Annabeth's POV

I walked to the Big House hand in hand with Seaweed Brain, all the while me thinking, When did he get so hot? And yes I realize just how absurd the word 'hot' sounds coming from a daughter of Athena, especially when talking about a son of Poseidon, but I swear it's NOT MY FAULT. It's his….and his parents genetics.

All right, anyway we were met at the doorway (unexpectedly-he's supposed to be inside waiting to say 'Surprise Perce Man! Happy Birthday!) by Grover. Standing there looking the goat version of nervous- twitchy, lots of barn sounds, you get the picture.

"Oh, um," I paused, "Heeeeey Grover," I said akward/mad like. He's supposed to be inside! Don't ruin Percy's birthday goat boy! (I'm mentally apologizing to him now)

"Oh. Percy. Annabeth," he popped the words out, startled, "Um…Annabeth…I, uh, need to talk to you about a problem with the p…I mean the…battle drill you made up for the new Athena campers…yeah. Uh, That's it-not at all about anything starting with 'P'"

Just for future notice, if any of you readers out there are planning to let Grover help you in a sneaky situation- don't…or proceed with caution; he's the worst liar you'll ever meet.

I mentally head-palmed, "Sure, Grover."

And I carefully walked away from Percy and around the side of the Big House. Once we were safely out of Percy's hearing range (which is about 11 and a half feet by the way-WHAT? It's not weird that I know that), I immediately jumped on Grover (verbally, with words, don't get ideas people), "Grover! What is it? He's not so slow anymore; he's going to figure it out."

He gave me a look, "No...I think we're okay for a little while more about Percy guessing the party thing…Annabeth, one of his main characteristics is slow."

I was about to protest, but hesitated on the fact that he's probably right, "Oh…yeah… well what is it?"

"You see… Poseidon's…running late...something to do with his wife-whatever her name is- throwing a fit and spearing one of the guards with a trident. Oh…and we can't use the crepe paper for decorations because Apollo keeps 'accidentally' catching it on fire… sooo," Grover rambled.

"What, why is Neph-Nephra oh whatever her name is! Why is she mad? And just tell Apollo we'll tell Artemis what he did with that Hunter if he doesn't behave," I shrugged, battle skills came easily to me, party planning however…well that's why we have Silena.

Grover laughed, "Oh, she said she was mad because her new crown was made wrong, but she's really just pissed off that Poseidon's coming to see Percy."

"Ugh, it's been years, isn't she over that? He's his father for gods' sake!" I complained.

"Why are you talking about my dad?" I jumped in the air when I heard Percy's voice and of course ended up gracefully toppling us over onto the wood porch.

"Oh, uh….no reason at all Seaweed Brain," I rolled off with fake coolness (well as confident as you CAN be when you're on top of your Birthday Boy Boyfriend and you just almost blew his party-did I mention the ON TOP OF part?)

He laughed as he got up, "Whatever you say Wise Girl."

Of course he just buys it; either he's afraid to argue with me or he's really just slow enough not to catch on… I'm voting for the second one.

"Haven't you guys ever heard of names? You know the things we say so we don't have to call each other 'Hey you!'? I'm sorry, but jeez you guys are cheesy," Grover huffed. (I believe that's the first time I ever remember him 'huff'ing.)

Percy gave him a 'woah G-man' look- if you're around him long enough you'll learn to read his face- then backed casually (well forced casualness) away from Grover back to the door.

"I felt a lot…better… over there…so…see ya Grover," Percy backed out as he seemed to catch the weirdness vibe we were giving off. Percy hates awkward, and he gets himself into those situations more than he would like. So he tends to just leave the bad situations that he doesn't HAVE to stay at.

I watched to make sure he was gone before I turned around, sighed, and put a hand on Grover's shoulder, "Grover, just keep Apollo in line...," can't make him do the impossible, "well, try. And I'll…iris message Poseidon to hurry up and get his fishy immortal but down here."

Grover nodded approvingly, "Good. Good plan," then he smirked for some reason, "But…Annabeth? You may want to reword the 'fishy immortal but' part when you talk to him."

I rolled my eyes, "I'll remember that."

Then I quickly ran off to find my purse-that had my drachmas in it- and find somewhere to make a rainbow somehow. I stopped before I got too far and turned back, " Oh and Grover-distract Percy until I get back!" I yelled over my shoulder.

He frowned, "And just HOW am I supposed to do that?"

I frowned, raising an eyebrow and giving him my 'You have GOT to be kidding me!" look, "He's got A.D.D, Grover! EVERYTHING distracts him!"

Grover paused, then started nodding too much, "Right. A.D.D. Got it."

He went into the Big House to do his "job" and I ran back to my cabin to get my purse. What a morning.

Annabeth's POV

I flung the door open and ran to my bed-where I last remembered putting my purse-…it wasn't there. Excuse my French, but crap! Ok yeah, I know that's not a curse word.

"Where is it? Where IS IT?" I was frantically pacing around my cabin, repeating that very sentence to myself.

"I KNOW I left it on the bed…who could've taken it?" I started, "And WHY would they? It only has two drachmas and my camp necklace in it right now…" I mumbled to myself. I can react well under battle stress…but this kind of situation can get to me sometimes.

