Ch.1 Oh No

This is an intro to a new I'm in the band story I'm writing.(It's a very long intro so please bare with me)

Plot: Tripp's mother gets into a car accident and gets, seriously injured. So she is sent to care home for life. She being longer an available to parent Tripp and her ex husband's not around. She passes on Her guardian ship to Derek Burger and Ash so they can keep an eye on Tripp

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Tripp's Pov: It was a normal day at school. People were fighting, people were hanging , Girls were hot , and teachers were nagging, and high school was well high school. There Was something about today that was different, I just couldn't put my finger on it. I was sitting in history class listening to Mr. Taheshan go on, and on, and on, about the roman empire, it was aggravating. " And so the Romans established the system of law that led to Roman…. Mr. Taheshan was cut off by a knock at the door. "Come in" said Mr. Taheshan. A secretary from the office came in and handed Mr. Taheshan a note. Mr. Taheshan unfolded the note and read it {Mr. Campbell is needed in the office right away the principal would like to speak with him} Mr. Taheshan looked up from the note and said "Mr. Campbell, you are needed in the principals office right away. I got up from my seat and went with the secretary out the door, anything was better than Mr. Taheshan's boring Lecture. "What's this about?", I asked the secretary as we walked down the hall. When didn't respond, I suddenly got a strange feeling in my stomach. We finally got to the end of the hall and entered the office. The secretary walked in and knocked on the principals door. "Enter said Principal Jenkins. The secretary then walked way and left me at the door, I slowly turned the knob and entered. There in office sitting in the chairs were Derek Ash and Burger. "Hey guys, why are you here? I asked the guys questionably. Ash started at me blankly. Derek just looked like well Derek, and Burger was in tears. I was beginning to get a very bad feeling in my stomach. "Please Mr. Campbell take a seat said Principal Jenkins. I shut the door and took a seat next to Ash and waited ."I'm sure your wondering, why your hear, Mr. Campbell?". "Yeah I would very much like to know why I'm here" I said. "It's about your mother" said principal Jenkins. "Well how dose it involve them?" I asked pointing to the guys. "Just hear me out" said Principal Jenkins. "Okay" I said Nervously." The smoring when your mother was heading to work and she was in a terrible car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down, she had wounds, a terrible concussion and a broken neck and back she was immediately, rushed to emergency where she was given surgery. She survived but unfortunately she will never be able to do anything on her own again so she is at the hospital right now and tomorrow she will be sent to a care home. Tripp your mothers never coming home" explained principal Jenkins. I stared I at him in disbelief, I couldn't believe what was hearing. I started crying my eyes out my mom was being sent to a care home, how was this happening. Ash pulled me into hug and I cried into his chest well he stroked my back saying "It will be okay Tripp, it will be okay. About a minuet latter Derek joined our hug and he also offered me comforting words. Burger joined a minuet latter and pretty soon we were all crying. After 5 minuets of comforting and hugging I asked "Wait how dose this involve them". "That's simple Mr. Campbell, there going to be your new guardians. "What do you mean by that I asked. "It means that since your mother is being sent to a care home your fathers never around, Derek Ash and Burger are going to legally adopt you, your mother feels this is best for you" said Principal Jenkins. "So that means, you guys are gonna be like my dads?" I asked them. "It sure dose" said Ash. "Don't worry kid well be the best parents you ever had" said Derek. "Yeah said Burger we'll be with you every step of the way, we will never leave you". Thanks guys I said drying my eyes and hugging them all again it really means a lot". "So when dose this all become official?", I asked kind of excited. Tomorrow in court said principal Jenkins, where Derek Ash and Burger will sign the documents that legally sate there your guardians. "Okay, I said but when do I get to see my mom?"{Phone ringing}"Just a second Mr. Campbell.

{Phone conversation}

Yes this is principal Jenkins. He's in my office now. Okay. Uuha. Okay. Great I will tell him b-bye. Principal Jenkins puts down the phone and turns to face me. "Tripp that was shady Glade retirement home they said they now have your mother in there care and good news she won't be alone , she rooming with your grandma Nana said Principal Jenkins. "Okay" I said trying to sound happy. A least Grandma Nana Will keep her company". "So when can I see her?" I asked hopefully. "Right now she has request to see you so the guys are gonna take you to see her". "Okay" I said as me and the guys got up and left.

