As soon as they were in their carriage, messengers were sent out across the land proclaiming the upcoming nuptials of Prince Kurt to Prince Blaine of Padua. All citizens of the kingdoms of Illyria, Padua and Navarre were invited to attend. Kurt was already busy sending out orders for the preparations to be made. Carpenters, tailors, florists, candle makers, jewelers, chefs, and bakers were alerted to the duties and specifications the royal event required. The hectic pace messages were sent out almost made the ache being away, truly away from Blaine, almost bearable; but once a lull in activity came, it hit him in full force.

Returning to Illyria didn't do much to help. While Kurt was busy overseeing all the arrangements personally, his thoughts still drifted to the man with whom he had planned it all: Blaine. The nights were a slow torture; Kurt's bed now smelled of Blaine and being surrounded by his scent but having no body to hold intensified the separation. He slept so little his first night back, King Burt ordered him to drink a calming tea laced with herbs to help him sleep every night thereafter.

In Padua, Blaine was fairing worse, he did not have the distraction of planning, and overseeing to occupy his mind; rather his days were spent in leisure resulting in him sitting in the gardens thinking of Kurt. He forced himself on the second day of their separation to finish the flute he started making on his quest. Distractions came in the form of Cooper and Annabelle though, and with a twinge in his heart he was allowed to wax poetical about meeting and falling in love with Kurt.

Blaine only caught glimpses of Rachel during this time. He wanted to talk to her and apologize for any hurt she may have felt from their rejection of her, but never found the opportunity. He did catch sight of her in the distance strolling along with Finn.

The night before they were set to depart for Illyria a knock came to Blaine's chamber door. He had been laing on his back thinking of Kurt and playing a haphazard tune on his newly finished flute. The knock startled him, sending a jarring note flying from the instrument.

Blaine quickly righted himself and made his way to the door. He expected to see a servant or perhaps Cooper. What he didn't expect to see was King Hiram himself standing in the doorway. "Your Highness, please come in," Blaine exclaimed after a moment of shock.

More shocking still was King Hiram closing the door behind him once he entered. Blaine shifter awkwardly on his feet, he knew that King Hiram was nothing like his father, but he felt uneasy in the man's presence nevertheless.

For his own part, Hiram looked just as awkward as he spoke, "Prince Blaine, I wanted a moment of your time before it was too late to speak in private." Blaine just nodded unsure of what to say. "I want to commend you again on your courage for… well for you and Kurt. Not many would risk as much as you did to be together."

Blaine felt as if he was confessing when he began to speak. "I wouldn't have done if it was not for Kurt. I was raised to believe duty came first. At first I believed him to be a knight and I even asked him to follow me here once I married the princess as my duty required. Only Kurt's refusal and my parents own treachery gave me the courage to follow my heart. I'm sorry to say I would have deceived you and your daughter if Kurt were only by my side."

Blaine hung his head in shame, looking up only when he felt a hands land on his shoulders. He looked up to find King Hiram's deep brown eyes searching his. "Do not dwell on what might have been. The fact of the matter is you and Kurt have done what no one has had the courage to do… stand up for those who love just a little differently. You have and will continue to inspire people. Generations from now stories will be told about the two young princes who sought to save a beautiful princess only to find love and save so many others from a loveless life or a life lived in secret." King Hiram lowered his hands and turned his back on Blaine. "I only wish I had the courage to stand up and do the right thing when I had the chance."

"What do you mean?" Blaine asked in a hushed tone, fighting the urge to reach out to the man in front of him. ''King Hiram voice sounded choked as he answered. "When I was fifteen I met the love of my life and have been hiding him from the world ever since." Blaine couldn't contain the noise of shock that flew from his mouth. Staring out the window, Hiram related the story of meeting a younger Leroy and falling in love, only to be forced to marry a princess from another kingdom as his father commanded. "My father never knew about Leroy and me, so he was appointed my advisor. Rachel's mother was a kind woman, but I felt nothing for her. When she died giving birth to Rachel, I grieved for the loss of the mother she would never have, not my wife. That is why I refused to arrange a marriage for my daughter." Hiram's voice trailed off.

"You could marry now." Blaine couldn't help but suggest.

"Maybe one day, for now, this is your time. I will not take away from that. However, one day…: Hiram laid a hand again on Blaine's shoulder. "Thank you for your bravery; you and Kurt will make worthy kings." With that, he took his leave.