Then a blond head popped in the door, "Annabeth?" It was my half-brother, Malcom, "I thought I heard someone in here…I was just coming back for my hat…what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be up at the Big House with Percy?"

"Yeah, I just gotta find something and do something first."

"Well I was just up there and…Grover's a really bad clown…" he muttered, frowning to himself.

"Wha-" I almost asked, "Actually, nah. No, I don't wanna know," I shook my head to get that mental image out of my head.

"Wise choice," he grinned.

I shrugged and smirked back, "Well…they DO call me Wise Girl."

Malcom gave me a blatant raised eyebrows look, "Only Percy calls you that. What are you looking for."

I laughed once, humorlessly, "Right. And I'm looking for my purse. Tan leather, silver stitching…seen it?"

Then, out of nowhere, he laughed, "Yeah, I saw it all right. I think the Aphrodite girls took it…"

"What?" I screeched, "Why?"

He grinned, "I think they thought it had makeup in it…you know them, already have too much make up, but always looking for more," he joked.

"Well, it doesn't," I crossed my arms.

"Oh, I know. They do too, they just kept it as proof that an Athena girl uses a purse."

After I RETRIEVED my purse from the Aphrodite girls-they're so NOSY- I ran as fast as I could to the Lake.

There was a foamy green mist settled over the water when I got there. Perfect.

Now I just had to find something to shine through it

…. (a/n-she's thinking when the dots take place btw)

I saw the glint of the gold drachma in my hand when I was twiddling my thumbs. Oh of course. I should of realized that. I'll just use the gold.

I stretched my arm out over the water and put the coin in the mist, turning it side to side to get the sun to catch it. After a few seconds, it worked and a little rainbow sprouted, arching through the mist. I dropped the coin in and did the standard, "O Iris, goddess of the rainbow…" request.

I waited a careful minute to make sure I'd got it, then said very clearly, "Poseidon. Underwater Palace, Ocean."

After a second, a blurry vision of Poseidon sitting on his throne in the throne room came into view. I squinted to see it better. He looked…bored, and frustrated, too. He was slouching in his seat, with his head leaned on one hand and I could hear a female voice lecturing him…poor Poseidon. He actually looked like Percy that time his Mom had to talk to him about using his powers to fight the bullies…the wonders of genetics…

"Uh…ehem," I tried to get their attention. It didn't work.

"I said- EHEM!" Yeah, I was brave to do that…or stupid.

Poseidon blinked, relieved and turned to me.

"Annabeth?" he narrowed his eyes to see like I had, "What are you doing here?"

"Percy's party of course," I answered, "He wouldn't say anything about it if you didn't come, but just to make us feel better, he'd be disappointed, and it'd mean a lot if you could come, please, Sir." I finished, somewhat awkwardly.

Poseidon smiled sadly at me, "I'd LOVE to come, Annabeth. You know that. But she's just…" then a mishcevious glint caught his eyes like the way Percy's does-he had an idea, "Actually…I'm coming. I'll be there…" he looked over at the lady in all sparkly green, frowning at a servant with her new crown, "Very soon." He grinned madly and cut the connection.

I laughed to myself, "Didn't go how I planned…but pretty good."

Percy's POV

Gods, my best friend is unoriginal. For some bizarre reason, Grover'd decided to start a puppet show in the front room of the Big House for me. Then he tried making balloon animals with the socks from the puppet show because we didn't have any balloons. AND THEN, he thought it'd be entertaining to do a stand up "Goat Comedy" act.

I mean, I love the guy, but I DID NOT need to know that satyrs feel generalized to be animals or something. Sorry, but that's not what I call funny material.

Where'd Annabeth go? And why am I even staying here again? I already ate breakfast…shouldn't I leave now? Well, whatever it is, this is weird. Everyone's in the Big House with us, and I thought I'd heard a voice that sounded like Artemis's say "I'll arrow you, Apollo!" (the immortal guests are hiding in the closets so Percy doesn't suspect more)

My mind had started to wander by the second act of Grover's rendition of Hamlet…or Macbeth…or some play like that, I don't remember. He called it, "To baaah or not to baah" That's the goat bleat by the way

I was kind of worried about Annabeth now. Why'd she run off? What were her and Grover talking about outside? I heard my dad's name…hmmm…Annabeth's smart though, it'll be fine. Annabeth. She is smart. Even with ADD and dyslexia…she still get's A's and B's. I wish I could do that, if I could get myself to care about academics more…probably not. She's pretty too. Pretty AND smart. So beautiful…hair…eyes…lips…heh heh…oh crap, is someone talking to me.

"I'm sorry, I was…spacing. What?" I asked. I think Grover had started talking to me.

He gave me a worried look, "You okay? I was saying that Annabeth's back. You know, if you wanted to go bug her like you always do," he laughed.

I grinned; I was more interested now.

Grover's POV

So, my entertainment does nothing, but he zones out, no doubt going to Annabeth Land, and zones right back in when she enters the room? I feel kind of gipped. I mean, what happened to "bro's before ho's" Not that Annabeth's a ho….