A/N: Warning this is a MATURE chapter guys don't read if you're not into smut and stuff... :)

As he zipped all her dress down and kissed the side of her neck. He pulled the dress of both sides of her shoulders and kissed the top of them. He pulled her dress all the way off revealing her bra and knickers. He bent onto his knees and kissed her back one section at a time. I *Kiss* Love *Kiss* You *Kiss* So *Kiss* Much *Kiss* Shay was moaning every time he'd kiss her. You *kiss* Are *kiss* The *Kiss* Love *Kiss* Of *Kiss* My *kiss* Life *Kiss*. He stood up and turned her around her eyes dark with lust and want. She lifted his chin and places a gently kiss on his lips. She reached down for the hem of his shirt and pulled it up revealing his tone chest and rock hard abs. Shay got on her knees and kissed every single muscle on his stomach. I *kiss* Love *kiss* You *kiss* So *kiss* Much *kiss* Too *kiss* You *kiss* Make *kiss* Me '*kiss* So *kiss* Happy *kiss* I *kiss* Want *kiss* To *kiss* Be *kiss* With *kiss* You *kiss* Forever *kiss*.

Shay stood up and smiled at Keegan's flushed face. "Together Forever baby" Keegan said before kissing her lightly on her lips. He reached up and pulled her bra strap off one by one. Gently kissing her shoulder blade as he removed one. He reached behind her and un clipped her bra, he pulled it off her chest slowly freeing her breasts. He looked at her with Love in his eyes. She smiled at him as she reached for the button on his pants. She popped it open and pulled down his pants. He slipped out of his pants and kicked them across the floor of the bedroom.

Now both nearly naked, they smiled at each other as Shay hooked her fingers into his boxers and pulled down his boxers revealing his hard member. It stood tall and proud. Keegan pushed Shay onto her bed. "Move up more onto the bed" Keegan told her. Shay moved up closer to the head board of the bed. Keegan hovered over Shay and smiled. "You are so beautiful and all mine, do you want me to show you how much I love you?" Keegan asked.

"Please show me how much you love me Keegs"Shay pleaded.

Keegan hooked his fingers inside her knickers and pulled him off slowly. He kissed her thighs and gently kissed her lips. "You ready baby?"Keegan asked.

"Keegs please"Shay pleaded. He put his member to the entrance of her of pushed inside slowly, Shay moaned loudly as he entered her softly. He grunted as he entered her, he moved slowly on top of her; each thrust made her moan even louder.

"Keegan I-I-I Lov-e-e Y-you, Harrr-der ba-by. Please don't stop"Shay moaned as Keegan rocked into her getting faster as she moaned louder. Shay grabbed onto his hair as he rocked into her harder. "Y-yeah Like that, oh god...ohhhh Keegs"Shay's moans got louder as she was reaching her climax.

"Shay I love you so m-much, i-i'm s-soo c-lose"Keegan moaned feeling Shay sucking him in. Shay climaxed and not long after Keegan did too. Shooting into her. They were both breathless, chests heaving. Keegan pulled out of Shay and she whimpered at the lost of him. He fell back on to the bed and pulled her into him. Her head resting on his chest and his hand running through her hair. Her moaning as he scratched her scalp. Her fingers writing onto his chest, he sighed his eyes closing at the sensation of her fingers.

Keegan looked down at Shay and put his finger under her chin and lifted her head up. He bent his head down to kiss her softly on her lips. She smiled into the kiss and snuggled into him more. He pulled away from the kissed and smiled down at her. "Your so beautiful, Your mine and I love you just the way you are"

Shay smiled at Keegan's words. She looked up at him. "I'm yours, and your mine too baby. I love you so much. You just made me feel so loved and amazingly happy"Shay kissed him on his lips. And Keegan smiled into the kiss.

"Goodnight My beautiful baby. I love you"Keegan kissed her softly and gently on her lips.

"Night my handsome man. I love you too"Shay replied after she pulled away from the kiss. They both closed their eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep snuggled together in each others arms. But after their nightly activities did they forget something?

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