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Ch.3 Best Friends For Never

Tripp's Pov: It was my first day back at school after the suspension and my butt was still a little tender. Lucky for me though Ash gave me lotion later that night, he is such a good brother. I walked up the steps into the building, after being dropped off by my daddy , who reminded me for the like the hundredth time to behave. I wouldn't forget, after what happened to me this time. I opened the doors and walked inside slowly as not to cause my self discomfort. I walked to my locker, and Izzy was standing there looking at me really wired. "Hey Izz, what's up" I asked

Izzy Pov: I could see Tripp walking down the hall, really slow. Oh man he had gotten spanked and it was all my fault. I watched him as he came up to me, I was standing near his locker. "Hey, Izz, what's up?" asked Tripp. "Nothing much I said looking all guilty, how about you"?. "Well, said Tripp. "I'm still sore from you know…." He said in a kinda low voice. "Oh yeah, totally get it" I said. "Well that's the problem, I don't know how Derek found out" said Tripp. " Oh that's strange" I said biting my nails. "You remember when we face booked, two weeks ago" Tripp asked "Yeah" I said. "Well I accidentally typed does instead of doesn't, he didn't know" said Tripp. "Really I said as I started sweating. "Izzy are you okay said Tripp, your kind of sweating a lot" as he was saying this my palms were getting really sweaty. "I'm totally fine, so who do you think told Derek?" I asked. "I have no idea, but I'm gonna find out" said Tripp looking a bit angry. "Okay" I said. By now the sweat from my forehead was dripping down on too the floor forming a puddle. "Izzy, you're sweating a lot, and I mean a lot" said Tripp. "What's your point" I asked as sweat dripped into my mouth. Tripp reached over and touched my forehead. "You're burning up, we need to get you to the nurse right now" said Tripp as he grabbed my arm and started pulling me towards the nurse office. "Tripp, I said I don't need to see the nurse I'm fine". Tripp stopped pulling me and turned to face me. "Are you insane?" said Tripp. "You're sweating so much that it's forming a puddle on the floor, you are burning up, we need to get you to the nurse" said Tripp. Tripp started to pull me again but I stopped him. "Tripp I said jerking my arm away. "I'm not sweating because I'm sick, I'm sweating because I'm nervous". "Nervous about what?" asked Tripp looking at me with kind eyes. "About telling you the truth about who told Derek about the stink bomb." I said. "How would you know, who did it?" asked Tripp questionably pulling me again. "Because, Tripp…. I'm the one who told him" I said. Tripp stopped dead in his tracks.

Tripp's Pov: I let go of Izzy and stopped dead in my tracks. I then slowly turned around and looked her in face. "What did you just say" I asked Izzy. Izzy looked at me with tears in her eye's. "I said that I'm the one who told him" said Izzy. "That's what I thought you said, I said. "How could you do that to me, Izzy I'm your best friend". I asked. Izzy turned to me with a look of hurt. "Is it my fault you helped me with the stink bomb?, is it my fault that Derek's spanks you?, is it my fault you sent the wrong message to me, is it my fault your mom was in the accident, is it my fault about any of those things? Izzy asked. "No, no, no, no, and, no" I said "But you still told on me and what kind of friend dose that? I asked hurt. "Yeah, said Izzy crying "What kinda of person treats their best friend like this?, what kinda of person blames someone for something because they messed up them selves?". "You helped me plant the stink bomb, you sent me the wrong message and you are one treating me like this, you are the one being a jerk. "I'm being the jerk, look who's talking" I said. "Yeah well you're just mad that ruined your little plan". "You got lucky when Derek didn't answer the phone and thought you could get out of it". "You sent me a message saying he knew, but you typed it wrong, and I didn't know. "So I was comforting Derek about spanking you and he flipped out cause he didn't know and now your saying it's my fault" said Izzy sucking in her tears. " Yeah well, I don't even why I told you my secret seeing as though you can't keep it to your self that you know" I said. Izzy stared crying. "I don't know why we were even friends, in the first place" said Izzy. "I agree I said I don't need some snitch as my friend". "Well, this snitch is through being your friend" said Izzy running away crying.