Kurt was pacing in his chamber he knew Blaine would be arriving to the castle any minute and he just wanted to see him again. The wedding was set for the following day and it seemed too long a time to wait to see his love. Kurt jumped when he heard a horn blow announcing the arrival of the neighboring royals. He rushed to the door only to be stopped by his father standing there with a smile on his face.

"Hold on now Kurt, where do you think you are going?" the king laughed at his oldest son.

"Blaine's here and I just want to see him." Kurt let out in a rush.

"I know, but I am afraid that is not possible. Tradition dictated that you are not allowed to see your betroved until the wedding."

"Dad, we have already broken plenty of traditions already. Can I not just have five minutes with the man I love?" Kurt practically begged.

Burt shook his head, "It is those broken traditions that make it all the more important that you maintain this one. The people relish in tradition, imagine their disappointment if they found out." There it was, the one thought Kurt hadn't allowed himself to think about: his peoples' reactions to him marrying Blaine.

Kurt steeled himself before he asked, "And how have the people reacted to the other broken traditions?"

Burt laid a comforting hand on Kurt's shoulder, relaxing him almost instantly. "The people love you son, and while there have been a few grumblings about you marrying another Prince, by in large the reception has been fantastic. The city has been filling up with well wishers since the announcements began."

Soon after Burt left to formally welcome their royal guests, leaving Kurt alone in his room. If he thought he could sneak out to see Blaine he was wrong; Lady Sue was stationed right outside his door.

Neither Prince slept well that night; the anticipation for the morning proving too much for them. As the sun peaked over the horizon, the thought of seeing each other again and begin married rejuvenated them both.

Blaine was pacing the chamber he had been led to the previous day after arriving in Illyria. The minutes were slipping by until he could finally see his Kurt again. He was dressed immaculately in his wedding attire; a white coat with golden accents, white pants and cape. He wore knee high boots of black shined to perfection. A red sash stood out at it crossed his chest; red for Padua, his homeland but soon no longer his kingdom. He knew Kurt would be dressed the same only his sash, blue for Illyria, would be different.

Blaine nearly jumped from his skin when the chamber door opened. He swung around hoping it would be an attendant announcing it was time for the ceremony to begin. However, it was his brother. Cooper strode over to Blaine and brought him into a tight embrace. "I am going to miss you little brother," he declared.

"I will miss you too." Blaine told him honestly. "After all our travels, Kurt and I want to stay here and enjoy just being together, but soon we will travel to Padua and visit. I am truly sorry I will miss your coronation."

"Well if you are waiting until you are ready to leave your lavish bedchamber and travel in open country… I will see you in a few years." Cooper chuckled making Blaine blush. "Padua will be safe im my hands, enjoy this time with your love. I understand the thrill of just being with the one you love, I can't imagine how much greater it must be for you, never thinking you could have this."

Blaine couldn't help but smile at his brother, but before he could express any of the emotions he was feeling and attendant did rush into the room announcing it was time for the ceremony to start.

Moments before Kurt was in a similar position; pacing to rid himself of the anticipation he felt. Finn strode into the room off the courtyard; Kurt had been ushered to wait for the appointed time. Having not seen his brother since leaving Navarre, Kurt asked, "How was your stay in King Hiram's kingdom?"

Finn smiled bashfully, "Wonderful, but I will have to regale you with it later. Now, it is time for you to get married."

The crowd waited surveying their surroundings. The large round courtyard was filled to bursting with people wanting to see the two princes wed. Chairs sat circling a raise, white platform, bisected by two aisles. The chairs were filled, all but a few in the front row, reserved for the royals. Citizens even crowed into the back standing shoulder to shoulder with the hope to catch a glimpse of the princes. Children sat on their fathers shoulders, while the crowed murmured in anticipation for the royal event. Music played, filling the space with noise. A trumpet fanfare silenced the space; even the smallest of children knew what was to happen and quieted. The musicians began to play the Navarre Royal March and three figures began to walk down one of the aisles to their seats. King Hiram walked with Leroy on one side and Princess Rachel on his arm. As they sat, the music shifted to the Padua National March, from the same aisle Prince Cooper led Princess Annabelle to their seats. The people shifted their gaze once more, as the Illyrian King's March was played. From the opposite aisle, King Burt strode with Queen Carole on his arm. Prince Finn followed, his head held high, and carrying himself with as much grace as his large body would allow.

