Chapter 8

Author's Comments: LAST CHAPTER OF THIS STORY! And you're going to hate the end! *smirk* I was going to wait a while before starting this chapter, but I'm just so into it…I'll do it sooner. A few days ago, I thought about taking a break on this – I'm so glad I didn't! Anywho, I'm having LOADS of fun with this and I hope you all are enjoying it. There will be a sequel – if you get my meaning – and hopefully it'll be just as good! Yay! I might have to give an OC to Raoul, though. XD He needs some lovin'! That'll probably be in the sequel. Anywho, on with the show.

The girl, who was named Remy Gracia, led Frank to a hut near her father's fire house. Apparently this was a hut used especially for the occasion of having a fire. Using all four arms, he carried a large tarp over to a river, filled it up, closed off the water's escape, and jumped back to the fiery area. Going to the center of the fire, he began to spin, letting the water loose and spraying the fire out. After doing the same procedure of getting water and dousing the fire again and again, it was over and the only thing to show that there had been a fire were the scorch marks on the ground.

After all that work, Frank was exhausted. Falling on his butt, he panted and began wiping the sweat from his face. Lucille, who was feeling better by then, walked over to him, bent down, and hugged him around the neck. She smiled and said, "You did a good thing, my love; a very good thing." Frank sighed and held her close to him. He smiled into her hair as he answered, "Thank you." She patted his head.

"Whoa! He did that all by himself!" It was Remy. "You are incredible! I watched the entire thing! And apparently so did most of my town." Frank and Lucille looked around at all the people around them. Frank could hear whispers. He knew they could see what he was because his clothes were ripped, but they weren't scared…or at least they didn't look it. Most of them were questioning why he was being so good.

"Maybe he's a demon trying to be good." One woman said to the woman beside her. "I think it's more like he did something bad and he has to do good deeds to repay for that." The second woman said. "He's a flea…I wonder how he got so big. Maybe a demon created him to terrorize us but the plan failed." A man spoke this time. And another man next to him agreed, "Probably, I wonder if more are coming."

Frank couldn't take it anymore. He turned to the people and explained, "Please stop with your rumors. I am not a monster, nor am I a demon. I am a flea who was exposed to a few specific chemicals and potions. One of them made me seven feet tall, another allowed me to sing, the next helped my diet, and the last allows me to talk. I am only here to help and to be as normal as possible. I know I'm a flea and I'm scary…but I'd do anything to be human if I could be. But, I'm not and I'll have to live with that. Just don't judge me." Tears were streaming down his face as he finished his speech.

Lucille, who was the closest to him, went in front of him and wrapped her arms around his middle. He looked down into her tear streaked face. She was crying for him. He bent down and wrapped his four arms around her as her arms reached his neck. They stayed in that position until a small but loud voice started yelling at the crowd of people who were currently discussing if Frank was telling the truth. It was Remy…

"Of course he's telling the truth, you morons! Why would he lie? He's already in pain from all the criticism from Paris! You don't have to make it worse! He's the good guy here, and you're all being mean because he's different. There's a saying here…don't judge a book by its cover. If any of you have a heart, you'll understand that and knock it off!" She was panting by the time she was done.

There was an awkward silence for at least thirty seconds. It was very uncomfortable and very tense. Frank watched as all the people's expression turned from scrutinizing gazes to understanding looks. Frank blinked his golden eyes in wonder. This one girl had explained his situation perfectly, and she understood him even though he was different. She was just like Lucille, except that she always understood him – he didn't need to sing to gain her appreciation and trust.

A woman in her thirties walked forward and joined Remy in front of Frank and Lucille. "You stopped that fire?" The giant flea nodded his head, afraid his voice or words would betray him. The woman smiled, "Thank you so much. I'm sorry that so many people have been judging you." Frank nodded his thanks – it still wasn't safe to speak yet.

"Well," Lucille said, turning to Frank, "We'd better get back to Paris and see if I am pregnant or not?" Frank nodded, still feeling guilty that of what he possibly had done to her. "I'm sorry if you are." He mumbled. Lucille embraced him, shushing him softly, "Relax…I love you, so it's perfectly fine." Frank smiled into her hair and pulled her close.

They returned to Paris soon after and Carlotta, after hearing the story, called for a doctor. She wasn't mad about the possible pregnancy. In fact, it was just the opposite. She was ecstatic. Frank left while the doctor was there and returned soon after the doctor was done. The elderly man confirmed that, "Yes, she is pregnant. And I believe your theory is absolutely correct, Frank." The giant flea nodded as the doctor left.

Frank walked into Lucille's room and up to her bed. He took her in his arms and rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb. "I love you." He whispered almost like a song. "I hope you know that." She laughed softly, "I do. And I love you too." Frank smiled and took something out of his jacket. Lucille couldn't see what it was.

"I got this few minutes ago. And I hope you like it. It would mean a lot to me if you accepted it." Before she could ask, he stood up and kneeled before her on one knee, surprising her. He took a deep breath and then said, "I believe this is the traditional way." He held out what was in his hand. It was a box with a heart stitched into the top. As he opened it, revealing the emerald ring, which would go perfectly with Lucille's eyes, he said, "I love you more than life. I love you so much and felt so lost when you were taken by Maynott. You have no idea how scared I was. Please, if you love me too…will you do me this honor and marry me, Lucille?"

Lucille was stunned. She hadn't expected this, though she knew she should have. The others were probably expecting it; Lucille and Frank were the cutest couple after all. It took Lucille a few seconds to find her words, "Frank…I don't believe…I can't believe…" She finally smiled, "Of course I will!" Placing the beautiful ring on her left ring finger, Frank pulled Lucille gently into a hug.

"Thank you," He said. "Thank you."