Derek's Pov: The drive to the retirement home was a long one. The whole time Ash and Burger were hugging Tripp and comforting him, while I drove the van, man Burger and Ash were like his big brothers and that would never change. I wondered what role I would play in his life, I guess I was kind of like this father. But once me and Ash and Burger adopted Tripp would I have to fully take on the fatherly role?. I didn't think I was ready for kind of responsibility, but the kids family and I'll never leave him. Just then we pulled up to the retirement home ."Guys were here I shouted to back seat. Burger, Ash and Tripp broke there hug and got up. We then got out of the van and walked inside.

Tripp's Pov: Well we were here Shady Glade retirement home. I didn't know if I could bare the fact to see my mom in the sate she was in, but I had to see her eventually. I wanted her to explain why she chose the guys to be my guardians and not someone else.

Ash's Pov: I held Tripp's hand as we walked inside to the building. We all walked to the desk and asked to see Beth Campbell. "Sure" said the front desk lady with a cherry smile on her face. "May I ask your relation to Beth Campbell she said to Tripp. "She's my mom said Tripp, trying to smile. "ohhh, said the lady right this way". The lady led us down a hall way and we stopped in front of Beth's room. The lady opened the door and we all tried to walk in but we were stopped.

Tripp's Pov: The lady stopped us before we could walk into my mom's room. "Only two at a time said the lady with smile on her face, you can bring in one other person, Mr. Campbell". How could she make me choose between the guys. "aaaaa, I choose… Ash I said quickly. I looked at the other guys they looked kind of hurt. "Guys you okay?", I asked. "Were fine little man" said Burger. "Yeah kid were okay, just go see your mum will be waiting right out here said Derek. "Thanks, guys" and I gave them each a hug and walked inside with ash. There in one bed was Grandma Nana sleeping. I couldn't see my mom, so pulled back the curtain and there she was. She looked awful. Her face was covered in bruises, she had back and neck brace and she just looked awful. I couldn't bare it I broke down in tears and ran out the door.

Burger's Pov: Not even a minuet had passed when the door flew open and Tripp came running out and ran down the hall. Ash and Derek tried to follow but I stopped them. "Bro, what are you doing, I need to talk to Tripp" said Ash. "Yeah Burger, we need to talk to him" said Derek. "Let me handle this one said Burger it will be good practice for future situations". "Fine" said Derek. "Okay" said Ash. "Great, I'll be right back" I said ,as I ran down the hall. I ran to the entrance and saw Tripp through the sliding glass doors, sitting on the steps outside. I walked outside and sat down next to him, he had his face in his hands and was crying uncontrollably. I put my arm around him and asked him. "Okay Tripp what's the matter I said in a soothing voice. "I think you know" said Tripp in annoyed voice. "Do you want to talk about it I asked him. "No" was Tripp's, immediate response. "Look little man I now it's hard, but she's your mom, you have to talk to her" . I said in a comforting tone while I patted Tripp back. "I said I don't want to talk about it" said Tripp angrily as he shook my arm away. "Look Tripp as I said as I put my arm back on his shoulder, we need to talk and you need to see your mom she loves and you love her, I said. "If she loved me so much how could she do this to me" said Tripp breaking down in sobs again. I pulled Tripp into a hug. He then cried into my chest. After about two minuets Tripp spoke. "I can't believe I said that it's not my fault she was in an accident, I love her and she loves me." I told Burger. "I think I'm ready to talk to her , my mom only wants what's best for me and I owe it to her to here her out." I said to Burger. "Then what are we doing sitting around for lets go see your mom". I said as I help Tripp get up and we walked inside.

Derek's Pov: What was taking Burger so long I knew I should have talked with him. Just then I saw Tripp and Burger walking down the hall. Fewwwf, what a relief, there they are I said to my self.

