Always and Forever

Chapter 5

"They're late!" Alaric told his best man.

"Don't worry!" Damon Salvatore said. "I'm sure they will be here in any moment!" In fact Damon wasn't really sure and was secretly hoping that Elena won't show up and the wedding will be cancelled. "So pathetic!" – He thought.

The church doors were opened and the bridal march started. Everybody turned their heads to see the beautiful bride, her father next to her and her bridesmaids.

"God!" Damon gasped.

"She's beautiful, right?" Alaric whispered to him. "Jenna is the most beautiful woman in the world!"

"Yeah… Wait, what?" Damon raised his eyebrows. "Jenna? You're marrying Jenna Gilbert?"

"Yep." Alaric popped the 'p'. "What were you thinking?"

Damon didn't say anything. He looked again at the woman in white that was floating down the aisle. This really wasn't Elena – the woman's eyes were dark like Elena's but her hair wasn't brown but blond. He sighed in relief. But that feeling didn't last long – when Jenna stood next to Alaric, Damon saw one of her bridesmaids. Now, that was Elena! Elena with her luscious chocolate locks cascading down her shoulders. Elena with her rosy cheeks and charming smile. Elena with her beautiful dark eyes that were staring right in Damon's cobalt blue ones. He wondered for a moment if she knew how she was setting his heart on fire.

"Dear beloved…" The vicar began but Damon wasn't listening. He couldn't stop looking at his ex-girlfriend. Now he realized that she was the one. She was the woman he loved back then and never stopped loving.

"Elena!" A soft voice said.

"Damon!" Elena turned to see a man with raven black hair, charming smirk and beautiful eyes looking through hers. Her heart skipped a beat for a moment. "How can I help you?"

"Well… I actually sit here." Damon pointed the empty seat between her and Alaric.


"I'm the best man!" He smirked. "Right, Ric?" Damon turned to Alaric who was sitting

"Yep." Ric popped the 'p'. "But how come you know my wife's brother and sister?"

"Long story!" Elena and Damon said in sync.

"I guess I will never get a satisfying answer." Alaric laughed.

About an hour later Elena was still sitting on the table between her brother and Damon. She was dying to talk to Damon but she couldn't because Jeremy was distracting her with some stupid stuff he had already told her a million times. In fact Elena wasn't really listening – she was drinking wine and nodding from time to time in order to seem as if she was very interested. But even a bit drunk Elena could easily sense that her brother didn't want her to talk to Damon.

"Jeremy!" Elena heard Bonnie's voice. Her best friend has just interrupted Jeremy who was telling Elena for the seventieth time about the problems with his employees in the office.

"Sweetheart?" Jeremy turned to his girlfriend.

"Stop annoying your sister and come to dance with me!" Bonnie looked at him with her puppy eyes.

"Fine!" Jeremy said and rose from his chair.

"It seems like your brother doesn't want you around me… or at least talking to me." Damon said as Jeremy walked away with Bonnie.

"Why do you think so?" Elena asked a bit confused. Of course it seemed this way but she was hoping Damon wouldn't notice it.

"He has been talking to you the whole previous hour instead of dancing or making out with his beautiful girlfriend! But don't worry – your brother hated me since high school and I'm absolutely cool with it."

"Perhaps you're right!" Of course he was right! "I don't know why Jeremy never liked you but being honest – I have never being interested in any guy my brother tried to hook me up with!"

"Yeah… I know that." Damon laughed. "I remember in high school when he was trying to hook you up with Stefan."

"He just wasted his time." Elena laughed. "I really wasn't interested. Your brother is a great person but I just… I don't know. I wasn't attracted. I felt him more like a friend."

"I guess we, the Salvatores, don't have luck with you, Elena." Damon smiled sadly.

"So, Damon…" Elena began after a few seconds of awkward silence. "I heard you were a writer." She sighed.

"Actually, I am." Damon smirked. "And a pretty prosperous one, by the way!"

"The same old Damon who couldn't sustain a minute without showing off!" Elena giggled.

"You used to like it!" Damon raised his eyebrows.

"I have changed!"

"I doubt it!" Damon said. "You're a fashion designer which means that you're still the same old Elena Gilbert who was always drawing clothes!"

"Got me!" Elena put her hands up in surrender and laughed.

"Hey!" Jeremy has just come back on the table. "What are you two doing?"

"Just talking." Elena sighed.

"Good." Jeremy said and sat down on his chair.

Suddenly a beautiful melody started. Elena immediately recognized their song. Her and Damon's song. And it seemed that Damon recognize it too.

"What a beautiful song!" He said and smiled at Elena who smile him back.

"Yeah." Jeremy scoffed. "Elena, would you like to dance?"

"I…" Elena gulped. "Sure!"

She rose from her chair and took her brother's arm. She danced with him for a few minutes in silence. Suddenly she heard Damon's velvet voice.

"Switch of partners?" He has just appeared dancing with Bonnie.

"Sure!" Elena and Bonnie said in sync.

"You always get what you want, don't you?" Elena giggled as she wrapped her hands around Damon's neck.

"One way or another." Damon smirked and pulled her closer to him. Elena could feel the warm of his body and she felt safe. She felt safer than ever. Soon Damon broke the silence with the most awkward question.

"Hm… Elena, do you have a boyfriend?"

"No." Damon sighed in relief. "But I see you haven't wasted your time!"

"What are you talking about?"

"The blondy. Do you really think I live in a cave and don't read newspapers?"

"I honestly don't know what you are talking about." Damon couldn't believe that Andy said anything to the reporters. Of course, he knew that he was going to screw things up with his question but he just needed to know. How could he know that Elena reads newspapers and believes what it is written in them?

"Oh, please. Don't tell me you live in a cave!" Elena scoffed. "Yesterday's New York Times – you in the arms of a blond girl in Central Park? Does it seem familiar?"

"Are you talking about Lexie?" Damon has just remembered – he went out three days ago for his jogging in Central Park and saw his good friend Lexie who he hasn't seen for years. He was so happy to see her that he hugged her. "She's not my girlfriend."

"And then what?" Elena scoffed. "Your fiancée? Or maybe your wife?"

"No." Damon said calmly. "Just a friend of mine."

"A friend of yours?" Elena raised her eyebrows.

"Yes. I have known her since before my family moved in Mystic Falls." The Salvatores had moved in Mystic Falls when Damon was eight. "My father and her mother studied in Italy together. We both are born there."

"Oh…" Elena blushed. "If you say so."

"Mhm… But…" Damon looked a bit suspiciously at her. "… do I sense jealousy?"

"Jealousy?" Elena laughed. "Me – jealous?"

"Yeah!" Damon smirked. "And I quite like that!"

"You're crazy!"

"You know what? I am crazy… about you!" he pulled her closer and pressed his lips against hers. She kissed him back but then suddenly realized what she was doing. She was at her sister's wedding and was kissing with the best man (who appeared to be her ex) in front of everyone. In front of her parents and her brother.

"Damon! Stop it!" she pushed him away. "What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm doing what I had to do six years ago instead of just leave you. I miss you, Elena!"

"I…" She tried to say something but was interrupted by Jeremy.

"Didn't you hear what my sister told you?" He was really furious.

"I did."

"And you're still here because…?"

"You know what? Maybe you're right – I'm getting out of here!" Damon said and turned his back to Elena and everybody else.

Elena could sense the tears in her eyes. He left. He left her just like he did six years ago.

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