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Anyways...on with the story!

Ethan's POV

Benny and I were walking home from school. He was, as usual, going on about how he wanted to impress some girl, while I was pretending to listen. For some reason, this topic had gotten pretty annoying lately.

"So I'm coming over later, 'kay?" he asked, changing the subject, probably noticing I had no interest in it.

"Why do you even ask? You were obviously coming even if I said no." I gave a small laugh as Benny smirked at me.

"You know me so well." he said as he put his arm around my shoulder. That's when I had yet another vision. And what I saw totally surprised me.

It was me, on top of somebody, obviously kissing, no, making out with that person. Also, that person was obviously a guy. We were on the floor of my bedroom, his arms wrapped around my neck, while my hands were on his hips. As the heated kiss ended, I saw who the guy was. As I had guessed, it was him. My best friend, Benny. He wrapped his fingers in my hair as I slowly kissed his neck.

"Ethan..." The way he said my name really surprised me. I've never heard my best friend speak like that before. It was somewhat of a combination between a sigh and a moan. He obviously wanted more.

And so did I.

...What did I just see?

"What did you see, E?" Benny's voice made me come back to reality. I just stared at him, blushing like mad, eyes open wide. "E? Are you ok?"

"Y-yeah, everything's fine." I knew I was a terrible liar.

"So are you going to tell me about a vision?" Benny asked curiously. No way, I couldn't tell him! I could barely explain to myself what I had seen. "Is it bad?"

"No, no, it's...nothing important." I could feel myself becoming all sweaty. My face was burning and my heart was beating faster than ever.

"C'mon, E, you know you can tell me."

"I...I gotta go." I quietly said, trying to avoid his eyes.


"I'll talk to you later, ok?" With that, I ran home as fast as I could, leaving my confused best friend behind.

Of all the people who I could have a vision like that about, it had to be Benny. What was even worse than the vision itself...was that I wanted to see it again, I wanted to feel it.

God, what was wrong with me? I couldn't actually be attracted to my best friend that way, could I? After that vision, I didn't know anymore. I didn't know anything anymore.

All that I knew was that I would never see Benny the same way again.