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One after the other the wave of attackers came, but they were no match for Kurt. Kurt's lithe frame and almost delicate features belied the strength and dexterity he possessed. One after the other they came at him and one after another the fell. Kurt dodged and parried, lunged and struck as the moment called for. As the last lay whimpering at his feet, a voice called out over the moans and panting of the group, "Sloppy! I could have dispatched them in half the time. You spend too much time avoiding them when you should be attacking them. How many times do I have to tell you not to wait for them to come to you? Use your momentum not theirs."

Kurt wiped the sweat off his brow before leveling speaker with a haughty gaze. "That may well be Lady Sue, but by using their momentum and making them do all the work, I use less energy; meaning I don't tire as quickly and while they can hardly move now, I am barely winded."

Kurt reached down and helped one of the men to his feet as if to prove his point. "Well spotted, but you cannot always rely on that tactic to see you through a fight." The men, all twenty of them, slowly rose to their feet using their wooden practice swords to prop themselves up.

"Is that all for today?" Kurt asked swinging his own sword in a circle at his side.

"Only because these oafs can't seem to catch their breaths, I need to find a better challenge for you for tomorrow."

Just as she was going to dismiss him, a young boy rushed into the courtyard and bowed, "Prince Kurt, the king sends for you sir."

"Very well, Lady Sue until tomorrow," he told her with a nod before making his way to the throne room.

As soon as Kurt swept into the room, he began speaking, "Pardon my appearance father, but I was in the middle of training with Lady Sue when you called for me." His eyes then scanned the throne room. His father and stepmother sat in the thrones on the platform at the front of the room, as he expected. His stepbrother Finn stood on the floor closest to his mother. His father's advisor, William, stood opposite Finn. A stranger stood in the center of the room. He was sweaty and barely looked put together enough to be presented before he king of Illyria. Kurt made a quick bow to his father before being motioned to take his place at his father's side.

"Prince Kurt we have called you here because this messenger brings us some shocking news." King Burt announced in the official manner the throne room called for before motioning for the messenger to speak again.

"Most renowned King Burt! The kingdom of Navarre humbly seeks your help. King Hiram's daughter has been taken captive. The princess Rachel is even now being held in a fortress in the mountains of Mithrim guarded by a dragon as well as other unknown obstacles. As we are a peaceful country delighting in music and art rather than war we have no knights prepared an assault of this magnitude. We beseech your help bringing back the jewel of our Kingdom."

Kurt listened to his father and William discuss who to send to the aid of the princess while his own thoughts began to whirl. This may be just what he needed. He was now of marrying age and had yet to meet a woman who caught his eye. The stories if his childhood told of princes rescuing beautiful princesses and finding true love. Perhaps this was what was keeping Kurt from finding his one true love. His own father had saved his mother from a tower guarded by an evil witch. It may in fact explain why no woman had ever caught his eye. Although it did not explain the way his heart sped when he visited the blacksmith.

Kurt broke out of his revelry as William suggested sending Finn on the mission. "Father if I may... send me. This endeavor will require stealth as well as strength. I think we can all agree that Finn while strong lacks the stealth needed to traverse the mountains of Mithrim."

King Burt leveled his son with a somber look. "Son, while you certainly possess he skill and cunning for such an undertaking, I fear you may lack the strength."

" With all due respect, I just bested twenty of lady Sue's best men singlehandedly." Kurt retorted barely containing his contempt.

"The truth is I am not sure I wish to risk either of my sons. Our kingdom needs you."

Kurt held his head high as he spoke, "If you deem to send me, I give you my word I will return to Illyria with the Princess. Our kingdoms have been living in peace since the reign of your father's father. Let us not strain the relationship between us by not sending the best man for the job. You know I am who needs to go." With a resigned sigh, King Burt agreed. "Very well, I will leave at first light. I am loath to leave the princess any longer than I have to but I must make preparations."

Blaine strode into the throne room to see his parents sitting regally. He bowed quickly but fully to the pair before straightening up and waiting for his father to speak.

"Prince Blaine, it has come to our attention that Rachel Princess of Navarre has been captured and is being held in the mountains of Mithrim. You are to go and rescue her. If you succeed King Hiram with surely give you his daughter's hand, linking our kingdoms together; your brother eventually ruling Padua and you Navarre. Go meet with Sir Dalton, he is already preparing for your departure. Do not fail us Prince Blaine."

With another bow and not a word from the prince, Blaine turned and made his way to Sir Dalton's quarters. As he walked, his thoughts wandered. He had to successes in this quest; it was honor or death. He always knew that being the younger prince he was destined for a political marriage rather than one of love like his brother Cooper found in Princess Annabelle. He did not think his story would be of a quest to save the fair princess. The idea suited his romantic side, though something felt off about the endeavor.

Nevertheless, soon the prince found himself looking over detailed maps of the mountainous region with Sir Dalton planning the route he would need to take to save the lady fair.

The sky was just beginning to lighten when Kurt loaded his steed for his journey. His provisions were light; a bed roll, a waterproofed cloak, some dried fruits and meat, two large water skins and weapons. He was dressed in the fashion of a commoner; a plain gray tunic black breeches and black riding boots with a grey cloak. His black horse Merlin stood at the ready to carry him on his way. Kurt whistled low, just as his father approached.

"Be careful my son, if honor did not demand your departure I would bar it," he said still speaking in the manner required for the king before pulling Kurt into his arms. "Keep safe my son. I have already lost your mother; I could not bear to lose you too."

As they parted, a falcon landed deftly on Kurt's shoulder. "Don't worry father. Pavarotti will take care of me." Kurt said with a smile stroking he bird on the head. He then turned his gaze back to his father, "I promised I will return, and that is a promise I intend to keep. We will see each other again." Kurt grabbed his father's hand and hugged him once last time before mounting his horse. With a wave, he set off on his quest to save a princess and win her heart.

It was early enough still Kurt did not meet anyone on the road that led from the castle. He wanted to keep news of his quest from reaching the ears of those responsible for abducting the princess. The palace staff, though trusted, had a tendency to talk and was being told Kurt was merely going to visit the kingdom of his late mother's parents. So, through the still sleeping streets Kurt stole off into the dawn.

Blaine's silver horse waited for him as he strode into the stable before dawn. Sir Dalton wanted him to leave with all the pomp and circumstance a returning victor would receive however, Blaine was adamant to keep his departure silent. He made sure to tell the stable boy to have Orion ready just as the sky began to lighten. He knew Sir Dalton would be furious at him for disobeying a direct order but a nagging feeling told Blaine this course of action was best. With a quick nod to the drowsy boy, Blaine took off into the night like a thief making away with the loot. The sun was just cresting over the hill as he passed the last vestige of the town surrounding the castle.

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