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Ethan's POV

It all felt like a nightmare. Why did things have to be so complicated? As if my confusion wasn't bad enough, I was pretty sure that my friendship with Benny had just been ruined.

He knew. He knew everything about my vision and my feelings for him. And he made it more than clear that he didn't feel the same way. I already knew that, of course, I didn't need any confirmation. Still, hearing him say how he would do anything he could for things to stay the same as they had always been...It had hurt a little.

And, of course, I knew things would never be the same again. No matter how much we tried, it was going to be different. When a person fell in love with their best friend, who didn't feel the same way, it was bound to become awkward. I really didn't want that to happen to us. We had been friends for ten years! How could this little thing ruin all of that?

But it was inevitable. I knew that we could never be the same best friends we had been until all of this. The way Benny had acted around me was the confirmation. He obviously felt uneasy about the whole situation and I couldn't blame him. It definitely had to be awkward for him as well. He just wanted to forget about it and keep our relationship the same as it had always been. Even though we both knew it was an impossible thing to do.

But what about the vision? If both of us were going to do anything to stop it from happening, why did I even have it? Could it be possible...? No! I had to get that thought out of my head! It was never going to happen. Now both of us were going to make sure.

Maybe...maybe the best solution right now was to avoid him. I really didn't like the idea, but...it was probably for the best.

Benny's POV

I had to admit it, I did feel better after that little talk with Rory. He wasn't freaked out. He didn't judge me. Even though I would never say it out loud, not in a million years, I was really lucky to have him as a friend.

But still, I can't help but feel bad about the whole thing. How was I going to act around Ethan from now on? He knew I knew about the vision so...things were definitely going to be awkward.

Look at me. I had started to overthink. This thing was making me go crazy. Why was I making everything so complicated? We could just forget about everything and our relationship could stay the same as before. It could definitely work if that was what both of us wanted.

Maybe that was the problem. The fact that, maybe, I didn't want things to stay the same. But getting what I want was totally impossible. Our friendship would either stay the same or be ruined forever. And frankly, none of these options sounded appealing to me. However, while the mere thought of the second option made me want to scream, the first one was at least better than nothing. So, I had to do everything I could to keep my friendship with Ethan going.

...Who am I kidding? Things would never be the same! No matter how much I tried to tell myself otherwise, I had to accept it. Our relationship was going to become awkward. All because of that stupid vision! Why did he have to have it? But more importantly, why did I have to be such an idiot and fall for my best friend?

I wasn't sure if I could talk to him normally right now. Maybe I should just avoid him for a while...

Third Person POV

"So, when do we put our plan into action?"

"Um, excuse me...Our plan? I came up with it."

Sarah and Erica were walking down the street, discussing their friends' problem. Ethan and Benny had been avoiding each other lately, so the girls were eager to finally use Erica's idea. They were going to get them to talk about the situation, confess their feelings and maybe become a couple. While it wasn't the best plan they had come up with, they were confident that it would work.

While they were still talking about it, the other vampire in the group approached them.

"What's up, ladies?" Rory greeted with a grin on his face, earning a chuckle from Sarah and an eye roll from Erica.

"We were just talking about a sort of complicated situation..." the brunette answered before an idea popped up in her head. "Hey, maybe you could help us?" She ignored the look that the taller girl was giving her.

"Of course! Tell me what it's all about!" the boy exclaimed excitedly. Erica rolled her eyes again and sighed.

"It's about the other two dorks." she said, but Rory didn't seem to get what she was implying. "Apparently, they like each other."

"I know."

"But they're both too scared to ruin their friendship." Sarah continued before a look of realization found its way on her face. "Wait, you know? From who?"

"Let's be real, it's pretty obvious. And Benny confirmed it." the boy said. "And they've been avoiding each other lately, but I have the perfect plan! We'll lock them somewhere all alone. That way, they'll just have to talk about it and it will all work out!" After hearing this, Sarah laughed a little quietly, while Erica had a look of horror on her face. "What?"

"You...just had the same idea as me." the blonde girl stated incredulously. "This just can't be happening."

"Apparently, it can." the shorter girl said with one last small laugh. "We were thinking about locking them in Ethan's house, preferably his room. While I'm babysitting, I'll take Jane out, and you'll get Benny there. Then, they'll be all alone and they'll have to talk about it."

"Perfect! I'll use my awesome vampire skills and bring him there before he even knows!" Rory said, while the two girls eyed him oddly.

"Rory, that's...actually better than my idea of stealing Ethan's cellphone and sending a text message to Benny to ask him to come over..." Erica said, the last part a bit more quietly. Sarah turned to her, a shocked look on her face.

"What? You never told me about that part of the plan!" The taller girl just shrugged. The brunette rolled her eyes and turned back to Rory. "Okay, since we can't come up with anything else, we'll just use your idea." The boy grinned at this.

It was official. Now the three vampires just had to wait for the right moment to put their plan into action.

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