Tripp's Pov: me and Burger walked back inside to my moms room, I grabbed ash and pulled him inside. We walked slowly over to my mom's bed. "Mom, I said standing next to her, I'm sorry I ran out on you I just needed some time to calm down". "It's okay sweetie, this is a lot to handle and I don't blame you for running out" said Beth. "Mom I have to ask you something, why did you choose Derek Ash and Burger to be my guardians?". "Tripp they understand you, they care about you, they love you, just a much as I do. Being a parent is more then just responsibility it's about a relationship that strengthens you and your child and the relationship you have with your band is very heartwarming. And it is my pleasure to pass my guardianship to you, on to them my ,mom said Trying not to cry. I started to tear up I leaned in and gave my mom a hug. "I love mom, I said. "I love you even more said Beth, and that's why I'm doing this. Just than the lady from the front desk came in. "Visiting hours are over Mr. Campbell, I'm afraid you have to leave now" said the lady. "Good bye mom" I said giving her another hug. "Good bye Tripp" said Beth. I'll come see you when ever I have the chance" I said to my mom as I walked out door. She gave me a loving smile as I closed the door.

Derek's Pov: During the ride home the kid was talking to us about his visit with his mom. Ash was driving this time so I sat in the back with the kid and Burger. When he was finished we stared talking about our new relationship. "Tripp, I asked him you do realize tomorrow after court we will be more than just your friends, will be your parents. "Of course I know that" said Tripp. "That means, we will be in charge of you and will take on all the fatherly roles like; Disciplining you, helping you through relationships, guiding you on your life path. Well will work to together, to help you be the best man you can be. Said Derek. "Guy's everything's gonna work out, don't worry about me I'm am pretty much well behaved.

The Next day

Burger's Pov: Me, Derek and Ash woke up bright and early today, for today was the day we would become Tripp's dad's. We got dressed, had breakfast, and watched TV until Tripp came down.

Ash's Pov: Tripp came down about 2 hours after us, dressed and showered ready for the big day. "Good Morning, Guys said Tripp as he walked into the kitchen. "Hey do you guy's know what time it is?" asked Tripp as he came out of the kitchen holding an apple. "I believe it's 10:00 I said to Tripp. "Well we better get going said Derek don't want to be late, so we turned off the TV and walked outside.

Derek's Pov: When we arrived at the court house we all got out of the car and walked in. It was a very big room, and there in the chair at the front of the room was the judge

Tripp's Pov: We all walked in together and slowly to the front I sat at one table while the guys sat the other. "We are here today for the adoption of Tripp Ryan Campbell, by Derek Jupiter, Burger Pitt and Ash Tyler. Said the Judge "Tripp do you promise to listen to your new guardians and respect as you would your mother?" Asked the Judge "I promise" I said. And do you Derek Burger, and Ash promise to look after Tripp and treat him like your own son." We promise said Derek, Ash and Burger. "Very well then" said the judge. The judge produced the papers signed by my mother and handed them to Derek Burger and Ash. As I watched them Sign the paper's I knew we were going have wonderful years together…

3 months latter

Tripp's Pov: Me and Izzy were in principal Jenkins office, adding the finishing touches to the stink bomb we placed under his desk. "Izzy are you sure we should be doing this, what if we get caught" I asked Izzy nervously, while guarding to door from the inside. "Relax Tripp said Izzy nothing bad is gonna happen, if we get caught principal Jenkins will probably just give us detention and phone home but it's not like we haven't been in detention before" replied Izzy, completely confident with our plan. "But that's the problem, if Principal Jenkins calls home Derek's gonna… I stopped suddenly. "He's gonna do what? said Izzy I looked at her blankly. Tripp your freaking out over nothing ever since your mom got put into that home and the guys became your guardians you had nothing but a fun life with no rules, you have nothing to worry about" said Izzy. "It's not as easy as you think" I said. "What do you mean?" said Izzy. "You want the truth?" I asked Izzy. "Sure, lets hear it" said Izzy Well I said It was 2 months ago the day I brought home the D on my history test.

Tripp's Story

I walked into the house I was in terrible mood I couldn't believe I got D on my history test, stupid Mr. Taheshan. The guys gave me a warm greetings as I sat on the couch. "Hey Little man" said Burger, "What up Tripp" said Ash. "Hey, Kid" said Derek. "Hey guys I said in a annoyed tone. "What's up with you?" said Burger you seem down". "Sorry guys it's just my history test, I didn't do as well as I hoped so I'm mad at my teacher. I feel I deserve I better grade than the one I was given replied Tripp. Derek then looked at me and raised his eye brow. "Define not as well as you hoped said Derek. "I mean my stupid teacher gave me a grade I didn't deserve, I said annoyed. "Hey, don't take that tone with me young man said Derek sounding slightly angry. "Gee what's your problem said Tripp. " Show me the test, right now young man" said Derek now sounding really angry. "Okay here I said getting it out of my bag and shoving it in Derek's Face. Derek read over the paper silently, when he was finished he had an extremely angry look on his face, he got up and yelled. "GO UPSTAIRS TO YOUR ROOM, RIGHT THIS INSTANT YOUNG MAN". "Fine" I said Sarcastically, as walked up stairs stomping my feet.

