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I'm sorry that I love you.

Why were you sorry?

The question hit Jeff like a big cup of cold slushie making him shiver and get goose bumps. He didn't know how to answer it. He was taken a back because by the seriousness of the question. He looked down to his feet feeling awkward. After what seemed to be minutes, he finally answers, making Nick sigh with relief.

"Well I don't know? It's just at the time I didn't want to make you feel like it was your fault. I just wanted to be with you and you were with her. It just made me believe that I didn't give what you needed." Jeff said attentively while he gave a little shrug to Nick.

Nick just grinned at Jeff because he looked so cute when he was shy. Nick didn't really know why he asked, he was just curios because being in love someone but being sorry for it seemed a bit weird. But he shrugged that idea out of his head snuggled more into Jeff's side resting his hand on Jeff's chest.

They lay there next to each other until a nurse comes into the room looking surprised. Nick sits up immediately a red from the position he was. He got off the bed that walked over to the seat and took it. Jeff was just watching Nick move to the side as the nurse was check if everything was alright.

"You're getting really better Jeff. I think you'll be allowed to leave tomorrow. We just need your consent because you're already eighteen years old." She said with a smile then left the two boys.

Nick was walking back and forth with his head down and his hands in his pocket. Nick looked worried and that only made Jeff worried himself.

"Nick? Are you okay?" he asked shyly in a fragile voice. Nicks head shot up and his eyes went wider because of the question.

"Yeah," he replied enthusiastically with a grin on his face when actually he was nervous to ask Jeff something that he need to know. "Why would I be?"

The way he said it made Jeff think that there was something wrong. After knowing that boy for their whole high school experience, he could tell when something was off.

"Well you're pacing. Whenever you pace, you want something to happen or want to ask someone something, like that time when we had a sleep over at you house and you asked me to sleep in your bed because there was nowhere else to sleep. It was hilarious the way you stuttered because we just had to sleep in the same bed. But anyway, just tell me what's up?" Jeff finally said as he remembered what he was actually asking. Nick took a breath of defeat. How could Jeff not know if something was up with him?

"You're right, I should of just asked you," said Nick that put a confused face on Jeff's face. "I just wanted to know are we… you know, boyfriends?" said Nick as he moved his hand back and forth meaning them. Jeff smirked at the question and he raised his eyebrows.

"Well if you really want to be my boyfriend Nicky, you're going to have to take me out no a proper date. You think just after a kiss we would be together?" Jeff said superiorly also folding his arms together. It went silent and then they both start bursting into laughs. What seemed like ages now both boys finally stopped laughing.

"But seriously, I want that date Nick. I want it to be perfect." said Jeff.

"Of course I will, but only because I love you." said Nick as he walked up to the bed and went to kiss Jeff who let him do so.

"I love you too." Jeff said back as the heads rested on each other. "And I could get use to this." He said as he put his arms behind his head and lays back down. They both chuckled and Nick just caresses Jeff's cheek.

Jeff was walking his first steps into his house ever since the accident. But as he smelt the houses scent, a warm gush of 'home' ran through his head. His missed this, his home. He went up to his room and immediately jumped on his bed. His room was half empty because he was packing for college but he was going to start next year because of what happened so his parents left it and was going to put back his stuff. He lies on his back, getting use to the big comfy bed in his room, when suddenly he sees Nick run up to the bed, dropping his belongings and jumps on his tummy. Jeff let out a loud groan but then sighed, ruffling Nick's hair.

"Well you better get ready tonight because I'm taking you out. At seven thirty ok?" asked Nick with a final puff.

"Of course, that's awesome! I can't wait." replied Jeff as kissed Nick on the lips.

Jeff looked into the mirror one more time, spraying some cologne that Nick got him for his birthday, when his front door bell rang.

"GOT IT!" screamed Jeff as he ran down the stairs opening the door and then closing it behind him.

"Alright, well see you." said his Mum in defeat with a little wave.

Jeff hugged his boyfriend tightly when went outside then heard a gasp from. He chuckled to himself.

"Let's go!" Jeff said eagerly while pulling Nick to His car.

As the boys got into the car, Jeff's dad looked through the window seeing Jeff be taken by Nick. His parent's haven't talked about the both of them together yet and weren't looking forward to it.

Nick started the car also turning on the car stereo and putting a cd on.

"A magical first date, here we come." said Nick out of Jeff's drive way and into the road.

"You're so cute." Jeff said while he pinched Nick's cheek but only as a joke. Nick pushed Jeff's hand away while blushing.

"LET'S CRANK UP THE TUNES!" screamed Jeff in a college party boy type of voice turning up the volume of the song that was playing, which was Call Me Maybe.

"OH MY GOOOOOD!" screams Jeff when the songs already up to the chorus.

"HEY I JUST MET, AND THE IS CRAZY, BUT HERE'S MY NUM-BER SO CALL ME MAYBE." both boys sang at the top of their lungs but then started laughing as hard as they could.

"That was hilarious." said Nick trying to calm his laughter down. Jeff just hummed in agreement because of his loss of breath.

