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Summary: There have been six years since Damon and Elena last saw each other. Now after all this time they finaly meet. But will they be able to forget about the past and enjoy the present? Will they be able to love again?

"So, what do you think?" Jenna turned around.

"Jenna, you look incredible" Elena sighed. Jenna looked in the mirror again. Elena was saying the truth – she was beautiful.

"And of course, all thanks to you!" Jenna said as she turned again to Elena who was smiling.

"Everything for my little sister! Especially for her wedding day."

"I still can't believe this is all happening… Me and Ric, after all this…"

"You deserve this. You love him and he loves you. Just because that bitch tried to ruin everything doesn't mean that the two of you are not made for each other."

"I know… I'm just afraid that someday she's going to return and…"

"Shhh!" Elena interrupted her "Everything is going to be alright, don't worry. In less than a week you're going to be Mrs. Salzmann! And just think about it… when Alaric see you in this dress he'll never be able to look at another woman."

"You think so?"

"Of course. Oh, come here!" Elena held her sister in a tight hug.

"Elena, stop!"

"What? What's the problem?"

"We're crumpling the dress!"

"And you're worrying about this? I'll fix it later."

"How damn lucky I am having you, sis!"

Elena smiled. She hadn't seen Jenna so excited for ages. She was so happy about her but one part of her mind was screaming 'Why? Why is my little sister settling down before me?'. Every time that voice in Elena's head echoed she was feeling awful, she was disgusted by herself, by all these egoistic thoughts. It was her to blame because she decided to have a career. Since she was a little girl she dreamt about being a famous fashion designer. Now even when her dream finally came true she wasn't satisfied enough. Now she wanted to have someone by her side. She knew that she could always ask Jenna, Bonnie or Caroline for anything but now it was different – she wanted someone to wake up next to every morning, she wanted a family. Until now she never had time for thinking about settling down. Ever since she graduated Art College… God, the college! Sometimes she just thought it was a mistake because if she hadn't gone there she wouldn't have to split up with him…

"Oh, look at the time! Bonnie and Caroline are going to be here in fifteen minutes. I'd better change." Jenna said. "Elena?"

"Oh, yes! Sorry, I was thinking about something. Well…" Jenna took her out of the trans she was in. "I still don't get why you don't want anyone, except me, to see your wedding dress before The Big Day." She giggled.

"Because… Imagine if someone is a spy and wants to copy your design before its official 'premiere'" Jenna joked.

"Fine. Whatever… You can put it in one of my wardrobes. It is safe enough there!"
They both laughed.

The doorbell rang. Elena went to the door and opened it to see two girls standing there. One of them, Caroline, had shiny blonde hair and sparkling cat eyes. Bonnie, on the other side, was a brunette with beautiful hazel eyes. The three of them were best friends from the college. Now Caroline was working for a famous fashion magazine and Bonnie was an interior designer. She was dating Elena and Jenna's elder brother, Jeremy. They met on one of Elena's parties and fell in love with each other at first sight.

"Hi, 'Lena!" Caroline and Bonnie smiled.

"Hey, girls! Come in."

They entered the big apartment and sat on the couch.

"So, where is our bride-to-be?" Caroline asked.

"I'm coming!" A voice shouted from upstairs. Jenna was still in Elena's room, changing clothes.

In a minute she was downstairs. Bonnie and Caroline turned to her. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt.

"Well, I see we're not seeing your dress until the wedding." Caroline raised her eye brows.

"Elena, please! You're the designer – you can give us a permission to see it, right?" Bonnie asked hopefully.

"Sorry, girls. I'm just doing what my sister tells me to. So, if she wants it to be a surprise – it stays this way." Elena winked at Jenna who smiled.

"Fine! Is there something we can help with? Unless everything is so secret, of course." Bonnie joked.

"In fact, you can. Give me my purse!"

"You want us do only this? God, it's such a big help! People would think that you are some super-secret CIA agents, doing a super-secret research." Bonnie scoffed and gave the purse to Jenna who looked at her seriously and took out a long list and a bunch of envelopes.

"This is the list with the guests and the invitations. You can help me write the names and the addresses on them."

The four of them sat on the kitchen table and started working. They were writing for about an hour when suddenly Bonnie screamed.

"Oh, my God! Damon Salvatore is coming to your wedding!"

"Wait, what? You never told me he was coming!" Elena said to Jenna.

"Sorry, I just…"

"Wait! Where do you know Damon Salvatore from?" Caroline interrupted her.