Izzy's Pov: I ran away from Tripp's locker to the court yard and started to cry. I didn't even care if I was late or missed class, I just wanted to be alone. After I cried for maybe ten minuets, I started thinking about how to get revenge on Tripp, and it hit me. Tripp said I was un trust worthy with his secret, and he was right, me being part of the school newspaper, school bogs, Facebook, and my artistic talents. Tripp would be sorry he called me a snitch, because his so called secret, was about to go viral. I took out my laptop and started typing. By tomorrow morning Tripp's life would be ruined

Tripp's Pov: Izzy ran away crying, good riddance to her. I can't believe she told Derek on me, I was so mad. Just then Jarred walked by and saw my distress. "Hey Tripp why so glum?" asked Jarred. "It's just Izzy being a jerk" I said. "Why?, what did she do" asked Jarred. I looked around, the halls were beginning to fill, so I dragged Jarred to the boys bathroom, and making sure it was empty, I pulled Jarred into one of the stalls. "Why are we here?", asked Jarred. "Can, you keep a secret?" I asked. Jarred got a strange look on his face. "You, know I'm terrible with secrets". "I'm not good under pressure" said Jarred backing away and trying to leave the stall, but I blocked his way. "Jarred please, I'm not asking you as just anybody, I'm asking you as a friend". "I need to talk to somebody, and your all I have please Jarred do it for me" I asked him. Jarred stood there for a minuet but then responded, with a "Okay, fine" said Jarred. Jarred and me moved backed into the stall and I started talking. "Jarred, you know that me and Izzy weren't at school because we got suspended for two weeks?" I asked. "Of course said Jarred. "Who do you think brought you guys your homework?" said Jarred in an I'm all that tone. "Anyway, we got phone calls home, to get picked up". I said kind of scared. "Yeah and the problem is?" asked Jarred. "Ash and Burger came to pick me up, and I talked them into not telling Derek". "I sent Izzy a text, saying he dose know, instead of doesn't. "Izzy confronted Derek about how he punished me for it, and Derek went in to a fit of rage because he didn't know". "So I'm mad that Izzy got me in trouble". I said. "Wait why would you be scared about telling Derek?, your band is so cool they let you get away anything". Jarred said. "Derek, has become a lot more strict since they fully adopted me" I said. "Okay, so what do you mean by more strict?" asked Jarred." Okay, I'm gonna tell you but you have to swear not to tell anybody, deal?" I asked. "Deal" said Jarred. So I told Jarred the same story I told Izzy that day in Jenkins office. After I was done Jarred just stared at me in disbelief. "OMG, your not kidding" said Jarred. "Know I'm not , and because of Izzy he spanked me again but this time on the bare. "OMG, no wonder your mad at her" said Jarred. "I know" I said to Jarred. "So you guys are, fighting right now?" asked Jarred. "As far as I'm concerned, were no longer friends" I said. Just then the bell rang {BRING} {BRING}. "Well be better, get to class" said Jarred, leaving the stall. I followed him out, and we went to my locker to get my book's. "I'll see you at lunch" I said to Jarred as he left my locker. "See you then", Said Jarred, skipping away. Man he was a dork, but right now Jarred was closest, friend I had.

Night Fall

Izzy's Pov: I hid in one of the big, ball bins in the gym until night fall. When the school was finally empty (Around 11:00), I got out of the bin and got to work. I walked all over the school and put up the posters I made. The court yard, the halls, the lockers(I tried to get into some of the rooms but they were locked). The final place for destruction was Tripp's locker. I took out the hammer, I swiped from wood shop and started to pound his lock, with the hammer, when it finally broke off I opened the locker. I stuck posters on the sides of his locker and then threw in some extras, so when Tripp opened it the next day they would fall on him. I then closed his locker and spray painted the door red and put a special poster on the door (Different from the ones placed all around school and inside his locker), well it was more like a note. I then packed up my stuff and went home to finish the destruction of Tripp Campbell, on the internet.

Tripp's Pov: I was at home laying in bed, thinking about Izzy's words. After thinking long and hard about it I realized she was right, I had to apologize to her tomorrow. I fell asleep knowing it would all work out.