"Wow said Izzy Derek told you to go to your room, that's a first. "Izzy please let me finish. "Fine said Izzy proceed.

I had been waiting in my room for almost 30 minuets when I herd footsteps in the hall. I door opened and in walked Derek, shutting the door behind him. As he sat down on the bed I started shaking. "Tripp, said Derek I'm sorry for yelling at you but I'm just disappointed and as one of your legal Fathers I like to know what's going on, I really hate being lied to." What do you mean lied to I asked nervously. "If you had studied as much as you told us you did you would have aced your test, I'm guessing theres something your not telling me. "Wellllll…..I…I…I. "Out with it young man, said Derek getting angry. "I didn't study, I played this new online game called masher mole it just so addicting, I'm so, sorry I Said. "So said Derek calm and collected, you mean to tell me that for the two weeks that we thought you were studying, you were up here Playing a game on the internet". "Yes" I said very quietly. There was Two minuets of silence before Derek said "Get up Tripp". "Okay", I said as I got off my bed and stood in front of Derek. "If your just gonna lecture me then, can I please sit down?" I asked. "When I'm done with you, you won't be sitting for a long time. I Gulped, "what do you mean by that" I asked nervously." Tripp I'm going to spank you". My face went white as a ghost. "You can't do that, I said defensively. "Yes I can and I will". "Now I want you drop your jeans and get over my lap" said Derek. "Your crazy" I asked there was no way I' was doing that. "If you don't get them down by the time I count to 3, I will take your jeans and boxers down and when that happens you will be sorry" said Derek in a serious tone of voice. ONE…There's no way I was doing this …TWO….. But what if Derek's Serious….THREE…Okay I think he not joking and I dropped my jeans. "Good boy, said Derek now over my knee". I bent over Derek's knee and waited. "Kid this hurts me just as much as it hurts you, I'm only doing this because I love you and care about you, I just wanted you to know that" Derek said rubbing my back. "I understand, was my reply. "Are you ready said Derek as he rolled up sleeve. I would never be ready but that was not the answerer Derek wanted so I said "I'm ready and with that the spanking had begun

The first blow cam down hard


Owwwwwwie I Said after the first blow




Derek ignored me and continued


{SPANK}Tell you to {SPANK} Do Something{SPANK}You do {SPANK}it {SPANK}without question


{SPANK}You {SPANK}Will {SPANK}Respect {SPANK} Us{SPANK}and

{SPANK} Not{SPANK}Show {SPANK}Disrespect {SPANK} {SPANK}

"Do I make my self clear" said Derek YESSSSSSSSSSSSSIEEEEE SIRRRRRRRRRRR I'M SORRRRRRRRRRIEEEEEEE by now I was just sobbing I didn't bother pleading it was no use.

"That's all I wanted to hear" said Derek, but to be sure


"Kid your spanking is over" said Derek as he pulled me up and embraced me in a hug. "I'm so sorry Derek, can you ever forgive me, I said sniffling. "Of course I can Tripp, I love you very much. "I love you to Derek and I can't be mad at you". I said as we hugged some more. After about 5 minuets, Derek said "Kid, it would be and excellent idea for you to take a nap, I'll send burger and ash up in a few to come check on you, as he got up and walked out the door leaving me on my bed, I crawled in and feel asleep…

"OMG said Izzy "Derek did that?". "Yes I said nervously and he's gonna do for the 5th time if he finds out. "5th time asked Izzy?". "I got it again for backtalk, not cleaning my room and sneaking out" I said "Wow said Izzy I still can't believe Derek did that". "That's why I'm worried if we get caught, I'm dead I won't be sitting for a month. I told Izzy nervously. "Relax, Tripp like I said before there's no way….. Izzy's sentence was cut off by the turning of a knob.

Will Tripp and Izzy get busted, will Tripp be in for find out in chapter 2 Busted

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