Only Time Will Tell

A Monster in Paris Story

Written by Jinney

Chapter 1

Author's Notes: Okay everyone, new story…and please don't kill me for calling our favorite giant flea Frank – it's shorter and easier to remember, especially because I'm American – so just go with it for the sake of MY stories. I doubt there will be any French in this story, because I know next to NOTHING about French. One thing I have also noticed with the stories with 'Frank' is that he can talk in the fan fiction. He couldn't talk regularly in the movie – he could sing in French/English, but not talk, he would chirp – so I will fix that in this story. No one ever mentioned in their stories how he learned to talk when it was clear in the movie that he couldn't talk! So here we go…..I'm fixing it! Read on! I may write short summaries at the beginning of each chapter too. Maybe not every chapter, but probably most! Also, I had to come up with a name for the scientist who owns the greenhouse – his new name means sunflower in French. Clever, no? XD Okay, R&R! Constructive Criticism! I'm trying my best to make them in character! This is just a sneak peek, I probably will wait to upload more of this story! ^^; So, read and wait please!

It had been several months since the story of there being 'a monster in Paris' had begun. Now, almost everyone respected the so-called monster, and saw him less of a beast and more of a legend. They were more proud that he had come to Paris. Not because he was different or that he was kind, but that he could perform – sing and dance.

Almost every night, Frank the giant flea would perform for a room full of people with his partner Lucille at the Rare Bird cabaret. Lucille had been his teacher since the beginning of his days as a seven foot tall flea and had taught him everything she knew about Paris and more – minus a few details. But seeing as Frank was still a flea, he had some issues. Being that his diet was mainly blood, he was often chasing cats and other animals. Lucille knew this was one problem they had to fix. The other problem was that even though he could sing, he could not talk.

His singing had mainly come from the power of a singing potion that gave him his 'melodious voice'. Even when he had shrunk back down to his normal flea size and had jumped into Lucille's ear, he could be heard singing a tune – the tune that would tell her he was alive, even after Préfet Maynott, the crazy commissioner bent on killing he innocent flea, had shot him and thought he was dead. The truth was that he had shrunk back down to his flea size. That alone had saved the flea's life. The commissioner was soon arrested for being less humane than the flea, among other things – he would've killed Lucille and her friend, Raoul.

Raoul, the delivery boy for the town, had become Lucille's lover, but they had broken up about two months after because it was both not working out and she was too busy. They were just friends now, and being that was so gave Frank the chance to make his move. But how could he tell her how much he loved her? He couldn't speak, so how could he share his feelings with her. The answer came to him almost immediately: he would sing his love to her. So, after Raoul and Lucille broke up, Frank began writing a song.

Frank was unfortunately very self-conscious because he knew he wasn't human and therefore couldn't be with Lucille in the proper way. But he would take his chance anyway. At least that's what he told himself. So, for several months, he would write in secret, perfect using the help of others if he didn't know the right word. Since he couldn't speak, he would write – Lucille had taught him to write in the last few months. And four months after the breakup, four months after he had begun writing, it was done.

Now all he had to do was present it to her…

Since he had completed his song, Frank had had trouble approaching Lucille. He would purr for her attention and then blush lightly, fingering the sheet of paper with the song in his pocket. One night, after four tries and being unable to do it, Lucille had gone to Raoul for help – she wanted to know what Frank was thinking, but seeing as he couldn't speak and he seemed very nervous, she didn't know what to do.

"He's been acting so strange lately. It's like he wants to say something, but can't because of something stopping him." Lucille told Raoul. Raoul nodded and, after telling Frank that they would be back later, they ventured out together to see the scientist whose potions had originally made the giant flee into what he was today. But just by leaving with Raoul, Frank became suspicious and even saddened, thinking they had gotten back together.

"Dr. Tournesol? Are you there?" Raoul called from the door of the greenhouse where the scientists works stood motionless. The scientist looked up and smiled, "Ah, Raoul! Come in! What is it that you need, my boy?" Raoul glanced at Lucille before approaching the scientist. "You know when I asked for the potion to make that flea big again?" Dr. Tournesol nodded skeptically without a word. Raoul continued, "Well we need a potion to help him to speak. He's having a hard time expressing himself? Is that it, Lucille?" She nodded, "I can tell he wants to say something but the only time he can speak is when he sings."

The scientist nodded, "Very well, I shall make a special potion for him immediately." Dr. Tournesol immediately got to work and after about forty five minutes of waiting for it to be ready, it was done. The scientist carefully handed the greenish blue liquid to Lucille. "Squirt a little of this potion into his mouth and he should be speaking in no time."

Lucille nodded with a smile, "This won't change his personality, right?" The scientist shook his head, "Not at all. He should be just as he always is, but with a regular voice now." Lucille smiled wider, "Thank you." Dr. Tournesol nodded his reply and handed her a second yellow potion. Lucille accepted it with curiosity. "What is this one?" She asked. The scientist smiled, "To help him with his blood infatuation." Lucille understood immediately, nodded, and left while Raoul stayed to talk to the scientist about other matters.

Lucille returned home and immediately found Frank sitting on her bed, looking at a sheet of paper – the one that had the song. His expression was one of depression as he slumped forward as if ready to give up on something. "Frank?" The giant flea jumped in surprise, hitting the floor with little to no grace. The thud vibrated so much that a vase fell down and hit his head, shattering into many pieces. Frank cringed and held his head and he made sad pained chirping noises.

"Oh my goodness! Are you okay, Frank?" Lucille ran to him and helped him up. That's when she noticed the sheet of paper Frank had been looking at, "What's that?" Frank eyed it and made a high pitched noise, as if he was gasping in surprise. He snatched the paper before she did and stuffed it into his coat pocket.

Lucille looked at him curiously, but finally shrugged it off and held up the two potions. She held the first one the scientist had given her closer to him. "These are both for you, Frank. I know you can't speak, so I had Raoul help me to explain to the scientist whose potions made you big to make you a new potion that will help you speak…without song." Frank's eyes widened, and he chirped happily as he eyed the potion with delight.

Lucille smiled, "Let's try it and then I'll give you the second one, which should help your diet." Frank blushed, but nodded. "Open your mouth." Frank did as he was told and Lucille sprayed a little bit of the greenish blue liquid onto his tongue. Less than five seconds later, he coughed and, for the first time in his life and since they met, spoke plain words. Even without song, they were beautiful words because of his new voice…

"Thank you." He covered his mouth as he gasped, his eyes widening. Lucille smiled, "It worked…and your voice sounds just as good as when you sing." Uncovering his mouth, Frank smiled, "Again, thank you." Lucille smiled, "Now, potion two. Open up." To this one, Frank was hesitant. "Do I have to?" he asked, testing his new yet somewhat not new voice. Lucille nodded, "Remember what happened with the cat? Or the bird? Or the horse? Or–"

Frank held up with four arms and nodded for her to stop – he didn't want to cut her off and be rude, "Okay…" He said when she had silenced herself. He opened his mouth and let Lucille spray the yellow liquid into his mouth. After spraying four times, she read the tag attached to the yellow potion. "Hmm, apparently, you'll have a human diet. That'll make things easier."

Frank sighed and looked to his pocket where the song he had written was. Would he ever be able to tell Lucille his feelings? Would things work out between them? Did she even like him like that? Were they even compatible? Only time would tell the answers to all his questions…

End Comments: I changed the name of the cabaret in this chapter. That's the only update. :) Enjoy!