"Well, he is Alaric's friend from college and Elena's…"

"No, Jenna! Don't say th…"

"…ex-boyfriend!" It just went out of Jenna's mouth.

"What?" Bonnie and Caroline were shocked.

"Well, it's not such a big deal. It was a long time ago." Elena blushed.

"So, you admit it is true?" Bonnie asked.

"Well…" Elena blushed even more if that was even possible.

"So, you are Damon Salvatore's ex, a famous crime writer's ex, and you never told us? Little Miss Fashion Designer is going to have problems!" Caroline scoffed.

"This is not important now!" Elena said.

"Yes, it is. If he is coming to the wedding we must have you looking really good!" Bonnie said.

"You're saying that I don't look really good always?" Elena giggled.

"Elena, you know what I mean. We must have you looking better than ever if you want him wrapped around your finger."

"And why would I want that?"

"Elena, let's be honest!" Caroline started "You are a beautiful fashion designer and he is a charming famous crime writer! And like all this is not enough you were dating in the high school! I'm sure it was love at first sight and you miss him and you truly regret. Why else would you be so bothered that he is coming to your sister's wedding?"
"I don't miss him and I don't regret anything!" Elena knew it was a lie. But Caroline knew it too.

"Elena!" She said. "I know when you're lying! You loved him and you still do. So, that is a good opportunity for you to meet him and talk to him. Hell, he can feel the same about you!"

"And what if he doesn't? What if he isn't even remembering me?"

"Elena, it is impossible for any man to forget a woman like you." Bonnie said.

"Especially if you went together to the prom!" Words got out of Jenna's mouth again.

"What?" Bonnie raised her voice. "You went together to the prom? Why didn't you tell us? And why did you split up?"

"Because I was going to Art College and he was going to Yale because he wanted to be a writer. And you know what happens to long-distanced relationships…" Elena sighed.

"And that's all?" Caroline looked surprised. "He didn't even fight for you?"

"We were young, Care! And yes – that's all!"

"Well, I still think you should talk to him so…" Caroline started. "What about putting the two of them next to each other?" She said to Jenna.

"Well, that's an idea!" Jenna smiled devilish.

"What? I should be on your table. I'm your sister!"

"Don't worry! I'm gonna take care of it."

"Damn it, Jenna!" Elena moaned. "Well, I guess I don't have any choice, have I?"

"No, you don't!" Jenna laughed.


"So, Elena…" Caroline started innocently "Do you have any pictures from the prom? You know, I'm just curious what was your dress like?"

"Caroline, you're so predictable!" Elena giggled "I have three or four somewhere in my room. Come with me!"

Caroline, Bonnie and Jenna were sitting on Elena's bed while she was looking for something.

"I'm sure it was here! It can't just disappear!" Elena said.

"Elena, it's fine. If you can't find…" Bonnie began but she was interrupted.

"Ha! I found it!" Elena said as she closed the door of the closet with a box in her hands.

"Whoah, whoah! What is this?" Bonnie giggled "I thought you were showing us just a few pictures."

"Well, these are memories." Elena said as she put the box on the bed and opened it.

"My memories from Damon."

"Elena Gilbert! You have a whole box full of memories from him and you keep saying you don't miss him!" Caroline giggled.

"You wanna see the pictures? If so, shut up!" Elena tried to say it seriously but she burst into laughter.

"Fine!" Caroline giggled.

Elena took out an envelope. There were four photos in it. Four really nice photos. On all of them Elena was wearing a beautiful knee length pink dress with some black details and black high-heels. Damon was next to her. God, he was charming – his perfect black hair and his cobalt blue eyes… Every woman would fall for a guy like him.

"Oh, my God!"

"Well, Caroline, I know the dress is amazing. Have I mentioned I myself designed it?" Elena laughed.

"Elena, please! Who cares about the dress? Look at him! He's so handsome, isn't he?" Caroline sighed.

"Ha! I got you! I knew you wanted to see the photos just because of him. As I said before – you're so predictable!" Elena giggled.

"That's me!" Caroline laughed.

"Elena, what's this?" Bonnie was about to open a little black box.

"No, Bonnie, stop!"


"It's just… I can't explain now. Maybe later." Elena said. She looked at Jenna's brown eyes looking for help. Her sister understood her immediately.

"So, who wants ice-cream?" Jenna asked.

"WE!" the other three girls screamed.

"OK then. Let's go!"

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