The Next Day

Tripp's Pov: I was dropped off at school, bright and early. I had a huge knot in my stomach and I was still in the van. I hadn't even seen Izzy yet and I was already nervous . "Daddy?" I asked. "Yeah, kid" said Derek. "Ummm, do you think Izzy will forgive me, after our fight yesterday" I asked. Derek put his arm around me. "Tripp, if she doesn't forgive you, then she is not a true friend and I know Izzy of course she will forgive you" said Derek "Okay, daddy see you tonight" I said getting out of the van. "Have a good day" said Derek, before driving off. I sucked it up and walked towards the doors. As I approached the entrance, some girls and boys were giggling, laughing and pointing at me. Okay that's wired, what's going on I thought as I opened the doors and walked in. There were tones of people giggling at their phones and at the posters on the wall. I walked down the hall to see what was going on, and people were pointing at me and laughing. What the heck was going on. Then Bryce approached me. "Hey Trippie" said Bryce. "Hello Bryce" I said. "Ummm I was woundering if you needed me to get you lotion" he said Bursting out laugh. That the hell was he talking about. "Thanks I'm good" I said continuing my walk down the hall. Leaving Bryce in a laughing fit. I was then a approached by someo else a girl I didn't even know. She came up to me and asked "Hey, Tripp she said in a mocking tone. "Me and my friends were wondering, if you needed us to get you some lotion?" she asked trying not to break down laughing. What the heck was she talking about, I didn't need lotion for my hands why did people keep asking me that. "Ummmmm, thanks but I don't need any hand lotion" I said annoyed. "Tripp, don't be so modest I know you know what I'm talking about" she said as she started to giggle a bit. What was she getting at, then it dawned on me….. "I don't know, what you mean" I said "I mean this" she said showing me her phone, as she went into a laugh attack. There on the phone were the dreaded words I never wanted anyone to say or read. {Head line} "Tipp, Ryan Campbell gets his butt whipped by his daddy Derek Jupiter". OMG OMG OMG was racing through my head. "GET AWAY FROM ME I screamed JUST GET AWAY". I ran threw the crowd and pushed everyone out of the way and they laughed as I ran passed them. I raced to my locker, and this is what I saw. It was painted red, the lock was broken and there was a note taped to it. I ripped off the note and opened my locker, and on to the floor fell the posters that were hung around the school. I picked it up and looked at it, and my eyes immediately filled with tears of embarrassment and shame as I stared at it. There was a picture of me getting a spanking from Derek and there were talk bubbles mine said "WAHHH, I'M A SISSSY, WHO NEEDS HIS BUTT WHIPPED". Derek's said "SHUT UP YOU LITTLE JERK, AND TAKE IT LIKE THE SISSY YOU ARE". I ripped it up and threw it down, by now I was crying hysterically. I looked in my locker and saw the same posters put up inside, I tore them out and ripped them to shreds. I the herd a laugh from behind me, I quickly turned around to see Izzy. I looked at her as tears fells on to my cheeks. "So Tripp, how are you doing?" she asked a little to cherry. "Like you don't know" I said. "It's all over the internet and all over school, my life is ruined". I said Crying. "That's what I like to call sweet, sweet revenge" said Izzy. "What" I said "How could you do this to me, you're my best friend" I said. "Try were Tripp" she said Laughing. I started to cry even more how could my best friend do this to me. " If your curious to know why, read my note aloud please" said Izzy. I picked it up and began to read.

[Dear, Tripp my EX BEST FRIEND. As you may have noticed all around school, people have been talking about the posters I put up. Ever since our fight when you hurt me deeply and said I was un trust worthy snitch, I decided to show you how I could be just that. I was told I couldn't keep a secret and your right I can't, if I was trusting I would not have put up all those posters, and told the world your secret. Seeing as I am unfit to be your friend I decided to no longer be that. I am no longer friends with you, and we never will be friends again. If you see me around school don't talk me, if you ever even come back to school. GOOD RIDENCE, TRIPP RYAN JEREK CAMPBELL, Signed your number 1 enemy Isabella]

I ripped the note into pieces and threw them down, as I stared back at Izzy. "What you did, was no better then what I did" I said to her. "Well, Tripp all I have to say to that is GOOD RIDENCE" shouted Izzy as she laughed in my faced and walked down the hall. All I wanted right then and there was my daddy and my brothers they could fix every thing, I ran to the boys bathroom and cried, hoping that this was just a bad dream that I would wake up from.

