problem, the time they had was. They knew how to dress good and impress people, but that required a lot of effort. Last minute studying was what kept them busy because the scores that they got weren't high enough to graduate, so the school let them do extra work just to pass and actually go to this thing. They only had 2 hours left to get ready and stress was at the top of their minds.

"WHERE THE HELL IS THAT FREAKING BOW TIE?" screamed Nick as he spun around to look for it.

"Dude, calm down." said Jeff as he walked in to the and up to the mirror to fix his own bow tie.

"Don't worry, found it!" said Nick as he walked up to the mirror next to Jeff then popped a grin on his face.

The way that boy acted always made Jeff smile. God he's so cute when he acts like that, but don't pay attention. You don't want him to find out until after tonight. Thought Jeff as he just stood there staring at Nick fixing his hair, through the mirror. The other boy caught him and was just staring back, realising how attractive Jeff looked, but then snapped back to reality because he rememberd he had a girlfriend. He liked girls, not guys.

"Well Mr. I-LOVE-TO-SING-ADELE, you finally get to show off your skill toinght when you perform." Nick said as he poked Jeffs shoulder.

"Yeah," Jeff sighed " and I wouldn't be if it weren't for your dam persuasive skills." he countiued.

Nick also sighed remembering the first time he heard Jeff sing. It was when they were freshmans and Nick had a sleepover with just the both of them. Jeff went to have a shower the next morning not wanting to wake Nick up. But as he did, he started singing as loud as he could, not realising that he was at Nicks house still. The singing also woke Nick up, who just sat on his bed in amazment, being hypnotised by the phenominal voice. Both boys stood there for a good minute again as they still looked at each other.

"So, we should be heading cause' I still have to pick up Mirranda and we have only half an hour left." he said as he gestured Jeff out the door also as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Right, Mirranda. Your girlfriend." Jeff muttered to himself so Nick couldn't hear.

Jeff hated her. She would always came between them when Jeff and Nick had plans. She acted as if she owned him, like he was her property, and they been together for only 3 weeks. Nick didn't really even know her but she said the he was cute and that they should date. So all Jeff did was hate on the girl and just waited to see the girl cry after she gets dumped by Nick.

They then headed off to Jeffs car.

When they were driving to Mirrandas' house, which was pretty close, Nick randomly asked why Jeff didn't have a date.

"Because.. there's just no one that I wanted to go with." he said then suddenly thought 'besides you'.

"Well, it's your lost. You won't have anyone to dance with then. Unless you were planning to dance with me?" Nick said with a smirk on his face as he nudged Jeff.

"Shut up." replied Jeff as the drove up the drive way of Mirandas' house, suddenly seeing a girl in a dress as she walked up to the car, who must've been Mirranda.

"Hey Boo boo. Jeff." She said as she got into the back of Jeffs car where Nick had moved too so he was with her.

"Hey." Nick simply said. She then went in for a kiss on Nicks lips but ended up kissing his cheek instead because Nick moved his face. She looked disappointed, which only made Jeff giggle to himself.

They then finally made it to massive hall where the Prom was being held. They just went inside the hall straight away because it was freezing and raining outside, then just mingled with their friends. The Dj was playing great music, refreshments were at the 2 sides of the hall and people were enjoying it.

Jeff, Nick, several warblers and their dates went to a table near the front because Jeff was gonna perform so he had to be close to the stage. It was nearly his turn and he felt so nervous. He only sang in front of the warblers to audition for them and to Nick, because Nick would always beg, but never to a crowd this big. Nick just kept rubbing Jeffs back and whispered stuff into his ear like 'you're gonna kill it' and 'you'll do great'.

As the principle called out Jeff to the stage, he took a deep breath then stood up, but the being pushed forward by Nick. 'This is it' Jeff thought 'I wanna let him know'. He then walked up to the stage and grabbed the mic.

"Hey everyone," he said with a sigh and wave "The song I'm gonna perform is sung by a legendary diva. The song is called 'The First Time Ever I saw Your face' by Roberta Flack." he continued with a nod to the Dj who played the music.