Once they were seated, a small man walked to the base of the platform and stood between the two aisles. Violins began to play softly, the large doors, who no one had really notice begin closed, opened with a pop and the crowds breath caught as they finally caught sight of the two princes. They walked from opposite aisles, and once their eyes met, they never left the other. Small smiles were replaced by giant loving grins. Their love was easy to see; even the few skeptics in the crowd could not deny what they saw there.

With great difficulty, Kurt and Blaine resisted the urge to run into each other's arms. As they ascended the steps to the top of the platform, it was with great difficulty they only took each other's hands. Neither really listened to the words being spoken to the crowd, their thoughts were lost in the other. Not until the man directed his words to them did they pay heed. They spoke their vows to each other with their whole hearts, promising to love one another for eternity.

Hearing the words spoken by the princes, a few were shocked; even more were brought to tears. The vows spoken were not the traditional vows royals usually used; there was no talk to kingdoms, or ruling as one for the betterment of their people. Their vows harkened more to those used in meadow ceremonies they regularly attended for friends and family. Never before had they witnessed love professed so openly.

Neither prince could keep their tears at bay as they slipped the ring on their fingers. Never again would they ever truly be apart. It seemed like no time that the man was speaking the words they so longed to hear. "I know pronounce you linked together in marriage, husbands. You may now kiss."

A few giggles escaped the crowd as they almost leapt towards each other, their passions finally free to be unleashed. As their lips met, everything seemed right in the world. Kurt and Blaine lost themselves in the moment, oblivious to the crowd around them, hands found faces, tears of joy were swept away as the kissed with love, and hope flowing between the two. A throat clearing interrupted them and they turned to see King Burt standing on the alter between them, a knight on either side behind them.

"Princes you were both born, yet no crowns sit on your heads. This marriage is not one of politics but of love. Prince Kurt, you are my son, my heir, not only in blood, but you are the oldest Prince of our kingdom. You have worn your crown of prince hood since your birth, I now crown you Prince Kurt, heir to my throne." He placed an intricate crown on Kurt's head, larger than any previously to have sat there. Burt was now officially naming him next in line, no debate could be sparked now of which prince would rule in his stead.

"Prince Blaine, you were born in a distant kingdom, youngest of your house. A crown has rested on your head since you were born, but you were never meant to rule Padua. Your place is here in this kingdom, by my son's side. I now crown you, Prince Blaine of Illyria, heir to my thrown." An identical crown was placed on Blaine's head. If anyone had any doubts what Blaine's role would be in the kingdom it was clear now. He would rule by Kurt's side, kings both, neither superior to the other, equals in all they do.

Burt turned his attention to the crowd. "Prince Kurt and Prince Blaine have together accepted the responsibility of rule over Illyria and vowed to serve all its people. It is my will that they shall rule in my stead when death or age calls me to no longer serve you. I have spoken and so it shall be."

Cheers erupted throughout the courtyard. Burt invited all in attendance to join them for feasting and celebration in the large ballroom and its adjoining courtyard. As the celebrations continued the rest of the day into the night, no one approached the two princes; they could see it would be no use. As they dance, ate, drank, sang; nothing mattered outside of the pair. They were oblivious to anything outside of themselves. Yes, they were princes and had a duty to their kingdom; but no one could fault them for being lost in their love for the other.

King Hiram's words rang true, Kurt and Blaine's story was told near and far for years. Over the ages perhaps things became distorted, fantasized; but the basic story remained the same. While neither found love with the Princess Rachel, they helped her find it, unbeknownst to them. A few months after the celebrated wedding of the princes, it was announced Princess Rachel was to be wed… to Prince Finn. The three largest kingdoms of the land were then all united by marriage.

As time went by the only concern the people of Illyria had to having two princes rule, and the youngest Prince wed to Navarre, was an heir. Neither Kurt nor Blaine would think of breaking their wedding vows to supply the kingdom with an heir, so they knew not what to do. Until one day, a strange thing happened. No one knows where the two babies came from, just that they appeared one day at the castle gate. The Princes immediately announced they would raise them as their own. As the years went by many made speculations of their origins, for you see the resemblance was uncanny. The girl as she aged, was short but lithe her black curly hair contrasted strikingly with her pale skin and blue eyes the exact same shade as Prince Kurt's The boy was tall and broad, his chestnut hair a perfect match to his honey colored eyes. Many believed they were magically the children of both men, perhaps forged by their very love, or ancient elfin magic. Whatever their origin, it was clear to all they were the true heir of the kingdom.

Generations have passed, and none are now around to have witnessed even their children's rise to power, but still their story lives on; two princes who went on a quest and found love, changing the course of history.

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