Jarred's Pov: I was walking all over school looking for Tripp, when I bumped in to principal Jenkins. "Excuse, me Principal Jenkins I asked, have you seen Tripp?". "No I haven't I'm actually looking for him, myself" said Principal Jenkins. "Okay. Lets work together, and try to find him I'm worried sick about him" I said. "Me too Jarred, me too" said Jenkins Following me, on my search for Tripp. We looked every where but to no avail, then I realized something we hadn't tried the boys washroom and I quickly raced to washroom with the Principal on my tail.

Tripp Pov: I don't know how long I was in there , before I herd "Tripp,". OMG it was Jarred. "Campbell" I herd also. Principal Jenkins, why was he here. I quietly said "I'm in stall number 2". "Tripp could, you come out so we can talk I'm really worried about you" said Jarred. Well I thought at least, someone cares about me. I opened the stall door and stepped out to see Jarred and Principal Jenkins. Jarred immediately rushed to my side and gave me a hug. " If there's anything you need, I'll get it for you" he said. I stared to cry again and said through my tears "All I want right now is to see my Daddy and my brothers". Principal Jenkins came over and put a hand on my shoulder. "You two come to my office and I'll give them a call" said Principal Jenkins leading us out of the washroom.

Principal Jenkins Pov: I led the two boys back to my office. I couldn't believe what Tripp had to go through. Sure me and Tripp didn't get along as well as I hoped but no one dissevered that kind of humiliation. I opened the door and sat them both in the chairs in front of my desk. "Tripp, I asked taking my seat, where are you brothers and your Father?". "Probably at home watching TV" said Tripp sobbing. I picked up the phone and dialed

Ash's Pov: Me Derek and Burger were sitting at home channel surfing when the phone rang. {BRING} {BRING}. "Hey, phones ringing" I said. Derek and Burger just sat there and did nothing, so I picked up the phone next to the couch.

{Phone Conversation}

Principal Jenkins: Hello, This is principal Jenkins from west valley high, with whom am I speaking with

Ash: This is Ash Tyler

{Sounds in the background}

Jenkins: could you hold on a second Mr. Tyler

Ash: okay

{Sounds in the background}

Jenkins : Yes , Mr. Tyler I have your little brother here and-

Ash: what did he do now

Jenkins: Nothing he just needs you to come down here

Ash: okay

{Back ground noise}

Jenkins: hold on Mr. Tyler

{Sound in back ground}

Jenkins: Tripp wants to talk to you

{Back ground noise}

Tripp: Ash?

Ash: Hey, how's my little bro

Tripp: not the best I need you to come to the school with Derek and Burger

Ash: Tripp is everything okay

Tripp: I will explain when you get here could you please put Derek on

Ash: Hold on

Tripp really sounded distressed I wonder what was going on as I passed the phone to Derek

Derek's Pov: Ash passed me the phone and I took it from him

{Phone Conversation}

Derek: Hello

Tripp: Daddy ( said in a teary voice)

Derek: Tripp what's wrong, are you okay

Tripp: Daddy I just need you and my brothers could you please come to school with them, I'll explain when you get here

Derek: Okay son we will be there as fast we can

Tripp: okay, can I please talk to Burger quickly

Derek: Sure

OMG the kid sounded awful what was wrong?, I wondered as I passed the phone to Burger

Burger's Pov: Derek passed me the phone, and I took it from him.

{Phone Conversation}

Burger: Hello

Tripp: Hey Burger

Burger: Tripp you okay, you sound a little weird

Tripp: I just need to see you Ash and Derek, could please come to school

Burger: Sure we will be there as soon as we can.

{Hangs Up}

Man little man sounded like he was crying I wonder what was wrong.

"Guys, we better get to that school fast" I said. " Lets go then" said Derek grabbing me and Ash and racing out the door.

