Did Max- Ernest have a plan? Why yes, yes he did. And he thought it was quite brilliant, thank you very much. Sure, he'd have to trick his two best friends, but at least he knew the outcome would be good! Well, if everything went according to plan. So basicly, if Yo-Yoji and Cass did something their terrible at, listening to someone else, this would go swimmingly!

The Plan: Part 1: Yo-Yoji

Geez, Max-Ernest just wants to see me freak doesnt he. Having me spend a whole night with him and Cass? I'll be dead by 7. Mom said she'll pick up me and Cass and then we can go. . . .car. DONT MOMS REALIZE ANYTHING! Or best friends for that matter. Back to Max-Ernest, he probably is doing this just to get us together or something..which i kind of dont mind. I mean, If he can pull this off I'll get an awesome girl and then I thank him. But I don't know, seems kinda sketchy to me...maybe I can pretend to be sick? Too late. Guess I'll have to go then.

The car ride was so awkward! I sat in the back of the car with Cass, because my mom told me it would rude not to. Why are mom's so weird? Maybe she's secretly rooting for us...Oh gosh! I gotta stop talking. This is getting weird. Mom's dont ship people, do they? If I ever go out with Cass, I'm not telling her, thats for sure.

DING DONG! Just answer the door already! Come on...come on...co- " Hey Guys! Come on in!" said a too excited Max-Ernest.

Way too excited.

The Plan: Part 2: Cass

Was it just me, or was that really awkward! I thought somemore about how we kind of sat close, but you know not too close. That would be weird. When we got there, Maxie seemed a bit over excited. Did Yo-yoji notice that? Too strange to just say out loud. I walked into Maxie's strangely combined house-though I'm glad his parents are back together, I think they should've worked more on decor. Anyway, enough making fun of. I haven't seen his family anywhere, strange. I guess he sentenced them upstairs, so like him. OH! It's time to eat!

After we ate Maxie said we're going to watch television until eleven to "go to sleep." We all knew we just had to hear snoreing, then we could be as loud as we wanted! We had a bit of fight over to watch, me wanting to watch Icarly, Max-Ernest some documentry on turtles. I won along with the help of Yo-Yoji, causeing Maxie to say "you guys always team up against me!"

At eleven, his parents told us it was time to go to bed. Yo-Yoji and I still haven't looked at each other for more than five seconds without blushing. We got to Maxie's room,and I claimed a beanbag right away! I layed down and demanded they leave so I could get dressed. Maxie made a joke about Yo-Yoji staying and watching me and we both blushed as Yoji chased Maxie out of the room. I locked the door for good measure and got dressed. That was just strange. Then, they got dressed, and we waited for the sounds of snoreing. At 11:30, we heard the first snore. We could talk again!

The Plan: Part 3: Max-Ernest

So, I probably just made Yo-Yoji, like, die. He was so blushing. It was a joke, geez! Anyway, It's time for the plan. The snoreing started, and I told everybody we are now playing truth or dare. They demanded they get to torture me first, so I said dare. They started laughing then said I had to call Amber and sing a One Direction song in her ear. I did, and awkwardly enough, she loved it! She exclaimed loudly in my ear that she would come to my house at any moment to make-out with me. Awkward...

Then, it was my turn to truth or dare Yo-Yoji. He said dare, wanting to look tough in front of Cass. What I said next, he was not expecting! I decided to strecth it out, make it more fun for myself. "IIIIII...dddaaarrrreeee yyyooooouuu toooooo kkkkiiiissss CASS!" making Cass come out really fast. Cass had a surprised look and Yo-Yoji bent down to kiss her. They made-out for a long time, ending with them decideing to go out.

I was still kind of worried Amber was going to come through the window, and was thinking about how I could get back at them. I mean, I just helped them get together, they should at least make up for what they did! Well, in the end everything worked out, and I might just get a girlfriend, Amber. If she's not too insane!

And there we go everyone :) sorry for taking so long to update, I was really busy over the summer :) So i decided that Maxie (did anybody get that,it's like Max E for Ernest too) should at least get a chance with a girl! Anyway, this story is done and over with :) Private Message me if you have any ideas for any other stories you would like me to write :) xoxo, I love you all! Higs 3