A/n: So this first chapter is a little rough but it gets better, I promise. Also for any of you who are curious, FUBAR is a kind of military slang for something that is "fucked up beyond all recognition."

A good plan executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.—General George Patton.

The mission was FUBAR from the very beginning.

The rain had started to come down harder as Steve and Mason loaded up their packs into the back of the Jeep that would take them up near the border. Once they were close, they then ditched the vehicle and crossed over into North Korea on foot. That was the relatively easy part of the whole plan. Once they were in North Korea, they then had to work their way towards the capital city of Pyongyang. Jenna's intel had Wo Fat held up in a house just outside of the city which they would try to infiltrate under the cover of darkness. Once inside, they would grab Wo Fat and take him back over the border to their base in South Korea. That was, if everything went right.

The problem with the plan was that there were far too many variables that could screw everything up. While it was easier to cross the border on foot rather than with a car, it didn't mean that there wasn't still a possibility of getting caught and then it was a long way from the border to the capital city with plenty of chances of being discovered. The capital city itself posed a huge risk because it was teeming with the North Korean military who would not take kindly to finding rogue Americans running around heavily armed. Then there was the house and whether Wo Fat was even still there and if they were walking into a trap. This mission should have taken months to prepare if there was even a chance of it being executed properly. But they didn't have months. Steve and Mason were willing to take their chances on a half cocked plan now over months of planning with the risk of another attack.

"Stop thinking." Mason whispered, looking over at Steve as they leaned against the back wall of the compound.

"Stop thinking about what?" Steve asked, trying not to sound like he'd been caught.

"About the fact that we're going to die." Mason replied with one of his little grins. Steve rolls his eyes at his friend's attempt to lighten the mood.

"Jesus Mase, you sure know how to make a guy feel better." Steve shook his head and laughed humorlessly.

'I'm sorry, but you just had this look on your face that you were doing that mind fuck thing again." Mason explained with a shrug.

"Mind fuck thing?" Steve asked, raising his eyebrows.

"You know, that thing you do where you overanalyze a situation and torture yourself with guilt over things that aren't even your fault? You get this look on your face like someone just kicked your puppy and it's the most horrible thing that you've ever experienced." Mason described as he checked over his weapon.

"Oh my god, you and Danny are going to get along just fine I know it." Steve said, laughing for real this time.

"Of course he'll like me. I'm a charming fella." Mason said with another one of his smiles.

"More like a snake charmer." Steve muttered under his breath. Mason heard it and just glared over at his friend.

The banter was purely an act. Deep down both of them knew the severity and intensity of what they were about to do. The light hearted talk and joking around was simply a way to relieve some of the stress so that they didn't psych themselves out before they entered the compound. They managed to make it from the border to the capital city without too much hassle which made Steve suspicious. It wasn't that he wanted to encounter problems but experience had taught him that if something seemed too easy it probably was. He knew that mason was thinking the same thing but neither of them was willing to verbalize their fears.

"So what's your master plan here, Smooth Dog? You just gonna knock on the door and blow him away when he answers?" Mason questioned.

"I was thinking of something a little more subtle than that." Steve frowned. "It's dark enough now. We should be able to make our move. You take the front, I'll stay here around back." He commanded. Mason gave him one last look before holding a hand out from him to shake.

"Good luck, brother. See you on the other side." Mason said before he disappeared off into the night.

Steve took a deep breath before he stood up and began to make his way towards the back entrance of the house. Using a bush as cover, he slipped the silencer onto his weapon and took out the two guards on either side of the door before they even knew he was there. He then crept up as quietly as possible to the house to try to slip in the back door. But before he could make it all the way to the house, the door opened and Steve found himself face to face with his nemesis.

"Hello Steve. I've been expecting you."