Tripp's Pov: I hung up the phone and handed it to Principal Jenkins. I sat there next to Jarred still bawling, I didn't think I would ever get over what Izzy did to me. Principal Jenkins spoke up "Jarred I think it would be best, if you went to class, you can see Tripp tomorrow?". I didn't want Jarred to go but I knew he had to. I gave him a great big hug and he walked out the door.

Derek's Pov: We got to school in ten minuets, we parked the van and raced inside. The halls were disserted, well obviously class was in session, we walked swiftly to the principals office. I knocked on the door. "Who is it?", came a familiar voice. "It's Derek, Burger and Ash" I responded. "Come in" said The voice. I walked in with Ash and Burger behind me. Before I could do anything Tripp was on me, he practically, jumped into my arms and started sobbing. I carried him to an empty seat and sat down, with him in my arms. "Everything gonna be okay, Tripp, it will all work out" I said softly. After about ten minuets Principal Jenkins spoke "I'm sure your wondering, the cause of Tripp's Distress. " I would very much like to know why my son is crying so much" I said. 'Yeah said Ash, whys my brother crying?". "Whys Tripp so upset" said Burger. " Look before I show you or say anything I think it would be best if you put Tripp down, Mr. Jupiter". Said Principal Jenkins. I didn't want to let Tripp go but I did anyway. Tripp then Ran over to Ash and Burger and Ash embraced Tripp in a hug. "Okay, said Jenkins, Tripp is upset because a very important secret of his was released through out the entire school. "What secret?" I asked. Principal Jenkins grabbed a poster from his desk drawer and walked over and handed it to me face down. "I think, that will answer your question" said Principal Jenkins. I looked down at the paper and slowly turned it over. I looked it over for about a minuet then, I lost it I threw down the piece of paper and jumped all over it. " WHO THE HELL DREW THIS, PIECE OF SHIT, I SWEAR WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON THEM I WILL PERSONALY STRANGLE THEM TO DEATH. HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO MY SON. I WAS RAISED WITH IT. AND IT'S MY CHOICE TO USE IT. THAT PERSON HAD NO RIGHT DRAWING THAT SHIT, IT WAS TOTALLY, I Yelled Extremely loud. Ash Burger and stared at me in disbelief. I sat back down on the chair to calm down, I was royally pissed off. After a good twenty minuets, Ash asked "Hey, Derek can me and Burger see the paper". I walked over and calmly handed it to them. They both looked over it silently. After about minuet they both looked up and Ash threw it down , he had tears in his eyes and so did Burger. After about another twenty minuets I asked . "Do we know, who did this?". Principal Jenkins turned to face me. "Mr. Jupiter, do you think if I had any idea who did this, I would just be sitting around.?". I rolled my eyes, man what was his problem. "Look, Mr. Jupiter said Principal Jenkins. "All we know is that this information was released, through out the school and on the internet. We have no-" I cut Jenkins off. "INTERNET, IT'S ON THE INTERNET TOO" I yelled. "Mr. Jupiter, I think you need to calm down, I a sure you we will do everything, we can to find out who did this" said Jenkins. "Tripp could you come here a for a minuet" said Jenkins. "Sure" said Tripp drying his eyes. Ash released him from his hug and he walked over to the principals desk. "So, Tripp, do you have any idea who might have done this to you?". "Oh, said Tripp. "I don't have an idea I know who did this"

Tripp's Pov: Ash released me from his hug and I walked over to the principals desk. "So, Tripp, do you have any idea who might have done this to you?". "Oh, I said. "I don't have an idea I know who did this". "Great, said Jenkins who did it?". I started to cry again and Derek immediately rushed to my side. "I think the kid needs to calm down" said Derek embracing me in a hug. After about ten minuets Derek asked "Tripp do you think your ready, to answer Principal Jenkins' question now". "Yeah I said whipping the tears on my sleeve. "So Tripp, asked Jenkins who did this?". "UMMMMMM, I said trying not to cry. "It was… IZZY I said Breaking Down in sobs. "IT WAS IZZY" screamed Derek. "Yes it was Izzy" I said crying. "Well Tripp, I will have a talk with Izzy first seeing as your to emotional and then I will call you guys back in and see if we can resolve this matter" said Jenkins. "Okay that seems fair" I said under my tears. "Just go outside and wait in the waiting room". Said Jenkins. I walked out to the waiting holding my daddy's hand with my two big brothers behind me.