Threw the first few lines, he looked directly at Nick, hoping that he understood what he was trying to say. Then glaced around the hall, noticing the crowd was cheering for him. He then gazed back at Nick. His eyes widened at the sight. That Mirranda girl was making out with Nick. My Nick . He thought to himself.

He finally finished the performance with a tear streaming down his face, then hearing a loud applause for him as he was rushing down the stage to the bathrooms.

As he got in, he locked him self in the cubicle then started sobbing. 'How could you be so stupid, of course he was gonna kiss that stupid girl. He doesn't love me. He doesn't care for if was kissing some chick through half of my performance'. He placed his hands to his place still sobbing when he suddenly heard the footsteps, then his name before recognising who's voise it was.

"What do you want Nick?" Jeff said through the cubicle.

"You tell me, what happened?" he said with his arms crossed as he waited for Jeff to come out of the cubicle.

"Could you be so clueless Nick," said Jeff as he walked out with his head flung back. "DID YOU EVEN HEAR WHAT I SANG?" he screamed rushing out of the bathroom.

Nick stood this with his eyes squinted in confusion.'What does he mean am I clueless?' He thought to himself still confused.'The song that he sang, was meant for me? No, it must of not been! Wait, did Jeff like me? Was he even gay?' He continued as he also rushed out the bathroom.

He stood on a chiar in the main hall to find the blonde hair boy who was nowhere to be seen. He asked a couple of people if they saw him. They said he went out side so Nick then rushed out.

When he got to the front, he saw Jeff in the car.'Shit, he found me!'Jeff though as he started the car. Jeff saw Nick jog towards him, so he drove off as fast as he could. He got up to the street then stopped to look back where Nick was. He was still a fair bit behind. He started tearing up again then pressed the accelerator as hard as he could just so he made sure Nick wouldn't catch up. When he tried to turn right, the car didn't turn but drifted still going straight then hit a large wooden poll. The side that was hit was the side Jeff was on. Nicks eyes was widen when he heard the crash noise. It was dark and raining so he couldn't see that far. He ran towards the street putting his hand above his eyes. His heart stopped. He saw the scene. He bolted to the car that was crashed.

It was Jeffs.

"JEEEEEEEEFFFFFFF!" screamed Nick as he opened the passenger seat. He slipped in the car.

then he saw Jeff... unconscious.

Face covered in blood.

Head tilted to the side like he couldn't hold it himself.

Nick just kept calling Jeffs name. He even held his head up to wake him up, but there was no response. He took the seat belt off Jeff then pulled him out. The rain was freezing and it didn't make the situation any better. It only made Jeff more pale and Nick even colder. Nick took his jacket off and put it around Jeff.

"Come on man, wake up please." He pleaded, hoping that Jeff would just open his eyes. " You're a strong person Jeff, you can do this." He continued as he also cupped his face, then suddenly saw that Jeffs eyes were flickering which made Nicks heart beat even faster.

"That's it, that's it! Come on, wake man!" He continuously pleaded as he kept rubbing Jeffs face which felt like ice.

"N-nick,"a helpless and croaking voice was said.

"YES, YES JEFF! IT'S ME!" said Nick as he took Jeffs face with both his hands.

"Ni-nick, I-i'm sorry," Jeff Struggled to say.

"JEFF, JEFF! SORRY FOR WHAT?" replied Nick with the widest eyes he ever made, with more tears coming down.

"I-i'm so-orry tha-at I lo-ove you."

Nick froze as he was staring straight into Jeffs eyes which was open, but then started closing. He saw Jeffs head flung back slowly. At that moment Nicks heart stopped. He couldn't breath, he felt numb, he couldn't feel anything.

"Jeff, Jeff, JEEEEEEEFFFFFFFF!" he screamed clutching Jeffs head to his chest.
He stayed like that for a few seconds. He was sobbing as hard as he could. He wished that that wasn't happening to him. He wished he could have him back.

"Jeff, don't do this please! Come back please! I love you, I love you so much ." whispered Nick into Jeffs shoulder. Nick couldn't believe it. This was actually happening to him.

There he was, holding the person that he truely loved dying in his hands.

With nothing more to do than just cry and wait for help.

"I always loved you Jeff."

The End :(
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