In the Cupboard

Chapter 3

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Harry was in the cupboard again his Uncle said he was too tired to beat Harry up today. Uncle Vernon had only hit him on the head just for a warning.

Currently in the cupboard was crying silently. If his Uncle heard him crying he would hit him harder next time.

Harry wished he could live the Dursleys forever, but they were his only living relatives.

At least he went to school the only joy in his life. The only reason that his Aunt and Uncle sent him to school was because it was part of the British law.

As long as he was in here he could do his homework. His homework was math. He finished the math in about one hour because it was five pages of math.

Dudley did not know how to multiply, so his parents bought him a calculator. Harry had no trouble with math. Math was his favorite subject. The only class that his classmates actually talked to him, but only to get answers to the math problems.

When Dudley did not do his homework, he just told his parents that Harry took his homework.

Harry reliantly gave Dudley his finished homework.

Harry was proply going to spend another day in the cupboard. Then he heard something not his cousin or Aunt but his Uncle he sounded drunk.

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