Izzy's Pov: I was in chemistry talking notes, it was completely boring. Mrs. Davidson went on and on about organic compounds it was driving me crazy. Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, there was a knock at the door. Mrs. Davidson answered and door, and it was the secretary Mrs. Watson. OMG I hoped it wasn't for me. Mrs. Davidson talked with her and then said. "Isabella, your wanted in the principals office" said Mr. Davidson I gulped and walked with Mrs. Watson out the door. We walked down the hall and to the office she opened the door and there in the waiting room was Derek, Tripp, Ash, and Burger. The door slammed and they all looked up and saw me. Derek's eye were glowing red literally, and Ash and Burger just gave me dirty looks. "Take a seat said Mrs. Watson, the principal will be with you shortly. Unfortunately the only available seat was next to Derek so I said "I think I'll stand". They all stared at me with rage, in their eyes except for Tripp who was bawling like a baby. It seamed like forever and then I herd. "Isabella, the principal will see you now" I mustered put all my courage, walked over to door opened it and went inside.

Principal Jenkins Pov: Izzy, walked inside, legs shaking. "Please have a seat Mrs. Fuentes", I said. Izzy sat don on one of the chairs in front of my desk. "I'm sure you know why you're here" I said to her. Izzy just looked at me and said "to what are you referring to". Clearly she wanted be difficult. "Look, I'm only going to ask you once". "Are you the one who put up those, posters about Tripp and who sent his secret viral?" I asked her. "So what if I did, Tripp dissevered it" said Izzy. "No, one dissevers that kinda of embarrassment, no matter what they did" I said. "Well he hurt me deeply, and I just wanted him to feel the same way" said Izzy. Hah she admitted it. "So you admit it?" I asked. "Yes okay, yes, said Izzy a little teary.

Izzy Pov: I started to tear up "Yes okay, yes I said. I stared to tear up because of rage not because of sadness. "How, would you feel, if you best friend in the entire world called you a Jerk and a snitch" I said bravely. "Isabella, I understand your hurt and I get that, but that doesn't make it right." "What you did to Tripp really hurt him and also hurt is family" said Jenkins. "Don't ask me to be his friend again cuz I won't" I said. "I understand, all I want you to do is to apologize, to Tripp and after that you never have to speak to him again" said Jenkins. " I don't see, why I owe Tripp an apology" I said. "Izzy, you don't have to be his friend to say your sorry" said Jenkins. "Well I'm still not apologizing" I said "I think it's time we called in Tripp and his family" said Jenkins. He then pressed a button on the phone on his desk. "Mrs. Watson, please send in Tripp and his Family" said Jenkins. "Right away, Sir she said Cheerfully. I knew I would be dead the minute Derek walked in the office.

Derek's Pov: We waited in the office waiting room for about ten minutes, before we were called back in. "Principal, Jenkins will see you now" said Mrs. Watson the secretary. I held Tripp's hand, opened the door to Principal Jenkins office and walked in, with Ash and Burger behind me.

Tripp's Pov: I held Derek's hand as we walked in. I saw Izzy sitting in the office near principal Jenkins desk, but she didn't even look at me. Me, Derek Ash, and Burger sat as far away from Izzy as we possibly could. We then sat there in our seats and waited. Finally Principal Jenkins spoke up. "You, all know why you're here, so I don't need to tell you" said Jenkins. "So without, further ado Mrs. Fuentes, I believe there's something you would like to say to Tripp" said Jenkins. I started right into Izzy's eyes and she right into mine, but only for a brief second before turning back to principal Jenkins, and saying it a not so nice tone. "I have nothing to say to that jerk, he got what he dissevered" said Izzy. Tears filled my eyes and I started crying all over again. Ash put his arm around me and Derek just flipped out. "YOU CALL THAT AN APOLYAGIE?, OH HE GOT WHAT HE DISSERVED. YOUR GONNA GET WHAT YOU DISSERVE IN A MINUETE. Derek got up from his seat and started running towards Izzy.

Izzy's Pov: I had a feeling this was not going to end well.