Nick drives into the parking lot in the mall which makes Jeff scrunch up his face because he's confused about why they're there. When Nick finally found a parking spot he turned the car off and looked over at Jeff who was confused.

"Is something wrong?" Nick asked worried.

"Um, what are we doing in the mall parking lot Nick?" Jeff asked suspiciously in return.

"I'm taking you on a date." replied Nick in a chirpy type of voice while he got out of his seat with Jeff following after.

"In the mall? But there are people here that will see us together and I wanted some me and you time." Jeff said in a sorrowful type of voice.

"Jeff, if we're a dating then we're going to do what normal couples do like going to the mall, shopping, going to the movies-" Nick listed then being quietened down by a pair of lips on his.

"Ok, I trust you know what you're doing." said Jeff with a final peck to Nicks lips. Nick smiled at him then grabbed his hand bringing him to the entrance of the shopping centre.

"So first of all, we're going to the ice cream shop and you're going to get whatever you want." said Nick as waved his hand across the air showing all the possibilities he could get when they saw the menu of the ice cream parlour when they entered the little shop.

"Are you shitting me?" Jeff said in a serious tone as he gazed upon the tubs of ice cream in the display area.

"I shit you not Jeffrey Sterling." said Nick as a flick of his finger.

Jeff ran to the front of the line pushing in front of kids, which he didn't obviously care because he could whatever he wanted and he wanted it now. When he made his order they got a table.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." said very fast while also fidgeting in the seat because he got his favourite ice cream. The extra-large, family size caramel Sunday with extra prinkles, whips cream and a cherry on top.

The waitress came with his order with sparklers stuck in it make Jeff more excited than he should be for his age. As the lady put it in front of him, he grabbed his spoon and dug into it straight away not even offering Nick some.

Nick was amazed to see him consume that amount of food in ten minutes. He grabbed a spoon that was in front of him was about to take a spoonful of ice cream when suddenly his hand was slapped away by Jeff giving his a greedy look. Nick put his hands up in a surrendering position also with a grin on his face because he amused by this.

Once Jeff had finished, Nick took his hand entwining their fingers together, receiving looks of disgust but they didn't care. They loved each other and were on their first date together. Nick brought Jeff to the escalator then he let go of his hand resting his fore arm on the rails of it.

"So where to now?" asked Jeff. Nick turned his head to face him.

"Now we're going to watch a romantic movie and probably eat each other's face through half of the movie. Jeff thought for a second.

"Sounds legit to me." replied Jeff with a shrug also.

As they entered the cinema, there wasn't that much people there so held each other's hands while walking up to the ticket buying area and the to the snacks bar to get popcorn and coke. They walked into the movie while sipping on their own drink. Nick led them both to sit near the front where no one was.

When they sat down, they got comfy, had a few handfuls of popcorn and watched the movie when it started. It was only twenty minutes into the movie and Nick pulled the cliché yawn-then-put-your-hand-around-their-shoulder movie and Jeff settled into the embrace. Another five minutes passed and Jeff looked up at Nick who then looked down at him. There was a sudden pause with them just looking into each other's eyes. They both leaned in slowly, taking their time looking into each other's eyes the smash went their lips. Dominance was wanted from both sides but in the end, Nick leaned more forward making him in control. Jeff opened his mouth more to let Nicks tongue to explore more of him. The massaging of their tongues on each other's cheeks made them so aroused. They continued this for about fifteen more minutes until it started to get more intimate and slow showing each other how much they really needed each other. It started to get more intense but this time, Jeff was the one that was in control.

Their lips never left each other until the lights in the cinema turned on. They looked sloppy and messy and sexy. They sat there for a minute fixing their selves up then eventually walked out of that place hand in hand.

They got to the parking lot and Nick unlocked his car when they were a few meters away from it. They both got I and sat there for a moment.

"My place? My folks won't be home until Thursday because of the business." asked Nick.

"If I just get a taste of what happened in there then definitely." Jeff replied with a slight smirk on his face which then put a smirk on Nicks face. Nick immediately started the ignition and drove out of the parking lot as fast as he could. He drove home in a breeze, getting out of the car and to the other side to grab Jeff's hand and pull him up to the front door. Before he got his key out to unlock it, he gave Jeff a deep kiss surprising him. They finally got in, took off their shoes and coats, then headed up the stairs hands entwined with each other, Nick leading the way.

They made it to Nick's door but before he could open it, Jeff tugged him close to his chest the rammed him into the door. He whispered in Nick's ear "I couldn't wait" then smashed his lips against Nick's, with Nick only deepening it. He somehow opened his door and started walking backwards with letting theirs detach. He kept walking backwards with theirs lips still connected when the back of his knee's hit the bed making him and Jeff fall. Jeff on top of him but then then they rolled over so Nick was on top. Their lips disconnected for a moment so they could take their clothes off, but when it was gone, seeing each other bare naked made their members even harder.

