First of all, please read this entire Author Note:

I will not be continuing this story for several reasons:

It has only two chapters I'm actually pleased with. The rest of it is rather bland.

The planned plot is too cruel to fit the story. Merlin is a bit dark in this one but, in the end, he's not dark enough and (partially) lacks reason to do it.

I'm rebooting this (or rather the general idea) as Destiny is Dead (/s/8892471/1/)

Destiny is dead will be longer and darker in which you'll not see Dark!Merlin but Evil!Merlin who is far more devious than the one in this fic.
It will also have more suspense/cliffhangers, a better plot and a more convincing reason for Merlin to change.

My apology if this ruins your day.

Thanks go out to those who have submitted reviews, especially those who have written more than 1.