Burger's Pov: Me and Ash raced after Derek and restrained both of his arms, just as he was about to touch Izzy. "Guy's let me go" said Derek. "Were, not letting you go until you cool it" said Ash. "Yeah dude I said as me and Ash pulled him backward. "We won't let you talk to Izzy until your calm". "CALM, I WILL NEVER BE CALM AFTER WHAT SHE DID TO TRIPP AND MYSELF AND EMOTIANOLY HURT YOU AND ASH AS WELL. Derek yelled trying to escape me and Ash's grip. We weren't gonna let him go until he calmed down.

Izzy's Pov: Thank the lord Burger and Ash stopped him otherwise I might not have been alive right now. I could just see the raging fire in Derek eye's. He was like a bull, who wanted so much to run towards the man holding the red cloth. I could even see, steam coming out of his nose. Eventually, Derek stopped Struggling (45 MINUETS) and Burger and Ash let go. I braced myself for attack but it never came. Instead I felt a tap on the shoulder. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I shrieked at the top of my lungs. But when I turned around expecting to see Derek I saw the tear stained face of Tripp Ryan Campbell.

Tripp's Pov: Eventually Derek stopped struggling and Burger and Ash let him go. Instead of charging back towards Izzy, he calmly sat down next to me, without word. After about 3 seconds of silence I got up and walked over to Izzy. I tapped her on the shoulder and she screamed "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". I could feel my ear drums exploding. She then turned around and saw it was me. "What do you want?" she said snarky tone. "All I want is to talk to you alone" I responded. "Well your not gonna get it cuz I never want to speak to you AGAIN" said Izzy. My eyes flooded with tears and I ran from the room.

Jenkins Pov: I watched Tripp run out of the room in tears, man how could she be so cruel. I then watched as Derek rushed out after him. "Look, guys I said walking over to them I think it would be best if you took Tripp home now and keep him there for as long as he needs". I said. "Yeah said Ash. "It's for the best". Burger and Ash then got up and walked out the door, leaving me alone with miss Fuentes. "Now Isabella, lets get down to business shall we". I said. "I am giving you 4 weeks detention on top of what you already have and you also have to serve Tripp's detentions which are doubled both yours and his, giving you an grand total of 8 weeks detention and-" I was cut of. She stared at me in disbelief. "That's not fair, why do I have to serve Tripp's detentions plus more". Said Izzy. "It's Completely fair, and you also have to do some community service which will be monitored by the school" I said. "Now miss Fuentes, I suggest you get back to your class if you don't want any more detentions.

Tripp's Pov: I rushed outside the door crying, I couldn't believe it she didn't even want to talk to me. I ran to the bench right outside the office. I sat down on the bench sobbing. Why was this happening to me, it was just too much. Derek suddenly burst through the doors and rushed to bench and sat down. He immediately embraced me in a hug. I sobbed into his shoulder. "I CCCCCCCCANNNNNNN'T BELLLLLLLLLLLLIEVVVVVVVVVVE, WHAT SHE DIDD TO ME. I cried uncontrollably. "Shhhhhhhhhh, said Derek. "It's gonna be okay son, you don't need her. If this is how she treats her best friend then clearly she was never your friend at all. I looked up into my daddy eyes. "She's my best friend in the entire world and what is did is utter betrayal. How many people can say hey my best friend called me a jerk and told everyone in the whole school and the rest of the world that I still get spanked.

Derek's Pov: I started at the kid, he was right. How many people could say that. "Look, kid who needs Izzy when you got me. I said. "yeah said Tripp drying his eyes. I have you Ash and Burger and you are all I'll ever need. My eyes flooded with tears of joy and I embraced him in another hug. {SLAM} The door shut and out came Ash and Burger. They rushed over to bench. "Tripp, are you feeling okay?" asked Ash. "I'm fine said Tripp. I have you Burger and My daddy and your all I'll ever need". Ash and Burger stared to cry and then Tripp and then me. Pretty soon we were all hugging again. After about five minuets the door slammed again. {Slam} and who should walk over but Isabella Fuentes.