Jeff went on top of Nick again and grinded his penis against Nick's leg letting moans out of his mouth, while Nick did the same. Both of their hands were rubbing against their chest, back, butt and thighs to tease each other. Jeff, still being on the top of Nick, pushed his chest so that Nick was fully lying on his back. He was then grinding his penis against Nick's stomach and caressed Nick's chest and nipples teasing it and tickling it. He shoved his tongue again in Nick's mouth receiving more moans than there already was and then started trailing soft, wet kisses along Nick's jaw line, to his neck, down his chest but swirling his tongue around Nick's nipples for a moment, then traveling again more down until he reached the pot of gold he's been waiting for. He looked up at for a second who gave him a nodding plead and then eventually sucked slowly on it. He swirled his tongue around the tip of it a few times but gained himself a choke from Nick who thrusted forward. Nick leaned up to see Jeff but was pushed down again by Jeff who continued to suck him off. Jeff was so into it that he bobbed his head as fast as he could, hearing Nick moan even loader, and eventually hearing Nick scream as Jeff sucked all of his come. Both boys were panting and sweaty that they almost fell asleep until Nick spoke.

"You're fucking amazing at that." he said while his panting was slowing down.

"Well you taste fucking delicious babe." Jeff replied with a grin on his face followed by a peck to Nick's lips. They both sighed in sync without realising it and drifted off to sleep with Jeff's head and arm resting on Nick's torso.

It's the next morning and Jeff wakes up looking the digital clock which says '11:15'. He got up from the bed and walked over to Nick's ensuite turning the shower on. He stepped in feeling the hot spray got over him, relaxing his muscles.

Nick heard the shower on and sat up rubbing his eyes. He looked around and realised it was Jeff in the shower. He got out of bed with a yawn and smirked as he leaned against the ensuite door frame, looking at Jeff's perfectly sculpt butt. Nick surprised Jeff by waking in the shower and grabbing him around his waist, pulling himself up against Jeff, to make him fell how thought about seeing him naked again. Jeff was a ticklish type of person so he just giggled with those touches but then got a hard on. Nick rested his head on Jeff's shoulder from behind and looked down at him seeing he made Jeff do.

"I'll fix that for you babe." Nick said seductively pulling Jeff around then dropping to his knee. He was just bobbing his head while Jeff was grabbing his hair and swirled his tongue around a few times. Jeff's eyes were closed when he came in Nick's mouth but it felt amazing.

"You sure know how to give me a BJ." He said as nick stood up. Nick then pulled Jeff up close to him so they could kiss each other while he wrapped his arms arm Jeff's neck. They swayed on the spot for a few moments until Jeff decided he should dry off. Nick stay in the shower longer though to clean himself properly.

Jeff dried himself, changed borrowing some of Nick's clothes and headed down stairs wanted to cook for Nick that morning. He looked in inside of the fridge pulling out some eggs bacon. He got the pan out and cooked the food. He plated the food and started to make coffee. Just as the coffee was made, Nick came down the stairs all dressed up, leaning against the bench checking out his boyfriends but again.

"Hey babe, your foods ready if you're hungry and I'm also making coffee if you want some?" Jeff asked gesturing towards the coffee maker.

"Yes to the coffee and already started eating." Nick said with a full mouth. Jeff just chuckled at him.

Jeff brought two mugs of coffee to the bench, putting one next to Nick's plate and the other next to the other. He went behind Jeff and hugged him followed by a kiss to his cheek. Nick just blushed then took a gup of his coffee.

"So… last night was intense." said Nick while wiping his hands together. Jeff Just nodded enthusiastically in return with his mouth full of food.

Nick took the newspaper that was on the side of the bench and read it until Jeff finished eating. Eventually he did and Nick grabbed his plate then put it in the dish washer.

Nick walked up to Jeff who was stretching his arms out then hugged his waist, pulling him in close, smelling in his scent even though he was wear his clothes. They both rock back and forth there for a moment until they peck each other on the lips and then let go of each other.

They walked into the lounge room sitting on the couch and turning the TV on and watching cartoon network. They both loved that channel. It was like they were mature kids. Still love what kids loved but acting more careful.

Jeff suddenly heard a buzz come from his pants because of his phone. He looked at it.

1 New message from: Mom

He unlocked his phone then opened the message.


Jeff just groaned in distress. He pressed on his moms name in the contact list and put the phone to his ear. Nick gave his a confused look and he mouth 'my mom' to him receiving an understanding look.

"Hello?" Jeff greeted in a shy way.

"Hello? Jeff? JEFF! WHERE ARE YOU?" screamed his mom.

"Don't worry, I'm at Nick's hou-"he was cut off by his mother.


"Ok, ok… I'll come home." he said in a defeated tone looking over at Nick who gave him a pathetic look.

"Dam straight you will." said his mother rudely the hanging up.

He stood up from the couch, Nick following his actions. They gave each other a massive hug and a deep kiss.

"My parents are so retarted, you only live a couple of houses up from me and she was worried sick about me." Jeff said in a mocking tone making Nick giggle.

"Well at least she cares for you. My parents aren't even home half the time." said Nick. Jeff gave him a sympathetic look and one more hug before he went out the door. Nick waved at him when he walked off.

'Now to face the wrath of the beastly parents'. Jeff thought to himself.

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