Izzy's Pov: I couldn't believe it 8 weeks detention and community service. So what if I reveled my ex best friends secret he disserved it after what he said to me. I walked out of the office and shut the door loudly {SLAM}. I then walked around the corner to the bench to sit down. I couldn't sit down cuz it was occupied by Tripp and his stupid rock band family. I walked over to the bench. Tripp looked up and saw me, he looked liked he was gonna say something but Derek stood up blocking my way and spoke before Tripp could say anything. "What the hell do you want?" asked Derek rudely. "Nothing, I'm just walking down the hall to my class. This is my school to you know" I said in a snotty tone. "Well, just to be clear don't ever talk to Tripp or go near him. He doesn't need friends like you he has enemies to fill your role" said Derek. "Well, good cuz I wasn't going to talk to him anyways" I said pushing Derek aside and walking to chemistry.

Ash's Pov: Izzy hurt Tripp so much, I couldn't believe what she did to him. I guess that it goes to show, some people change over time. After Izzy left I looked over at Tripp and surprisingly he didn't look upset he actually look glad. "Tripp, are you okay?" I asked putting my arm around his shoulder. Tripp look at me with a smile on my face. "You guys are right I don't need Izzy when I have you and Jared" said Tripp. Mine eyes flooded with tears and I hugged him. "Tripp?" asked Derek, after me and Tripp finished hugging. "Are you ready to go home now?". "Umm yeah I think I am" said Tripp getting up. We all then got up and hand in hand walked to the parking lot. When then got in the van and Drove home as one happy family.

Mean while in Cairo Egypt

Jacks Pov: I rushed in to my hotel room, out of breath. Man taking an ancient Egyptian idol from a Pyramid really takes the breath out of you. I slammed the door clutching the idol in my hands just barley escaping capture. I put the idol in my locked safe in the hotel. I then casually walked over to the bed to contact the historical society. I dialed the number and put the phone to my ear. I had to wait a couple of rings but eventually some picked up.

{Phone conversation}

Debra: Hello, historical society this is Debra how may I assist you?

Jack: Hello, Debra it's Jack

Debra: Oh, hey Jack what have you got for us to today

Jack: The ancient idol of king Tut

Debra: Oh, jack you never disappoint. I assume your calling regarding pickup?

Jack: Yes that's exactly why I called. Could you have some met me at the back alley of my hotel in 2 hours?

Debra: One second I'll Check

{Papers Flipping}

{Muffled noise}

Debra: I'm so sorry Jack but the earliest someone can come get you is in two weeks.

Jack: What 2 weeks, I need pick up now

Debra: I'm really sorry, jack but we're totally full. All our pilots have jobs currently

Jack: I understand, if it's two weeks I guess I can find something else to do

Debra: Tell you what Jack if there's a cancellation that will get you on a helicopter sooner I promise I'll call you. If that should happen.

Jack: Okay Debra, talk to you later

Debra: Okay bye jack

{Hang Up}

{End Of Conversation}

I hung up the phone and stared at he empty hotel room, what to do what to do. I then had an idea I hadn't been on face book in like almost 4 months I've just been so busy. So I decided to go on and see how peoples lives were going. I logged on and I had a tone of notifications and friend requests. I checked them out and I only said yes to a few of the request most of the people I had never herd of. I even talked to some of my Historical Society buds. After about 3 to 4 hours I was getting bored so deiced to turn it off. It then dawned on me I didn't check out Tripp's page yet so I quickly scrolled down my friends list and click on Tripp. Once at his page I saw a that he hadn't been on for like a month and then I saw it the most recent post. It had quite a few comments so clicked on it. It was an article by Tripp's Best friend Izzy. I read the title first "Tipp, Ryan Campbell gets his butt whipped by his daddy Derek Jupiter". What kind of title was that, I immediately started to read it. It explained all about Beth getting in a car accident, Derek Burger and Ash becoming his guardians, Tripp and Izzy's fight and what see did to expose his secret. After I read it I was in shock. Beth was in a car accident leaving her un able to parent Tripp and instead of coming to me she passed of her guardianship to a bunch of over grown toddlers who spank him. I wouldn't stand for it. I was Tripp's Father and I right to him. I was going to have a talk with Beth and Get my son back from those over grown children. I knew right then and there that when that helicopter came it would making a second Trip to LA California



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